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Boats By George Lake George

Welcome To The Lake George Steamboat Company Adirondack Gift Shop

Boating Safely on Lake George

Plying the crystal-clear mountain waters of the “Queen of American Lakes” since 1817, our family of fresh-water steamers have provided unique experiences for Adirondack visitors of all walks and have contributed a vital transportation cornerstone for the improvement of the quality of life and the growth of the communities on our namesake lake.

We are pleased to have you with us today and trust you will find a unique keepsake or treasure as a token of your fond memories of Lake George. You will be certain to find a carefully curated selection of gift-worthy items just waiting to be exchanged with that special someone!

Welcome To Our Service Center

A brand new facility completed in 2016, the Boats By George service center is an investment in your boating satisfaction! Our state of the art facility houses over 20 employees who are fully trained and dedicated to keeping your boat running and looking as good as it did the day you bought it. Our service employees have a combined experience of over 150 years in the marine industry. Our techs are regularly trained and refreshed on all Cobalt, Chris Craft, Barletta, Malibu, Axis, Volvo Penta, and Mercury protocols. At this facility, roadside service is available, as well as a wide selection of marine parts. Our indoor rack storage has a capacity of nearly 400 boats. Come here for roadside service. If you’re looking for lakeside service, visit Boats By George “on the lake.” If you’re looking for new and used boat sales, visit our original flagship location, Boats By George showcase of boats!

About The Boats And Cruises

Are the boats handicap accessible?

Yes. Each boat is accessible by ramp. The Minne Ha Ha and the Lac du saint Sacrement both have lifts to the upper decks. The lift accommodates standard sized wheelchairs. If you have another type of wheelchair or mobility aid, please contact our office to check the lift weight and size capabilities. The Mohican is 1st deck accessible only.

Do the boats go out if it is raining?

Yes. We sail rain or shine.

If for any reason the Lake George Steamboat Company cancels a trip, we will offer you a full refund or reschedule your trip. If the weather is not ideal and you choose on your own not to sail, there will be no refund or rescheduling.

Are the boats air conditioned/heated?

The Minne Ha Ha and Mohican are not air conditioned. The Lac du Saint Sacrement is air conditioned and heated in the dining room areas only.

Is seating on the boats reserved?

Seating is reserved on the Lac du Saint Sacrement Cruises if you have purchased the cruise with buffet. Seating is also assigned by our staff for the Mohican Family Dinner Cruises . The indoor and outdoor seating on all other cruises is on a first come, first served basis and you select your seat after you board.

If you wish to be seated with other guests making their own online reservation for Dining, you MUST CALL the Ticket Office prior to the cruise you book. Seating is Pre-Assignedand cannot be changed the day of the cruise.

Is there entertainment on the cruises?

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Lake George Boat Inspections

Lake George is known as the Queen of American Lakes, and is one of the foremost natural treasures in the United States. It is one of the clearest large lakes in the world, and is a popular tourist destination for visitors from around the world. In 1988, the NYS Legislature established the Lake George Park Commission as a state agency to help protect Lake George for the future, while maintaining the resource as a high-use recreational lake for its millions of annual visitors.

One of the greatest threats to Lake George comes from aquatic invasive species. Invasive species are plants or animals which are not native to the region, and can cause significant ecological and economic impact to a waterbody. Currently, Lake George has five invasive species present in its waters. To date, more than $7 million has been spent working to control and eradicate these invasives, and this costly work is likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

With unanimous support from the nine municipalities around Lake George, the Commission voted to put a new regulatory program forward to require the inspection of all trailered boats prior to being launched into Lake George. This program follows similar successful efforts in many states and key waterbodies out in the western U.S., particularly Lake Tahoe.

Why Buy Used Boats

Boat Cruises on Lake George

Buying your first boat? Or even simply looking for your next one? Consider checking out the used boat inventory here at Yankee Boating Center. We offer a wide selection of pre-owned boats so you can find the one that’s right for you and your family. Stop by one of our locations in Lake George, Clayton, & Diamond Point, New York, and ask one of our friendly staff to give you the full tour.

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Boats By George To Buy Lg Forum

A smaller line of outboards may be part of the new inventory.

On the blank canvas of an empty arena, George Pensel dreams.

The arenas cement floor, with its oval the size of an Olympic hockey rink, will become a sea of boats. The locker rooms become window-walled sales offices. That big overhead door in the corner will open for 40-foot boats. The wall that separates the arena space from the front lobby of the building will largely be removed, and a greeter will stand there to meet people.

George Pensel, owner and founder of Boats by George on Route 149 in Queensbury, is in the process of buying the Lake George Forum, and he has ideas for the former hockey and event space: 49,000 square feet of them.

The headquarters of his company will move from Route 149 to the Forum at 2200 Route 9, just south of Lake George Village.

He’ll leave behind an 8,000 square foot showroom where he has sold his primary line–Cobalt Boats–since 1982 and enter the 29,000 square foot arena, Pensel said.

