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Marine Led Lights For Boats

Leaningtech Boat Marine Led Light

How to install Underwater LED Boat Lights | TH Marine.

Another type of boat lighting that has caught my attention is the LEANINGTECH Boat Marine LED. What makes this product a standout? Whether you just need to accessorize your boat or need to replace existing lights the LEANINGTECH would make an excellent choice. Aside from its proven efficient waterproofing feature against harsh weather conditions such as strong winds or torrential rains this particular lighting is known for having various applications.

It is widely used as a boating accessory that you can reward your boat or any marine vessel. Apart from that, it is also used as a source of lighting for pontoon boats, sail boats, touring cars and speedboats. Other applications include bow light, running light and stern light.

With regards to its lighting performance I can say this product produces maximum brightness with its two light colors the red for the port side and green for starboard side. The LED light bulbs only draw low energy. This product has been recognized to be USCG compliant. This refers to meeting the required mile visibility of at least 2 nautical miles, especially at night.

  • The gauge of the wires is small

Obcursco 12 Led Boat Bow Navigation Light Kits

Next on my list of lighting fixtures review is the Obcursco 12 LED Boat Navigation Lights. If you are searching for navigation lights that would perform even in low light settings, then, I do recommend this product. Why? Let me give you a sneak peek of what this lighting kit has to offer.

It works on 12v DC power and rated IP67 when it comes to waterproofing performance. What does this rating mean? The Obcursco can cope in any harsh weather condition including submersion in sea saltwater.

This lighting product is designed to provide the top-rated navigation light. Any boat owner will find this type of boat LED lighting fixture a good investment because it is a reliable source of light while on a boating exploration. You can depend on these LED lights to provide maximum visibility to the coast guards including other sea vessels without fear of collision.

The navigation lighting kit has many uses. It can be used for land and water. Others use it as running lights.

The material composition of these bow navigation lights is rated ABS quality, which means it is corrosion resistant and can deal with any physical impact. The LED lights are tightly sealed, preventing any liquid intrusion, making them 100% waterproof. Overall built depicts durability.

The product is easy to install. It comes with 3M double adhesive tapes. So, rest assured it will stick on any clean surface.

  • Installation instructions not included

Pryeu Daylight White 6000k Led Strip Lights

PryEU Daylight White 6000K is indeed an example of a multi-functional lighting fixture. Why? During my careful assessment on this product I find it to be a good source of lighting because it delivers super bright lighting in cool white. If you are on the lookout for marine interior lighting this is highly recommended. In fact, others use this LED lighting to create a romantic ambiance inside an automobile.

If you are to ask about its material, I find the adhesive backing to be of authentic 3M double sided foam tape. I am sure it will securely stick on a clean surface and not worry about the lighting fixture from accidentally dropping.

How about warranty coverage? Well, this LED lighting offers paying customers a good warranty coverage of three years, plus 60 days replacement which I must say is a good value for money. The manufacturer of this lighting product is also known for its fast delivery and customer support. So, if your purchased lighting arrived with signs of defects replacement is guaranteed.

What are its unique features? This product has been rated IP65 waterproof, UL listed, safe to use and environment-friendly. With regards to voltage compatibility the PryEU works with 12v DC. It is energy efficient because this LED lighting only consumes around 1.5 watts.

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How To Choose The Right Marine Led Lights For Your Boat

There are seemingly endless options for LED lights on your boat, so how do you choose?

The editors at Boating have teamed up with the experts at Imtra to bring you advice on how to keep your boat in Bristol condition and get the most from your hours spent out on the water. For more great tips, see Better Boating with Imtra »

Throughout the past two decades, LED technology has progressed at a rapid pace and overtaken all other forms of lighting as the primary light source used on boats. As a result, there are now seemingly endless options for LED lights on your boat, so how do you choose? In this article, well explore the factors to consider when outfitting your boat with LED lights and how to choose the best ones to fit your needs.

Obcursco Led Boat Navigation Light

Obcursco Boat Navigation Light, Marine LED Navigation Light, Boat LED ...

These are the ideal led boat navigation lights for me as they arent easily bent or knocked down. Although they will be submerged, they wont stop working because theyre IP67 waterproof. Direct sunlight, continuous rain, and frequent boating wont damage them easily.

These 18 5050 LED strips give off intense brightness. They can even light up the whole dock. Im impressed as it is not something I expected from navigation lights. Theyre much brighter than the previous ones I had and Ill be exclusively using this brand.

I put them on the boats bow to serve as navigation lights. They give my boat a clean look with their slim appearance. They allow you to see whats ahead of you. Its all because of their 5050 Visibility LED bead and high color reaction. The lights have a vast coverage of up to 40 feet.

