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What Socks To Wear With Boat Shoes

Not Wearing Socks With Boat Shoes Can Be Unhealthy

Why You Should Never Wear Boat Shoes With No Socks

As the sockless look has increased in popularity, experts have noticed a corresponding rise in foot fungus issues such as athlete’s foot. Bacteria thrive in warm, dark and damp environments, making boat shoes an ideal breeding ground.

Wearing socks with boat shoes provides a layer of protection to help manage the sweat and moisture that naturally accumulates in your shoes. A quality pair of socks will ensure your feet stay comfortable, dry and most importantly, healthy. Wear socks with boat shoes to avoid athlete’s foot and other podiatric health issues.

Benefit Of Wearing Socks With Boat Shoes

1. Reduces the Possibility of Having Bad Feet Odor

On the other hand, some health experts recommend that you wear socks with your boat shoes because of some health concerns, such as forming blisters and damp feet that can lead to bad feet odor.

2. Fungal and Bacterial Infection

Not wearing socks will increase your risk of developing fungal and bacterial infections because sweat remains pooled in your feet. Microorganisms thrive in damp and warm areas.

3. Blister

If you wear socks, the sock could protect your feet from forming blisters and absorb sweat so you can quickly change into a new pair whenever necessary.

4. Comfort

The socks could also provide comfort, as they are softer to your feet. They could provide a soft pad to protect your feet when walking or running as well.

Nevertheless, there are specific pointers that you may want to refer to when deciding on colors and outfit pairs.

Do You Wear Socks With Boat Shoes Why You Should

You definitely can, and its recommended that you do. If you decide against socks, you better batten down the hatches, landlubber. There are hazards of going sockless with boat shoes. Why do you wear socks with boat shoes? Because if you dont, any of the following can happen:

  • Pooling of foot sweat, which isnt being absorbed by socks
  • A powerful odor will radiate from your boat shoes
  • Blisters and chafing around the heel and sides of the foot
  • Rapid deterioration of the shoe
  • So, do you wear socks with boat shoes? If you insist on your feet going commando, its possible to ward against nasty odors with different types of deodorizing spray or with baking soda. We still think thats gross, though.

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    Boat Shoe Dos & Dontsyou Don’t Have To Be A Seasoned Sailor To Rock These Casual Kicks

    Boat shoes have become one of the most classic casual shoe trends in the menswear world. As the name suggests, they were originally made for sailors and boaters who needed a shoe that would prevent them from slipping on the boat deck. It didnt take long, however, for people outside of the boating world to notice the perks of these shoes. It was their practical non-slip rubber sole and unique hand-sewn upper design that drew in attention from every kind of shoe wearer.

    Today, they are commonly used by boaters and non-boaters alike, both for functional and aesthetic reasons. We want you to look your best when wearing these shoes, and there are definitely some things to keep in mind so you look more yacht owner and less reliving college. To help you master this look, heres a list of dos and donts when it comes to how to style boat shoes.

    Learn Some Suave Ties

    Can I wear socks with boat shoes?

    Leaving your boat shoes untied is a hazard. Were all for effortlessly stylish vibes, but not tying your boat shoes looks careless and you may end up tripping over them and falling on your face. Definitely not the cool youre going for. You can add flair to your boat shoes, just in how you tie them. Try these out:

    • Stay on theme with a fishtail knot. Start by pulling the laces through the eyelets vertically. Cross the laces, and bring each side over the opposite side, then repeat three times. Tighten any extra, and then stick the ends behind.
    • Go traditional sleek with a surgeons knot. Lay each side over each other so that they overlap, then form a loop. Pass each side through the loop three times. Just pull tight, and youre finished!
    • Get creative with a barrel knot. To tie a barrel knot, you fold the lace into a loop. Then, wrap the lace around the loop five times. Thread the lace through the loop, and pull it while pushing the knot to finish.
    • Add some artistry with a chain knot. Make a loop, with the lace pointing to the front. With the other hand, make another loop. Push the second loop into the first loop from the back, pull to tighten, and repeat. After three repetitions, tuck the lace through the knot, then stick the ends of the chains into each other.
    • Graduate to a tassel knot. Cross your laces into a square knot, and hold one lace to form a loop. Wrap the lace back around the loop, then tuck in the end.

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    Learn How To Break In Your Boat Shoes

    First, visually inspect your boat shoes for any factory defect before finally purchasing them. If you have bought them online, you have to do the same. If there are any defects, return the product immediately and have them change it.

    Your first step in breaking in your shoes is to use them around the house for a few hours for a few days. Afterward, you can wear them for your short errands.

    Observe how your feet respond to the feel of the shoes. If you develop blisters, apply a Band-Aid and keep on wearing it for your errands until it starts to conform to the size of your feet.

    You could also wet the shoes and wear them until they get dry this way, youre allowing the leather or canvas to stretch and adjust to the shape of your feet.

