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What Year Is My Boat Motor

Johnson 3 Hp Outboard Manuals Return To Top

What year is my outboard?
Year     Model           1929     A-451931     OA-551932     OA-601952-54  JW-101955     JW-111956     JW-121957     JW-JWL-131958     JW-JWL-141959     JW-JWL-151960     JW-JWL-161961-62  JW-JWL-171963     JW-JWL-181964     JH-JHL-19JW-JWL-191965     JH-JHL-20JW-JWL-201966     JH-JHL-21JW-JWL-211967     JH-JHL-22JHF-21JHF-22JW-JWL-22JWF-211968     JH-JHL-23JHF-23JW-JWL-23JWF-23

Confusion Over Model Years Especially On Outboard Engines Can Frustrate Buyers Here’s How To Find That Info On The Products Themselves

General Motors introduced planned obsolescence in the 1920s as a way of discerning one model year from another, in order to convince the public that buying the latest model car was fashionable, if not exactly necessary. The tradition set by GM survives today. Eventually, consumers began to rely on the model-year change, which usually happened in the fall, to assure that they were getting the latest and greatest. Car buyers still eagerly anticipate the newest technology, and dealers often offer deep discounts to move out last year’s models.

Manufacturers of other big-ticket items, such as boats and outboards, followed suit, hoping to convince buyers that the newer the boat, the better the boat. For years, U.S. Coast Guard regulations required boat manufacturers to use August 1 of the previous year as the cutoff date for the next model year. For example, a boat built in September 2011 could be called a 2012 model, but if it was built in July, it had to be sold as a 2011.

Johnson 6 Hp Outboard Manuals Return To Top

Year     Model           1926     P-301927     K-351965     CD-CDL-221966     CD-CDL-231967     CD-CDL-241968     CD-CDL-251969     6R69-6RL691970     6R70-6RL701971     6R71-6RL711972     6R72-6RL721973     6R73-6RL731974     6R74-6RL741975     6R75-6RL751976     6R76-6RL761977     6R77-6RL771978     6R78-6RL781979     6R79-6RL79

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Whats The Model Year Of A 1997 Mercury Outboard

Mercury did not publish model year information for 1997 & newer outboards. The year is now normally noted on the serial number sticker. NOTE: Mercury DOES NOT Use Model Years For Parts Lookup. This Chart Is For Mercurys software. So if your serial number is 01234567 you would use only

The year is now normally noted on the serial number sticker. NOTE: Mercury DOES NOT Use Model Years For Parts Lookup. This Chart Is For Mercurys software. So if your serial number is 01234567 you would use only

Revise Search: All Models > 9.8 HP Drill down to the horsepower, serial number range and engine section to get an online inventory of original and aftermarket Mercury boat parts. We carry Mercury outboard motor parts for vintage and current model outboards. Your Mercury serial number is the key to finding the correct parts for your motor.

How To Identify Your Boat

What Year is my engine?

Since November 1, 1972, federal law requires all boats, including inflatables like rafts, IKs and SUP boards, manufactured in, or imported into, the US to have a unique 12-character identifier called the Hull Identification Number . This is often referred to as the boat serial number or boat ID number. The number is usually found in the stern and can be engraved on a plate or stamped into the boat material.

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Evinrude 92 Hp Outboard Motor Manuals Return To Top

Year     Model           1934     40764077408840891934-35  404240434044404540464047404840491935     411141124113411441154116411741184134413541371936     4178417941804181418241834185418641874188418941904191419942001937     421942314232423342344235423742384239424142424243424542464247424842491938     427142724273427442754276427742784279428142824283

How To Identify The Model Year Of A Yamaha Outboard

Finding the year your outboard motor was built may be as simple as looking at a document. For some motors, the clues are on the motor, waiting for you to decipher using a key word. For at least one, you have to ask the dealer, if you want more than a range of years in which that particular model of motor was produced, because neither the model number or the serial number will provide a clue.

Inspect the registration certificate issued by the state, if you live in a state that requires registration, or on the title, if you live in the states of Utah, Texas, Ohio, South Carolina, Oklahoma or Missouri. The model year or the date of manufacture is plainly displayed on both registration and title. If you own a Honda outboard, this may be one of the only two ways to find the information without contacting the Honda dealer.

Open your motor operator’s handbook and look for the information the dealer included about your motor. If you don’t have the motor operator’s manual that came with your motor when it was new, you must use another method.

Go to the motor and look on the motor’s swivel bracket for an embossed, metalized tag or plate that has the name of the motor’s manufacturer boldly stamped at its top. This manufacturer’s tag also shows the year the motor was built, or the model year on all motors except Honda.



