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How To Waterproof Canvas Boat Cover

How To Waterproof A Bimini Top Or Sunbrella

How To Waterproof Your Sunbrella Boat Top

Before you start, its important to understand that most waterproofing agents can damage your Gelcoat and put off dangerous fumes. These VOCs are flammable and do irreparable damage to the environment. Additionally, the active waterproofing ingredient in these mass-market proofers is PTFE which will release PFOA and PFOS into the air and water over time. These chemicals cause cancer in human reproductive organs and are toxic to the environment. We strongly suggest you choose a waterproofing agent that lasts for years and is not toxic to your health. Hawk Tools is the only manufacturer with a fabric waterproofer that meets these requirements.

Sunbrella Recommends the Following Method :

  • Brush off loose dirt.

How To Waterproof Canvas

Canvas Covers

Traditional cotton canvas is waterproof in the same manner that traditional wooden boats are waterproof. The cotton fibers like the wooden planks swell when they get wet. This seals the weave.

But because cotton canvas loves mildew and hates bird droppings, it is not used aboard pleasure boats much anymore. It has been replaced in most applications with either a vinyl-coated polyester or woven acrylic.

The vinyl-coated fabric is waterproof for the life of the fabric, but unlike traditional canvas, it doesn’t breathe. Unless it is well ventilated, condensation wets the underside of the fabric, eventually leading to mildew. Vinyl-coated fabrics are a good choice for Bimini tops, but unsuitable for enclosures such as sail covers or boat covers.

Acrylic canvas, like cotton canvas, is a tight-weave fabric. It is waterproof yet breathes it stands up to ultraviolet radiation better than any other fabric it snubs mildew it resists staining it is colorfast and comes in every color imaginable and it looks marvelous. Not surprisingly, acrylic canvas Sunbrella being the best known is the most popular marine fabric by a wide margin.

Recommended Waterproofing Sprays For Your Boat Cover

  • 303 fabric guard is a waterproofing spray for any canvases . It increases water and oil-based stain resistance, keeping fabrics dry and maintaining colorfastness.
  • Star Brite waterproofing spray is a waterproofing spray for any canvases . Both of them are good products and protect the boat from repelling water and the suns UV rays. Try both of them and decide which one is good for your boat cover.

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Boat Cover Cleaning And Waterproofing Made Easy

Removing stains prior to waterproofing is recommended, use Starbrites Sail and Canvas Cleaner to prepare your boat canvas for boat canvas waterproofing. It is a great economical option for boaters. If you are looking to protect your bimini top, use Starbrites Tower Gurar Marine Metal Cleaner and Protector. This product is safe to use on tower supports and canopy ribbing and ensures they are corrosion-free.

Wholesale Marine takes extra care in making sure that all your marine product needs are covered. We carry a full line of boat canvas waterproofing products along with anything else you may need for boat or boating needs. We offer a low price guarantee and same-day flat rate shipping. When you have a question or need advice on the right waterproofing products, contact us at 877-388-2628 Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Check out our Captains Club Rewards program for extra discounts on everything your boat needs.

How Do You Make Something Waterproof

Canvas Waterproof Boat Cover 5.2M To 5.8M Or 17

How to Waterproof Fabrics

  • Use a ratio of one quart of mineral spirits to every one-fifth tube of clear silicone caulking compound.
  • Pour the mineral spirits into a bucket first, and then add the silicon caulking compound.
  • If you have a drill and stirring tool, stir the two until thoroughly mixed.
  • Reyhan Tallat

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    Can You Waterproof A Boat Cover

    4.4/5waterproofwaterproof, a boat cover

    Hose the fabric and, if needed, scrub it with a soft brush and a mild detergent, such as Ivory. Stubborn stains can be treated by soaking for 15 minutes in gallon of warm water containing 1/4 cup of Ivory and 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach. Do not use hot water. Do not use a harsh detergent.

