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How Much Does It Cost For Freedom Boat Club

What Is The Jacksonville Boat Club

How Freedom Boat Club Works (Longer)

Golfers dont buy golf courses they join the Country Club and share the facilities. Jacksonville Boat Club operates a lot like that. We are a private Boating Club whose members have all the benefits of owning their own boat but none of the hassles and expense of maintenance and repairs that go along with it. They also dont have a boat loan or insurance payments. They dont even pay to store the boats. Without all that aggravation, they also go boating a lot more and are able to experience just the enjoyable part of being on the water with family and friends and none of the aggravations.

Benefits Of Freedom Boat Club Membership

One of the biggest benefits of belonging to a boat club versus owning a boat is the amount of money youll save. Boat ownership is expensive, and boats are also notoriously time-consuming and costly to maintain.

With a Freedom Boat Club membership, you get access to maintained and insured boats at a fraction of the cost of owning one. Whats more, you dont have to worry about upkeep, storage, transportation, or any of the annoying minutiae that usually accompany boating on your own.

A boat club membership is also a great way to make friends with common interests. If you love boating and would like to connect with others who love it, too, then Freedom Boat Club is the easiest way to get plugged into a vast boating community.

With hundreds of locations and thirty years worth of boating experience, the Freedom Boat Club community offers a local carefree boat club in your vicinity regardless of where you live.

What Is A Freedom Membership

Now you know what the Freedom Boat Club is if you didnt already, but whats the membership all about?

Well, the Freedom membership provided by the Freedom Boat Club allows keen boaters to choose from a variety of membership plans, each offering a different selection of perks in exchange for an upfront and monthly fee .

You need to purchase a membership in order to enjoy the benefits of the Freedom Boat Club. Unlike some other recreational boating organizations, you cant just pay for a one-time session partially because all Freedom Boat Club members have to complete a training course before they can reserve a boat.

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A Sound Future Investment

Youll never hear anyone say this about a buying a boat, but investing in Carefree Boat Club is truly a sound investment. As the club grows, the more its value increases. When you join at your local lake, you will also enjoy membership privileges at any of the clubs 50+ other locations. So theres a big benefit in choosing a club that has branches at locations to which youd like to visit. One trend we are seeing more and more of is club members planning their vacations around other boat club locations. Simply click on one of the pricing guide download links, and we will send you our detailed guide to Carefree Boat Club Cost.

Are you a member of carefree boat club? Let us know what your experience has been like in the comments.

Get Local Market Information From Freedom Boat Club Membership Executives

Freedom Boat Club Cost 2019

Each Freedom Boat Club has membership executives who are highly familiar with all available membership plans and other costs. They know the features and amenities of each plan, so its best to get information from them.

Membership executives will also help you decide which is the right plan for you. They may ask you a series of questions that will help in your decision-making.

Whether or not you will join Freedom Boat Club, the membership executives are always there to answer your inquiries. So, dont hesitate to contact them.

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In A Pandemic Pinch Tampa Bay Boat Club Changes How Members Get Vessels

Membership has its privileges. In the case of Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay, its salty, nautical, Gulf breezy privileges.

Paying a few thousand dollars to join and a few hundred more in monthly dues, club members can use pontoon, deck, ski and fishing boats to island-hop Tarpon Springs, scallop Crystal River and fish Tierra Verde. With reciprocal privileges at clubs across the country, its a sort of seafaring timeshare.

They give me the keys, I take a boat out, I hand the keys back, said Carmen DeFelice, an Apollo Beach retiree who can cruise the Hillsborough River or go for a nice dock-and-dine lunch with his wife.

Freedom Boat Club, with more than 30,000 members across the country, boasts a ratio of one boat for every ten members, according to its website. The Tampa Bay chapter has 7,000 memberships and nearly 700 vessels.

But with the coronavirus came complications, followed by business decisions that did not make all its local members happy.

In January, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported that U.S. boat sales hit a 13-year high in 2020, with people wanting to get outside, socially distance and beat back pandemic stress. Historically high sales are expected to continue this year with manufacturers filling a backlog of orders, the report said.

Under the old system, a member was allotted four boat reservations at a time up to six months in advance.

While some were philosophical about the change, others were less so.

What Isnt Covered In The Monthly Membership Fee

The answer to this question is the same for every Freedom Boat Club location: fuel.

Many of our clubs use fuel flow meters that are initiated at check-out from the dock, and then reviewed in full upon return. In all cases, you are only charged for the fuel that you use during your outing.

Some Freedom Boat Clubs offer optional programs that include special insurance coverage and towing provisions. Your local membership executive can provide full details.

Finally, every Freedom Boat Club has a professional dock staff, whose total focus is to assist members with boarding, check-in, dock departure and returns. They are happy to help load and unload your gear. Many of our satisfied members choose to tip for outstanding service, and the dock staff appreciates the consideration, this is fully at the members discretion.

