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Who Makes The Best Aluminum Bass Boat

Bass Boat Buying Guide

TOP 3 Budget Bass Boat Brands! Best Aluminum Bass Boats! WATCH BEFORE BUYING!

Theres more to buying a bass boat than simply looking up popular brands. You need to know exactly what youre looking for, especially if its your first time purchasing a boat. Even the best brands can prove unsatisfying if you dont buy the boat that fits your needs.

So, here are some basic yet important things you should consider about a bass boat:

Best Bass Boats Unbiased Review

Choosing the best bass boats can be like picking the right lure there are many interesting choices and all will catch fish to some degree, To help you cull your list, BoaterInput polled a number of current bass boat owners to find out which brands they would consider if shopping for a new boat.

But let me begin by mentioning that fiberglass bass boat owners are, in my experience, the most knowledgeable of all boat owners in terms of boat brands. This is because they tend to be avid anglers who use their boats a lot and like to stay up-to-date on new products. Plus many compete in tournaments and therefore have an opportunity to see and/or experience other makes in action. For this reason, when bass boaters tell you which brands they like best, it is probably a good idea to listen to what they have to say.

What Is The Fastest Aluminum Bass Boat

Best Aluminum: Crestliner 1750 Bass Hawk If you have a bigger budget but like the idea of an aluminum hulls sturdiness , consider the Crestliner 1750 Bass Hawk. Its all-welded, deep-V hull measures 179 in length and it has a wide, 95 beam for extra stability.

Beside this, What are the top 5 bass boats?

Bass Cat Puma FTD. When we examined the BassCat Puma FTD, we determined many trends that set it aside from the crown. Crestliner 1750 Bass Hawk. Tracker Pro Team 190 TX. Triton 21 TRX.

Likewise, What is the best bass boat brand?

Best Overall Choice. Puma FTD SP. Check Latest Price. Best Premium Choice. Crestliner PT 20. Check Latest Price. Best Budget Choice. Skorpion 17. Check Latest Price. Sportsman 1910. Check Latest Price. Nitro Z21 Pro. Check Latest Price. Lund Pro V Bass XS. Check Latest Price. BC 210. Check Latest Price.

Also, Who makes the fastest bass boat?

Skeeter 2018 FX21LE Walk Around. Triton 21HP Bass Boat. NITRO Z21 Elite Bass Boat. Ranger Boats Z521L Comanche.

How fast will a 250 hp bass boat go?

55 mph to 60 mph

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Most Common Problems With Aluminum Boats

Aluminum boats are some of the most innovative boats currently being crafted.

Since the peak of aluminum boat construction began in the 1970s, thousands of boats have been made from this lightweight and durable material. Many of them are still in service today.

However, like all materials used to craft boats, there are many common issues that aluminum boats suffer from. Issues such as corrosion damage to the metal, temperature control within the cabin, and plain design aesthetics are common with aluminum boats.

Weve researched the most frequent problems plaguing these boats and listed them below, along with the resale value of several different types of aluminum boats:

Corrosion in saltwater is a major problem, but even freshwater boats can suffer from corrosion.

The biggest cause of corrosion is electrolysis. Electrolysis occurs with two dissimilar metals are in an electrolyte.

Saltwater is a much stronger electrolyte than freshwater, and boats often have stainless steel or bronze hardware attached to the hull.

These can set up corrosion by electrolysis. Even a copper penny lost in the bilge can cause corrosion.

Qingdao Allheart Marine Co Ltd

Who makes the Best Aluminum Bass Boat

It is one of the best aluminum bass boat manufacturers. Qingdao Allheart Marine Co., Ltd. is situated in the stunning New National District of the Qingdao West Coast. It is a high-tech marine manufacturing company with integrated aluminum yacht design, research development, production, sales, and service with all-around solutions.

All Heart Marine upholds the artisanal spirit of imagination, efficiency, and protection. With its high technical strength, it has a strong reputation in the international boat industry, rich industry experience, and industry-leading management capacity. We will escort them, whether it is a supreme business event or a fun water experience.

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Starcraft Freedom 160 Sc/tl And 180 Sc/tl

The StarCraft Freedom line is going to be of interest to anglers with kids, because of the low open deck with little elevated surface. Many aluminum fishing boats have raised casting decks and while those can be quite advantageous for fishing, if you have young children aboard youd probably be wishing for tall hullsides that keep them contained from bow to sternand with these models thats exactly what youll get.

Pricing for the TL is under the SC and 16-foot models can be several thousand dollars under our $20K budget with a 40 HP outboard, or slightly over for the 18-foot version with a larger 60- or 70-HP powerplant. Either way the boat comes with a livewell, two fishing seats, and those tall kid-containing hullsides.

Visit Starcraft Marine to learn more.