    Furthermore, what is the best product to waterproof canvas? 10 Best Waterproof Sprays

  • 303 Fabric Guard. See More Images.
  • Star Brite with PTEF. See More Images.
  • Atsko Silicone Water-Guard. See More Images.
  • Rust-Oleum 280886. See More Images.
  • Scotchguard. See More Images.
  • Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On. See More Images.
  • Granger’s Performance Repel. See More Images.
  • Kiwi Camp Dry. See More Images.
  • Also asked, what is the best material for a boat cover?

    Pigment dyed polyester fabrics have a good strength to weight ratio and are an excellent choice because it is strong and breathable, yet it repels water and stands up to UV radiation. A good yet economical choice when choosing a synthetic fabric is Hot Shot , an acrylic coated polyester.

    Can you wash a boat cover?

    When cleaning your boat cover it is important to make sure you use the proper cleaning solution and procedure. You should not wash your cover in a washing machine or with any harsh cleaners. Over time it can damage both the water repellency and the cover itself. You can use a hose and a soft bristle brush for cleaning.

    Boat Cover Cleaning Basics

    The best method of cleaning a boat cover is to use a hose and a soft bristle brush. If you are suffering from stubborn spots and stings youll need to mix up a cleaning solution. You can use a mild soap, but a properly formulated cleaning solution will work better.

    You need to first make sure that your boat cover is properly secured. It also needs to be elevated. This prevents water from pooling. Ideally you would have secure your boat cover in place with some poles to allow for this. With your boat cover in the position you need it in you can simply brush off loose dirt. Spray it down with a hose. Use the soft bristle brush to scrub off any dirt or mildew growth.

    If your boat canvas was not badly stained, the water and brush should be enough to clean it. You will need to let it air dry completely before you fold it up for storage. That will prevent any further mildew growth.

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    First Clean The Boat Cover Properly

    Cleaning the boat cover thoroughly before applying anything is crucial. If the boat cover is cleaned well enough, it will remove all the dirt from that, and when the waterproofing spray is sprayed, the fabric absorbs the spray well.

    Use 303 multi-surface cleaner to remove any tough stains on your boat cover. Spray the cleaner and wash it properly for some time. Then pressure wash it and wait for some time, let it dry. Then start spraying the waterproofing spray on it.

    Determining What Products To Use

    Waterproofing your Boat canvas and tent canvas

    So, lets get to it what do I use to clean my canvas and windows, and what method do I use? Rather than duplicate what documents have already been published by the manufacturer, Ill refer you to their online cleaning instructions, if available.

    For example, we will begin with Sunbrella. From general cleaning to the toughest stains – even ink – Sunbrella offers all of the cleaning chemicals and step-by-step methods for cleaning their products. For general cleaning of canvas covers, to remove environmental dirt or bird-droppings, our rule is simple: Dont use boat-soap or detergents. Instead, throw the canvas cover into a 30lb washing machine at the laundromat with only a small amount of bleach added to the water. Do not dry the fabric in a dryer. When finished, snap the cover onto the boat and it will be clean and dry in about 20 minutes. For stains and mold issues, be sure to refer to, and remember that other boat fabrics known to boaters as SurLast, Harbortime Edge, Aqualon Edge, and many other marine fabrics, have cleaning instructions available online through their respective websites.

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    What Not To Use

    First, let us talk about what products NOT to use. In our canvas shop, the general rule is: If you can buy the product in a grocery store, dont use it on boat canvas or windows, unless the product is approved by the fabric maker! The cleaners sold in grocery stores are highly concentrated and made to remove the toughest dirt, grease, stains, and bacteria from hard surfaces. These chemicals often will shorten the life of synthetic fabrics, or simply neutralize all of the good chemicals processed into the fabric during its creation. For example, a typical grocery store dish detergent or laundry detergent will immediately neutralize all of the waterproofing chemicals that were applied at the factory when the fabric was made. These applications also include UVR-protection chemicals that help give fabrics a longer lifespan in the sunlight. New fabrics also have heat-reducing properties so your boat enclosure remains cooler inside. All of this wonderful chemical technology can be erased in a moment when the wrong cleaning product is used.

