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Who Makes Total Boat Paint

International Perfection Boat Paint

The BEST WAY TO ROLL & TIP Topside Paint on Your Boat

Internationals Perfection is a 2-pack polyurethane which has been long used to good effect by DIY painters to get their boats looking like theyve been painted by a pro. 14 colours are available, and 2-3 coats are recommended, to be applied by brush or roller or a combination of the two. Recommended undercoat is Perfection Undercoat, which is available in white or grey depending on the colour youll be painting on top.

RRP: £57.25/750ml

Totalboat Wet Edge Marine Topside Paint

Every owner of a fiberglass boat likes a certain color. TotalBoat recognizes this need, so this paint is offered in 21 colors. I picked the Hatteras off-white for a beautiful finish with maximum retention of color and gloss.

Whats more to love is its strong resistance against scratch, stains, UV rays, and harmful chemicals. Fading, peeling, and cracking are no longer my concerns since I covered my boat with this paint.

Its also effective in restoring an old boat. I put an old DuraNautic boat on sale, but no one got interested. Im glad it remained in my possession as this paint covered every flaw well. This paint can be used on wood and painted surfaces, too. Its also not surprising if you see it on RVs and campers.

This topside paint made the hull of my fiberglass boat gorgeous. Normally, surfaces need to be cleaned regularly. With this paint, its a piece of cake as the finish is not easily tarnished, thanks to its polyurethane content.

However, its not recommended for boats that stay in the water for more than 72 hours. Its not a problem for me, since I always take my boat out of the dock whenever I dont need to be in the waters.

  • Not recommended for boats that stay in the water for over 72 hours
  • Has a thick texture that needs to be stirred well

What To Look For When Buying Paint For Fiberglass Boat

There are so many factors to give thought to before you spend on paints for fiberglass boats. And, since it will require considerable amount of energy, time and huge sum of money when picking the right paint for your fiberglass boat, it is especially critical to look into the vital considerations prior to going for it.

In essence, what will matter the most is to plan carefully prior to taking up this tricky and demanding task.

  • Budget. Is it affordable or too expensive for you to invest in? Take note that not all products sold at pricey selling tag are top quality and all products offered at a much cheaper price are junks. Always inspect the product carefully so that you can come up with a cost-effective decision. Weigh the pros and cons. And, do not compromise long-term benefits.
  • Can the paint offer longer-lasting durability and protection? Once these two can be guaranteed by your chosen product, the next thing youll need to look for is if it is capable of providing the best possible finish for your fiberglass boat.
  • Ease and convenience of use and application. Isnt it a mess to work with?
  • Does the paint contain non-toxic components? Isnt it too dangerous for health? Is it environmental-friendly? Check the warning indications of your chosen product first.
  • Is it resistant to various harsh environmental elements?
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    Epifanes Yacht Enamel Boat Paint

    Available in 46 colours, Epifanes Yacht Enamel claims excellent flowing properties on application and can be applied by brush or roller. 3 coats are recommended for optimum durability when applied by brush, and 4 when applied by roller. Epifanes undercoat is recommended.

    RRP: £24.95/750ml

    Boatings Best Selection Of Marine Paint

    Awlgrip paint job

    The shelves of West Marine stores are stocked with a wide assortment of marine paint. Our comprehensive selection includes topside paints, bottom paints, boat engine paints, non-skid paints and primers, plus thinners and solvents. Given our tremendous selection, boaters would be hard pressed to not find what they need to complete every conceivable marine painting project.

    Each type of marine paint serves a specific function. Colorful topside paint, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, protects surfaces against damage due to UV light, salt and spray. Bottom paint, also called antifouling paint, prevents the growth of hard and soft fouling organismswhich makes a boats hull faster and more fuel efficient. Boat engine paint protects metal surfaces against rust and corrosion. Non-skid deck paint, apart from protecting the underlying surface, helps to prevent crew from taking an unwanted slide into the drink. Most topside paints and some bottom paints require a marine primer to ensure proper adhesion. Along with choosing a specific primer, many paints require a thinner or solventeither for cleaning up, or to modify its properties when brushed, sprayed or rolled.

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    Totalboat Aluminum Boat Paint

    The earthy colors offered by this paint simply lured me into buying it. Black, earth brown, army green, white, khaki, and light gray are awesome choices. Forming a camouflage finish is possible, and its something beneficial for individuals who love hunting and fishing.

    The colors seem to be inclined environmentally, and this is also the concept that inspired the manufacturer in making the paints formula. It has low odor and VOC. I love how it doesnt bother me with a foul smell during application.

    The low sheen finish of this marine paint for aluminum boat is incredible! The reflective attribute is not a part of its effect, so you will surely be one with nature and the surrounding. Its not only attractive, but it also has toughness and durability.

    This paint does an unbelievable transformation on a Jon Boat from 1983. With its self-leveling ability and instant adhesion to aluminum, old boat restoration is accomplished. The boat doesnt only look fancy, but its also protected against corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, and UV rays.

