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Boat Rentals Lake Union Seattle

Wind Down In Westlake

This Lake Union houseboat is home to Seattle history – Unreal Estate

Westlake is best known for the end-of-dock floating home made famous in Sleepless in Seattle, though thats not all Seattles smallest neighborhood has to shout about. Houseboats for rent in Westlake sit just a couple of miles from the citys vibrant downtown a route thats best enjoyed from the seat of a bicycle as you cruise the Westlake Bikeway.

How To Rent Houseboats In Seattle

Whether youre an old hand at houseboat vacations or are looking to enjoy a break on the water for the first time, you can start planning your trip by heading online to check out the choice of houseboats for rent in Seattle. And when youve chosen your favorite vacation home rental on the water, its easy to book online too. Keep in mind, though, that many Seattle houseboats require a minimum stay. Some of these can be quite lengthy, so it pays to book early if youre looking for a weekend rental or similar.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Yacht Charter In Seattle Wa For A Day

Whether you are looking to rent a yacht in Seattle, Washington for a city sightseeing tour, a romantic sunset cruise or an active day on the water with your family or friends, we’re confident youll find the best one for you on Sailo. The average starting price to charter a yacht in Seattle, WA is $1100. You can however find excellent affordable rentals from $250 and also elegant yacht rentals in Seattle, WA that can go up to $6500 .

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Emerald City Pirates Family Treasure Cruise

Ahoy, matey! Break out the cheesy pirate jokes and reserve a spot aboard a Family Treasure Cruise. The adventurous crew of the Queen Annes Revenge searches the seven seas for a first mate who has escaped with the ships treasure. Along the way, youll play games and learn to talk like a pirate. The highlight for most kids is firing the water cannons at the mutinous first mate as they speed alongside the boat part way through the tour.

Loaner pirate clothes are distributed to each kid , but you can enhance the experience by pre-ordering gear to keep the make-believe alive at home.

Between boarding activities, cruising time and disembarking, expect to spend roughly 90 minutes on the excursion.

Meet in Lake Union Park on the northwest side of the MOHAI museum. Tours resumed Memorial Day weekend in 2021 and take place at varying times on Saturdays . Adults , Seniors , Kids and Babies .

Rent A Fishing Boat At Boatme For An Epic Vacation

Amazing Houseboat Rentals in Seattle (Sleepless in Seattle Style ...

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Are you looking for the best website to rent a fishing boat? Congratulations youve just found one!

How do you picture your perfect holiday? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is sea vast and glorious, it has been a perfect recreational spot for decades. Even for those who live nearby it still has its enchanting spirit. But lets say that you have been going to the seaside every year or so, or you live nearby, and it finally became boring. Youve tried all the aqua slides, and diving, and building all sorts of sand castles. What can you do now? Well, the key to a perfect holiday is actually closer than you think it is rent a fishing boat at to have a dream vacation you will remember.

Charter Boat Fishing: Easy Recipe for an Unforgettable Vacation

Do you want to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party your friends will remember forever? Are you looking for the most romantic way to confess your love and make a proposal to your significant other? Even if theres no special occasion, and you just decided to go on an epic adventure with your closest friends, we have a perfect idea for you rent a fishing boat!

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about boating near South Lake Union, Seattle, WA?

This is a review for boating near South Lake Union, Seattle, WA:

“Our family of 12 had a great time on the boat. We took out of towners on it and it was the perfect way to show off Seattle. It was a smooth and easy ride for a 5 and 3 year old and newborn plus older adults. The top cover kept us out of the sun and there was plenty of room for us all. Easy check-in and check out. They were very accommodating and stored our stroller while we were boating. Parking on a weekend was a little difficult but we all found spots within a few minutes.”

How Much Does A Boat Charter Cost In Seattle

The cost of a yacht charter in Seattle depends on a few factors. Such as type and age of the boat, the duration of the charter, and whether or not it is high or low season. So be sure to consider these when choosing the perfect boat in your budget.

  • Sailboat rentals in Seattle on average cost 670/day for 6 guests.
  • For those looking for a thrill, jet ski rentals are about 755/day to enjoy on Lake Washington.
  • A duffy boat rental in Seattle costs 190/4 hours and can accommodate up to 7 people.
  • Motorboat rentals on average cost between 755/day and 1,430/day. For speed boats equipped for water sports, expect prices to be around 1,680/day and 3,360/day.

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Boat Rentals At The Green Lake Boathouse

The pedal boats at Green Lake are another great option for family boat rentals. Theyre especially for small children, since you wont have to navigate choppy waters. The boathouse has two types of pedal boats: a two-seater and a four-seater, in which all riders get to pedal. Life jackets are included. They also have rowboats, sailboats and stand-up paddleboards.

