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Boats For Rent In Miami

Pick The Right Outfit

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What should you wear on a yacht rental in Miami? There is no set rule most depend on the time of year, location, and comfort level. The most common apparel worn on a yacht is summer clothing such as bathing suits, shorts, skirts, light-colored shirts, and t-shirts. If you intend to spend a substantial amount of time on the beach, in the sun, or the sea, ensure that you pack clothes that keep you cool throughout the day. When going ashore for dining and visiting certain places, you might want to ditch the swimwear and opt for a more dressed-up look. To keep the energy classy yet casual, make sure that you pack summer dresses, linen or cotton trousers, collared shirts, and more.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Miami

Miami can be enjoyed all year round! But the best time to visit is from March to May as there are fewer visitors and daily temperatures remain warm.

From June to August, Miami is at its most humid and rainiest. There remains a possibility of rain and tropical storms from September to November. And from December to February, it is Miamis peak season with many tourists and higher accommodation prices.

Sailboat Rental Costs In Miami

Sailboat rentals in Miami are a great way to enjoy your time on the water. Whether you’re looking for something adventurous or more relaxing, there’s a sailboat rental in Miami that can accommodate your needs.

Miami sailboat rentals are available at several locations throughout the city, including Haulover Sandbar. You can rent a sailboat by the hour or day, depending on what works best for you and your group

The average cost of a sailboat rental in Miami is between $600/day and $1,800/day.

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How To Rent A Boat In Miami With Sailme

sail.mes advanced boat booking platform allows you to browse through numerous private and exclusive listings. We are fully operational on mobile and desktop, so you can check charter prices and availability, rent a boat, and manage your reservation on the go.

On the site and app, you can rent various types of top-rated motorboats, luxury yachts, sailboats, catamarans, and even pontoons. Thats right, has a vessel for every enthusiast out there! Use our detailed filters to sort the boats out and find the ones that match your expectations, without breaking the bank.

Once you have selected a boat charter available for your dates, its time to book your dream boat. Go check out the add-on features of your favorite Miami boat rental to personalize your booking and get the experience of a lifetime. Proceed to payment through our secure gateway and your reservation will be confirmed shortly after.

Sounds good? Ready. Sail. Go.

What Are Popular Boats To Rent For The Bay Or Ocean In Miami Fl


Cabin Cruisers. These are spacious cruise boats that can accommodate your family. They are built for the ocean to give you an authentic ocean experience. They can cover long mileage and enable you to enjoy the ocean view and adventures.

Sailboat. These are an excellent option to cruise an ocean by and have a good experience in the sea.

Luxury motorboats. These are of a top-notch design that brings comfort to the sea. As you cruise the ocean at your choosing speed, you get exposed to a fair and relaxing atmosphere in the boat.

What are popular boats to rent for lakes?

Pontoon boat. These boats are very spacious and are an excellent way to enjoy the view of the sea with your comrades or family.

Bow-rider boat. These boats are spacious, with a capacity of around eight people. They are popular in the boating world and are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience in the ocean.

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How Is The Weather And Sailing Conditions In Miami

Typically, Miamis weather is blissful year round and beats all other mainland US destinations when it comes to warm winters. The winter temperatures average approx. 75°F to 77°F and during the nighttime, the temperature averages 60°F . This tends to be the norm during the winter, though daytime temperatures have been known to exceed 80°F !

Summertime temperatures range in the 90°Fs with plenty of humidity, too. Watch out for June and September which are subject to lots of showers! Though the rain isn’t something that should put you off from a boat rental, as the intermittent sunshine of Miami dries you out quickly in case you want to swim during your boat adventure!

The wind is light and breezy in the summertime, though from autumn to spring, there is an eastward-flowing cycle. Usually, it tends to complete its full cycle within three to four days. This pattern usually repeats itself throughout the winter season.

The Best Boat Rentals In Miami Fl

Do you want to rent a boat in the Miami area? Look no further. With an abundance of affordable and luxurious boat rental options, is here to help you find the boat of your dreams. Browse through hundreds of yachts and boats, and discover some of the top-rated and most exquisite boat charters on the Florida coast.

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See Our Yelp Yacht Charter Reviews

Best yacht charter in Miami! Offers an extensive list of services including jet skis, personal chefs, and bottle service! The best part is you get a steal for your money!

/ Customer Rating

The host was great. Beautiful experience being on a yacht for the first time with some friends and myself. I recommend this charter if youre trying to experience something new! Water was beautiful the weather was great. Jet skis are available upon request. Catering is an option. We had a seafood boil which was delicious!! Enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for having us hopefully well be back for another adventure.