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Open For Business: Freedom Boat Club

Location: 8685 U.S. 1, Micco and 1221 Marina Village Circle, Vero Beach

Owners: Chris Kelly, Lisa Kelly and Ryan Kelly

Product/services: Members pay a lifetime membership fee and then monthly dues of $249, which entitles them to unlimited boating at their home port and four outings a year at each of the other 80 locations throughout the country. Members buy their own fuel.

The local outlets have nine boats total in both locations including pontoon boats, deck boats and a variety of fishing boats. Training for inshore and offshore, insurance and Seatow are all included in the membership.

What were you doing before this? I retired from a career in the car-rental industry in Orlando and Sarasota.

Why did you start this venture here? When we got to the point of where we wanted to do it with Freedom Boat Club, all of Florida was taken except for this general area. We were knowledgeable about the area, and we had property in Brevard County. I had thought about doing it on my own 10 years ago, and it’s a good thing I didn’t.

I recognized there was a need, but I didn’t know how to go about it. Without the foundation of the company and the website and corporate knowledge and experience, I would have been very fortunate to have been able to succeed.

Hours: First light to 5 p.m. weekdays, dawn to dusk on weekends.

Potential Drawbacks To Consider

Freedom Boat Club makes boating easy

Hopping onto a luxurious yacht and taking to the water could be the perfect way to spend a sunny day out and about with friends and family. And if you join a yacht club, you could enjoy some of the best advantages of yacht ownership without actually having to own a yacht.

Still, its crucial to consider the potential disadvantages of yacht ownership before you apply for a membership. For example, becoming a yacht club member means:

  • Paying monthly or annual dues
  • Adhering to club rules and restrictions
  • Accepting limited yacht availability depending on the season and day of the week
  • Being expected to attend social events and gatherings
  • Occasionally helping maintain yachts that dont belong to you

Remember, each yacht club is unique. Some are tailored toward anglers, while others are designed to connect well-to-do patrons and members. Still others are made to help the general public learn more about boating, sailing, and yacht operation.

If youre not careful about which yacht club you apply to and join, you may find yourself feeling far more stressed than blessed. Be sure to take the time to review the best yacht clubs in your area before selecting one that suits your needs.

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Is It Worth It To Get A Membership

If you love boating, then subscribing to a boat club membership is a smarter, less expensive way to enjoy your hobby than boat ownership. It reduces hassle and makes it easier and faster to get out on the water.

Since you dont have to worry about repairs, upkeep, insurance, or transportation, you can spend more time boating and less time preparing.

What Are The Main Reasons People Leave A Boat Club

People choose to leave their boat club for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, this is due to the selection of boats available at their particular club. Other times, people may simply want to purchase their own boat that they can customize.

One of the main reasons people may choose to leave their boat club is boat availability. During huge boating weekends around major holidays, many boat clubs put special restrictions in place. These restrictions can range from only renting out certain boat styles to only allowing half-day reservations.

Other people may choose to leave their boating clubs because of the fees.

Despite the annual cost of your average boating club being lower than owning your own boat, it can still be quite expensive.

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How Do Boat Clubs Work 7 Things To Know

Boat clubs allow access to a wide variety of boats for a set monthly fee. Joining a boating club can get you on the water for a lower cost than buying your own boat. However, there are several things you should consider before you decide to join a boat club.

Each individual boat club functions differently, and in this post, well cover what you can expect from your average boat club.

Lets get started!

  • Boat clubs offer flexibility
  • How Much Does Freedom Boat Club Cost

    How much does Freedom Boat Club Cost?

    How much does it cost to belong to Freedom Boat Club? Its typically the first question I get from someone who is considering joining.

    There are various elements that determine the fees. There is not a cookie-cutter, standardized pricing that it applicable coast to coast. Membership fees vary from club to club, just as some fitness clubs charge $70 a month while others $15 a month. Location, amenities, and other factors all play a role in determining fees.

    Every member of Freedom Boat Club, and there are 15,000 across the nation, pay a one-time fee to join, and then a monthly fee. It is to be expected that a Freedom Boat Club franchise operating from a five-star marina would have significantly higher expenses than one based in a more modest marina.

    Please keep in mind that many of the franchises and corporate clubs occasionally offer promotions and incentives during the year, so be sure to ask if special offers are available.

    Monthly Membership Plans

    These fees also vary across the country for the reasons cited above.

    Many of our clubs are located in warm climates and operate year round with unlimited boating. This requires year-round staffing and maintenance of the fleet.

    Thats why when someone asks, What does it cost to join Freedom Boat Club, the answer is: It depends.

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    How Much Do Exclusive Boat Clubs Cost

    Exclusive boat clubs can cost thousands of dollars per month, as well as a hefty initial fee. Keep in mind that the most expensive boat clubs are typically those located in the most densely populated cities.

