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Can I Register My Boat Online In Utah

Specific Rule : Refunds


If you renew a vehicle that was previously sold, your refund may be approved if you provide a bill of sale. If your registration expires in a certain month, and you pay your renewal fees prior to the expiration date, your refund may be approved if you provide proof that the vehicle was sold or inoperable prior to the expiration date of your registration renewal. Your request must be made within six months of the payment date.

How To Register A Boat

So you’ve finally purchased the boat of your dreams. Now, what’s the next step? A good place to start is with boat registration. Registering a boat is required by lawmuch like with a carand the rules and guidelines for how this process is done and what kind of watercraft must be registered are dictated by the state in which the vessel will regularly operate .

Here’s the basic steps to follow when registering a boat:

  • Research the boat registration requirements in your state.
  • Complete a registration formeither online, through the mail, or in person.
  • Provide proof of ownershipincluding a title and/or bill of sale.
  • Pay the registration fee, which varies by state and the size of the vessel.
  • Be conscious of the expiration date and apply for renewal.
  • Boat Liens Database In Utah

    Security interests in state titled boats are recorded with the Utah State Tax Commission Division of Motor Vehicles . These will be shown on both the registration and title certificates if there are any. Security interests in boats that are neither titled or USCG documented are recorded with the Secretary of State as Uniform Commercial Code filings. If the vessel is USCG documented, a lenders security interests will be recorded with the National Vessel Documentation Center and are indexed on the boats abstract of title. This is different from state registration lookups and can be ordered at

    Tax liens may be flagged on boat registration records, recorded as UCC filings, shown on state revenue records, or filed with a county clerks office. There are no provisions for recording mechanics liens or other non-secured claims against state titled boats. Uniform Commercial Code searches are available online from the Secretary of State.

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    Required Documents For Utah Registration Renewal

    In order to renew in person you will need to visit the local Utah DMV office and have the following with you:

    • Renewal notice from the state of Utah or your current Utah certificate of registration
    • Proof that you have passed the emissions test and safety inspection if required
    • Payment for the renewal fees

    Boat Title & Registration Fees

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    The costs to title and/or register watercraft in Utah are as follows:

    • Registration fees: Vary by type and length of boat call the Utah DMV at 297-7780 for information on the specific fees you may owe.
    • *Uniform age-based fee, applied ONLY to personal watercraft AND boats less than 31 ft long :
    • *Uniform fee in-lieu of property tax, applied to ALL vessels measuring 31 ft or more: 1.5% of the boat’s fair market value.
    • State Tax Fees:
    • Aquatic invasive species fee : $10.
    • Search and Rescue fee: $.50.
    • Electronic Payment fee: $3.

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    Utah Kayak Laws Summary

    • Utah Kayaking Laws Utah law considers kayaks and canoes to be boats with no motor or sails.
    • Utah Kayak Registration Kayaks, canoes, and all other vessels not propelled by motor or sail are exempt from registration.
    • Motorized Kayak Registration All motorboats must be registered and display current registration decals. This includes a trolling motor on a canoe or kayak.
    • Kayak Operator Licensing in Utah No kayaks or boats require a license to operate in Utah. Non-residents of Utah are required to take the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Aquatic Invasive Species Education Course.
    • Motorized Kayaking Age Persons under 16 years of age may operate a motor or sailboat when accompanied on board and under the direct supervision of a responsible person who is at least 18 years of age.
    • Kayaking BUI Law Utah has a Boating Under the Influence law that applies to all motorized vessels. A person is operating illegally when their blood alcohol content is .08% or above.
    • Kayaking Life Jacket Law All canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards must have on board one USCG approved wearable PFD for each person on board.
    • Kayak Lights Law Kayaks must carry a white lantern, light, or flashlight.
    • Kayaking Sounding Devices A sounding device is strongly recommended but not required unless the kayak is over 16 feet in length.
    • Kayaking VDS Law VDS are not required when operating on Utah waters.

    Bringing Your Boat To Utah New Laws Fees Go Into Effect July 1

    Salt Lake City During the 2020 Utah legislative session, a few new laws were passed to help prevent the spread of quagga mussels. Several of those laws go into effect Wednesday, July 1, and out-of-state boaters need to be aware of the new requirements in order to launch a boat at any Utah waterbody.

    Some of the new changes going into effect Wednesday include the following requirements:

    “We feel confident that these new changes and our continued rigorous inspections across the state will help us in our efforts to contain quagga mussels to Lake Powell, Lake Mead and other infested waters, and to prevent them from spreading to other waterbodies,” Nathan Owens, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator, said. “However, we really need the assistance and compliance of boaters in these efforts. We are grateful to all those who are willing to help us in this fight.”