Henry N. / Customer Rating

The day of my charter, I got there a little early as instructed, and was greeted by an extremely friendly captain and an immaculate yacht. When I tell you this was the nicest yacht Ive ever been on, that is an understatement. Beautiful hardwood floor, state of the art sound system, and the best lighting on any yacht in the water Yacht Maryam did not miss in any way! The stew was also super friendly and took care of all my needs as fast as they could. They offered us a personal chef as well, and he was absolutely incredible!!! 5 start meals being cooked while we were enjoying the Miami views, theres just nothing like it.

Kush P. / Customer Rating

Great service! the crew was amazing and so is the owner, we had the best day ever and will definitely going out on the water again with them! Thank you

Fishing Trips In Miami

South Florida Yacht Charters – Miami Luxury Boat Rental # 305 944 4323

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite fishing boat rentals in Miami. Enjoy a day or a half day on the waters in your favorite boat and relax and unwind.

For more information, simply click on the boat you’d like to know more about and you’ll be taken to more photos, rental availability, booking, capacity, etc.

These boats are some of the highest rated in Miami to rent so you have peace in mind knowing you aren’t renting something of bad quality.

You can also check out reviews from others who have rented these out and can book instantly in most cases.

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Pay Boat Gas And Taxes Online Captain On The Dock


You decide what you want to do when you rent boat! No set tours, no imposed route. Boat Captain is your private chauffeur.

Vessel fuel is included at check-out as a $25 fee on top of the displayed price. No bad surprise at the gas pump when you rent boat!


Pick your captain from our list. Cost not included at check-out. Captain portion paid at boat docks. Cost from $35/hr

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

When you charter or rent a boat, you get countless opportunities to have fun and discover the beauty of the underwater world. Just envision yourself swimming along with the aquatic fauna at the dazzling Florida reef. There is no wonder why so many enthusiasts find themselves in search of the most spectacular diving spots in Miami.

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Miami Yacht Rental Prices: How Much `is It To Rent A Yacht In Miami

Yachts in general are not quite affordable. And even though yachting is the best way to explore Miami waters, when it comes to Miami yacht rental prices, you are probably wondering if it is worth renting a yacht in Florida. Even a small one.

The answer is yes, a small yacht rental could make your Miami boating trip unforgettable! And on top of that, you get to experience a taste of luxury and enjoy leisure sailing, without breaking the bank.

How much to rent a yacht in Miami: small yachts

Even though small yachts do not stand out with extra space, they are perfect for small groups and could end up being relatively affordable. A small yacht rental in Miami starts from $1,500 for a half-day offshore to $3,000 for a full day.

Note that in summer, yachting in Miami is at its peak, so you may notice price variations when tourism is at its high. The same goes for weekends and public holidays when the demand for yachts is huge.

A small boat is still a boat, and it allows you to enjoy on-the-water activities on a budget. No extra costs, no going over budget. From indulging in the angling hobby in the fishing areas to sailing along the Miami Intracoastal waterway and the Atlantic coast – a small boat is a great choice for good weather.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Miami: large yachts

If you want to rent a large boat in Miami, prices start at around $600 per day. This sum is estimated and just like with small boats, it could vary depending on multiple renting factors.

Boating Tours & Sightseeing In Miami

Best Boat Rental in Miami

From the coral reefs of Biscayne Bay to the meandering marshes of the Everglades, you will find plenty of waterways to explore during your boating vacation in Miami. on the water is a special way to see this waterfront city. Marvel at the skyscrapers of Downtown, cruise to quiet islands, or party at the sandbar.

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Weather In South Florida

Of course, you should keep in mind the weather when planning your experience on the water. Miami is the ideal location for a yacht charter while on vacation because of the incomparable weather. With winters ranging in the 70°s and summers in the 90°s, theres no wrong time to visit. But while the climate is typically mild and blissful, pay attention to the weather forecast leading up to your trip. If youre traveling to South Florida in the cooler months of the year, be sure to pack some layers to wear while on your sailing trip, especially if you plan to go sailing in the evening. If youre traveling during the summer months, remember to take extra precautions when it comes to sun care, and keep in mind the high chance of showers.

When planning to rent a boat in Miami, you should also pay attention to the wind patterns, which can vary from light and breezy in the summer to slightly stronger throughout the rest of the year. Dress accordingly if you plan to travel during those months. The wind shouldnt have much of an affect on your time on the water as long as you prepare yourself for what to expect while out on your charter.

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Want To Go Boating In Miami

Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental offers the best boat tours in Miami.

The best party boats and cruises in Miami! Boat tour customers get to enjoy boating on our new and beautiful boats.

We welcome everyone! Boat parties, 2-hour cruises, 4-hour cruises, private boat tours, sandbar cruises, we have something for everybody.

Unmatched Miami Tour Agency! Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental allows up to 6 passengers per boat with no additional costs. Gas and captained are to be paid separately but all fees are ALWAYS disclosed upfront. Dont have any bad surprises with your Boat tour!