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New Vs Used Bass Boats

Purchasing a used bass boat comes with several benefits. For starters, it costs significantly cheaper than what you would spend buying a new one.

Then, theres also the fact that you get more boat for the money. A new boat of the same class would likely cost a lot more in comparison. Plus, you get great value for your money if you get a used boat thats in mint condition.

Now, we cant very well ignore the fact that you could also end up buying a lemon and land the very same headaches the initial boat owner was trying to get off their hands. Thats why its important to know what to look for when buying a used boat to ensure that you dont end up getting a raw deal.

There are several boat buying resources on the internet you can use to help you identify any red flags right away.

If you can, its also a good idea to buy from someone you know and trust. And, when you do go to inspect the boat, tag someone along from your local fishing club or a person whos well-versed in boats to help you identify any potential issues if youre not sure what you should be looking for.

Smokercraft Pro Angler Xl

Best Aluminum Bass Boat | Ranger Boats, Lowe Boats, Alumacraft Boats, & Bass Tracker?

This boat also has a deep hull with a lot of interior space. A large elevated bow casting deck covers deep storage lockers where you can stash bulky gear with more than enough room for a livewell. The lockable rod storage compartments keep your expensive equipment safely out of sight when not in use. The Hydra-Lift reverse system is a useful feature, and there are spray rails in the side panels to ensure a comfortable and dry ride.

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How To Choose The Best Bass Boats Buyers Guide

Buying a bass boat any boat can be an emotionally charged decision. You might take one look at a boat and immediately get taken by its smooth curves and general aesthetic. But, before you fork over a wad of cash, you might want to pause and think about the why behind your decision?

Here are a few things you need to think about before you spend your hard-earned cash on a vessel that may end up breaking your heart a few short weeks down the line.

Who Makes The Best Aluminum Bass Boat

Our Top Picks

Should I buy an aluminum or fiberglass boat?

Foot-for-foot, aluminum boats are historically less expensive than fiberglass boats. Since aluminum boats are lighter than boats of the same size made with fiberglass, they also gain an economic edge when it comes to powering and operational expense.

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Princecraft Platinum Se 227

The 22-feet long Princecraft Platinum SE 227 lets you enjoy fishing with your family and friends.

It comes with a roaring horsepower ranging from 175 to 350 hp. One thing to notice here is that most aluminum bass boats cant even achieve a maximum of 150 hp.

So this boat has one of the most spacious interiors to accommodate 11 people without compromising on speed and stability.

With three types of storage compartments and live well capacity, it has everything you wish to enjoy a relaxing fishing day.

This high-end boat comes with extra-wide gunnels to ensure the safety of people standing near the casting deck.

It has all the deluxe amenities such as cup holders, ski pole mount, and seat base.

The 17-gallon live well is one of the largest bait wells you will find in the fishing boats.

Having said that, all these luxuries come at a very high price, but they are worth the money.


  • Recommended for large families only
  • Pricey

Xpress Xplorer Xp200 Catfish

Top 10 Aluminum Bass Boat Manufacturers List with Review

Bass anglers who enjoy hunting in the off-season will want to check out the Xpress XP200 Catfish, which is covered in camo from bow to stern. List price sits just over $26,000 with a Yamaha VF115LA outboard, and also includes a trailer.

This boat features a longer, deeper cockpit than most bass boats, so youll have plenty of room for decoy bags and extra gear as well as tackle boxes and rods. But you still get complete bass boat utility including pedestal fishing seats, a Minn Kota Edge trolling motor, an aerated livewell, and a Humminbird PiranhaMax 4 fishfinder, all included standard.

Visit Xpress Boats to learn more.

Are there other good choices out there which also meet this pricing bar? Absolutely. Should you limit your search to these 10 boats only, when you go looking for your next bass fishing machine? No way. But these 10 most affordable bass boats each have unique perks, features, or attributes that set them apart from the crowd.

So if youre on the hunt for a bass boat and youd like to keep the budget at or below the cost of an average new car, make sure you check out these options.

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Best Aluminum Fishing Boats Top 10 Picks For 2021

by Kyle WUpdated on July 2, 2021.

Boat Safe is a community supported site. We may earn comission from links on this page, but we have confidence in all recommended products.

If youre in the market for a new fishing boat and arent quite sure which one to get, have you considered buying an aluminum vessel? For one thing, theyre cheap certainly cheaper than getting any of the ones made from fiberglass. They are also quite light a feature youll soon appreciate the moment you have to push it off of or on to sandbars.

Theres also the fact that they can take more of a beating than boats with a polyester construction. Not to mention that they are extremely low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant. So, they typically dont have any lifetime limit to them.