    Spray The Waterproofing Spray On The Boat Cover

    Make sure to spray it OFF the boat. Take the cover out and then spray on it otherwise, the waterproofing spray can damage the gel coat. Just spread it out on some chairs or ladders or tables or on the ground and start spraying on it.

    You can use any bug sprayer or any for that. Just pour the liquid into the sprayer, spray it on the boat cover. After completing it, wait for some time and let dry the cover completely before using it.

    Check this helpful video on quick and easy boat cover cleaning and waterproofing a boat cover to visualize the above procedure.

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    How To Create Waterproof Seams

    When youre making a boat cover, outdoor storage cover or tarp, you want to be sure that it will keep your possessions safe, clean and dry. But did you know that when you sew, the holes the needle creates in the fabric can leave your cover susceptible to leaks? If youre concerned with leaking seams, never fear. We’re going to share a few ways you can seal up your seams to keep them as watertight as possible.

    Testing Anti-Wick Threads water resistance

    If youre sewing a new project, you can add built-in protection from leaks by using an anti-wick thread. Antiwick thread is a bonded Dabond polyester thread with a wax coating that was specifically designed to prevent weeping seams. The way Antiwick works is that the wax plugs the stitch holes to prevent water from leaking through. Its the same V-92 polyester thread that most marine fabricators use, just with an extra coating so its still UV, mildew and abrasion resistant. You can see for yourself just how well Antiwick Thread works by watching our test video.

    How To Clean A Boat Cover

    Classic Accessories Dryguard Waterproof Boat Cover (20 ...

    by Ian ForteyUpdated on May 31, 2021.

    Boat Safe is a community supported site. We may earn comission from links on this page, but we have confidence in all recommended products.

    Keeping your boat canvas clean is an important part of boat maintenance. Unfortunately, its not always as simple as taking a hose to your boat cover. A canvas boat cover cant just be tossed in a washing machine. Cleaning stained canvas requires the proper cleaning solution and technique. If you took the time to cover your boat with a canvas cover then you should take the time to keep it clean.

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    What Can I Use To Waterproof A Boat Cover

    Waterproofing Usingwaterproofinguseboat cover

    In this way, what can I use to waterproof canvas?

    1.The Wax Method

  • Wax is a natural product used to waterproof items since the old times.
  • The first thing you need to do is test the wax on an inconspicuous piece of the canvas bag.
  • Boil a bit of the water in one of the two pots you have at hand and then place the other pot inside it with the chunk of wax.
  • Furthermore, how do I waterproof my awning? Begin by spraying an initial coat of your waterproofing liquid on your awning. Spray generously but avoid overspray which will cause the liquid to run. Remember, you will be going over this initial coat with a second layer to ensure a water-tight seal.

    Consequently, what is the best material for a boat cover?

    Two other popular, durable and practical choices are urethane coated, solution dyed polyester fabrics such as Ultima or solution-dyed acrylics like Sunbrella , both of which are breathable, stain-, UV- and mildew-resistant and shed water well.

    Are boat covers waterproof?

    As long as it’s securely and properly fastened, a waterproof boat cover won’t allow any water to seep through to the carpet, seats or belongings that may be stored under it. When boat covers that aren’t fully waterproof become saturated, and don’t dry out thoroughly, mold and mildew can start to accumulate.


    Ivete Gary


    Imelda Heriz

    How To Waterproof Your Boat Cover For Less Than $70

    There are many ways you can water seal your boat cover. Over time, the sun, water droplets and especially salty water droplets may wear off the waterproof coat of your boat cover and you may need to repair it or replace it altogether.

    In this guide, well list the steps that you need to follow in order to make your boar cover waterproof again. Moreover, you dont have to break the bank for this. If you follow the methods listed in this guide, the whole process will cost less than $70.00.

