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Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

Plews & Edelmann Lubrimatic Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

How to grease wheel bearings on a boat trailer

Do you find it troublesome thinking over what type of grease for trailer wheel bearings for you to invest in? Then, you better stop frowning from now on and see for yourself how this marine grease product can help you solve your problem.

If youre wondering what makes this product a good choice to consider, then the answer to your question is this marine greases unique water-insoluble formulation that is specifically meant for marine applications. And, it can offer paramount protection from harsh weather conditions that make it quite beneficial for different marine applications. It also comes with anti-corrosion properties so it can ensure that your vessel is properly taken care of.

  • Unreliable to use for heavy-duty applications
  • Comes with not so affordable price

Valvoline Synpower Synthetic Automotive Grease

Choosing a trustworthy grease is a difficult task, considering the number of existing automotive grease products in the market these days. If you want to keep your RV in top condition, you need to invest in a trustworthy grease like Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease.

What I like about this particular grease is the variety of applications. I can use it not only on my wheel bearings, slide-out mechanism, and RV door hinges. For me, this is perfect for applying grease on tight spots. All I have to do is to squeeze it nicely on the parts where I want to grease. Its so easy to use I didnt need

Another positive feature of this is its excellent performance even on high and low temperatures. This is the ideal grease to use especially during the winter season. The consistency of the grease is not affected by an increase or drop of temperature. This means that I can rely on this product no matter the season and wherever I decide to go.

My only problem with this particular lubricant is it separates after long storage. It is true that we are not using grease and other lubricants all the time. With this minor concern, I have to reapply the grease to maintain that parts optimal performance.

What Is The Grease For Boat Trailer Bearings

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of grease for boat trailer bearings is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the grease for boat trailer bearings listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

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Is It Time To Get A New Grease For Boat Trailer Bearings

Youre looking for a new grease for boat trailer bearings. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

What To Know Before Buying Rv Levels


How We Picked

Picking the right lubricant to keep your travel trailer wheel bearing in tip-top shape is never easy. That is why we had to develop a comprehensive system of determining the best possible product that will suit your needs. Here are what we considered in our selection of the best grease for travel trailer wheel bearings.

Type Of Grease

We recognize the fact that different people may have other travel trailers or requirements for lubrication. That is why we tried to include as many kinds of grease in our review. This will help you determine the best possible option for your needs.

Multipurpose grease is excellent for general applications. They are also inexpensive. The only downside is that many of these products are not specific to wheel bearings.

Moly grease is a type of general-purpose lubricant enriched with molybdenum. This gives it exceptional strength in high-pressure automotive dynamics. In general, moly grease is never ideal as a wheel bearing grease. However, some car manufacturers recommend their use. That is why we also included this type of grease in our review.

Some people may also feel the need for ion-based grease. The ions can be calcium, lithium, or white lithium. Again, it is a multipurpose grease that may not be specific for wheel bearings.

Drum and disc brake wheel bearing grease are particular to wheel bearings. They have exceptional temperature ratings that should help protect your travel trailers wheel bearings.

  • NLGI Classification

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Plews & Edelmann Lubrimatic 11404 Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

If you are still feeling baffled about what type of grease for trailer wheel bearings to buy, then you may take a careful look at this brand. You can use this for swivel hinges, anchor chain reels, wheel bearings, winches and pins. This option has been regarded as one of the top-rated picks by countless of boat trailer owners due to its superb quality and dependable performance.

One of the reasons why it is unnecessary to hesitate to buy this grease or not is the fact that it is well worth the money paid for it. It is dependable in offering outstanding corrosion shield against harsh environmental conditions brought about by wind, water and marine environment.

  • Not the right pick for those who prefer cheaper options
  • Not reliable in terms of heavy-duty sort of applications

Should You Get A Trailer With Greased Bearings Or Oil Filled Hubs

Youre running down the highway at 65-mph with your boat in tow, its zero-dark-early in the morning, and the last thing you need right now is a boat trailering disaster. Suddenly, theres a strange vibration in the steering wheel. Then the grinding sound of metal on metal drowns out the pre-fishing tunes on your truck radio. You move your foot from the gas pedal to the brake, glance in the sideview mirror, and see a cloud of smoke so thick youd think you were in SoCal during peak fire season.

Pull over, quick! Your wheels about to fall off, because you just blew out a trailer bearing.

Have you ever lived this trailer-boating nightmare? Its not unlikely many of us have experienced it one time or another, and dedicated trailer boaters pay a lot of attention to their bearings condition and regular maintenance. While were all used to dealing with grease bearings, oil-filled bearings have become a more common option. But which is really better for trailer boaters? Shocker alert: the manufacturers of each product say theirs is best.

