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How To Install Boat Cover

How To Replace Marine Upholstery

Boat Cover Installation

If you spend a lot of time on your boat, your upholstery gets exposed to sun, wind, rain and other weather elements. Itll probably start to crack, tear or fade in time and need replacing. If youre wondering whether replacing marine upholstery is difficult to do and how quickly it can be done, here are some tips to help.

If You Dont Already Have A Cover

You know whats coming next- if you arent already covering your boat, you should be. Covering your boat gives you a ton of benefits, the main one being protecting it. There are of course other reasons to cover your boat, such as cutting down on cleaning time and preserving your boats value, whether you are planning on selling it one day or passing it on to your family.

For Your Bimini Top Boot Sunbrella Is A Great Choice

Choose long life fabrics such as Sunbrella® or similar fabrics with a 5 year minimum warranty for your bimini boot cover. If the warranty isnt listed, Google the name of the fabric along with the fabrics warranty, and you should get the information back on how long the manufacturer warranties the fabric. Pick the fabric that lasts the longest. That way, you will get the biggest bang for the buck.

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Redneck Convent Boat Cover Support System

Buying this support pole for my pontoon boat cover was one of the best ideas I followed. Plus, I did not have to spend a lot of money on the purchase.

This support pole is ideal for use for many watercraft as it worked well with appropriately-sized pontoons, jon boats, and carver boats. Furthermore, it expands from 28.5 to 51.25 in. Its expansibility is slightly shorter than some models. But, it is still long enough to cater to support most boat covers.

The pole also extends in two stages with a superb locking feel for each step, thanks to its twist-to-lock mechanism. It feels sturdy as it holds a tarp or boat cover. This model also provides above average results in preventing rainwater from pooling at a boat covers center.

Last but not least, this durable anodized aluminum support pole offers a reasonable price. Thus, it can become an ideal option for fairly limited spending allowances.

  • Slightly shorter than other support poles
  • It does not come with instructions.

Custom Fit / Exact Fit Covers

How to Install a Pontoon Boat Cover

Westland Custom Fit Boat Covers also known as Exact Fit Boat Covers are patterned for an exact boat make, model, and year resulting in a snug, tight fitting cover. Each Custom Fit Cover is built to snug at the boats rub rail. Each Westland Custom Boat Cover is suitable for mooring, trailering, and indoor or outdoor storage.

Cover Details

  • Each Custom Fit Cover is reinforced at key stress points.
  • A draw rope is sewn into every Custom Fit Covers hem.
  • Tie down loops are double sewn in an offset V around the covers hem for strength and to lessen strap twisting.
  • All Custom Fit Covers come with 12 black nylon straps with adjustable quick release buckles.

Available in the following fabrics:

  • 9.25 oz. Sunbrella Acrylic
  • 6 oz. Sharkskin

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Nexcover Support Pole For Boat Cover

This product can be the best budget-friendly pontoon boat cover support system on the market while still being able to provide great value to its users.

Opening its list of excellent features is its 6-stage multi-locking system. As the name of the trait implies, I can lock the device in six different places, providing optimal compatibility and versatility.

This locking mechanism benefits the telescoping pole, which extends from 12 to 54 in. It is a reasonable length, and it can be difficult to complain after seeing its price tag.

While on the subject of its costs, the manufacturer also gives its customers a 1-year worry-free warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee.

It seems that I may not avail of these advantages soon, but these offers still provide me with assurance, knowing that I can ask for my money back or request for part repairs and replacements if the product does not meet my requirements.

It also means that this boat cover support system is best used while the watercraft is staying still, such as when it is in storage. It is for that reason that this can be an excellent option to keep pontoon decks clean without worry of damages from covers while in storage.

  • There might be stability issues during trailering.

Pontoon Bimini Top Replacement Canvas

Bimini Top frames almost always outlast their canvases. Many times boat owners are faced with the choice of buying a complete new top or taking the risk of buying another manufacturers canvas in hopes of a good fit. Not anymore! Carver Industries has developed a pattern for a replacement canvas that is guaranteed to fit any manufacturers frame, and it is made right here in the USA! Shop Bimini Replacement Canvases now!

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Camco 41971 Pontoon Boat Cover Support

Superb value arrives into the boat cover support system sector with this kit. Its set of three supports, two hooked straps, and support plates provide excellent customer value from top to bottom.

It starts providing value with its easy-to-use telescoping structure. This design extends from 30 to 50 in. Furthermore, it is possible to lock the poles for each 2.5-in. increment, providing a total of 20 possible lock placements to use. Also, the pole length allows the kit to fit most pontoons up to 33-ft. in deck length.

Next, each pole is self-standing. But, if these poles have difficulties in providing adequate support, such as during strong winds, there are support plats and foam pads to protect the system from unwanted shifts.

When propped up, it creates enough room for a boat cover to protect the watercraft from different hazards, including rain, snow, and occasional bird droppings.

Its design also does not let water pool at the center, which would otherwise invite stagnant water. Keep in mind that excess moisture can still damage sturdy pontoon covers despite their waterproof traits.

