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What Are Boat Covers Made Of

Supporting Your Boat Cover

Custom T-Top Boat Covers by Laporte Products

One thing that people should consider more often when it comes to their boat cover is the level of support that it gets and the shape of the boat cover itself.

If you have standing water, you are going to be basically breeding things that can eat the natural cotton fibers of the fabric of your boat cover. Thats not good. It will lead towards a boat cover that needs to be replaced quite quickly.

On top of that, having significant levels of moisture sit on your boat cover is bad because it is going to add even more strain on to the cover for something that really isnt designed to work that way.

To use your cover support, you should be sure that your cover is designed to spread and can handle the strain that you are placing on it.

Boat Covers: Acrylic Vs Polyester Boat Covers The Pros And Cons

Equipping your boat for the season is probably one of the most exciting things that people do as the weather gets warmer all around them. Purchasing a new boat is quite possibly one of the only things that would be more exciting than that.

Either way, you may be starting to debate different parts of your boat and figuring out what items you need for a successful Summer on the water. Your boat cover may not be the first thing that you think about buying, but it is an important item that will help keep your boat safe and dry when you arent using it.

If you are trying to decide between an acrylic boat cover and a polyester boat cover, we are going to break down a few different factors that should help you make the best decision for you.

Custom Covers For The Best Fit

A custom cover made just for the year, make and model of your boat, and designed to cover its individual accessories, will fit like a custom-tailored suit. It costs the most, but is the easiest to put on and remove, is the best for trailering and will last the longest. There are thousands of patterns available: for example, a cover is available for a 1996 Bayliner 1850 Capri SS with a transom-mounted swim platform and 6″ to 18″ bow rails.

If you own a one-of-a-kind boat or your boat has a lot of unusual options, you may need to have direct measurements taken by a custom canvas shop. They can build to your specifics, but this kind of cover will be the most costly, and may take substantially longer to receive.

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Carver Boat Cover Materialsso Many Choices

Susan J

When purchasing a boat cover, sometimes all the choices can be overwhelming. What type of material will offer the best protection for my boat? What color will not show dirt/bird droppings while still keeping my boat cool? Will a cover keep my boat dry on the inside?

Before choosing a material, you should do your homework. Maybe you can utilize this blog as a type of cheat sheet. Hopefully it will help make purchasing a cover much less intimidating.

Here at Boat Covers Direct®, we offer covers by two different manufacturersCarver and Westland. For the sake of this article, I will only be addressing boat cover materials offered by Carver Industries. The majority of Carvers covers are offered in four materials: Sun-DURA, Performance Polyguard, Poly-Cotton, and Cotton Duck.

Using A Cover For Trailering

Pontoon Boat Covers

Generally, most companies use a polyester mix or another fabric that doesnt rip or tear easily to be used when speaking about trailering boat covers.

Another good option would be a 50/50 poly and cotton blend because the polyester adds in the strength necessary to be a good trailering cover while the cotton adds in that breathability factor that we have been discussing. It would also be appropriate to use an acrylic cover as a trailering fabric as well.

A 100% marine polyester cover may be a bit too much because it doesnt deal too well with humidity.

When trailering, you should always make sure that your cover is secured to the trailer. Basically, you need some kind of tie down method so that you dont have air entering the cover and making your rig into a parachute effect.

Most professionals know that, but it can be an extremely important detail that a beginner might miss. Obviously, if that happens are you are creating an enormous hazard and destroying the boat cover that you just purchased.

You should also be sure to use padding when necessary so that your cover isnt going to be pushing or pulling on anything the wrong way.

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Msc Heavy Duty 600d Marine Grade Polyester Canvas Waterproof Boat Cover

  • Material: Marine grade polyester canvas
  • Features: Mildew- and UV-resistant

The MSC Heavy Duty 600D Marine Grade Polyester Canvas Waterproof Boat Cover is made of marine grade polyester canvas with double PU coating, designed for long-term storage, mooring, and highway travel.

The fabric is guaranteed not to shrink or stretch with daily use. It is equipped with adjustable straps with quick-release buckles and an elastic cord sewn into the entire bottom hem for a snug and custom fit.

It is available in a selection of different colors and sizes, so you can choose the perfect one to fit your boat and your individual style.

This tops our list of best boat cover material because the 600D marine grade polyester canvas gives maximum durability and water resistance. It is proven to be extremely resilient against even the harshest weather, like hail and heavy downpours. This boat cover is also resistant to mildew and UV damage.

It provides the quality you need if you wish to keep your boat looking and performing great for many years to come.

A three-year warranty is included with your purchase of the MSC Heavy Duty 600D Marine Grade Polyester Canvas Waterproof Boat Cover, giving you peace of mind while on and away from your boat.