    Aluminum canoes, pontoons, dinghies, and other aluminum vessels utilized for hunting and fishing can benefit from this paint. Skipping the primer or etching is fine. You would only need to sand 12 hours before the final coating.

    • Sanding before the final coat
    • 48 hours of drying

    What To Look For When Buying Boat Deck Paints

    Prior to spending lavishly on boat deck paint, check out some of the shopping guides below:

    • Ultimate protection. Surely, it is a must to go for options that are capable of providing the best possible shield for your deck and guarantee that it could last for many years to come.

    When it comes to protection features, go for those that can provide shield against UV rays, foot traffic and many different rough weather conditions and other potential damages. Choose the ones that are manufactured to be superiorly durable and to support this durability to last, consider getting a boat cover so you can shield it when not in use.

    • Color. When selecting any paint, color would be one of the essential considerations so you can ensure that it looks good and can blend well with the surrounding it is in.

    Luckily, boat deck paints come in distinct colors so you can get the one that best suits your taste to how you want the vessel to appear like. If you want to replace the color of your paint, you can select from a broad array of options.

    • Non-slip feature. Opt for alternatives that are stellar at providing massive shield from slipping in order to provide you confidence when setting up or walking over a deck chair.

    Since it is inevitable for boat decks to get drenched, it is just right to provide it with the most superior level of protection from any unfortunate incidents that could emerge. A superior level of slip resistance is a critical component of what makes impressive deck paint.

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    Totalboat Jd Select Bottom Paint

    Refinishing fiberglass boat will definitely be a less burdening task to accomplish if you invest in a high quality and reliable bottom paint manufactured by TotalBoat. What makes this one of the most favorite picks for many boat owners worldwide is the fact that even if it is on the vessel for a few months already, it will still look at its best after getting wet and dry.

    As for its application, this is user-friendly and newbies can also consider this when executing their first fiberglass boat painting project. This is particularly manufactured with topnotch single-season anti-fouling shield for wooden and fiberglass vessels that frequent freshwater and saltwater.

    You can instantly apply this paint by using roller, brushing or spraying over current hard or ablative bottom paints. In like manner, you can polish it for more fuel efficiency and better improved speed. It is interesting to know that this stuff is made with water-activated ablative formula that reactivates when launched and deactivates on dry areas.

    • Seems not to be ideal for boats transported on a trailer
    • Price can create a hole on your pocket

    Interlux Fiberglass Antifouling Paint

    How to Topcoat Paint Your Boat – Roll and Tip – Boston Whaler 13 Boat Restoration – Part 8

    Repainting fiberglass boat can be expensive, energy and time-consuming type of project that every boat owner needs to deal with whenever necessary. The delighting news is that the task can be less exhausting if you buy the right paint that could provide nice finish, utmost protection and sturdiness, as well as good final result.

    Essentially, what make this product a great deal are its many impressive features. For instance, its coating is superior when it comes to averting premature wear and tear. It an incredible feature known as slow polish action does a unique job of reducing useless buildup of paint. And, it also aids in boosting the advantages of ablative and hard paints by means of its distinctive dual resin method.

    Moreover, this stuff can hold up quite well and is highly recognized for being one of the top-rated bottom paint products available these days. Its a sterling paint that rolls on easy with a little paint thinner added to it.

    • Not glossy
    • Misleading information regarding its size

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    West Advisor Articles Are Your Enduring Source For Help

    West Advisor articles have been a trusted source for technical boating information since 1987. For more help with selecting the best antifouling paint for your boat, see Top Ten Antifouling Paint Buying Questions. For an overview of the entire bottom painting process that includes a helpful video, see Bottom Painting. For topcoat application, see Do-it-Yourself Topside Painting. We also suggest you read Safety Gear for Boat Maintenance.

    Where To Buy Bottom Paint

    You can find good quality bottom paints at most of your local marine or boating supply stores. Otherwise, you can do some further research online to find a reputable website to purchase from.

    Just remember to be diligent when selecting a place online to purchase from and make sure they are legitimate and reputable sites.

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    We Love Making Stuff For People Who Love Making Stuff

    Since 2012, weve been making the highest quality marine-grade products money can buy. What started out as a handful of durable repair products for hands-on DIY boaters has grown to include a range of expert solutions for makers of all kinds, from seascape artists to inland woodworkers. Its been an evolution and education. One we wouldnt trade for the world.

    Your Project Is Our Project

    New 2011 Jeanneau 53 Sailboat custom paint job By: Ian Van ...

    Our goal is simple: provide the best tools and inspiration for every craftsman to succeed. Thats it. Getting there is a different story. One thats been evolving for over 35 years and will continue to evolve. As DIY-ers ourselves, we know that having the right tools can be the difference between making something great or something okay. We err on the side of great because just okay is never okay.

    Our Formula for Success:


    Our customers have a lot to say. LISTENING and satisfying their needs and understanding what they want is critical to our growth and impacts our ability to always provide them the right products.


