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Liveaboard Boats For Rent In Florida

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Beaches To Visit With Your Boat Rental In The Florida Keys

$195,000 2006 MERIDIAN 368 AFT CABIN MOTOR YACHT TOUR / Affordable Liveaboard Power Boat

There are so many amazing beaches in the Florida Keys that it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth visiting with your Florida Keys boat charter. For this reason, we have made a list of some of the best beaches, all of which are worthy of a spot on your itinerary.

In Key Largo

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

This is by far one of the best beaches to visit with your Florida Keys boat charter if you want to go snorkelling of scuba diving. If you head over to the parks Cannon Beach, you will be able to go snorkelling right from the shore to a Spanish shipwreck that is just 100 feet from the beach. This wreck is home to a plethora of marine species including barracuda and tarpon and will enthral all who visit.

Harry Harris Park

Harry Harris Park has a great beach for families, with a shallow protected lagoon that boasts some of the calmest waters in Florida. In the surrounding area, you will also find picnic tables and a playground.

In the Middle Keys

Long Key State Park

Another beach that is great for families with small kids, the waters here are mostly shallow and the transparency makes it a great place for kayaking. This area also has picnic tables, as well as a bathroom and outdoor showers.

Curry Hammock State Park, Marathon
Sombrero Beach, Marathon

This is another great beach for those who like snorkelling on account of the rocky shoreline. It also has plenty of amenities, including changing rooms, showers, a playground, and picnic tables.

Coco Plum Beach

What Is Considered A Liveaboard In Florida

A liveaboard is a vessel that serves as a persons primary residence. In other words, its a vessel that a person uses primarily as their house. This does not mean that youre not permitted to use the vessel for anything else youre permitted to use it for recreational purposes as well.

Therefore, a boat you use, lets say, for fishing and sometimes sleep on, is not a liveaboard. But if you live on it and occasionally go for a sail, it is a liveaboard.

Live Aboard Marinas In Southwest Florida

PLEASE NOTE: This post is intended as a guide to Southwest Florida marinas that accept full-time live aboards. This post focuses on marinas from Port Charlotte and south on the West coast of Florida. We do not post rates and availability since they change all the time. For current slip rates and availability, please contact the marina directly.

A couple years ago when Randy and I first decided we wanted to purchase a trawler and live aboard, we had to first decide what marina we would be based out of. So the search began for live aboard marinas in southwest Florida. One of the main criteria for selecting a marina would be to find one near Bonita Springs, where Randys son goes to school. So we began to search online and call a few marinas and we immediately found that there are few if any marinas in the Bonita Springs/Naples area. My best guess as to why so few in these areas has to do with shallow depths not allowing access for larger boats. We found a place or two in Naples where you could purchase a slip, but this wasnt acceptable since we wanted the freedom to move about if we choose. We ruled out Punta Gorda/North Fort Myers and Marco Island since it was too far, so left us with Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach and Cape Coral.

Below is a list of the live aboard marinas that we know of in the area. These are marinas that offer slip rentals, not slips you must purchase. Please comment below if we missed any.

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Live Aboard Boats For Sale In Clearwater Florida

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Length 43′

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1983 Young Sun Pilothouse Cutter Perfect Live-aboard or Bluewater Cruiser to Take You Anywhere! This Young Sun 43 is a big comfortable live-aboard home and capable voyager. The pilot house design gives you inside and outside steering so no matter what the weather brings, you are comfortable. Her beautiful full keel with a wineglass transom and high bow gives her a sea-kindly movement and wonderful comfort and security at sea. The cutter rig makes all the sails manageable and gives you sail plan options for all conditions. Her spacious Air-Conditioned two cabin layout with two heads works for a family or a couple. The settee in the salon also makes a double. The head room of seven feet makes the boat very spacious indeed, and all the berths are at least 66 There is extensive stowage throughout, and the interior is complimented with a solid teak interior finish. Note, The Current Live-aboard Slip is Transferable!!

Length 42′

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Length 60′

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Length 60′

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Length 50′

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Length 44′

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Length 44′

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Length 53′

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Length 58′

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Length 44′

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Length 48′

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Length 50′

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Hurricane Season In Florida

Vacation Rentals, Homes, Experiences &  Places

The marinas location and storm policies are also important factors to consider when looking for a marina. Dont think youll be fine if you leave your boat in the slip. Even if the insurance provider does not demand it, every Floridian should have an emergency plan in place before time. A few marinas have built-in hurricane holes where you will be able to leave your boat safely. It should have heavy-duty pilings atop floating docks and be sheltered from all directions from winds and tides. Even still, if a powerful storm makes landfall nearby, theres a good possibility that it will destroy a lot. This is because the state of Florida is flat, and storms can be severe.

