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What Is The Best Boat Cover

How To Care For And Maintain The Winter Boat Cover

The Best Boat Covers on For Your Location and Weather Type

Its best to take care of your winter boat cover so it can serve you every time the cold season comes. Here are the simple steps that you can do.

  • Straps and support poles can help you stop pooling on the cover. Accessories may need to be bought separately, so dont forget about them if you buy just the cover. Nothing should be on the top of the boat cover. Even though it is tough, dont burden it with the weight of some objects.
  • When trailering or mooring, heavy-duty straps should be tied around your boat. You dont want unintentional tearing happening from doing either of the two settings.
  • Cleaning is always a part of maintenance. Dirt should be regularly removed from the cover. Use a brush with soft bristles. Based on the manufacturers instruction, you may use a mild soap or detergent. Only use water if the material is sensitive. Warm water can be used in rinsing.
  • Also think of the storage area, which should be a dry and cool place. Make sure its a safe area so you can prevent any outdoor exposure that can harm the cover.

What To Look For When Buying A Boat Cover For Winter

While there are countless boat cover options available nowadays, this does not mean that you can just choose one that comes with appealing design, take in mind that there are lots of other important features and functions that you need to search for when buying the best and most reliable cover for your boat.

To begin with, it is crucial to have a look at these shopping guides before heading to the stores:

  • Materials Used

The winter boat tarps or boat covers with marine-grade materials is what you should be looking for. When we say marine-grade, we mean something that is specifically designed to withstand harmful processes that can be damaging to your boat. These materials are chemically engineered to repel forces that are applied to it.

Since most of the boat covers sold today are made from high-quality marine grade materials, you should focus more on the strength of the fabric. A great choice would be the 300 denier polyester, or better yet, go for the 600 deniers for maximum strength.

Another useful boat cover feature to keep in mind is the coverings, whether it is made for repelling water, ultraviolet rays, or both. Try to look for covers that are coated with Polyurethane for additional protection. Lastly, look for those air vents because you wouldnt want moisture building up.

  • Sizing
  • Weather Conditions

Since you are mostly preparing for the wintertime, you may need a boat cover that can repel snow and ice during that season.

  • Styles
  • Have a look at the Reviews
  • Brand

What Is Best Boat Cover Color

In my opinion, the lighter colors such as light grey and beige are the ideal boat cover color. They hide dirt really well and they dont retain heat like the darker colors. They also wont fade as much as the darker colors will, which will help them look better for longer.

There are a few things to consider when selecting the right boat cover color. Including the material of the boat cover, where your boat will be stored, and the kind of climate you live in. In general, the darker colors will retain more heat than lighter colors. Darker colors willbe ideal for boaters that live in humid climates or if your boat will be stored in the shade as this will prevent mildew issues. However, if you boat is going to be stored in full sun the lighter colors are ideal.

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Uv & Water Resistant Fabric

Sharkskin®& Sunbrella® are UV resistant, water resistant, and maintain structural integrity in high temperatures.

Fend off harsh marine elements, wear and tear during transportation, and the suns rays with quality fabric. As always, Weve Gotcha Covered.

Westlands boat covers are proudly handsewn with Sharkskin® and Sunbrella® marine fabrics. Make sure you select your boat, make and model in our Cover Wizard to ensure you will get that tight fit in an instant.

Seamander Heavy Duty Boat Cover

Sportsman® Heritage 231 T

I decided to get this one among numerous winter boat tarps. I was taken aback at first as its not the usual, heavy canvas. After placing it on my boat in a tight fit, my opinion about it was changed. I found the toughness that Ive been looking for.

Storing my boat with this heavy duty waterproof boat cover in winter was not a mistake. Its so amazing how theres no single rip after the blizzard is over. Thats why its an effective trailerable boat cover. I can attest that it holds up well against a large pooling of snow and ice. The waterproof ability is tested and proven.

I prefer not to use the straps since they are short for some users, even though it depends on the boat model and style. Bungee cords work well for me. What matters the most is that theres an extra length of this cover. I put it around my boat and not a single corner was unveiled to the snow.

Its also reliable to protect your boat from other kinds of weather. Snow, strong wind, rain, sunlight, and other harmful outdoor elements wont jeopardize this boat cover. I like its appearance too as it went through a special dyeing process. High colorfastness makes it attractive but the dye wont leave or stain your boat.

  • A tough cover that can create a tight fit
  • No rip after a blizzard nor large pooling of snow and ice
  • An effective trailerable boat cover with double stitched, waterproof material
  • Can protect your boat from different weather conditions
  • Has high colorfastness but wont stain your boat

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Vortex New Beige Ultra Canvas Pontoon

This is not the first time that I bought a Vortex cover. The previous one lasted for years. Getting this item ensures the victory of your pontoon in battling weather changes. You cant underestimate the toughness of the 5-year marine, 600D canvas together with the 5-year warranty. Its a heavy-duty woven fabric that can serve you in the long run.