    Do You Wear Socks With Sperrys: The Verdict

    The short answer? Yes! With a range of options from subtle no show socks to bright, bold hues, your only limitations are your imagination and sense of style. If youre looking for inspiration, Soxy has pairs in patterns and styles to suit any taste.

    The slightly longer answer is that Sperrys are not compatible with every situation. Do you wear socks with Sperrys to a wedding? Only if its a beach wedding, since this footwear is not considered formal enough to celebrate two people tying the knot. Do you wear socks with Sperrys to go hiking? No, because wearing your Sperrys while hiking is a recipe for blisters.

    If youre currently reading this from a winter climate, never fear: itll be Sperry season in no time, and once it is, youll do those shoes justice with a stellar pair of socks.

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    Why Wear A Boat Shoe

    There arent a lot of casual summertime footwear choices for men. Especially if youd like to get extra lightweight and skip the socks. And especially if youre wearing shorts.

    You can go sneakers, which are fine, but cant rise above the very casual. There are flip-flops, which dont look great and read as adolescent. And, theres the boat shoe. These slip-ons are as easy to wear as sneakers or sandals, but look a little sharper and can be paired with slightly dressier clothes. Plus, theyre fairly cool and quite comfortable. The boat shoe both looks good and remains functional you can wear them into water, and even if you wont find yourself cruising on a yacht anytime soon, they provide good traction on any kind of slippery surface.

    These advantages aside, the deck shoe still has its critics.

    There are those who say the boat shoe only belongs on a boat. But if a man were to strip his wardrobe of all the clothing and accessories that he didnt wear in correspondence with their original function, hed have to remove khakis , the wristwatch , the pea coat , jeans and work boots . . . indeed, so many articles of clothing were first created for another purpose before they ended up as everyday wear, that this man would have to go around almost naked. Just because something began its life to fulfill a particular function, doesnt mean it cant now be worn for its aesthetics.

    Classic And Sleek: Black Dress Socks

    Can You Wear Socks With Boat Shoes?

    If the weather is a bit colder, or youre planning on wearing long pants with your boat shoes, black dress socks will work with anything from jeans, to chinos, too khakis. Dress socks are typically designed using a thinner and finer woven material, so your feet and legs will stay warm. The neutral shade of black will work with most outfits, and dress socks will elevate your look .

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    Why Do Sperrys Smell So Bad

    As sweat gets trapped inside your shoes, bacteria begin to form in the moist environment, which can cause an odor if left unmaintained. Fresh feet are best kept free of moisture by using antiperspirant, powder, and letting your shoes dry properly after each wear by using antiperspirant, powder and letting your shoes dry properly after each wear.

    Superstars Love Boat Shoes

    Boat shoes are favorite Keira Knightleys shoe wear. You can see her wearing boat shoes, on many occasions. Wear them like Keira with the sleeveless button-down, and cut pants with the ribbon on the waist.It is perfect outfit combination for riding a bike, for taking your coffee to go or for a casual park walk in the summer afternoon.

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    Socks Make Your Legs Appear Longer

    When you wear socks with sperrys youre actually making your legs look longer. You can break up the solid fabric of your pant leg with a thin sock that is barely visible. This makes your legs appear much longer, leaner and more aesthetically appealing when wearing shorts or pants.

    Its best to wear white crew length socks when wearing shorts or pants because they are visible just enough to break up the solid bottom part of your outfit without calling attention to your socks.

    Look For The Perfect Fit

    Can I wear socks with boat shoes?

    Pick a pair of boat shoes that should fit you perfectly. This means that you should choose a snugger size because the shoes would stretch and become looser as you wear them.

    The size could be a bit smaller than your correct size. If you plan to wear the shoe sockless, ensure that the heel is not too loose, as you can get blisters if theyre too loose or too tight.

    Take a look at our favorite boat shoe, the Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe. These Sperry boat shoes are the best of this iconic style.

    What are the best socks to wear with boat shoes? The best no-show socks for boat shoes are the Jormatt Genuine Mens No Show Socks. These socks are comfortable, breathable, durable, and have a back grip that keeps them from falling.

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    Wearing Socks Makes Putting On Sperrys A Little Easier

    If youre starting a new trend of wearing socks with sperrys, youll want to wear them without socks first and then put your sperrys on over the socks.

    That way the dirt from your feet doesnt get into or onto your shoe and infect it with all kinds of bacteria that will make you sick as a dog. Its best to ease into wearing no-show socks so that you wont feel weird or different and so that you wont be tempted to wear socks with sperrys all the time.

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    Are Boat Shoes Business Casual

    The goal of every company when launching more relaxed dressing codes is to enable their employees to work in comfort in their workplaces. Boat shoes normally qualify as business casual, especially for men. It is a style icon that is cool and classic casual and laid back dapper and dressed-up. They effortlessly sail from the office to the streets to the boat with confidence and quiet sophistication. Any well-dressed gentleman knows that his wardrobe is not complete without a pair of a good pair of boat shoes.