Some marinas with less protection may have an evacuation policy. To put it another way, theyll inform you that you have to leave your boat at their marina in case of emergency. Keep in mind that this will happen with three days warning or less. Preparing a boat for a storm may entail transporting it hundreds of miles or removing it from the sea. So, its important to prepare ahead of time and be aware of what youre going to do in case of a storm or hurricane.

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The Cost Of Living On A Boat In Florida

Just like with every major life decision, budgeting is the primary task you have to complete before moving on to fulfilling your wishes. We have to take a look at and analyze some key elements.

There are two basic costs you have to pay attention to:

A marina slip or a boat slip is like a parking space for your boat, that is, the place where your boat will be anchored. A monthly slip for a 40-foot boat can cost between $800 and $2000, depending on the location.

The price of the slip depends on the location the more popular your area is, the more its going to cost.

Another critical factor is how long youre going to stay. If you can commit for a more extended period, youll pay less. If you can commit for an entire year, the price may go from $11 per foot per month. You might negotiate an even better deal if you stay longer.

The prices of boats vary widely based on the size of the vessel and its type. You can count on spending at least $30,000 on a smaller boat, and its safe to say that theres no upper limit to the price. Keep in mind that bigger boats need more space. Therefore, the slips for them are more expensive.

Apart from those basic costs, youll also need to take into account taxes, fuel, maintenance, insurance, and so on. These costs are highly variable, so its hard to give an exact number.

Taxes can be the most expensive cost when it comes to these costs. Florida has a sales and use tax of 6% of the boats value. Youll need to take that into consideration.

Tips And Tricks For Living On A Boat

Living on a boat is an adventure, and no adventure would be complete without some obstacles along the way! Here are a few tips and tricks to help reduce some obstacles and make living on a boat easier:

  • Meticulousl plan the little things. When you live in a home, small questions like where to keep your food should have easy answers. You have to thoroughly plan for the simple challenges youll face on a boat.
  • Look for boat-specific flea markets. If youre looking for the boating essentials and want to save a buck, look for boat-specific flea markets. Most beachside towns will have a boat-oriented flea market, and youll appreciate the low price of boating essentials.
  • Learn some maintenance skills. Among the top costs of boat ownership are maintenance costs. Hiring someone to work on these maintenance projects could increase your annual maintenance cost three to five times! Invest in yourself, and learn to maintain your boat solo.
  • Monitor your consumption. The most difficult part of living on a boat is the finite resources. However, it doesnt have to be a major barrier to living on a boat with proper organization. Stick with the general rule of thumb for energy consumption your battery capacity should be three to four times your daily energy expenditure.

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Vacation Boat Rentals In Florida

Boat rentals in Florida are a tried-and-tested way to discover the Sunshine State and, whether its a charming houseboat on the wildlife-rich St. Johns River or a sleek yacht in sultry Miami, there are countless options on the menu. Cocoa boat rentals, as well as those from Fort Lauderdale, are ideal for exploring Floridas east coast, while a yacht rental from either of those launch spots gives you enough oomph to get to the Florida Keys and beyond.

Discover the top kids’ activities in popular boat rental destinations

Harborage Yacht Club And Marina

35 Sombrero Boulevard #A16, liveaboard boat slip for sale, Marathon FL Keys

Harborage Yacht Club is going to be a little more expensive, but it is also going to be worth the price when you learn about the amenities. Unfortunately, it has a flat monthly liveaboard charge of $175 a month. Theres also an additional $15 a month for a year based on footage or slip.

The liveaboard lifestyle can be expensive, but how expensive is it really? I have asked multiple sailors and here are their numbers! 

It is going to be $2,100 alone for the liveaboard charge, plus $6,300 for the year or $525 a month for the footage. You will also have to pay for utilities with rates starting at $25 a month but it will increase depending on the usage. In total, it will be $8,700 for the whole year, which still isnt too bad in todays economy.

This place has updated its docks, showers, and laundry room for your comfort. The showers are private as well. There is also a spa, sauna, 2 pools, hot tub, and steam room for you to treat yourself. There is even a fitness center!

Upon docking, there are crew members ready to help you dock, show you around, and help you with whatever you need. There are free bike rentals and a free golf cart shuttle.

Pets are welcomed at the Harborage Yacht Club. There is a fueling area with free pump-outs. It is amazing there, and you can learn more at their website. 