This light strip has DC 12V voltage and only requires 3.6 W. Its half an inch wide with a length of twelve inches. The lights are green and red or blue or white. They would look cool as bass boat led deck lights.

The 3m adhesive backing is used to hold the LED lights. So its much easier to install compared to pole-mounted navigation lights.

The lead wire is six feet long and I connected it with a 12-volt battery. Based on my experience, it lets you save some energy.

  • Might require sealant to stick well

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Led Strip Lighting For Yachts

The first of these being the supply of marine grade LED Strip Lighting to cater for a multitude of interior and exterior based project requirements. Typical applications may include under step lighting, cove lighting, galley lighting and accent lighting for furniture and superstructure features.

Please visit our LED STRIP LIGHTING page for further details.

Types Of Boat Lighting

Boat lighting comes in different types and configurations. The most popular categories include:

  • Navigation Lights – these lights alert other boaters of your current position, preventing or reducing the chance of collision. Navigation lights should be on from sunset to sunrise to aid with visibility.
  • Underwater Lights – these lighting products are great for nighttime anglers. Lights underwater tend to attract fish to your boat, making it easy to capture them. The lights also add elegance to your vessel.
  • Anchor Lights – as the name implies, anchor lights indicate your boat’s position at the dock. You should turn them on when you anchor your boat to alert other boaters that it is safe to proceed when entering or leaving a docking area.
  • Flood and Deck Lights – these weatherproof LED boat lights can be installed to work with any marine setup. They light the deck and surrounding areas, making these areas visible at night or during heavy fog.

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The Best Marine Led Lighting Strips

Apex Lighting offers a variety of waterproof LED boat lights and marine lighting strips to keep your boat safe and comfortable for the whole family. We stock our store with the best brands in the business, including Triton, SeaMaster, and Lumitec. Decorative and super bright, these highly efficient light strips for boats come in a wide range of colored LED lights.

Our marine strips and boat lights come in blue, red, green, white and many more color options to match the design of your boat. Some of our high-quality marine strip lighting even comes with a multi-color function to add extra flare.

Shangyuan Marine Led Utility Strip Lights

Easy to install LED Light Strips | My Boat DIY

If you prefer installing marine led strip lights for your boat, then, the Shangyuan Marine Led Utility Stripe Lights should be on top of your shopping list. What are the specs of this type of lighting fixture? Well, inclusive on this product is two pieces of LED bulbs. The material composition is made from PC lens with ABS housing.

The expected lifespan of the lights is approximately 50,000 hours with a flux of 120 lumens. This type of lighting fixture offers many applications both for land and open water. Among the uses include the lighting of a cockpit space, navigation, bow lights, step lights, golf cart lights as well as decorative lights. However, the common uses are generally on open water such as fishing, sailing, and kayaking.

As for installation, this lighting fixture is easy to install. Anyone can do it alone without the need of an expert. You just need to follow the two wires connection instruction .

If you are going to ask, Is this type of LED lighting energy efficient?. Yes, it has been proven to consume less power, does not overheat and provide lasting illumination.

What about warranty coverage? Well, this LED lighting offers a warranty coverage and applies only on replacement of damaged parts or defects.

  • No switch included in this product
  • The product is not waterproof rated

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Opt7 Boat Interior Glow Led Lighting Kit

Do you need to replace your interior boat lighting fixture? The OPT7 Boat Interior Glow LED is among the interior boat lights available in the market and classified under this category. Now, lets take a look on its specs.

This boat interior lighting fixture has a plug and play mechanism and can be connected straight via a 12 volts cigarette power source or fuse box whichever is available as a power outlet. It is built with SoundSync bass-activated technology and has LEDs with a 24-inch strip. Its LED lighting has the ability to produce extreme brightness with its 36 SmartColor.

Other awesome features of the OPT7 includes waterproof rated, 24 strips and handheld remote.

What is inclusive in the product? You will find inside this LED lighting kit one handheld remote, one screwdriver, cigarette power connector , Aura V1 control box , four LED strips, three plug-n-go fuse tap connectors, four light strip extension wire with ten feet length, one hardware power harness, one pack mounting kit and zip ties, one-touch color selection, advanced color dimming, variable spread control and multiple flashing modes.

  • The remote control is not sturdy

Boating And Marine Led Lights

Looking for a leading range of recreational boat LED lights? OzLED stocks everything you need in marine grade lighting from some of the best manufactures in the industry. From light bars, interior lights, nav lights, flood lights, boat trailer lighting and so much more When you shop with OzLED, youll find everything you need all in one place so that you can begin your next adventure out on the water sooner rather than later! Our range of marine LED lights includes the following:

Whether youre a recreational or professional boater, the OzLED range of marine grade LED light bars provide the lighting you need on your marine craft to help extend your time out on the water.