As my business grows, Im going to grow with it, he said during an interview today.

The sales staff and managers along with financing administrators will move there, too. Boating accessories will be sold where the lobby’s cafe now sits. The kitchen that served the cafe back when the Forum hosted high school hockey and tournaments will remain, but behind a wall.

He may just add a sixth line of boats, a smaller line of outboards more suited to the smaller lakes and ponds of the Adirondack Park.

Welcome To Our Marina

At Boats By George at Sandy Bay, you will find lakeside gas and pump out services, as well as a fully stocked ship store with all of your lakeside living apparel, boating accessories, and supplies! Patty’s Water Sports Boutique is also present at this location specializing in stand up paddle board sales, rentals and lessons, and O’Brien water sports gear such as tubes, water skis, wakeboards, and more! Boats By George’s premier Quick Launch service is operated out of this location. Lakeside service is also available here. If you need roadside service, visit our brand new service center location. Limited amounts of new boat inventory can be found at this location. If you’re looking for new and used boat sales, visit our showcase of boats.

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Lac Du Saint Sacrement Sundaychampagne Brunch Cruise

Please select Champagne Cruise & Brunch for the cruise with meal

or Sunday Noon Sightseeing Cruise for cruise only.

If Dining Buffet indicates Sold Out, limited seating may still be available.Please call ticket office for reservations

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to be seated with other guests making their own online reservation for Dining, you MUST CALL the Ticket Office prior to the cruise you book. Seating is Pre-Assignedand cannot be changed the day of the cruise.

The Drive Behind Their Success & Expansion

Adirondack Summer Episode 2: Launching a boat into Lake George 4k

So Boats by George has a gorgeous showroom, two functioning marinas, and a top of the line service center. They offer a wide range of boats and prices to accommodate any boaters needs. But perhaps what really sets them apart is their number one goal: that boaters dont miss any boating time.

Summer is a short season, and every day that a person goes without their boat is a huge disappointment, Pensel explained to us. When a customer purchases a boat if anything happens that puts them out of commission well get them a new boat to use. No one is ever left high and dry.

The service department is geared towards giving every boater every opportunity they have to use their boat while theyre here in Lake George during the boating season. Its pretty rare that one of their boats will actually be unusable for an extended period of time, but when and if issues come up Boats by George is 100% ready to handle it and get you back out on the water where you belong.

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A New Marina & Expanded Services

The crew at Boats by George knew opportunity was knocking when Warner Bay Dockage was put up for public sale. It was located just around the corner from their current marina in Cleverdale, on the east side of Lake George, and would allow them to expand with an additional 55 spaces to store boats, as well as the ability to store larger boats, as big as 40 feet, helping them to service customers in the market for bigger watercraft.

All things combined made it a great situation, Adam Pensel told us Adam is one of owner George Pensels sons. It was a smooth transition.

After taking ownership of Warner Bay, Boats by George has steadily made some upgrades. Theyve revamped the parking lot, renovated the bathrooms, and are making various other improvements for existing tenants.

Looking Ahead To The Future

When asked if Boats by George is itching to expand their presence even more on Lake George, or perhaps on other lakes, Pensel responded that theyre always keeping an eye out for a great opportunity.

If something were to come available that made sense, wed take a hard look at it, he said.

Theyd take a look at factors like the exact location, if there was access to the lake, what the accessibility to docks would be, and what kind of boats it could accommodate.

Boats by George has been in business for over 35 years, and their recent expansions with the additional marina and boat line are a clear reflection of their success. When it comes to their most prized possession, boaters simply trust Boats by George.

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Lac Du Saint Sacrement Sunset Dinner Cruisesmonday St Louis Ribssunday Prime Rib

2.25 HOURS

Prepared fresh daily, our dinner buffet offers a Carving Station, Chicken, Fish and a Vegetarian option, full salad bar, fresh baked rolls with butter, vegetable du jour, baby roasted potatoes, chefs choice dessert brought to your table and non alcoholic beverages. Bar available for separate purchase. After dining, relax in your seat, enjoy the entertainment or head topside to enjoy the fresh air on the outer decks. Cruise by beautiful mountain wilderness areas on the crystal clear waters of Lake George while enjoying the Adirondack sunset. The Saints dining room is climate controlled for your comfort.

No outside food or drinks on the boat.


Round Up Your Family And Join Us For A Vacation Of Fun

Photos at Lake George Steamboat

With Chics Marina, you no longer need a friend with a boat. We offer Wave-Runner and Jet-Ski Rentals, Tubing, Paddleboard Rentals, Banana Boat Rides, and Captained Boat Rides. We are a one stop solution for all your on-the-water fun for your familys vacationSo, when are you planning your next adventure?