Additionally, installing this kit is reasonably fast and convenient. Then, if I want to store it, most of the components, particularly the poles, become compact for easy storage.

  • Slightly more expensive

Leader Accessories Bimini Top

How to Install a T-Top Boat Cover | National Covers

This Leader Accessories bimini top comes with everything necessary, including the mounting hardware and the zippered storage boot. Moreover, the manufacturers also send instructions that are intended to teach you how to assemble the item.

You will probably find it beneficial that the mounting hardware is made of stainless steel and that the storage boot is color-coordinated with the rest of the bimini top. There are 13 colors and six different sizes of the product you can choose from. In addition to this, there are two fabric options 600D solution-dyed fabric and marine-grade 600D polyester canvas.

Another advantage is that the stitching is double overlapped to add more durability. Thanks to the fact that the legs are double-walled, the aluminum frame is very sturdy and reliable. Also, two nylon straps are attached to the front and the rear part of the structure.


  • Installing and assembling the structure is very easy.
  • The fabric of the cover is of very good quality.
  • You can choose from 13 colors and six sizes.
  • This bimini top features double overlapped stitching for extra strength.


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Seamander Inflatable Boat Bimini Top

This boat cover is made from and has a 1 anti-rust aluminum frame.

Best of all, it comes with all glue-on mounting hardware you need to install it on an inflatable boat. FYI, it also comes with the hardware you would need to install it on a traditional boat.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

This top comes in 3 sizes :

  • 150 x 115 x 100 cm
  • 165 x 130 x 110 cm
  • 180 x 145 x 120 cm

This is my top pick, since it has a good price and includes the mounting hardware.

Seamander Bimini Top

Quick Tip: How To Remove Your Boat Cover

Boat covers are an awesome invention. A good cover will keep leaves from staining the deck and plugging the boats drainage system, and it will keep your seats dry and the windshield clean between outings. Itll also discourage pets and varmints from exploring and nesting inside your boat.

However, some people will skip covering their boat, or forgo buying one altogether, due to the perceived hassle of taking it on and off. For most boats, this logic is just plain false: Covering your boat saves way more time, effort and even money than doing without a cover. The fact is, an uncovered boat will get much dirtier, leaving you with the options of using your boat with the seats damp and dirty and with leaves moldering in the corners or spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning it up before you hit the water. Your boats vinyl, carpeting and topside fiberglass will also look new much longer with a cover protecting them from the sun and rain.

Please note, some covers are not made to be left on the boat during towing, so make sure you understand your particular covers limitations before you head down the road.

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Why Should I Purchase A Coverquest Bimini Top

When you choose a CoverQuest Bimini Top, you are choosing quality and durability. We only offer tops from the industrys leading manufacturers: Carver Industries and Westland Industries. All of our tops are Designed and engineered in the USA with the strongest materials and components, and they are guaranteed to last. Not only are our products superior to our competitors, our customer service is unsurpassed. Our friendly staff knows that selecting a Bimini Top can sometimes bring up questions, and we are here to help. Questions about material, installation, fitment or sizing? Give us a call, send an email, or talk with us on Live Chat!

How To Install A Bimini Top

How To Install Boat Cover Snaps

When you purchase a Bimini top from National Bimini Tops, we give you a free, easy fit installation kit and this instructional video to make Bimini top installation easy.

At National Bimini Tops, we carry Bimini tops for 2, 3 and 4 bow boats and pontoons, as well as Bimini tops for ski towers and T-Tops. Choose from a variety of brands, including Summerset, Summerset Elite , and National Bimini Tops own brand.

Our top-of-the-line Bimini tops are constructed with marine-grade Sunbrella and Summerset materials to ensure high performance and low maintenance. Each brand features powerful UV, mildew, and water resistant fabrics with durable 1 thick SuperTrude extruded aluminum frames that outperform other Bimini top frames.

There is no question that National Bimini Tops come loaded with those extra features that take a product from good to great. For example, National Bimini Tops come with four sewn-in D-rings to easily attach a Drybag, storage sack, or just about anything that hooks.

Our Bimini tops also come with an upgraded mount that swivels 180 degrees so your Bimini top can be installed anywhere not just the top of the boat console.

At National Bimini Tops, we stand behind the quality and construction of our products 100% so our customers are always covered.

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Installing Curtain/twist Fasteners & Lift

Professionals install these fasteners using an expensive hand punch tool, and this method is not practical for the DIY boater.

The curtain fastener and the Lift-The-Dot fasteners all come with two parts the 4 prong male top side and the female backing plate which sandwiches the fabric between itself and the male side. The prongs crimp down and hold tight to the backing plate. Both of these boat cover snap fasteners can be installed with a little patience and without expensive tools.

Curtain Fastener Lift the Dot Eyelet Fastener

Here is a what you’ll need for this task:

  • Block of wood with the end grain up
  • Flat nose screwdriver 1/8 – 1/4 wide
  • Hammer
  • Chalk
  • Sharp pencil for marking

1. First make sure the canvas where the boat snap is being installed is reinforced so the snap will not rip through the fabric. If you need to repair the canvas first, do so.