Other Important Factors To Consider

What is a T-top boat cover?

A T-top boat cover is a type of cover made specifically for T-top boats. Unlike other boat covers for a Jon, or a bowrider, or a pontoon, for example, the shape and make is slightly different because these boats dont have the T-top in the middle of the vessel.

A T-top boat cover will ensure maximum coverage from the hardtop to the chine, so every part of your vessel is protected from any weather condition and also debris, dust, or grime. Another common type of T-top boat cover is the center console cover, where it only covers the T-tops center console.

How does it work?

Like any other boat cover, a T-top boat cover has the same concept as having a tent for your boat. It covers and protects your boat from harsh weather and also any random debris such as dirt, dust, leaves, or even bird dropping.

A T-top boat cover installation is often easy but requires a little more work than when youre fixing a cover on a bowrider. Most boat cover requires a boat cover support pole to make sure the cover doesnt cave in and therefore cause water to collect.

Suppose youre using a boat cover support pole . In that case, you can place the T-top boat cover on top of the webbing strap and remove all slack by pulling it snugly, usually either by the help of shock cord in the hem or it does it for you through the elastic band thats sewn along with the helm.

What are the different types of T-top boat covers?

Why do you need a T-top cover?

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It’s The Features That Set This Cover Apart

Sunbrella is solution dyed which means the color is placed into the fibers as it is extruded. Sun, wind and rain will never diminish the color intensity. Furthermore, Sunbrella is made from acrylic, so unlike many other fibers it resists moisture/mildew and won’t harden or crack over time.

The fabric is marine grade 9.25 oz. material made of 100% solution dyed acrylic yarns. The solution dyed process provides excellent fade and weather resistance. Sunbrella boat covers are sure to protect your investment for many years to come.

Leader Accessories Waterproof Trailerable Boat Cover

What Goes Into Making The Best Boat Cover | EmpireCovers

For those looking for a tough boat cover, Leader Accessories has an excellent option that is durable as they are made of ShoreMaster 7.25 ounces 600D heavy-duty marine-grade polyester fabric with urethane coating. Also, it is treated for water repellency, mildew, and UV resistance to last for a more extended time.

You have 5 colors to choose from and will fit almost all popular hull styles. The cover has a double stitch with straps to avoid water entering through the stitching. Another useful feature is the elastic lining of the cover which can stretch and provide a tight-fitting for the boat.

The cover comes with rear air vents to allow moisture to escape and avoid condensation. The boat cover is suitable for storage as well as towing. For easy fitting and removing, it has quick-release buckles and 6 adjustable straps.

You can find 6 different sizes of cover. Some models have a cutout design for outboard motors.


  • Heavy-duty marine-grade polyester fabric with a urethane coating
  • Cut-Out design for an outboard motor
  • Double stitch with straps to prevent water from entering the boat


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Covering A Boat Will Protect The Boat From Rain

Covering the boat protects the boat during rains, but you should make it waterproof tight by using waterproof covers to protect it from rains. However, the rainwater will not sink the boat, but in heavy rains, there is a possibility. Later it will be a mess if you didnt cover the vessel.

If the water gets collected inside the boat due to bilge pump inefficiency or the scupper plugged due to any debris, it will spoil the interiors and seats if you leave it like that for extended periods. You can prevent all of this by covering the boat during rains, especially by waterproofing it.

And it is a good practice for every boater to remove the boat from the water when it rains and properly waterproof the boat, which will protect the boat from rains.

Exceptional Coverage On And Off The Water

At Taylor Made®, we know a thing or two when it comes to boat covers. In fact, you can even trace our experience fabricating high-quality, custom canvas tops all the way back to our beginnings in 1908. And although weâve expanded our capabilities to include boat tops and covers that fit like custom canvas, patented canvas-to-windshield attachment systems, protective covers, trailerable boat covers, stylish bimini tops, t-tops, accessories and more â weâre still committed to delivering the same extraordinary quality and craftsmanship as we have since day one.

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Why You Should Trust Tripsavvy

The authors of this article have been rating, reviewing, and testing outdoor and travel products for decades. Extensive research into the product landscape of boat covers was undertaken, with input from verified customers, experts in the field, and both pro and amateur boaters. Other considerations like price, durability, and ease of use were also taken into account.

More About Acrylic And Polyester Covers

Boat Covers

One of the biggest factors you can use to influence your decision is whether you are planning on using your boat cover for a long time or not. Generally speaking, polyester starts off stronger but will wear out sooner than an acrylic cover. This isnt true for every single cover, but it is a good rule of thumb to use.