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Why Might Someone Want To Live Aboard Their Boat In Florida

Florida is a fantastic place to live. There is so much to do, so much to see, and the work opportunities are abundant. Florida may have a reputation for being a weird state, but thatâs all talk.

Florida is very safe, it has strict laws with impressive transparency. Florida is an open book, if thatâs something that appeals to you, maybe that alone is a good reason to move there.

If you are looking for a financial incentive, consider this. Florida has zero income tax. Thatâs right â 0% income tax. If you are someone making $50k a year, you may lose anywhere from $5k-$15k from that in taxes every year.

In Florida, you would keep all of that. Moving there is like getting an immediate raise. It is also important to consider this when you are factoring in your budget for a marina slip.

You will have far more disposable income, so you may be surprised how much more you have to spend on a high-quality marina slip in a prime location.

Living On A Boat In Florida The Bottom Line

As you can see, liveaboard life in Florida can be amazing if you play your cards right. Hopefully, one of the marinas in Florida will cover your needs. However, its difficult to give a definitive answer for the best marina in Florida. Every marina has its own set of regulations and restrictions. In addition, what may be ideal for you may not be ideal for someone else. It all depends on your budget, needs, and on your boat. Of course, youre in luck if you work from home and have the freedom to live wherever you like.

Keep in mind that some of the marinas in the north are far less expensive and quieter than marinas in South Florida. They provide a much slower pace of living. On the other hand, they dont provide as many chances for jobs or recreation. On South Beach, there is more to do than in the north. Remember that if water and electricity arent included in the lease, youll need to receive a quote before deciding on a location to live in. It may appear to be less expensive at first, but once all the other costs are factored in, it becomes significantly more costly.

I hope that this article has helped you find out whether or not you want to liveaboard in Florida. It is totally feasible and it can also be cheap if you choose the right marina and location. I wish you all luck with your research!

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Storage Slips & Trailer Parking In Islamorada

Our Islamorada marina offers dry boat and wet boat storage. Our slips have been recently remodeled and can accommodate boats between 15 and 34 feet. We also offer secure trailer parking. Choose your rental terms based on how long you want to stay. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly contracts.

The Neighbors And The Neighborhood

Boat Rentals St Petersburg Florida

The Mangrove Marina contains over 90 wet slips so boaters are sure to meet plenty of like-minded people who want to enjoy all of the benefits of waterfront living in the Florida Keys. The Tavernier community is known for its natural beauty and outdoor adventure options. For example, nature enthusiasts cycle over to the neighborhoods wild bird sanctuary to catch glimpses of the islands native birds. Besides bicycle rentals, residents can get a variety of gear such as snorkeling equipment and kayaks from local outfitters for day trips.

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Enjoy Florida Keys Sailing

If you are a snowbird who enjoys sailing, you might want to take your yacht rental for a spin in the Florida Keys. Set sail in the beautiful clear waters of the Atlantic. The Florida Keys run about 120-miles from north of Key Largo down to Key West and this route is perfect for smooth sailing. These islands are filled with some of the most mesmerizingly beautiful turquoise water in the world. This sailing extravaganza offers you the best of all worlds and an opportunity to explore hidden beaches only accessible by your boat rental. Besides, you can relax in the tropical breeze with your favorite cocktail in hand.

When Are Houseboats Allowed And When Are They Not

Houseboats are not legally allowed to be in a navigable waterway, channel, or mooring field. Youre also not allowed to stay in a protected area, and you can pay if you do so. However, as long as youre in a designated liveaboard area and follow the rules, living on a boat in Florida is legal.

Its best to check if a marina youre interested in allows liveaboards. Some dont, so you cant just drop an anchor everywhere.

In some places, youre also required to pay a $5 permit and to pump your sewage at a designated area.

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“I love that I can have a different boat or different type of boat every time we go out. We go out a lot, and I think it is so fun to get a yacht with friends one day, a sail boat with my wife another… and then take the kids and their friends out wake surfing another day. There is no way I could want to maintain 3 boats, so “sharing” on The Wake is fantastic!””As a boat owner, I really love this app. It’s simple, fast and works like a charm. I started using the app to offset my moorage costs, but it has turned into a nice source of revenue. I couldn’t be happier.””We have been renting a boat at a rental place in town for years, we thought it was awesome. But now, instead of renting a pretty lame cruiser to wake board, we are renting some of the coolest boats on the planet. I’m spending less money, its more convenient and the boats are incredible.”

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