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What Is Freedom Boat Club

Do You Want To Quickly Find New Fishing Spots In Your Area

What is Freedom Boat Club? How the club works

Then youve got to see this private fishing club!

Heres what youll receive today:

  • Weekly fishing reports and TRENDS revealing where the inshore fish are feeding all year long
  • Weekly spot dissection videos that walk you through all the best spots in certain areas
  • Exclusive fishing tips from the PROS you cant find anywhere else
  • Everything you need to start catching fish more consistently .

A Sound Future Investment

Youll never hear anyone say this about a buying a boat, but investing in Carefree Boat Club is truly a sound investment. As the club grows, the more its value increases. When you join at your local lake, you will also enjoy membership privileges at any of the clubs 50+ other locations. So theres a big benefit in choosing a club that has branches at locations to which youd like to visit. One trend we are seeing more and more of is club members planning their vacations around other boat club locations. Simply click on one of the pricing guide download links, and we will send you our detailed guide to Carefree Boat Club Cost.

Are you a member of carefree boat club? Let us know what your experience has been like in the comments.

Making The Final Decision

When it comes to signing up for a boat club membership, you may be compelled to overthink every part of the decision. You might start measuring locations and amenities against monthly costs and eventually find yourself overwhelmed. You should know that its not a decision to lose sleep over. While boat clubs are an expensive investment, theyre often much cheaper than the cost of privately owning a boat. That means youre getting the freedom and enjoyment of the open sea at a discount.

Most boat clubs will offer extensive new-member onboarding processes, so you know exactly what to expect when you sign up. Take advantage of all of these amenities, from location and marina visits to boat ride-alongs and meetings with club representatives. Having more information is always best. Visiting the marina can also let you know if your nearest boat club location is in a convenient location for you.

When I was choosing which boat club to sign up with, I thought Id pick Carefree Boat Club. The membership plan was slightly more affordable, and I loved the nearest clubs on-site amenities. However, it was over an hour away, which was too far for me to get regular use out of my membership.

In the end, I picked a Freedom Boat Club location only 15 minutes from my home. I use my membership almost every weekend and often on weekdays too!

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Benefits Of Boat Clubs

Before I introduce each club and tell you what sets them apart, I want to mention what you can expect from a boat club and what they all have in common.

Boat Clubs work by providing members access to a fleet of boats that the club maintains for a low-cost monthly fee. This model allows many people to have access to the thrill of boating without needing to own their own vessel or know someone who owns a boat. Boat clubs make boat ownership easy by taking out much of the hard work involved with getting out on the water.

Most clubs will handle fuel costs, cleaning, and yearly maintenance. As a boat club member, you also dont have to worry about extra costs like insurance or storing the boat.

Both Freedom Boat Club and Carefree Boat Club follow this model. That means you can expect a fleet of well-maintained boats ready to be reserved at each location. Each club also provides a reservation service, like an app or website, to make securing your vessel quick and easy.

Next, Ill go over what you need to know about Freedom Boat Club and Carefree Boat Club and what sets them apart.

Boats Available For Freedom Boat Club Members

Freedom Boat Club 3

The FBC owns more than 2,000 boats of different kinds. One of the perks of becoming a Freedom Boat Club member is your opportunity to use and enjoy all kinds of boats available. That way, you also get to enjoy different types of boating activities.

Freedom Boat Club has tied up with several boat manufacturers. However, this does not mean that all clubs have similar types of boats. Franchisees, club owners, and operators are free to choose boat models that they think are ideal for their local market and waterways.

Most boat types available in Florida are fishing boats, bowriders, deck boats, and pontoons to give you an idea. Whereas kayaks, sailboats, and wakeboard boats are more popular in southern areas.

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Does Freedom Boat Club Have Sailboats And How Much Can You Use The Boats

Freedom Boat Club started in 1989, making it one of the oldest operating boat clubs in the U.S. It started in Sarasota, Florida, and then grew all over the U.S. and later in Canada and France. Today, you can access FBC in more than 210 locations.

The club has at least 2,400 boats and more than 20,000 members. Although they do not have sailboats, they offer bow riders, cruisers, fishing boats, and . Most boats are between 12 and 25 feet. You do not have to limit yourself to the same boat as you can pick any boat you like as long as you are a member.

The boat fuel is not part of the fee you pay. Before you reserve a boat, you need to consider how much fuel it will consume in the duration you will have it out in the waters.

Some clubs offers special plans that may limit when you access the boats. Some of these plans include:

Weekday-only plan

Unlimited usage

Friends and family usage plan

You will have unlimited access to the boats during the time that the boats are accessible to you. For instance, if you pick a weekend-only plan, the boat will be available to you on weekends for unlimited usage.

Reserving The Right Boat

Knowing what kind of boat you need for an enjoyable day on the water is the most important part of making your reservation.

Freedom Boat Club has a wide variety of boats to choose from, so be sure to read through this guide before you call up your local marina.