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Mohican Full Lake Cruise

6 HOURS * Length varies if no stops

We offer the only complete tour of Lake George. View the lakes serene beauty from the decks of the oldest, continuously operated and inspected ship in the USA. Built in 1908, the Mohican has been offering cruises on Lake George for over 100 years! Stunning mountain wilderness areas, islands, historic mansions and the beauty of the lake itself await. The Captains narration fully describes the history, geological formation of the basin and the lakes present ecological balance. Our gift shop across Beach Road offers books of the Adirondack area, Steamboat Clothing and many other souvenirs.

Lake Georges North is TRULY DIFFERENT from its South!

Departure Times

Boat Prices In Lake George

The price for boats in Lake George range from $7,596 up to $729,960, with an average boat value of $57,400. When researching what boat to buy, keep in mind the vessel’s condition, age and location, and be sure to research the top cities in your area as well as the top states in the country, such as Florida, Texas, Michigan, North Carolina and California.

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Minne Ha Ha Paddlewheel Cruises


Cruises aboard our authentic Sternwheel Steamboat, Minne Ha Ha, take you on a tour of Lake Georges Southern Basin. Imagine the way people traveled our lake over 100 years ago! Step back in time, as the Calliope, powered by steam from the vessels boiler, serenades you while you board. Enjoy beautiful views of the Adirondack Mountains and see stately homes along the waters edge. This one hour trip is fun for all ages!

Mohican Paradise Bay Cruise

Lake George boating. Weekend getaway.
2.75 HOURS

The Paradise Bay Cruise is one of our more scenic excursions, offering views of lovely lakeside scenery and homes. Absorb the serenity of the Islands of the Narrows and the magnificent Adirondack Mountains. If Weather and Boat Traffic Conditions allow safe navigation, the Captain will skillfully maneuver through the channel and into Paradise Bay. Learn about Lake Georges points of interest, its history, geology and ecology.

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Boats By George Teases A Premium Boat Club Venture

June 2, 2022Hot Copy

But first things first he hastened to emphasize. We would have to get approved with the Lake George Park Commission.

Mr. Pensel said he tried a boat share program in 1990 at the King Neptune lounge in Lake George Village, but at the time my business was too young, and not enough capital to carry it and get it started.

What makes it more appealing now? Well, first of all, its more of a proven machine that works. We see it working at Freedom Boat Club, the international boat sharing franchise that Matt and Becky OHara brought to Lake George in 2016. They operate it now in the former Dunhams Bay Marina, renamed Queen Boat Company.

Plus Mr. Pensel said, It helps cultivate new business new owners, people may start out there and then move on.

Its a little different from the rental business, because youre dealing with somebody who learns and understands what theyre doing, he said.

Mr. Pensel said he prefers this approach over renting to somebody new every day. They may not know anything.

He said, Freedom Boat Club is a very good boat club, they have nice boats. But there are people that want the premium boat, the Cobalt or the Chris-Craft or the high end. That would be a possible area that we would be very natural to serve.

Boats by Georges move into LG Forum maybe August 2023

Boats by Georges move into the former Lake George Forum building that George Pensel bought has no completion date.

Boats By George Owner Plans To Make Lake George Forum A Year

Boats By George founder George Pensel recently purchased the Lake George Forum and envisions it as a year-round boat show.

The companys purchase of the 50,000-square-foot arena is more than a savvy business move.

This is something I have been dreaming about for the past four or five years, but boating has been a part of me since my family began in the business in 1948. I worked as a dock hand at age 15, and from there continued to learn and work in the business. When my dad decided to step away from it, I guess you could say there was a spark in me, said Pensel.

This was a space I had interest in a few years ago but the timing wasnt right. This time around it was, said Pensel.

Pensel said although the property needs cosmetic updates, structurally it does not need major renovations. His vision for the space is for visitors to feel as though they are at a boat show. Pensel said there will be memorabilia and other exhibit-type aspects to the facility.

My vision for this space will be above and beyond, almost like going to a trade show. Well have some real special items of interest like classic pieces, said Pensel.

The current location on Route 149, Pensel said, will still operate as a place for storage, used boats, and as a work space for boat renovations. They will also continue to operate two marinas at Sandy and Warner bays.

The new location, Pensel, said allows for better traffic flow, in addition to offering much needed square footage.

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Mohican Family Dinner Cruises


Discover our Mohican Family Dinner Cruises. Fun for the whole family. The cruises sail Tuesday through Saturday during the summer . The perfect vacation meal and cruise combo! Seating is assigned on Mohican Family Dinner Cruises. If you wish to be seated with other guests making their own online reservation for Dining, you MUST CALL the Ticket Office prior to the cruise you book. Seating is Pre-Assignedand cannot be changed the day of the cruise.

If you are unable to make reservations on our web reservations system, please call our ticket office for assistance at 518-668-5777. These cruises are popular and tend sell out in advance. The date you want may also have been privately chartered.

** ONLY SERVICE DOGS ALLOWED ON MOHICAN FAMILY DINNER CRUISES.No emotional support dogs, no dogs in carriers.

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