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Can I Mix Marine Grease With Regular Grease

Before deciding whether you have to mix two substances, you have to know more about marine grease vs regular grease. Both of them do the same job but marine grease leaves the surface with corrosion inhibitors. Its absorbed into materials so it sticks very well.

In the case of regular grease, it does lubricate but it gives in to washout so the surface is unprotected. Now that you know how they work, its best to not mix them, especially if you yearn for protection apart from lubrication. When you blend regular grease with marine grease, their abilities may wane. Thus, marine grease comparison is crucial.

Plews & Edelmann Lmx Red High

How to grease the wheel bearings on a boat trailer

If you want to prolong the life of your bearings, you certainly need a reliable automotive grease. But with all the available products in the market, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. If you are looking for the top-rated RV wheel bearing greaser, this high-performance grease from Plews & Edelmann will help you.

What I like about this product is the convenience. It is easy to use. I can easily apply the grease on the axle bearing and wheel bearing.

Another feature that I like is the consistency of the grease. It is soft enough to be applied to the bearings. It does not drip easily, thus remaining on the spot where it was applied. In addition, this grease has an anti-corrosion property which prevents gradual damage to my bearings. This is advantageous because I wont have to think about getting a replacement soon.

This grease for RV trailer bearings is also an ideal one for vehicles frequently used in wet locations. This is because of its water-insoluble properties. There are times that my RV wheels are wet due to road conditions during rainy and winter seasons. With this, Im confident that the bearings are always well-lubricated.

My only concern about this product is the way it is unfit for heavy duty applications. While this is a highly reliable and very protective grease, I would rather use other products for heavy-duty lubricating purposes.

  • Not for heavy-duty applications

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Other Important Factors To Consider

What is boat trailer bearing grease and how does it work?

Boat trailer bearing grease are products that are especially manufactured not solely to take the cold or hot cycles while greasing the bearings, these are also made to aid in tolerating a specific amount of water intervention and still lubricate.

Such product works by keeping the vessel trailer in the best possible condition and help prolong its lifespan. This helps guarantee that the bearings are completely safeguarded and properly lubricated in order to impede water from penetrating the bearings. It is practical to use for greasing winches and other components as well.

What are the different types of greases for boat trailer bearings?

Wheel bearing grease for boat trailers come in many distinct kinds. Essentially, it is practical to learn more about them so that you could delve into their different properties. In so doing, you can come up with well-thought-of decision regarding the best option for your current needs.

  • Calcium-based Grease

Such type of wheel bearing grease comes with very superior waterproof feature. Nonetheless, it is not ideal for extreme temperatures. If you wish, it is also possible to opt for a sodium-based grease as this comes with stellar temperature resistance but not good enough to resist water. This is the reason why they are seen as impractical to use for greasing the wheel bearing.

  • Multipurpose Grease
  • White-lithium Grease
  • Disc and Drum Wheel Bearing Grease
  • Lithium-based Grease

Timken Premium Wheel Bearing Grease

Bearings should always be protected against natural elements such as water and dust to prevent it from corroding. If your bearings and drums need an anti-corrosive and anti-wear grease, this one from Allstar will make sure it is protected at all times.

What I like about this automotive grease are its anti-wear properties. It reduces the chances of wear and tear of the bearings every time I drive the RV on off-road tracks. With this feature, I can ensure the longevity of the bearings of my RV.

I also like the fact that this grease can withstand high temperatures, ranging from -49 degrees Fahrenheit up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a reliable grease to use during summer because the bearings can be really hot during these times.

Another that I like is the consistency of the grease. This product is under the category of NLGI #2, meaning the grease is soft to touch. Because of the texture and consistency, the grease is easy to apply.

Because this grease is highly adhesive, it gets a little harder to clean. This is really time-consuming because I have to clean out the old grease before applying a new one. Aside from this, I have no other concerns or problems regarding this product.

  • Difficult to clean

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How Often Should I Grease My Boat Trailer Bearings

The short answer is as regularly as you can. The long answer mainly addresses the as you can part of the short answer. How often you should grease your boat trailer bearings depends on a variety of factors, including the type of trailer, the average load weight it has to bear, and even the size of the wheel. Many manufacturers will recommend that you check and lubricate the wheels on our boat trailer at least every 10,000 miles.

For small wheels, you might have to do that more frequently, such as once every 2,000 miles. The general rule of thumb here is that the smaller the tire, the faster your trailer is going on average, the more stress it has to bear, and the more frequently you need to grease things.