    In addition to complying with the new laws, boaters can also help prevent the spread of quagga mussels by doing the following:

    Boaters should also remember that by Utah state law they are required to stop at open Aquatic Invasive Species inspection stations after leaving a waterbody. Anyone who doesn’t stop is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

    » Shooting centers

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    Utah Kayaking Lights Laws

    What lights do I need on my kayak at night? All paddlecraft must have at least one bright light, lantern, or flashlight of white color which can be displayed in sufficient time to prevent a collision.

    While anchored or adrift, the white light must be on.

    Powered vessels require USCG-approved red and green side lights as well as a white all-around light when not at dock. The white light must be visible at a distance of at least two miles, and the colored lights must be visible at a distance of at least one mile.

    Where Do You Go To Register Your Boat In Utah

    How to Register My Boat in Canyon Lake!

    There are multiple places where you can go to register your boat. First, you can visit the Utah State Tax Commission office. Next, visit the Utah Division of Motor Vehicle. Both of these offices can issue your boat registration certificate after verifying your boat papers. The staff of the boat registration office will ask the candidates to wait for a while. After that, you will submit your registration fee, and they will hand you over your registration certificate.

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    How To Register A Recently Purchased Vehicle

    If the vehicle is purchased from a Utahdealership, then they will take care of transferring the title registration. Utah code S41-3-301 mandates that the dealer has 45 days to process a notice of registration with the UtahMotor Vehicle Division. The notice that the dealer is responsible for sending to the DMV includes:

    • The date of sale

    • Names and addresses of the dealer and purchaser

    • Description of motor vehicle

    • Recording of odometers reading at the time of sale

    Your registration will arrive by mail within 4 weeks of the sale, but until then, they will provide you with temporary registration to use in lieu of the registration certificate. If the dealer sells a vehicle to the seller and does not give the seller a temporary permit, the dealer has 48 hours to mail a negotiable title and certificate of registration. If the vehicle is purchased from a dealer and they do not take care of registration, then this dealer has violated Utah code S41-3-301 which states that a full compensation and refund of the sale of the vehicle will be issued. Any payments or fees within the time period of the sale and the 45-day window will be the responsibility of the dealer.

    If the new car is purchased from a non-dealer, you will have to register the vehicle in person at the DMV. Here is what you should bring:

    • Signed Title

    • Proof of Utah car insurance

    • Proof of passing inspection

    • Payment of $6 TOP fee, plus registration and titling fees

    The bill of sale should contain:

    Registration Basicsboating Utah Registration Requirements:

    • Current Registration in Utah. All motorboats and sailboats must have proper registration with current registration decals to operate Utah waters legally. For more information on registration and titling, visit the Utah DMV Watercraft page.
    • Certificates of registration and annual registration decals obtained by presenting the correct application form, fee, and validated tax certificates to the Utah DMV. Click hereto find an office near you.
    • Exceptions to registration. Canoes, kayaks, and other vessels not propelled by motor or sail. Also, out-of-state residents using Utah waters for 60 or fewer days with proper registration in their state.
    • Keep Certificate On Board. The certificate of registration is required onboard and available for inspection by any law enforcement officer whenever the vessel is in operation.

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    Utah Boat Registration Hin Check

    Utah boat registration FAQs are found below and can be downloaded as PDF. We have written this page to inform the boating community about registration requirements, recording methods, and title search guidelines for the State of Utah. We also cover the titling fees if applicable.

    We will cover information about the Boat Registration Agency in this state and if you are wondering about Registration and marking requirements we have an overview of that as well. We also talk about Registration Requirements for boats in Utah along with things you need to know about boat Ownership and Liens so you can better perform Boat Title Searches or boat history lookups in UT.

    Can You Mail Your Boater Registration Form In Utah

    NRS Otter 150 Self

    These days, doing everything online is the new normal. In the state of Utah, it is possible to mail your application to the concerned departments email address. For online boat registration, you need to submit a scanned copy of important boat papers. You can pay the registration fee via net banking or money order as well. Some people find it difficult to spot the right email address. Well, for this, you will have to look at the official website of the Utah DMV and Utah Tax Commission Office. To complete the process of registration over mail might take a while.

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    How To Replace A Lost Vehicle Registration In Utah

    If you recently lost your vehicle registration or it was stolen or damaged, you will need to apply for a replacement registration. You will be required to provide your VIN and may be required to provide proof of identity.

    There will also be a small fee for replacing your registration paper and license plate sticker.

    How Much Does It Cost To Register A Boat In Utah

    The boat registration charge is pretty low in Utah. You will have to pay a total of 43 dollars to the boat registration office for the first-time registration of your boat. To acquire the duplicate registration card, you must pay 4 dollars, and for duplicate boat decals 7 dollars. The charge for the boat title is 6 dollars. For renewal and transfer of the boat registration certificate, you will be charged extra.