A leading range of interior boat LED lights to light up your boating cabins. From LED light strips, rigid bars or marine grade boat LED lights and panels, shop interior boat lights with OzLED today!

Navigational Marine LED Lighting Quality and innovative navigational marine LED lights that have been tested and trusted by manufacturing companies to recreational and professional boating enthusiast alike!

High-powered marine grade flood lights to illuminate even the darkest of conditions. With four designs to choose from, robust construction and multi-year warranties, improve your working environment by installing marine LED lights on your recreational or commercial watercraft today!

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Custom Bespoke Led Yacht Lighting

The second arm to our Yacht Lighting division is the design and manufacture of custom and bespoke lighting solutions. Using state of the art LED & Fibre optic technology we can offer one off lighting solutions for those problematic areas where the required fitting just cannot be bought off the shelf. Common fittings may include custom LED step lighting to match and colour change with your yacht name, face illuminated mooring lights, linear deck lights and walkway or passerelle lighting.

Please visit our CUSTOM LIGHTING DESIGN page for further details

Sam Utility Strip Light

Bow Navigation Light, EEEkit 12V 2

The bright light coming from this is great for dark compartments. Thus, I use it as interior boat lighting and as a decoration too because of its nice looks. It is useful for interior cabinets and even in my daughters dollhouse. With its compact size, it has numerous functions.

You can use it on land vehicles too. In my case, it is now in my pontoon. I once used it for an ice fishing box and it didnt dismay me. With its endurance outdoors and in cold weather, it can withstand moisture.

You can get six pieces of diodes strip light which are four inches long and an inch wide. They work with 12 V and have white, clear lenses. Low amp can get them to work, which means longer battery life. Hence, they can last for a long time.

Aside from great illumination, versatility is another thing I like about this product. You can install it everywhere as it has a universal fit. I appreciate the black rubber gasket for mounting as it makes the lights stay in place. Two screws on both sides of the light are added for a secure hold on flat surfaces.

  • Long-lasting, thanks to its battery life
  • Black rubber gasket and screws for mounting
  • Gauge wires can be small

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Strip And Under Gunnel Boat Lights

Under gunnel boat lights come in strips and are often made in aflexible form. Marine Sport Lighting produces a wide variety of high-qualitymarine LED light strips for boats and yachts. Our LED strips are IP67 ratedwhich means they can be used on the exterior and interior of your boat. MarineSport LED strip kits come in solid or multi-color options to cater to thestyle of your boat.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Led Boat Lights

Here are some benefits of using LED boat lights. They have many advantages compared to incandescent lights.


LED lights have less mercury and theyre not prone to overheating. Hence, you can use them for a long time.

Energy Efficient

A LED light is much better than its counterpart as it consumes less energy. Choosing to install it in your boat is a way to save some money in terms of power usage.

Long Life Span

Users find the long lifespan of LED lights impressive and useful. They would usually be in service for 60,000 hours, which is equivalent to 7 years. You will save more money than choosing ordinary lights that would require replacement from time to time.


Semiconductor materials are used to make LED lights instead of a filament or neon gas. So together with the tight seal on the lights casing, they promise durability.


It has an array of functions. Aside from water vessels, land vehicles can benefit from it as well. As you can notice, LED lights are present in households, businesses, and commercial establishments.

Even marine LED lights for boats are used as decorations inside the house. They are indispensable light sources in any environment and situation.

The drawbacks are the following:

High Initial Cost

Installation of LED boat lights are costly but it will be worth it in the long run. As they continue to do their job, you will discover how cost-effective they are.

The Sensitivity of the Voltage

Not a Survivor of Winter Condition

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What Is A Led Boat Light And How Does It Work

A led boat light exceeds the capability of the traditional, incandescent light as its over ten times better than the latter. Its operation is entirely different with 150 lumens per watt. Its one solid, whole instrument without assembly or disassembly.

To light it up, the semiconductor does the job as the current is being supplied. The semiconductor is durable and it remains in the same condition while continuing to support the efficiency of the LED lights.

The flow of current for LEDs goes in one direction so these lights are called diodes. The P-N junction is where the light energy is released as the current passes through.

These lights will save you from experiencing battery drain as it only uses 10% to 20% of the energy used by incandescent lights. This amount of energy consumption means that it can last long. What makes them reliable is that they can still work even when exposed to low temperatures and vibrations.

The chemistry of the device is responsible for the color of the LED lights. Based on this factor, there are two types of LED lights. The ones with indium gallium nitride have white, blue, green, and ultraviolet colors.

The second type, which is composed of aluminum gallium indium phosphide, is yellow, orange, or red.

Types of LED boat lights

  • Anchor LED lights

Depending on your circumstances, these may be required by law. They are responsible for showing the exact location of a boat when stationed in a dock.

  • All-Round White LED Lights

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