I decided to make a tent-like support system for this pontoon cover to ensure that water wont be collected on its surface. Even if it happens, it remains firm. The water doesnt seep through it. At the same time, moisture doesnt form on your pontoon.

Storms or high winds of winter cant take this cover down. Its one of those pontoon boat covers with an elastic hem or bottom circumference. Thus, you can foretell that its clingy on the vessels body. Im not into custom pontoon covers, and with this one, my pontoon is well-covered with the help of a couple of straps. I think a duty shock cord hem is redundant when added to it.

  • Resists water and blocks the formation of moisture
  • Withstands storm and winters high wind
  • With elastic hems and straps to make it clingy to the pontoon
  • Doesnt let sun rays, leaves, and small debris get through it
  • Cant go all the way down due to the bimini top

How Tight Should I Cover My Boat

Theres a little bit of controversy over how tight you should cover your boat. While some owners preach that you should keep the cover as tight as possible, this is a misconception. One boat owner learned this lesson the hard way and wound up with mold and mushrooms growing inside his pride and joy.

Most of the time, youll want to make sure the cover fits snugly, but you still want to leave enough room for air to enter and circulate.

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Budge 600 Denier Boat Cover

At $180 for the 20 to 22 foot version, another Budge product makes it onto our list. At about half the price, the strength of this cover offers about half of the strength in the polyester strands. So this is a bit of a you get what you pay for situation as far as durability goes.

Fortunately, though, this cover will protect your boat just as well as its more expensive, older brother. It comes in the same color and even in the same sizes. The protection from the elements, including the necessary UV protection, works just the same with this 600 denier polyester.

Roadstar Heavy Duty Boat Cover

Best Boat Cover Material – Extreme Covers USA

Getting a boat cover with a universal fit lessens my worry. Its the reason why I got attracted to purchase this item. I was delighted to see it for the first time as it appears to be well-made. It does well in protecting my boat in winter due to a custom fit.

This cover is suitable for trailerable V hull runabouts with a length of around 25 feet to 28 feet and a beam width of 118 inches. A heavy-duty carry bag comes for free as well. Hence, it can be carried with ease everywhere. Then you can keep it clean and only need a small space for safekeeping.

The feature mentioned above helps me as I need to transport my boat with a trailer for winter storage. Everything goes well and no tearing of fabric occurs after traveling through the highway. Thus, I can use it for the whole cold season as its designed for long-term storage.

Theres no doubt that the 600 D Oxford fabric can bear the test of time. Its heavy-duty, sturdy, and waterproof. Adjustable straps partnered with a quick release buckle help further with the long duration of winter storage. These are the qualities that you need to repel snow as well as rain. What I only want the manufacturer to change is the bent snap part on the strap.

  • Protects boat within the long-term storage during winter
  • Made of heavy-duty, sturdy, and waterproof material
  • Should change the bent snap part on the strap

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Custom Covers For The Best Fit

A custom cover made just for the year, make and model of your boat, and designed to cover its individual accessories, will fit like a custom-tailored suit. It costs the most, but is the easiest to put on and remove, is the best for trailering and will last the longest. There are thousands of patterns available: for example, a cover is available for a 1996 Bayliner 1850 Capri SS with a transom-mounted swim platform and 6″ to 18″ bow rails.

If you own a one-of-a-kind boat or your boat has a lot of unusual options, you may need to have direct measurements taken by a custom canvas shop. They can build to your specifics, but this kind of cover will be the most costly, and may take substantially longer to receive.

Msc Heavy Duty Polyester Canvas

What makes MSC boat covers very special is the polyester canvas fabric crafted to make the model impeccably durable. It is so strong because the polyester yarns are woven into a crisscross formation. It is even more impressive because of its heavy-duty marine-grade characteristics. Now wouldnt that be such an excellent choice?

While the material is already superior, you will be even more delighted by the fact that it has a double Polyurethane Coating. Polyurethane is a type of polymer that is usually applied to a materials surface for maximum protection.

This coating is chemically engineered to protect the base material from processes that cause material degradation such as corrosion, weathering, abrasion, and many more. The chemical is also great for not being flammable.

This model is designed for storage, berthing, and travel. The fabric of this product can even withstand the stretches caused by daily usage. Some of the useful features of this boat cover are the adjustable straps, quick-release buckles, and the elastic cord sewn into the entire bottom hem.

  • Made of marine-grade polyester canvas with double polyurethane coating
  • Great for mooring, trailering, and storing for long periods
  • Reliable at providing maximum protection
  • Polyurethane coating may degrade when exposed to excessive UV rays

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Budge 1200 Denier Boat Cover

This V shape boat cover comes at pretty steep price of $305. But youll definitely get what you pay for. This 100% waterproof boat cover comes in gray or blue and is made of 1200D polyester, making it sturdy enough to resist plenty of abuse.