    From site content, to product labels to our internal processes, we keep things SIMPLE. If its easy for us to understand, its easy for our customers, as well.


    Success depend on us always IMPROVING. When you stop moving forward, complacency and irrelevancy set in. And thats no good for our customers, employees, or anyone.

    Have Fun

    We work diligently as a team, laugh heartily as a family, and dont take ourselves or what we do too seriously. Keeping things FUN is the cornerstone of our success.

    Never Say Die

    Whether its with innovative content, product upgrades, or our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we always walk that EXTRA MILE to finish what we started

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    Total Boat Aluminum Boat Paint

    Total Boat Aluminum Boat Paint can give your aluminum boat a new look. Painting aluminum protects against pitting and corrosion due to exposure to sun and weather. For duck boats order this paint in Army Green color to make a base layer for camouflage paint.

    • Durable marine paint specifically formulated for aluminum & galvanized metal boats.
    • Apply directly by brush, roller, or spray.
    • No primer is required.

    Best Boat Paint: 9 Of The Best Diy Topcoats For Fibreglass Wood Or Metal

    Nothing improves the look of a boat quite like a fresh lick of paint. Whether your boat is wooden, steel or GRP, todays easily applied boat paints can give your boats topsides a new lease of life

    Nothing improves the look of a boat quite like a fresh lick of high-quality boat paint. Whether your boat is wooden, steel or GRP, todays easily applied topcoats can give your boats topsides a new lease of life.

    But its not quite as simple as slapping a coat of enamel over any surface. To get the best results from your boat paint, you need to put in the hours with sanding, priming, filling and fairing.

    The good news is that the best boat paints available today are easier than ever to apply, and are formulated to give an excellent finish for the DIY applicator.

    A roller and a brush are all you need for a good result, and with practice your boat will look hugely improved. Pay attention to the instructions and above all to the recommendations on weather, temperature and surface preparation and youll be well on your way to an excellent paint finish.

    There are, broadly speaking, two distinct types of boat paint you might like to consider one- and two-pack. Lets take a closer look.

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    It All Started Simply Enough As Boaters We Wanted Better Stuff For Our Own Boats

    Even our favorite products, the ones we’d come to rely on, had room for improvement. It’d be nice if they could hold up longer, cure faster, coat better, apply easier, andâsince we all know boat ownership creates a mini maelstrom in your pocketâcost less. So we took everything we knew from 35 years of customer feedback, combined that with our own boating knowledge, and after a few years of rigorous R& D, TotalBoat was born. Launched, rather. By boaters, for boaters.

    Need help? The members of our TotalBoat Tech Team are boat owners who really know their stuff. So whether you’re trying to figure out what to buy or the best solution for your particular project, they have years of hands-on training, experience, and a passion to help you succeed.

    4.6 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.7 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.3 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars
    FREE Shipping. Details FREE Shippingon orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon or get Fast, Free Shipping with
    4.8 x 4.4 x 4.4 inches
    Country of Origin
    80-100 square feet per quart
    Special Features Fade Resistant
    Usage Topside paint for boat hulls above the waterline, exterior house paint, durable paint for woodworking and art
    Included Components
    4.6 out of 5 stars
    Best Sellers Rank

    Hempels Brilliant Gloss Boat Paint

    More total boat products Totaltread, topside paint and thixo. Plus a RED BOAT update

    Hempels Brilliant Gloss is an alkyd topcoat that can be rolled and brushed on. Its recommended to paint on top of the companys Primer Undercoat, and, like Toplac, 2-3 coats are recommended. Application is said to be easy and the end result should be resistant to pollutants and the marine environment.

    RRP: £24.95/750ml

    Buy it now on eBay

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    Kilz Over Armor Smooth Wood/concrete Coating

    This is perfect for dealing with cracked or weathered vertical or horizontal wood and composite surfaces like porches, railings, decks, boat docks, and various concrete surfaces. Its solid color does a great job of bridging cracks, concealing glitches and providing a well-balanced look to old and unsightly looking concrete and weathered woods.

    The negative aspects that can be encountered in this paint product include its not being manufactured for drivable surfaces and it especially calls for serious preparation before you start the painting process.

    • Not designed for drivable surfaces
    • Requires thorough preparation prior to the painting application proper

    Totalboat Is A Good Brand For Bottom Paint

    The following Totalboat product has a good 68% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it has earned Amazon Choice status

    The Totalboat JD Select bottom paint combines quality components with proven performance. This epoxy-based paint resists abrasions from rocks, sand, and other debris and is resilient to the effects of water and other harsh chemicals. The paint is formulated to create an optically clear finish, and the clear coat helps protect against UV rays.

    This bottom paint offers the perfect mix of durability, light weight, high gloss and osmosis resistance, making it ideal for your next project. Made from durable 100% acrylic resin with a granular bottom paint texture, this high performance paint is a perfect fit for your small craft.

    JD Select is a perfect blend of high gloss resin and hardener with topcoat resin. It is the choice for most professionals, but also has excellent color and gloss retention for less experienced builders

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