Nonetheless, to reap these benefits, you have to ensure you get the best aluminum fishing boat for your angling needs. In this guide, weve reviewed the top 10 picks and put together a comprehensive buyers guide to help you choose the best one.

The Alumacraft Trophy 205 represents the next frontier in heavy-gauge aluminum fishing boats. It is built with the latest livewell technology, comes with spacious storage for all your fishing gear, as well as adjustable ergonomic seating for those long days spent out on the water.

It also has a lockable 8 in. rod compartment and several other fishing accessories guaranteed to give you a memorable experience while youre out fishing.

Absolute Peace Of Mind

Aluminum also comes with a quality that in fiberglass is difficult to find: absolute peace of mind. Cox appreciates the extreme reliability of a smoothly welded hull: You have to know that your boat will take whatever you need to go to catch fish. Often that means getting into some crazy places where you rely on that ship to perform at the highest level.

Fiberglass does not offer you the same utter sense of protection.

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The Center Beach Seat Live Well

With a live well fixed into the center beach seat, the best aluminum bass boats come with a live well. This living well is filled by the anglers gears weight through a hole at the bottom.

If you opt for a single hole system boat, if the boat tips to one side, you could face limited water circulation with most of the water running out of the boat. For longer periods, a living well offers more protection while fishing.

If you cannot afford an aluminum bass boat with a live well built, you can always build one by using easy tactics. If money isnt a problem, we suggest getting a boat with two holes to ensure that water is properly circulated.

Using a two-hole design ensures that it will spill out from the other hole when the boat sails from side to side, even though water enters through one hole. This means the level of water still stays high. Living well is an important aspect, so when purchasing the best aluminum bass boat, you need to choose wisely.

Best Bass Boats Top 7 Picks For 2021

TOP 3 BEST BASS BOATS UNDER 15K! Watch Before Buying! Budget Boats!

by Kyle WUpdated on May 31, 2021.

Boat Safe is a community supported site. We may earn comission from links on this page, but we have confidence in all recommended products.

People go boating for several reasons. Sometimes you just want to spend some quality time with your family out on the water. In other instances, you may want to entertain some friends and catch a couple of beers while youre at it.

For some, its the perfect opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and spend a night or two surrounded by nothing but the open ocean. Most boats are designed to do a bit of everything. You can use them for angling, day cruising, entertaining, and even for overnighting.

Bass boats, on the other hand, are slightly different. You cant use them for anything other than freshwater fishing. They are highly-focused and specifically built to give you the best and most efficient fishing experience yet.

Although they are called bass boats, you can also use them to catch other kinds of freshwater fish. That being said, weve reviewed the 7 best bass boats and put together a comprehensive buyers guide to help you choose the best vessel for your needs.

Having been around since 1971, Bass Cat is no stranger to the boating space. The company continues to outdo itself year after year in building some of the best bass boats in the industry right now.

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Lund 1875 Crossover Xs

When speaking about, Lund 1875 XS is a multi-species boat, definitely not a bass boat any more today. That said, if we desired to encompass as a minimum one boat of this style in our compilation due to the fact an extensive wide variety of bass aficionados who fish with the own circle of relatives in lakes and rivers which can get hard will want to choose this style, and which has deep gunwales that corral the children and a tall bow that breaks the waves.

And even as it could now no longer be the best for bassing, it does nevertheless provide the basics: pedestal fishing seats, an 18 gallon lighted live well, and a rod locker withinside the deck.

How Fast Will A Bass Boat Go

Presnall agreed, noting the popular models of fishing boats only have the capacity to go 35 to 50 miles per hour and even the big ones typically top out at 70 or 75 miles per hour. From a practical standpoint, you dont need to go over 70 miles per hour to do most of what you want to do on the water, he said.

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Ranger Rt188p: Msrp $27495

Ranger Boats has been in the aluminum bass boat market for quite some time now. For those wondering what the P means in the model number it stands for pad hull. Instead of the V shaped hull carrying through the length of the boat, the bottom flattens out and creates a pad. This type of design is found on many high-end bass boats and offers increased performance and efficiency.

The RT188P is designed and ready for an angler to upgrade to shallow water anchors if so-desired. While this does increase the price, this is a nice option to have. Many transoms on smaller aluminum bass boats are not configured or rated for this additional weight.

A shallow water anchor system could be added in the future after purchase and would make a handy option.

The RT188P is also thoughtfully laid out with port and center rod lockers that can handle a range of rod lengths. The center rod locker will easily store 8 rods up to 86 in length.

There are three locations where fiberglass has been incorporated into the design: the console, the bow panel, and a third seat/step. These features give this aluminum boat a sleek and stylish design.

The rear battery compart is spacious and opens towards the inside of the boat which is nice if anglers have any on-the-water issues they need to investigate.

Take a closer look at the Ranger RT188P.

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