Relax and spend the day boating on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida! Boat tours are available every day and are easy to book.

Rent a boat from Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental. South Floridas most convenient boat tour agency in Miami. Learn how to drive a boat, bring your captain or choose from our list, sight-see, and explore Miami from your unforgettable boat tour! Private cruise in Biscayne Bay boating with our boat tours. Miami skyline to admire as you ride on our boats. Go boating and discover Miamis marine wildlife. Your perfect private boat tour along the coastline or boating to Islands in Biscayne Bay. Explore sandbars and anchor there with our complimentary floating mat and other water toys in Biscayne Bay.

Boat Captains are always ready to handle the most creative tours, explorations, and/or Island beach parties.

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Why Choose Miami Boat Charters For Your Next Yacht Rental

If you are still wondering which yacht rental to select and which yacht rental company you should work with to get the best experience, look no further than Miami Boat Charters. We supply the biggest and newest selection of fully crewed Boat Charters, Luxury Yacht Rentals, and Party Boats in Miami Beach. With our experience in private, corporate, and special occasion charters, you will not need to worry about the small details as we take care of them.

Select from a wide selection of styles and sizes, ranging from 70 Luxurious Boats to 220 Mega Yachts. The most wonderful part about renting a Yacht from Miami Boat Charters is our highly experienced and trained Captains, who have an extensive understanding of the Islands. They can take you to their favourite spots that are not easily accessible. Experience luxury and exclusivity and make it an experience youll never forget. To learn more, drop us a mail at or give us a call at .

Choose The Correct Luggage

Featured: How to list your boat for rent with Boatsetter on WSVN Channel 7

When packing for a yacht rental in Miami, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the luggage itself. Opt for soft-sided luggage to carry in your trip as it folds away conveniently. Luggage, such as your hard shell suitcase, tends to take up too much space. Packing all your essentials in duffel bags can take care of that issue. Hard shell suitcases can also damage and scratch the high-quality paint and woodwork on the yacht.

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Explore Boat Rental Options In Miami

Want to charter a luxury yacht but dont know where to start? Weve got you covered. There are a few areas to choose for your sailing experience: Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Key Biscayne, Haulover Sandbar, and Coconut Grove.

The type of rentals available can vary from location to location, but you can expect anything from catamarans, sailboats, party boats and, of course, motor yacht charters. Use our advanced filters to find the vessel that best fits your style and expectations.

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Best Tips For Renting A Boat In Miami

Type of boat, equipment on board, safety equipment, insuranceRenting a boat is particularly enjoyable when you want to sail away, explore wild creeks or get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists. If you are looking at renting a boat in Miami, its better to know a few tricks before you set off. Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental, a Miami boat tour and boat rental specialist, is happy to share with you 6 tips for a safe and relaxing boat rental experience.

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The Best Miami Boat Rental Services

Find the best boat rentals in Miami. Rent 20 foot Miami bow rider boats. Miami rentals allow 8 guests per boat. Rentals come fully loaded with seats, built-in coolers and shades. Stern drives with open bow area.

Miami Rent Boat lets you be your own captain in Miami. Rent a boat to drive and enjoy! Visit sandbars with a private boat rental. Rent boats for the day in Miami, Florida.

Miami Boat Rentals:

Protect Yourself From The Sun

Luxury Motor Boat Rental Miami, FL

When you are going on a yacht rental in Miami, you do not want to return home with a severe sunburn. The tropical sun, the sea breeze, the waters reflection, and the bright white surfaces can add to the sunburn. One thing you must not forget to carry is a high SPF. Apart from that, it would help if you also protect yourself from the sun with the help of sunglasses, hats, and long-sleeved clothing. You should also avoid bringing tanning oil as teak decks, and cushions can be stained with them.

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Hourly Miami Boat Rental Services

Rental options for boaters, boating Miami… You can go boating for one hour, two hours or more. Get half-day boat rentals and full-day boat rentals at a discount! Everything is included in the price of the boats for rent. The longer you rent a boat, the bigger the discount when renting.

  • Drive a boat, with 8 People riding boat!
  • Gas, Water & Ice are Included on boats.

Miami Hourly Boating Options:

boatingDrive a boat

When Is The Best Time For Yacht Rentals In Miami

There are two main time periods that are considered a good time to go sailing in Miami for different reasons.

In general, is a good time to go as it is in these months that Miami experiences its best weather. During these months, there is a lot of sunshine and a low chance of rain, making the conditions ideal for renting a yacht.

However, early November to the start of December is also a good time to go as this period is typically the least busy and also the cheapest. If you do decide on a Miami yacht charter during this period, though, you should beware of hurricane season and insure that you have the relevant insurance.

It should be noted that if you want a quiet, less crowded holiday, you should avoid a yacht rental in Miami during all of the main American school holiday periods, especially the summer holidays, spring break and Christmas.

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