    When slips come at a premium, you can expect the monthly dues to be more expensive as well.

    A boat club that has a more extensive fleet is also likely to charge more per month. In return, you likely have access to much newer models and a wider variety of sailing opportunities.

    Exclusive boat clubs must charge more to make up for the fact that they do not have incoming fees from a wider group of members.

    However, this does come with some benefit to you.

    When you are paying this much for a boat club membership, you are also likely receiving true unlimited access to the fleet.

    You can typically place a reservation for any day of the week on any of their available boats with a greater degree of success. In fact, many exclusive boat clubs boast a reservation success rate of ninety percent or higher.

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    Can I Cancel My Freedom Boat Club Membership

    You can cancel your Freedom Boat Club membership for any reason, so you dont need to meet any specific criteria in order to cancel.

    However, the vast majority of Freedom Boat Club branches require written notice of cancellation at least 2 months prior to ceasing payments.

    Depending on your location, this notice period may be shorter or longer, but 60 days is the norm for most Clubs.

    Regardless of the specific length of the notice period, the takeaway here is that while you can absolutely cancel your Freedom Boat Club membership, you cant do so on the spur of the moment.

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    So How Much Does Carefree Boat Club Cost

    Well break down an easy way to guesstimate this cost, as well as compare it to the cost of ownership. Here are the kinds of upfront and monthly prices / fees to expect. While we cant answer that in exact terms , we can give you the information you need to get a good idea of cost, and how it differs from area to area. Carefree Boat Club Cost can be calculated as twice the fee of dockage. Or stated another way, about half of the cost of a boat club is just the dockage fee you would have on a boat that you own. Another way to estimate the cost is to figure 1/3 the cost of owning a boat.

    We cant answer in exact numbers because each boat club and location have differing rates. Some clubs are located in up-scale, high-profile marinas and some are tucked away in less expensive locations. The costs associated with boating in those areas will follow the local cost of living, just as other expenses would. Your best bet is to check with a local carefree boat club representative for a tour and a detailed quote.

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    What About Boat Safety Rules

    Freedom Boat Club Review- How it Works

    New to boating? It may feel overwhelming to consider all of the safety rules you must learn before you can be released onto the open water. Boating safety is one aspect of sailing that you can never overlook or underestimate. Should an emergency come up, you will be glad that you knew just what to do!

    Fortunately, many of the most popular boat clubs offer some form of training for new skippers.For most of these locations, safety training is a mandatory part of your membership. You will not be permitted to reserve a boat until you have completed the necessary safety training.

    Some clubs have members of the United States Coast Guard on hand to train their members and do official walk-throughs of their boats.

    Freedom Boat Club offers both classroom training and on-the-water classes to get you up to speed quickly. Their courses cover basic safety and operation of the different types of boats included in their fleet.

    Carefree Boat Club offers similar training. You start by reading their training manual and follow-up with a hands-on class that covers the same concepts.

    Both clubs give you numerous opportunities to ask questions and see the demonstrations in person before being asked to perform them on your own. If you finish both training sessions and still feel like you need more assistance, dont be hesitant to ask for more help.

    Every boat club would instead take the time to teach you how to sail safely rather than risk injury to you or the boat.

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    What Are The Terms Of Service

    Freedom Boat Clubs terms of service include an automatic renewal of your subscription including the collection of annual or monthly fees. To cancel a subscription, youll need to submit the cancellation in writing to Freedom Boat Club.

    Furthermore, this organization has the right to change payment terms and fees with at least 30 days of prior written notice. At that point, you have up to 30 days to cancel your membership if you do not wish to pay the new terms of service.

    This boat club also reserves the right to change or replace any portion of the terms of service. Members will need to pay close attention to the terms of service in case any changes are made in the future.

    Now that we better understand the costs of a membership plan and the terms of service, its time to learn how Freedom Boat Club members can cancel their membership and quit the organization.

    Boat Club Memberships: Why Should You Join

    You may not feel completely ready to choose a boat even after shopping around and using our Boat Finder tool, you might need to wait to pull the trigger because of economic factors, or maybe you just think easing your way into the boating lifestyle is a smart movewhatever the reason, boat clubs offer an excellent alternative to buying a new boat. In fact, boat clubs have experienced soaring popularity since they first began showing up a few decades ago.

    Boat club costs are significantly less than purchasing a boat outright, boat club membership often comes with additional perks like boating education classes, on-the-water training, insurance coverage, and/or social events, and there are boat clubs near me, near you, and near just about everyone else who lives anywhere close to a popular waterway. In fact, there are hundreds of locations across the nation from several different providers and whichever you choose to be your boat club, endless boating opportunities for you and your family probably lay right around the corner.

    Follow along as one family explores what a boat club membership is all about in their local area.

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