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    Utah Kayaking Fire Extinguisher Laws

    Do I need a fire extinguisher on my motorized kayak in Utah? No. Even if you have a trolling motor on your kayak, if the fuel tank isnt permanently installed and is of open construction, you arent required to have a fire extinguisher.

    Regardless of the law, we recommend carrying a small class B-I fire extinguisher if you have a trolling motor on your kayak or canoe. The worst thing in the world is a fire on a boat with no way to put it out, especially if youre far from shore.

    Specific Rule : Purple Heart Plate For Combat Wounded

    How to register complaint About Any Issue in Boat Headphones/sounds/ear Bard’s under Warranty

    In the military, the Purple Heart is awarded to veterans who were wounded in combat and this Purple Heart Plate honors these recipients.

    Requirements for the Purple Heart Plate include:

    • A membership card in the Military Order of the Purple Heart Association or military discharge form DD-214 issued by the National Personnel Records Center

    • No Special Plate Fee

    • No Annual Contributions

    If you meet all the above requirements, you can apply by mailing the Application for Personalized Plates, a copy of your current registration, and a $4.00 postage fee to the mailing address:

    Utah State Tax Commission

    Salt Lake City, UT 84130

    For express services , use zip code 84116

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    Utah Kayaking Oui Laws

    Can you get a DUI on a kayak in Utah? Yes and no. Utahs BUI law prohibits anyone from operating any motor vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, open containers of alcohol are allowed on the vessel. You can get the equivalent of a DUI, a BUI in Utah with a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08%, or if under the influence of controlled drugs or other substances when operating any motorized vessel. Non-motorized kayaks and canoes are exempt.

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    Vds Visual Distress Signaling Devices

    Visual distress signals are not required when operating on Utah waters unless they are federally controlled. If they are federally controlled, Visual Distress Signals that are USCG-approved for nighttime use are required when operating between sunset and sunrise. Visual distress signals must be readily accessible, in working condition, and unexpired.

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    Replacing Your Plates With Specialty Plates

    Utah offers a small selection of specialty plates to honor the state. If you want to upgrade to these specialty plates when you replace your license plates, all you have to do is indicate that on your application and pay a $16 fee.

    You can also personalize your license plates in Utah. The number of characters which you may use depends on the type of plate you are personalizing, but it can be as few as four characters and as much as seven characters.

    eTags Vehicle Services

    Utah Replacement Registration Locations

    NRS Otter 150 Self

    Where can I go to replace my registration in person? Where are the Utah DMV offices located?

    While many states allow you to replace your registration by going to the DMV website, you can only renew your registration in Utah in person or by mail.

    You will have to fill out an application and make a payment by cash or check. If you are sending your application by mail, you will need to pay by check as the Utah DMV does not accept cash via mail.

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    Utah Boat Registration Number Display Requirements

    The vessel must display the boat number and expiration decal as stated below..

    • Both port and starboard sides of the bow must display the registration number.
    • Registration number must read from left to right on both port and starboard sides of the bow.
    • Number must be in at least three inch high, bold, plain, vertical BLOCK letters.
    • Color of numbers must contrast with the background and be legible from a distance of 150 feet.
    • Spaces or hyphens must separate the numbers and letters. example: UT 2018 BP or UT-2018-BP.
    • Both sides of the bow must not display any other numbers.
    • The Yearly Registration decals must be displayed three inches aft of the bow number on each side of the vessel. The Month of Expiration Decals must be displayed immediately aft of the Yearly Registration Decals.

    To register your boat/watercraft for the state of Utah or to read more about Utah Boat Numbers Registration Decal Display Laws, you can visit the Boats, Watercraft & Outboard Motors section of the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles using this link.

    Boat Title & Registration In Utah

    BEFOREsubmitting a vessel title/registration application, you’ll need to:

    • Have your boat’s hull identification number inspectedIF it has never been titled in Utah before. The only exceptions to this rule are brand new watercraft sold by UT boat dealers.
    • You can have your boat inspected by a DMV employee OR a Utah peace officer. They will need to complete a Certificate of Inspection for youhold onto the completed form!
  • Pay uniform feeson your vessel at a UT county assessor’s office.
  • After paying the uniform fees, the assessor will give you a receipt of paymentdon’t lose this!
  • Then, you cancomplete your application for watercraft title and/or registration by submitting the following at your nearest Division of Motor Vehiclesoffice:

  • Payment for the necessary watercraft title/registration fees.
  • Utah boat registrations arevalid for 1 year, starting on the first day of the month in which you registered your boat.

    NOTE: At the time of registration, you’ll need to sign a sworn statement saying you’ll purchase boat insurance . Utah requires boaters to carry proof of vessel liability coverage on board at all times.

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    How To Fill Out And Sign Yy Online

    Get your online template and fill it in using progressive features. Enjoy smart fillable fields and interactivity. Follow the simple instructions below:

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