With the right boat on reserve, you are sure to show your family and friends a good time on the water.

Remember that every location will have a different fleet.

The ships listed here do not apply to other locations, though you may find similar boats at your local Freedom Boat Club.

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Freedom Boat Club Buys Back Franchisees Chicago Units And Territory

When the owner of Freedom Boat Club of Chicago came to corporate in fall of 2020 asking to exit the system, it was an opportunity the brand couldnt pass up, said network president Cecil Cohn.

The franchisee, who originally purchased the territory in late 2013, had grown the business to three locations in downtown Chicago and one in a Northwest suburb and he said ya know, I really enjoy building these things from scratch, but now its just scalingwould be interested in buying the clubs and territory back from me? Cohn recalled.

Cecil Cohn, Freedom Boat Club network president

Freedom Boat Cluba membership-based marine club requiring monthly dues in exchange for access to boats at any of its locationsentered into a definitive agreement in mid-March to acquire the Chicago units and territory, including the rights to build out new clubs in portions of Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana. With access to Lake Michigan and a number of inland lakes and river in the suburbs, Chicago scores high on markets that Freedom Boat Club hopes to build out, plus allows the brand better access to expand into the Upper Midwest.

The market potential of this territory was really attractive, as we can grow it over time and bring to there all the resource capabilities of Freedom Boat Club as a parent company to potentially accelerate growth faster than the franchisee was able to do on its own, Cohn said. Its the kind of situation that went from great to even better.

What Is The Difference In Pricing

This is Freedom – Freedom Boat Club

Both Carefree and Freedom Boat Clubs will have pricing that varies based on location.

They can agree that larger metropolitan areas will have more expensive one-time initial fees and monthly membership fees. This is because dock slips are at a premium in these busy marinas, and companies can command top dollar for this precious space.

Many cities are not forthcoming with the rates you can expect for membership.

This is in part due to the fact that both companies offer multiple types of membership.

For example, Freedom Boat Club offers five different membership levels:

  • Three-month seasonal membership
  • Weekend-only membership
  • Friends and family programs

At Freedom Boat Clubs West Palm Beach location in Florida, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,750 to $5,500 for a one-time fee. Their monthly rates are a little more affordable with prices ranging from $149 to $299.

You can see some price examples on membership costs from various boat clubs in our article here.

Carefree Boat Club also has an initial fee that can vary.

However, they do offer an affordable solution for members who want to enjoy boating without the commitment of owning their own ship. You can join for as low as $300 per month at their Clinton, Connecticut location.

One of the benefits of the Carefree Boat Club is that you arent locked into lengthy contracts.

You can sign up for as little as a single year instead of being stuck long-term contracts.

The same policy applies to the Freedom Boat Club.

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Which Boats Do Freedom Boat Clubs Offer

Before you sign up for a membership with Freedom Boat Club, you probably want to know what types of boats you can reserve.

Figuring out what types of boats they offer and when to use them can be a little confusing, particularly for those who are new to sailing.

Heres what you need to know!

Lets Run A Quick Cost Analysis Looking At Our Flagship

Boat Ownership:

Loan terms: 20% down with a 5% loan over 10 years.

Downpayment: $14,000

Downpayment for Port & Starboard Plan = $3,900.

Monthly = $199

When you add in maintenance, repairs, storage and insurance

Youll save $30k+ over 3 years & $85k+ over 10 years with no repair surprises. More than that, well keep you in new boats all 10 years as each year we renew 1/3 of the fleet!

Youll find, as thousands of others have found in the Tampa area, Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay is the best value for the dollar.

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Is Freedom Boat Club A Good Deal Vs Buying A Boat

A boat club is always a good deal when you need to enjoy boating without the hassle of paying for insurance and maintaining your boat. It is estimated that up to 142 million Americans went boating in 2016, and you may have been one of them.

While boating is a great hobby, buying a boat and taking care of it doesnt come cheap. When you join a club membership, you enjoy the following benefits:

Freedom Boat Club Cost

Freedom Boat Club Stamford Connecticut Boats Freedom Boat Club

The Freedom Boat Club employs trends and practices of the sharing economy to expand the publics boating participation. It allows its members to expose themselves to a fleet of boats and the opportunity to participate in social events. How much does a Freedom Boat Club membership cost?

The Freedom Boat Club membership cost varies, depending on your area and the type of plan you choose. To give you an idea, the one-time entry fee may cost $5,000. Whereas the monthly membership plan may cost $349.

Read on to learn more about the Freedom Boat Club membership price and the perks of becoming a member.

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We Leave The Boating To You

Provide us some brief information today, and at no obligation to you. Start making your own memories with Freedom today!


Your membership is the key to unlock all Freedom Boat Club locations, with access to a variety of models and a streamlined boating experience.


Book your boat with our easy to use online reservation system or call to speak to a reservations agent. You can book as far as 6 months in advance.