    Smelly Feet An Ankle Sock For Your Deck Shoe Might Be The Answer

    Socks Or No Socks? | Wearing Shoes Without Socks Fashion Trend

    Now, if youre bound and determined to wear socks with your deck shoes, you can purchase a deck shoe or loafer sock. What is a deck shoe sock? They are ankle socks that are perfect for a loafer or deck shoe. They are found in the same places as regular ankle socks, but for the hot and smelly footed man, theyre the perfect solution. I talked to one man who tried a day of no-sock deck shoes. Upon arriving home to change clothes, he removed one smelly deck shoe and before he could even slip off the other, his wife swiftly removed the offending deck shoes to the garage overnight. This man quietly borrowed a pair of his wifes ankle socks and after another day of no sock deck shoe walking, became a believer. He saved his wife and deck shoes from his stench. And better still, he looked stylish. looking after your feet and your deck shoes will help maintain the fresh smell of your feet and not offend those around you when you take them off at the end of the day. maintaing a high foot hygine will help you to remaine cool and fresh in your deck shoes, from time to time a covering of foot powder in side the deck shoe will help to keep the bacterial growth away. foot hygine is very important and if kept up to date will only enhance your deck shoes life and comfort.

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    History Of The Boat Shoe

    A boat shoe is similar in form to a loafer, with a very interesting backstory. Sources say that boat shoes were initially invented by Paul Sperry. Sperry often had trouble slipping and sliding onboard ships. Sperry realized that his dog didnt have the same problem, and cut slits in his shoes to mimic the bottom of his pups paws . In 1935, mass-manufacturing began for Sperrys.

    Boat shoes are built for practicality, often worn by sailors to prevent them from slipping on deck. Theyve become so popular these days, that most people wearing them would have no idea where starboard is or what chock a block means. Their effortlessly casual and functional appeal has risen them to the height of fashion, and you dont have to know how to raise a sail to rock a boat shoe.

    Is It Ok To Wear Boat Shoes With Socks

    Are socks worn with boat shoes? Most people keep their ankles bare for the classic maritime look preferably without socks. Boat shoes are designed to be comfortable and airy without socks, and most people keep their ankles bare for the classic maritime look preferably with no-show socks. You should always pair your socks with a good pair old, worn socks wont cut it.

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    Benefits Of Wearing Socks With Boat Shoes

    Before wearing socks with boat shoes, its necessary you know the benefits of such footwear.

    1. Reduces the chances of infections: Using socks with boat shoes reduces the chances of bacterial and fungal infections to a great extent.

    2. Forms extra protection: If you need an extra layer of protection for your feet, you shouldnt think twice about wearing socks with boat shoes.

    3. Provides extended comfort: If there is any pain around the feet area, and you are feeling a lack of comfort, you are suggested to use socks with boat shoes.

    What Socks To Wear With Sperrys

    How to Pinroll Jeans

    Sperrys are the most uses shoe in the all-ages people. If you feel confused about what socks to wear with Sperrys then I want to tell you, Sperrys have a low-top shaft and it will be better to wear no-show socks with them. Though some people wear crew socks with them and it is also a good deal. But you should match the perfect color combination.

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    When To Wear Boat Shoes

    The incredible versatility of boat shoes makes them ideal for casual or smart-casual spring and summer events. Designed to keep your feet cool, theyre a go-to for the warmer months try boat shoes at the beach, BBQs, garden parties or dinner and drinks with friends.

    If your dress code at work is business-casual, then opt for boat shoes at the office theyre ideal for adding a stylish touch to workwear without looking too corporate.

    As boat shoes were made for maritime activities, its no surprise that its okay to get them wet! That said, its best to keep them away from large amounts of water so look out for any heavy downpours on the horizon.

    If you love a leisurely stroll, then boat shoes are a great way to keep comfortable and still look smart so theres no compromise on style.

    Stance Gamut No Show Socks

    • Price per Pair = $8-9
    • Light cushion material
    • Higher cut

    I wanted to include these Stance no shows because theyre very durable and comfortable, as theyre more cushioned than many of the loafer liners youll find on this list.

    But keep in mind: because theyre not as low cut as other brands, I can only wear them with certain shoes.

    Theyre great if you want to wear higher cut sneakers sneakers like the Adidas Stan Smith ) but still go sockless.

    But theyre definitely visible in lower cut shoes, like boat shoes, loafers and some types of sneakers, like these Vans canvas sneakers:

    Dont get me wrong these are way better than regular ankle socks, but Id prefer a true no show sock since these higher socks will be visible in most of my shoes.

    That said, they are durable and comfortable. Theyre thicker than the other loafer socks I tried, which is great if your shoes are kind of loose, and they keep their shape after multiple washes.

    Sheec and Falke).

    Theyre not quite as low cut as the other options on this list, but they are very comfortable and durable, and they stay on my feet all day.

    They also have a bit of compression through across the arch of your foot, which is a nice detail that increases comfort.

    I think Ninja Sox are a good choice if you dont like the feel of super thin no shows, or if you need a thicker sock to make your shoe fit better.

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