If youre planning on being someone that refreshes everything about the boat every few years, you probably want to get a polyester cover because you will already be looking to update the cover.

If you are trying to minimize the effort that you put into things, you will probably want to go with acrylic because it minimizes the chance that you have to go back and put more work into your boat purchase.

The one thing that should be said is that you may need to add a few chafe resistant patches to your acrylic cover. If that isnt something that bothers you, then you should be completely set for a period of time more than 10 years, even if you live somewhere that has a strong UV situation.

If youre not looking to deal with patches or anything like that, it would still probably make more sense to go with polyester because youll get more initial strength and then you can just see how things look after a period of 5 years or so.

It is possible to get more than 5 years out of a polyester cover in some environments, so definitely keep that in mind.

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Covering A Boat Will Guard It Against Tiny Insects

Covering your boat will prevent all the little insects and creatures from settling inside/on your boat. However, if you live in areas where there are no insects, you probably need not cover the boat, but you need to make sure the weather is good, with no sign of winds or rain, or snow.

Covering the boat will also keep the animals, birds, etc., from residing in/on your boat. But, you need not worry about that if you are leaving the boat for a day or two without cover. So, if the weather is good and no insects around, it is OK to leave your boat uncovered for few days .

These are the five main pros of covering the boat. However, if you are leaving it for a day or two, you need not cover the boat if there are no tiny little insects, and the weather is good, no sign of wind or rain or snow in your region. More than that, you need to cover your boat, and it is worth the investment.

Boat Cover Brands And Fabrics

When choosing a new cover for your boat, its important to consider your budget and the level of protection your boat needs. At Wholesale Marine, youll be able to shop semi-custom and custom-fit covers from Taylor Made and Westland.

Taylor Made

Taylor Made is known in the marine industry and beyond for their commitment to quality products. Their line of trailerable boat covers are mildew and UV resistant, and are available in two fabric choices:

  • Hot Shot – Taylor Mades Hot Shot fabric is a 6.25 oz. acrylic-coated polyester that is available in seven colors. This fabric is breathable, good for all climates, and is backed by a five year manufacturers warranty.
  • Ultima – If you need the strongest fabric Taylor Made offers, then you need their Ultima fabric. Constructed of 7 oz. urethane-coated polyester, Ultima fabric is three-times as strong as acrylic and has twice the breaking strength. This fabric is available in seven distinct colors.


Westland has been manufacturing custom boat covers for over 40 years. Their handsewn covers are designed to be the highest quality at an affordable price. Between three fabrics, they have over 30 colors to choose from to best match your vessel. Their three fabric options range from better to ultimate:

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Msc Heavy Duty Canvas Boat Cover

To meet the needs of various sized vessels, MSC is offering 6 different sizes of boat cover starting from 14 to 24 feet long, and between 68 inches up to 102 inches beamwidth. However, the size specs given by the manufacturer might not be the exact match for your boat.

The boat cover is made of marine-grade 600D polyester canvas with double PU coating for higher durability. The fabric is also mildew and UV resistant that will not shrink or stretch even after continuous use.

The cover has adjustable straps and quick-release buckles so that you can fit the cover quickly and remove without much effort. Its all about time efficiency. When the cover is not in use, it can be stored easily in the storage bag that comes with it.

The entire bottom has elastic hemming so that the cover can have a tight fit which is almost like a custom fit. The boat cover is suitable for long-term storage, mooring, and traveling. It has a 2-year warranty.


  • Adjustable straps and quick release buckle
  • UV and mildew resistant fabric


How To Choose The Best Boat Cover

Making A Boat Fender Cover

When looking for a good cover for your boat, there are a couple of factors you need to think about. For instance, the size.

A certain model might be great when it comes to protecting a vessel, but what if its too big or too small? It wont help, right?

Below is a summary of the things to consider when looking for the best boat cover.

Material of Best Boat Covers

The material will determine not just how long the boat cover lasts but also how well it protects your boat.

There are two main materials used in the manufacture of boat covers nylon and polyester.

Both materials are durable and tough. But generally, polyester is better because it holds color more effectively, so its not going to fade as much or as fast as nylon.

Furthermore, its more water resistance.

A large number of manufacturers use the denier rating to declare the thickness of the material. The most common ratings are 300 denier and 600 denier.

The higher the rating, the thicker and heavier the material, and thus the more effective it is.

People looking the boat covers for winter buy 600 denier marine grade polyester that is urethane coated as it seems to work great.

The marine-grade part is an indication that the material is specifically structured to deal with harsh conditions.

Water resistance for Best Boat Covers

Water is one of the elements that are most damaging to boat interiors. It encourages the growth of mold and mildew, especially where theres minimal ventilation.

It also promotes rusting.

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