Green Lake boat rental

Snacks are allowed on the boats. They are first-come, first-served, so come early on a nice day. The café at the boathouse is stocked with sandwiches, bagels, ice cream, and coffee, and plenty of family-friendly restaurants border the lake. Added bonus: Green Lake Park playground is one of the best in the city and sits just across the parking lot. 7351 E Green Lake Drive N, Seattle, 98115

Castoff Sunday Public Sail At The Center For Wooden Boats

Picnic on Lake Union with Seattle Donut Boats – KING 5 Evening

A local family favorite, the free public sail on Sundays at the Center for Wooden Boats offers visitors a memorable maritime experience on a classic wooden sailboat. The power of the wind will guide you through the waters of Lake Union, zigzagging past other boats and landing seaplanes, much to kids delight. The ride takes about an hour. They sail rain or shine, but high winds may cancel the trip.

Reservations are only taken the day of, in person, and these rides sell out early. While youRe there, learn about the history of wooden boats at the museum, ride the South Lake Union Street Car downtown or rent one of their classic row boats for your own trip around the bay. Also, dont miss the pond boat sailing, where kids can be captain of their own pint-sized rig. 1010 Valley St, Seattle, 98109

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Agua Verde Caf & Paddle Club

Seattle boat rental favorite, the Aqua Verde Paddle Club offers families of all skill levels the chance to do some lake kayaking. Stand-up paddleboards also are available. Keep it simple, and paddle around Portage Bay, past houseboats and lily pads, or go further, through the Montlake Cut towards one of the best destinations on the lake for non-motorized craft: Foster Island and the Arboretum. Kids will love exploring under foot bridges and through narrow passageways and spotting wildlife .

For a more urban experience, head west from Agua Verde under the University Bridge and into Lake Union to enjoy a spectacular view of the Seattle downtown skyline and the houseboats that line the shore.

Kayaks are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. Anyone 17 and younger must ride in a double kayak with an adult accompanying them. Life jackets and paddles are provided, including special equipment for little ones. Lots of good FAQ here, including COVID protocols. 1303 NE Boat St, Seattle, 98105

Boating Safely No Matter What

The boat holds up to 6 people and comes equipped with six life jackets. The boat is filled with fresh water, every time. We do not use any chemicals, including chlorine, in our water so its just like taking a bath . Boats are thoroughly cleaned with environmentally-friendly products after each use.

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Our Story Designed & Built In Ballard

Hot Tub Boats is an independent business started in the Seattle Metro area. Concept, design, build and execution have all been in-house by a small, devoted team of shipwrights. We are committed to preserving our community, job growth and protecting our valuable and abundant waterways.


Our free thinking environment allowed us to break the mold and create a revolutionary design. By merging classic wooden boat design with radical concepts we created a truly one of a kind vessel.


Combining the comfort of a spa and the freedom of a boat, time spent on the Hot Tub Boat is unlike any other. The easy navigation, continuous heating, and elegant design turns any day into a special adventure.


From our shop in Ballard to our dockside rental team on Lake Union, each member of Hot Tub Boats approaches their job with enthusiasm and attention to detail.


Well, kind of… The world may not have needed the Hot Tub Boat, but they sure as heck enjoy it. What started off as a boat builder’s quirky idea has turned into an international sensation and an internet phenomenon.

Whats The Deal With Seattle Houseboats


Some links in this post may be affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please see our disclosure policy for more detail.

Technically most of these Seattle houseboats arent actually houseboats in the traditional sense, but rather floating houses on the Seattle waterfront.

Theyve been popular since the 1890s and were once the homes of poor fishermen working in the surrounding areas.

There once numbered some 2,000, but now there are around 500 still quite a lot, as houseboats really arent that popular an option in the U.S., with the exception of a few places like Sausalito, California.

Now, the houseboats are mostly the domain of the rich and famous. The original Sleepless in Seattle boat reportedly sold for over $2 million dollars!

The good news is that several of these incredible houseboats are actually rental properties! Weve curated a list of our favorite houseboat rentals in Seattle which you can easily rent via Airbnb.

Note: As Airbnb Associates, we may earn a commission when you book through our links at no extra cost to you.

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Food And Drink Are Welcome

Dry storage hatches are built into the boat and will protect any food that you decide to bring with you. These hatches are big enough to fit bags and coolers with no problem. However, you probably don’t want to bring anything that is easy to spill, like soup and salsa. Also, and this is very important, no glass containers!

The People Of Portage Bay & Environs Before The Denny Party

It might be hard to imagine that one day not too long ago Native Americans were the only people living in and around the land we now know as Seattle. But evidence of human inhabitation in Puget Sound dates back at least 10,000 years meaning Anglo-Europeans have only been part of the human story in these parts for the last 1% of the timeline.Of course, that 1% has been a real doozy for the tribes that used to call the lands and waters in and around Seattle their home. The first waves of explorers, hunters, trappers and settlers brought smallpox and other diseases which native peoples had no immune defenses built up against. This silent and insidious threat must be one of the first manifestations of biological warfare, unintentional as it may have been.Beyond disease, white settlers felt entitled to take over whatever lands they saw fit in this new empty landscape regardless of prior use by Native Americans for millennia. While white settlers appropriations of land and resources that was not theirs to take were egregious by any measure, their simultaneous respect for their predecessors shows up in the very naming of the city that was to come to be.