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Evinrude 4 Hp Outboard Motor Manuals Return To Top

Year     Model           1923-26  LLALAT1926     GH1927     RRS1927-29  JK1931     3583594014024054061932     4074084094104114124264274284291932-33  4134141933     4414764784794834841934     4016401740184019406640674068406940824083408440851935     409240934094409540964121412241234124412541264138414341444911936     4941936-37  4951969     4902490649361970     400640361971     410641361972     420642361973     430643361974     440644361975     450645361976     460646361977     470647361978     4806483648371979     490449324933

Where To Find The Serial Number On A Mercury 6hp Engine

What year is my old Johnson outboard ?

For engines 6hp and lower, you can find your Mercury outboard serial number on the top of the swivel bracket. You may need to tilt the engine up and trim it to the left to see the ESN tag clearly.

Mercury did not publish model year information for 1997 & newer outboards. The year is now normally noted on the serial number sticker. NOTE: Mercury DOES NOT Use Model Years For Parts Lookup. This Chart Is For Mercurys software. So if your serial number is 01234567 you would use only

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Are Suzuki Outboard Motors Any Good

Suzuki isnt as well-known, but those whove used these engines swear by them. Not only are they inexpensive, Suzuki has one of the best warranties any marine motor company offers, according to Southern Boating. They currently have a three-year limited warranty on all their new recreational outboards.

Where To Find Your Boat Engine Serial Number

Finding the correct information about your boat is integral when you need parts or service. You will especially need your serial number and or model number if you are replacing your gearcase. This guide shows you where to find your boat engine serial number and engine model number. Once you locate this, take a picture of your information plate so you have it with you at all times. If you have an iPhone, you can add your boat as a contact and add the plate picture as the Name Icon or use Google Lens to import those numbers to your contact notes. See the end of the article for instructions on to do this.

You will find your boat engine serial number and model number on the transom mount of the engine.

For Evinrude/Johnson, look to the left of the mount.

For Mercury, Mariner and Force, look on the right side of the motor on the transom mount.

For Volvo-Penta Sterndrive, you locate the engine serial number in one of two places.SX-A numbers are found on the back of the engine,

Volvo SX-M serial numbers are on the side of the drive.

Mercruiser Sterndrives are identified by the drive number located on the side of the motor.

If you want to store your boat motor serial number plate picture in a place you can find it, I have two options to suggest. First, if you have an iPhone, you can add it to contacts. To do this open , click on:

2) 3) 4)

  • Monday – Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM CST
  • Closed Saturday Until March

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Evinrude 35 Hp Outboard Motor Manuals Return To Top

Year     Model           1930     3351931     7007017027037047057067077087097107111957     2502825029255322553325930259311958     2503425035259362593735514355151959     350123501335516355171976     356023560335652356531977     357023570335752357531978     358023580335852358531979     35902359033595235953

How Do You Read A Outboard Serial Number

Mercury 7.5 outboard motor for Sale in Dearborn Heights ...

Answer: Every Mercury outboard has a serial number label located on the transom bracket area of the engine. The latest serial number labels display a 2-digit number in a box at the lower right portion of the label. These digits coincide with the last two digits of the year in which the outboard was manufactured.

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Where To Find The Serial Number On A Mercury Marine

Mercury serial numbers are usually found on an ID tag on the engine mounting bracket. keeps thousands of Mercury parts in stock. We offer the largest selection of old stock, Quicksilver original parts and quality discount aftermarket parts by Sierra Marine, Mallory Marine, and CDI Electronics.

What Year Is My Mercury Boat Motor

Mercury outboardserial numberthethe engineTheserial numberthethethethe yearthe outboard

. Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I find out what year my outboard motor is?

Your Johnson outboard model number can usually be found on the nameplate located on the motor or the mounting bracket. The nameplate should contain a model number and a serial number. The model number will identify the year and certain details of that motor.

Also Know, how do I find out what year my Yamaha outboard motor is? Fortunately, Yamaha has made it easy to identify this information. Yamaha outboards manufactured between 1984-2004: you must first locate the Model Number located on a label on the outboard’s transom bracket. The top number is the model number. What you are looking for is the last letter in that model number.

Similarly one may ask, where is the serial number on a Mercury outboard motor?

For Mercury outboards, the serial number label is located on the transom bracket. You can locate the MerCruiser serial number label on either the side of the engine or on top of the flame arrester cover.

How do you check the hours on a boat motor?