Inspect Bearings And Bearing Races

WEST MARINE 1 lb. Wheel Bearing Grease

Check the old grease that the seals, washers, and bearings were packed in for small metal filings or fragments, which are an indication that the bearings and/or the races have worn. A blackened color for the grease indicates the hub has been overheating. Overheating hubs are generally caused by failed wheel bearings or by the axle nuts being over-tightened. Replace worn bearings and bearing races immediately.

PRO TIP: Use a bearing race tool to seat the new races within the hub. If you dont own a bearing race tool set, take one of the old races, position it over the new race and carefully hammer the old race to set the new race into the hub.

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How Do You Put Grease On Boat Trailer Bearings

The process is fairly simple, though it is important that you know what youre doing to execute it well. If youre not sure about your ability to carry out the steps, consider taking your boat trailer to a professional to have the grease application done for you.

Start by securing the vessel on a jack. Tidy the races and hub with white spirit, making sure to hold the races away from each other. You should have a socket on hand to use as a pusher, which you can then lengthen by gently tapping on it with a large hammer. The race will begin to come out. Now tidy all the bearings with white spirit. Do not lubricate the breaks, whatever you do. Check the bearings for any signs of wear and tear. If they are worn, then they definitely need to be replaced. Embed the new lube seal so it covers the bearings all the way round. Once youre done, tap it gently into place. Now reassemble your bearings and hub. You can then push the hub back onto its axle. If the lube has a tendency to stick, gently tap it with a hammer to coerce it into place.

Quick Guide To Greasing Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings

  • Slightly loosen lug nuts. Jack up the wheel.
  • Shake wheel, inspect for wobble.
  • Spin wheel. Does it spin smoothly?
  • Remove wheel to expose hub.
  • Remove dust cap, cotter pin, axle nut, and washer.
  • Inspect existing grease for water or debris.
  • Pull hub toward you and remove outer bearing.
  • Pull hub off and remove seal and inner bearing.
  • Wipe all bearings and races clean with a clean rag.
  • Inspect bearings and races for rust, pitting, or deformity.
  • Clean all surfaces fully.
  • Press fresh marine grease into the bearings.
  • Insert inside bearing into race and reinstall grease seal.
  • Put hub back onto spindle and insert outer bearing.
  • Replace the washer and fully tighten nut to seat the parts.
  • Back off the nut and then hand tighten.
  • Replace the cotter pin and dust cap.
  • Replace the wheel and tighten lug nuts.
  • Lower wheel to ground and fully tighten lug nuts.

Repeated submersion of the wheels into water and sediment make it necessary to always have fresh grease on your boat trailer wheel bearings.

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How Often Should You Grease Travel Trailer Wheel Bearings

The current recommendation is to apply the appropriate grease to your travel trailer wheel bearings after every 10,000 miles or at least once every year, whichever comes first. Small travel trailers require more frequent lubrication of their wheel bearings. It can be as often as every 2,000 miles because of the faster revolution of the small wheel. You should also consider the weight of your load. Frequent heavy loads may require more frequent lubrication changes to the wheel bearings. You should always consult the service manual of the travel trailer. Ideally, you should learn how to tell if trailer bearings need grease.

Do You Need Bearing Buddies

How To Service Boat Trailer Bearings

You certainly dont need bearing buddies on your boat trailer. That been said, installing the buddies on your boat trailer will definitely help prolong the life span of the bearings. The maintenance cost and time will also be reduced. So it is one of those things that will make your life easier. Here is a link to the bearing buddy on amazon.

Here are links to the stuff I use when servicing my trailer

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How Do You Grease A Travel Trailer Wheel Bearing

Always check your travel trailers manual for instructions on how you can repack the wheel bearing with grease. In general, the steps for applying grease on your trailer wheel bearings include the following.

  • Place wheel chocks on the tire opposite the one where you are going to lubricate.
  • Remove the dust cap.
  • Pull the wheel hub to expose and remove the castellated nut.
  • Remove the tab that secures the castellated nut and unscrew the nut.
  • Spin the wheel gently to loosen the outer bearing.
  • Remove the hub and wheel.
  • Remove the grease seal of the inner bearing by tapping the inner bearing first.
  • Remove the bearing and examine for signs of wear and tear or damage.
  • Clean the bearings and other wheel components.
  • Pack the right grease into the bear pack and the hub.
  • Replace all the parts in reverse order.

Best Grease For Boat Trailer Bearings

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Today well explore the best grease for boat trailer bearings. This will help you narrow down the products to choose from in a market with overwhelming variety.

There is also a buyers guide and FAQ section to help you know more in case you want to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Lets dive in.

  • Best Grease for Boat Trailer Bearings Conclusion
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