    So, lets dive right in and see how you can waterproof your boat cover.

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    Chafe Resistance Or Uv Resistance

    While both chafe resistance and UV resistance are desirable in a cover fabric, where you live and sail can change which of these traits takes priority. If you boat offshore or along the coast, your top priority is likely UV resistance. The sun is harsh on the coast and boats are typically in the water year-round, so youll need a fabric that can stand up to all that UV exposure. For the best UV resistance, we recommend Sunbrella Marine Grade fabric. To provide extra chafe protection, add patches of Shelter-Rite® vinyl in high chafe areas.

    If you sail inland or in an area with four seasons, your boat gets a break from the weather during the winter months and the sun doesnt typically get as hot in the summer as it does on the coasts. Therefore, your priority might shift to chafe resistance. A good chafe resistant cover will last a long time inland and wont require the extra work of adding additional reinforcing patches. For the best chafe resistance, we recommend Top Notch 9, Top Gun, Top Gun 1S, Sur Last and Odyssey.

    Sailboat cover in Sunbrella Walnut Tweed by customer Tanya B.

    Let The Waterproofing Solution Dry

    How to Waterproof a Boat! | Leaking Boat Cover Fix, Star Brite Waterproofing

    After applying the waterproofing coat on your boat cover, wait for at least 6 hours before taking a boat trip. Ideally, let is dry overnight. Also, make sure that the cover does not fold until it dries completely.

    Needless to say, use this solution only in well ventilated areas. Waterproofing solutions are toxic so its best to take all the precaution measures to protect your health while using them.

    Alternative method: Use wax to waterproof your boat cover

    As an alternative, you can also use wax as a waterproofing material. First, you need to heat the wax until it turns liquid. You can also use a different type of wax, one that doesnt require heating.

    Then, spread the boat cover on a smooth surface and apply a coat of wax. If youre using wax that doesnt require heating, then simply rub it onto the material you want to water seal. Make sure to cover hard to reach areas as well.

    Alright, I really hope this quick guide was useful. If youve got additional tips and suggestions on how to waterproof boat covers, share your ideas in the comments below.

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    Waterproof Covers Protect The Boat From Rains

    Waterproof boat covers will protect the boat during rains by repelling the water completely. However, the rainwater will not sink the boat, but in heavy rains, there is a possibility. Later it will be a mess if you didnt cover the vessel or used a cover that isnt waterproof.

    If the water gets collected inside the boat, it will spoil the interiors and seats if you leave it like that for extended periods. You can prevent all of this by covering the boat during rains, especially by waterproofing it or by using waterproof boat covers.

    How To Make A Canvas Boat Cover

    Boat covers are most effective when made from a sun-resistant and waterproof material that fits snugly around the edges of the boat. A moderately fitted cover can be made with basic sewing skills and will be sufficient at protecting the boat. Natural cotton canvas is a breathable and water-repellent cover material. If a choice of weave is offered, choose duck canvas, which is a tighter weave. Sunbrella acrylic canvas is the most commonly used material because it holds up better in the sun.

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    Better Boat Waterproofing Spray

    Heres another boat waterproofing spray we really like. Better Boat advertises their formula as water-based, and claims that it wont damage boat covers like other sprays. While we dont think that most quality sprays will damage a boat cover, it is good to know that Better Boat has focused on a safe and effective formula.

    This formula is effective for use on various fabrics including polyester, nylon, canvas, and more. This means that it can be used on various outdoor equipment, furniture, and of course, boat covers.

    Best of all, its an effective spray. Its super easy to apply, and you can watch the water bead up instead of seep through. Its quite a satisfying experience to use a quality spray.

    The one downside is that it definitely emphasizes safety over longevity. It probably wont last as long as solvent-based formulas, but it will leave your fabrics looking fresher. This is a trade-off you will have to consider.

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