2. Mark where the fastener will go in your cover.

3. Chalk the tips of the prongs on the male side of the fastener.

4. Center the chalked prongs over your original snap mark on the fabric and touch the tips of the prongs to the fabric to transfer the chalk marks.

5. Flip your pronged male fastener over, then position and mark the oval center hole that is between the four prongs.

6. Putting a block of wood under your fabric, use your tiny tip flat head screwdriver and tap with a hammer to punch the holes for your prongs.

You have now successfully installed a nice, new fastener and completed your boat cover snaps repair!

How Can I Decide What Size Is Right For My Boat

Before buying a bimini, measure your boat carefully measure to determine the best-sized frame.


Measure the portion of your boat that youd like to keep shaded. Keep in mind that the bimini tops usually cover:

  • 5 for 2 Bow Biminis
  • 6 for 3 Bow Biminis
  • 8 for 4 Bow Biminis


Once you know your length, select the midpoint of the area and use it to determine your main mount points. Keep in mind that width doesnt correspond to your boats beam, it corresponds to the distance between anchor points on the boats gunwale.


Ideally, you should allow for 6 of standing height. This is not the height of the bimini top itself, but the distance measured from the floor of the boat.

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How Are Bimini Boots Measured For Replacement

  • Measure the width of the widest leg . Do this several inches below the radius of the frame where the frame straightens and becomes the legs. Be sure to add 3 on either end to accommodate the fullness of the frames that are stacked upon each other.
  • Next, measure the entire circumference of the frames that are stacked on top of each other. This includes measurements of the fabric itself. You should not have to struggle to zip up,so allow a little extra.
  • Another tip that will help is to know the circumference of the collapsed legs sticking out of the bimini top boot. Some of the boots on the market are too narrow here. Boaters have difficulty getting the boot zipped. If you are having one custom made, you can request that it narrows to your specifications around the legs which may help keep wasps out.

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Our Team Will Be Glad To Assist You

How to properly install a boat cover

We have been equipping yours boats and vehicles!

Through the last 40 years, our enterprise equips your boats, pontoons and specialized vehicles.

Convertex is offering you a huge choice of biminis, pontoons tops, camper tops, tower bimini tops, as well as a wide selection of accessories for your pleasure boats or your fishing boats.

Furthermore, we are working with R& D team of some internationally reputed manufacturers, like legend Boats, BRP, Four Winns, Glastron, Argo, Khrome, Jeanneau, Beneteau and many more

At Convertex, we make sure that you only get top range of products in terms of quality, quantity, cost and delay along with considerate and respectful customer service.

Do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure for us to accomplish your projects, from conception to production of tops, covers and upholstery of yours boats and specialized vehicles!

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How Do I Protect My Boat From The Sun

Every reasonable human being tries to protect themselves from the harmful sun rays. There is a range of ways to do this. The most common one is to put some sunscreen on your skin. However, how do people protect their boats from the sun?

Keep in mind that if you do not take good care of your vessel, it wont serve you for a long time. You have made such an investment with the purchase of your boat. So you will certainly not mind spending a bit more to make sure that it is well maintained. There are several things you can do to protect your boat:

  • Make sure it is clean before you put any protectant on your vessel, you should ensure its cleanness. There are a lot of boat washes that you can use for this purpose. Remember that if the boat is not clean enough, the protectant cannot be absorbed into its surface.
  • Use a protectant it serves as sunscreen for your boat. You can get any cleaner wax to do so. This material will make your boat shiny, but at the same time, it will seal the surface and thus protect it from the harmful UV rays.
  • Maintain your vessel in good condition whenever you come back from your trip in the water, remove the dirt that the top surface has gathered, put some light wax on, and also some polymers to protect it from the sun.
  • Get a boat bimini top it will protect not only your boat but also yourself. Of course, it costs a lot to get such a piece of equipment, but it is worth it.
  • Installing A Boat Cover

    All covers are rolled and packaged with the bow end of the cover to the outside. The tag on the bow end is sewn into the inside hem of the cover. To cover your boat, follow these instructions:

  • Place the bow end of the rolled cover on or near the bow of your boat and unroll towards the stern or rear, positioning it down the center of the boat as you unroll.
  • Slip the front of the cover over the bow and pull the cover open to the sides as you work towards the back of the boat.
  • If using support poles , position the poles under your cover prior to completely covering the boat. Also add any padding needed for the windshields, trolling motors, depth wanders, etc.
  • Adjust the covers t by pulling the cover tight to eliminate sagging areas. These areas may collect standing water or snow and shorten the life of your cover.
  • Using the reinforced tie-down loops, secure the cover by tying it down. When trailering, always use heavy-duty tie-down straps, sold separately.
  • Remove the cover by folding to the center from both sides and rolling the cover from back to front. This will make it easier to repeat steps 1 thru 5 when covering your boat again.
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