Inspect the engine for an installed hour meter. The meter can usually be found above the engine or somewhere around the steering area of the boat. The numbers on the meter show how many hours the engine has been in use. If there is no hour meter, one should be installed by a marine mechanic.

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The Outboard Expert: Born

Every outboard sticker tells a story.

A sticker on a Yamaha outboard indicates it date of manufacture as June, 2006. The photo was taken at a dealership on March 28, 2007.

The serial number sticker on this BRP-Evinrude outboard also includes the motor’s date of manufacture, August, 2006.

Editor’s note: Charles Plueddeman is the editor at large for Boating, the nation’s largest boating magazine.

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Is Johnson Outboard Motors Still In Business

Evinrude year by model number.

Are Yamaha outboards made in China?

Is Mariner and Yamaha the same?

Are Yamaha and Mercury outboards the same?

What year is my boat motor?

How do you measure the shaft length on an outboard motor?

What years did Mercury make the Black Max?

Where are Mercury outboard motors made?

How do I identify a Mercruiser engine?

What is SmartCraft?

Why does my Mercury outboard beep?

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Evinrude 3 Hp Outboard Motor Manuals Return To Top

Year     Model           1923     AB1924-25  CD1933     4401938     42584259428742881939     43074308433243331940     435743581952-54  301230131955     3014301530161956     3018301930201957     3022302330241958     3026302730281959     3030303130321960     3034303530361961     3038303930401962     3042304330441963     3302330333121964     340234033412343234331965     350235033512353235331966     3602360336063632363336361966-67  36121967     37023703370637073712371637323733373637371968     38023803380638073832383338363837

Hp Outboard Manuals Return To Top

Year     Model           1978     235TL78235TXL781979     235TL79235TXL79
Year     Model           1960     JM1960ACCESSORY1961     JM1961ACCESSORY1962     JM1962ACCESSORY1963     JM1963ACCESSORY1964     JM1964ACCESSORY1965     JM1965ACCESSORY1966     JM1966ACCESSORY1967     JM1967ACCESSORY1968     JM1968ACCESSORY

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Evinrude 40 Hp Outboard Motor Manuals Return To Top

Year     Model           1930     3363441931     8008018028038068078088098108118128131932     8148158168178188198208218228238248251960     350183501935520355211961     350223502335524355251962     3502835029355303553135932359331963     40302403034035240353403624036340372403731964     40402404034045240453404624046340472404731965     40502405034055240553405624056340572405731966     40602406034065240653406624066340672406731967     4070240703407524075340772407731968     4080240803408524085340872408731969     4090240903409524095340972409731970     4000240003400524005340072400731971     401024010340152401531972     402024020340252402531973     403044030540354403551974     404044040540454404551975     405044050540554405551976     40604406054065440655

Where Can I Find 98 Hp Motor Parts

10 hp Honda outboard for Sale in Kent, WA

Revise Search: All Models > 9.8 HP Drill down to the horsepower, serial number range and engine section to get an online inventory of original and aftermarket Mercury boat parts. We carry Mercury outboard motor parts for vintage and current model outboards. Your Mercury serial number is the key to finding the correct parts for your motor.

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Johnson 4 Hp Outboard Manuals Return To Top

Year     Model           1930-32  A-501969     4R69-4RL694W691970     4R70-4RL704W70-4WL701971     4R71-4RL714W71-4WL711972     4R72-4RL724W721973     4R73-4RL734W731974     4R74-4RL744W741975     4R75-4RL754W751976     4R76-4RL764W76   1977     4R77-4RL774W771978     4R78-4RL784W781979     4R79-4RL794W79

How Do You Determine The Year Of A Honda Outboard Motor By The Serial Number

Honda Marine provides information about the year an outboard motor was built through the serial numbers of motors manufactured between 1997 and 2006. To determine if your model was made during or after those years, you can match two letters embedded into the serial number with a corresponding year on a chart.

  • Locate the serial number

    Look around the side of the outboard, just below the widest top part of the motor. If you cannot locate it, call a Honda Marine dealer for assistance. Find the two-digit letter or letter and number combination around the middle of the sequence, just after a number that corresponds to the horsepower of the engine. For example, if your serial number has the following format: XX25A3XXXX, 25 indicates the horsepower amount, and A3 indicates the year built.

  • Find a chart

    Check to decipher your serial number.

  • Match your number

    Specific two-digit letter and number combinations match respective years between 1997 and 2006. As of 2014, DK or AK indicates anything made in 2007 or beyond. Motors with letters or numbers that dont have a match were made before 1997.