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Places To Rent A Boat In And Around Seattlefor Cheap

Get out on the water

Theres an old saying among boaty types: A boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money. But when Pacific Northwest weather is behaving, theres no better place to be than out on the water, whether youre in a kayak, a canoe, a sailboat, or even a paddleboard.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to get out on the water while leaving boat maintenance to the experts, no matter what skill level you have in watercraft. Bonus: Most purveyors of boaty experiences also have classes for those who are a little nervous to get on the water.

Whether youre looking to paddle out among the lily pads near the arboretum on Lake Washington, cruise past Gas Works Park by Lake Union, or get out on the the Puget Sound, here are 13 boat rental options from Sand Point to Seward Parklargely human-powered.

Map points are ordered north to south.

Find A Boat Charter In Seattle With Click& boat

Cruising Seattle on a Duffy Electric Boat | Boating Journey

If you are looking for a yacht rental in Seattle at an affordable price, look no further than Click& Boat, the leading boat rental service. You can book sailboats, electric boats and speed boats in Seattle in just a few clicks.

Rely on our platforms up-to-date prices and availabilities, our internal messaging system so that renters and boat owners can communicate, and our team of knowledgeable boating advisors, ready to help you plan your trip.

Seattle and its stunning Pacific coast are waiting for you! So what do you say? Grab your family and friends and lets get sailing!

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See What Our Customers Have To Say

From families, to couples, to corporate events, our customers love us!

“One of my favorite ways to entertain visitors or celebrate a special occasion. Great in good weather and great in classic Seattle weather . Located on the beautiful Lake Union with amazing views of the city, adorable boat houses and iconic Gas Works park. Worth every penny.”

“Our boating adventure at The Electric Boat Company was a fresh reminder of why I love my city. Piloting the boat was a breeze, catered food was so easy and delicious. Our company had a wonderful evening. This would be a lovely experience for out of town guests, too.”

“The weather was perfect, navigation was so easy and I cant think of a better way to show off our beautiful city in an intimate setting. Such a good time to be had. The staff was helpful and kept the boat in pristine condition. Im already looking forward to next time.”

“We visited Seattle recently, and this was a wonderful way for some amazing sightseeing. Great views of downtown Seattle! The rental process was straightforward, and it was smooth and easy to actually pick up the boat and get out on the water. We packed a picnic and had a wonderful afternoon on the water. Would definitely do it again!”

Make a reservation now to experience Seattle from an electric boat on Lake Union.

How To Find The Right Boat Rental In Seattle

Sailo has the most advanced filters to help you find the perfect boat rental in Seattle, WA for an amazing experience on the water in Seattle, WA. Start your search by choosing your start trip date, duration and number of guests. For a great day trip with your family or friends, you have the option to select 2, 4 hours or full day rentals. Depending on your preferences and budget, you may narrow your results by boat type and price range. The ‘crew’ filter allows you to check the Seattle, WA boat charter with the captain included in the price, skipper optional or bareboats that youll captain yourself . Once you have laid your eyes on a boat you like in Seattle, WA, click on it to read the description, reviews and see more pics. We also recommend using our direct ‘Message Owner’ feature that allows you to start a conversation with the boat representative to ask away everything you want to know before you submit a booking request.

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Gorgeous Houseboat Rentals In Seattle You Can Book On Airbnb

Want to stay somewhere a little different on your upcoming trip to Seattle?

Or are you just a mega-fan of the classic rom-com Sleepless in Seattle and you want to stay the night in a houseboat just like in the movie?

Either way, weve got you covered with these incredible houseboat rentals in Seattle, all rentable on Airbnb!

Why Hire A Boat In Seattle

Pin on Houseboats &  Floating Homes

Charter a boat in Seattle

Charter a yacht in Seattle to see this how the ocean makes this city shine. A Seattle rental yacht is the best vantage to view this city and its stunning back drop, the volcano Mount Rainier. When you rent a yacht in Seattle, Puget sound spreads out to the west, scattered with infinite islands, bays, and a rugged coastline rich in history and nature. Your Seattle boat rental can also take you to nearby historic villages and destinations. These include Poulsbo, a little Norway in its own fiord, equally scenic Port Orchard, and the lively harbor town of Bainbridge island. If you are lucky, you may even see an Orca. Onboat has curated a collection of select Seattle charter yachts for you to choose from. A boat rental in Seattle is how this city was really meant to be celebrated. Last but not least, it is a well kept secret that Seattle is a floating museum of beautifully restored, authentic early 1900.s era boats. Be sure to enjoy the living history and fine craftsmanship of the beautiful yachts of yesteryear.

Call 500-2628 to book a private yacht today.

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