When you arrive at the dock your boat will be ready and waiting for you. The only thing you need to worry about is how you would like to enjoy your day.


Return the boat to the dock and give the key to the dockhands. There is no docking or slip fee, trailer to maneuver, filling station to visit or repairs to make.

The Port & Starboard Option: Our Newly Designed Boating Plan

  • Higher Accessibility Rates & Lower Prices just in time for Summer. Weve created two boating groups to alleviate accessibility issues and cut down on wait times while also providing a higher quality product for our members. Group Port can make a planned reservation on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays while group Starboard can make planned reservations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

  • Members get 6 Planned reservations on any day regardless of boating plan

  • Usage at any of our 31+ locations across the Greater Tampa Bay area along with the choice of over 550 vessels

  • Unlimited Day Of boating. You can still take a boat out on ANY day, just call your desired dock or book online

  • Access to a fleet of exclusive Luxury vessels

  • 4 Rolling reservations.

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Get Local Market Information From Freedom Boat Club Membership Executives

Each Freedom Boat Club has membership executives who are highly familiar with all available membership plans and other costs. They know the features and amenities of each plan, so its best to get information from them.

Membership executives will also help you decide which is the right plan for you. They may ask you a series of questions that will help in your decision-making.

Whether or not you will join Freedom Boat Club, the membership executives are always there to answer your inquiries. So, dont hesitate to contact them.

Making Boating Memories Has Never Been Easier

Freedom Boat Club Overview

We Take Care of It All…Including the Boats

Weve taken care to select a variety of quality boats. And we always keep them clean and maintained. We also take care of the storage, insurance and repairs. So you can just focus on the fun!

Pay a 1x Entry Fee and Monthly Dues

Just pay a 1x entry fee and choose one of our membership plans. Boat every day of the year. Or just weekdays. Some clubs may even have 3 and 6 month plans. And you can change your plan as the need arises.

Get Unlimited Training from Licensed Captains

Your safety is our No. 1 concern. So we give all our members unlimited training with USCG-certified captains. And if you wish to boat in a new location, theyll show you the waterways.

Take Any Boat Out as Often as You Wish

Reserve a boat by phone or online. Then go fishing, tubing or head to a restaurant with friends. When youre done, just bring the boat back and pay for the fuel. We take care of everything else!

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Is Joining A Boat Club Worth It

Pros and ConsJoining a boat club will mean no more maintenance or seasonal headaches with your boat, no more slip fees, and no more driving a trailer around. Also, you will likely be able to use boats at different locations, like when youre traveling out of town to visit relatives.

For The Freedom Boat Club More Flow On The Water In 2021

DEEP RIVER, Conn. âThink of it like Zip Cars.

Thatâs according to Dick Cromwell, the owner of the Freedom Boat Club, a boat share business that, he says, has bloomed since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Cromwell runs the Freedom Boat Club out of seven marinas in Connecticut, giving members the chance to get out on the water without having to own a boat. You come down, take a boat and have fun, Cromwell said, then you hand us the keys and walk away.

Cromwell typically offers boats in the 22 to 24-foot range and members can take advantage of the service across the country. Cromwell added that due to the desire for so many to socially distance and find an escape, he has seen steady growth. We were one of the few things that people could do that was Covid safe, he said.

Members pay a $3,900-dollar one-time initiation fee, and then about $400 dollars a month for the luxury of using a boat when they want. Theres none of the headaches of maintenance plus its less money than owning a boat, said Cromwell.

Bart Crossman, the lead salesman for the Freedom Boat Club said, you can get out on the water its a whole different world. Cromwell, who runs the Freedom Boat Club franchise in both Connecticut and Rhode Island added, its going to be a very busy year out on the water but its going to be fun.

To find out more about the Freedom Boat Club click

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The 5 Secrets Boat Clubs Dont Want You To Know About

On the surface, boat clubs seem like a great idea. Instead of buying a boat, you pay a monthly fee and have access to a range of different vessels. The problem is that, in reality, things dont work out quite that smoothly. Here are the top five secrets that boat clubs dont want you to know about.

1) Limited Selection of Boats

When we join a boat club, there is this idea that one weekend we can take out a fast speedboat and the next, a family-sized catamaran. The problem is that most clubs really only offer a pretty narrow selection of boats. Not only that, with most people having the same free time as in being off on the weekends, holidays, and certain summer months, then you may find yourself standing empty-handed.

2) Too Much Pressure

The problem is that once you join a club, you feel pressure to get the most out of it. The average annual boat club is 275 dollars per month. If you dont boat that often or have a hectic month, it feels like money just is thrown down the drain and just another wasted expense.

3) Limited Places

While some clubs have locations worldwide, youre still limited to whatever places theyre in. For the most part, this basically keeps you stuck around the most touristy places. And those are only the biggest clubs with typically the highest prices.

4) The Clubs Might Be Full

5) Cost

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