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    Who Is The Largest Outboard Motor Manufacturer

    How do you winterize an outboard motor?

    What is a skeg?

    How do I check my Yamaha outboard warranty?

    Where can I find the serial number on my Yamaha guitar?

    How do I know what Yamaha dirt bike I have?

    How do you tell the year of a boat by its serial number?

    How do I check a VIN number on a boat?

    How do I check a VIN number on a car for free?

    Is VIN number same as chassis number?

    Where is the transmission model number located?


    How do you tell what year your outboard is?

    Where is the serial number on Honda outboard?

    How do you read a Mariner outboard serial number?

    Where is the serial number on an outboard motor?

    What About My Engine

    Suzuki 15hp outboard boat motor – Hasn’t run for 3 years

    The Coast Guard has no model-year regulations for outboard engines, making it harder for consumers to determine the year in which they were built. In 2007, Yamaha stopped designating model years for its outboard engines entirely. Though the reasoning is sound, it creates a challenge for consumers.

    Unlike cars, in which engines are built into the product, a selection of engines usually can be fitted on outboard boats. Dealers have struggled for years to make sure that the engines bought from an engine manufacturer during one year get sold that same year on new boats.

    If a boat on the showroom floor comes with a 200-hp engine but a buyer wants a 250-hp engine, the dealer may have to order the bigger engine and keep the smaller one in stock. If it takes a couple of years to finally sell that 200-hp engine, a buyer may be reluctant to buy it if the model year isn’t current, and the dealer may have to subsequently discount it. Buyers typically want a 2017 engine, for example, on their 2017 boat.

    What’s considered an upgrade? In the end, the engine manufacturer gets to decide what it is and when there’s enough of one to create a new model. Fortunately, dealers usually know which engines in their stock have the most current changes, and you should ask before buying.

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    What Is The Top Of An Outboard Motor Called

    How do I tell how old my Yamaha outboard is?

    Where is the serial number located on a Yamaha outboard motor?

    Does VIN number TELL year?

    What does the 8th digit of a VIN mean?

    Where do you find the build date on a Vin?

    How do I identify my Honda transmission?

    What do Honda VIN numbers mean?

    How do I know what model Civic I have?

    Evinrude 25 Hp Outboard Motor Manuals Return To Top

    Year     Model           1929     3053061931-33  6016026036046056066076081932     6186196206216246256266271951-52  200120021952     200320041953-54  25012250131954     250142501525916259171955     250182501925920259211969     25902259031970     25002250031971     25102251031972     252022520325252252531973     253022530325352253531974     254022540325452254531975     255022550325552255531976     256022560325652256531977     257022570325752257531978     258022580325852258531979     25904259052595225953

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    What Year Model Is My Yamaha Outboard

  • Latest Articles
  • What year model is my Yamaha outboard?
  • Knowing the details of your Yamaha outboard is very important when wishing to order spare parts and ensure the parts supplied are correct. Everyday our staff deal with customers on the phone or over the counter regarding spare parts and the first thing we need to do is correctly identify your outboard.

    Yamaha outboards are fitted with an identification plate on the port side engine mount bracket this is the bracket that mounts the outboard to the transom of your boat. The outboard plate displays the model code, shaft length, serial number and older models also a quick reference letter that reflects ‘production year’ reference. Modern outboards do not show the quick reference letter.

    The best way and the way in which a dealer will identify ‘production year’ is by entering the serial number into the Yamaha system and cross check the details with the model code. Remember this is ‘production year’ not year model compliance by warranty registration.

    If you have an older outboard and wish to use the quick reference details, please find the guide below:

    Quick reference letter guide:

    D – 1990, C – 1991, B – 1992, A – 1993, Z – 1994, Y – 1995, X – 1996, W – 1997, V – 1998, U – 1999

    T – 2000, S – 2001, R – 2002, Q – 2003, P – 2004, N – 2005, K – 2006, J – 2007, H – 2008, G – 2009

    F – 2010, D – 2011, C – 2012, B – 2013, A – 2014, Z – 2015, Y – 2016, X – 2017

    How Do You Read A Yamaha Outboard Serial Number


    How do you tell the year from a Yamaha Vin?

    How do you read a Honda serial number?

    How do you read a Honda VIN number?

    Where is model number on Honda small engines?

    Where is the Mercury outboard key code?

    What year is my Johnson outboard by serial number?

    What year did Yamaha make Mariner outboards?

    How do I find out what year my Mercury outboard is?

    Where is the serial number on a 40 hp Mercury outboard?

    Is my Mercury engine SmartCraft compatible?

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