This cover will give you excellent protection from UV light, protecting your boats upholstery from fading. This cover, though, has a few extra features that you may not find on other options. It comes with straps and buckles for tying down the cover to keep it from coming off. This cover also has an added feature of a sleeve that goes around the buckles to prevent the hull of your boat from the buckles themselves. Because of this, you wont have any wear on the underside of your boat after year over year of storage.

Msc Heavy Duty 600d Boat Cover

What boat covers are best for T

If youre looking for a boat top of great quality and superb fit, then you sure want to try the MSC Heavy Duty 600D.

This canvas cover is made of marine grade polyester canvas, a material that holds up very well.

The material is further enhanced with a double PU coating, whose smooth, long-lasting finish resists UV rays, moisture, chemical exposure, and corrosion.

In short, it will serve you well for a few years.

On Amazon, you can select between six color options for this black, beige, forest green, gray, pacific blue, and navy. From this wide color range, you sure can get something that suits your boat/taste.

There are six models of this boat cover. The models are classified according to size, and all you have to do is click the model that suits your boat.

What makes it even more versatile is that the top is made for different types of boats.

If you own a V-hull, tri-hull or runabout boat, then the product is for you.

Do you want a boat cover for long-term storage? Or do you need it for mooring? The top is built for both purposes.

The only problem is that it doesnt seem to be suited for highway travel at high speeds. You gotta move slowly otherwise, the material will fray.

But again, you get what you pay for. For a price as low as 64 to 199 bucks , thats a fair deal. Better than what most brands offer.

If you want your boat to last a long time, then the MSC Heavy Duty 600D boat cover is perfect for you.

Highlighted features:
Highlighted features:

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Msc Heavy Duty Canvas Boat Cover

To meet the needs of various sized vessels, MSC is offering 6 different sizes of boat cover starting from 14 to 24 feet long, and between 68 inches up to 102 inches beamwidth. However, the size specs given by the manufacturer might not be the exact match for your boat.

The boat cover is made of marine-grade 600D polyester canvas with double PU coating for higher durability. The fabric is also mildew and UV resistant that will not shrink or stretch even after continuous use.

The cover has adjustable straps and quick-release buckles so that you can fit the cover quickly and remove without much effort. Its all about time efficiency. When the cover is not in use, it can be stored easily in the storage bag that comes with it.

The entire bottom has elastic hemming so that the cover can have a tight fit which is almost like a custom fit. The boat cover is suitable for long-term storage, mooring, and traveling. It has a 2-year warranty.


  • Adjustable straps and quick release buckle
  • UV and mildew resistant fabric


What Size Pontoon Cover Do You Need

Aftermarket covers are custom-made. But you dont need a custom cover if youre particular about the right size of pontoon cover. The matter on this part is its fitness on your pontoon. Here are some details to guide you:

18 to 20ft cover for pontoon boat with two to six passengers

22 to 24ft cover for pontoon boat with six to ten passengers

24ft or longer for pontoon boat with over ten passengers

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Pyle Pcvhp442 Universal Boat Storage Cover

What I look for in a cover is lasting protection which this pontoon cover offers. Finding it among the trailerable pontoon boat covers makes me feel fortunate. I can sail in different areas as I can drive my pontoon with it. To my delight, it has the necessary features like the strap system with an integrated buckle for trailering. These parts and the elastic edges are also intended for easy fitting.

This boat cover snugly fits on my 25-foot pontoon. Thus, I dont need to have an automatic pontoon boat cover because this one gives the much needed protection. Its also suitable for pontoons with a length of up to 28 feet. When it comes to safekeeping, you can turn it into its portable form to be placed inside the free storage bag.

Youll also find several D rings and a rope to tie around the cover. However, it could have been better if the rings are either made from galvanized metal or aluminum.

  • Maintains everything inside it dry
  • D rings could have been better if either made from galvanized metal or aluminum

Icover Pontoon Boat Cover

Which Fabric is Best for Your Boat Cover.

If you are familiar with this brand, then you already know that they produce amazing covers.

And this particular one is no different. Every feature that makes a cover perfect is included in this product.

If you like lightweight tops, then this one is an apt option for you. This product is made of 300D marine grade polyester. So, the cover will not tear down or get frayed easily, and it will not feel very heavy either.

With this cover, you will not have to worry about any weather conditions, as it is extremely versatile. Your vessel will remain safeguarded from UV light, snow, debris, and growing fungi. Cleaning will not be a matter of concern for you either.

Furthermore, the cover includes an integrated buckles and adjustable straps system. These elements will make sure the top fits perfectly around the vessel. As a result, it won’t get blown away when there’s too much wind.

On the other hand, the heavy-duty elastic cord is also sewn into the fabric. The cord facilitates an even better fit, which entirely restricts the entrance of substances.

This waterproof boat cover comes with support poles. This is to make sure no water pools at the top of the product. Also, the cover is designed in a way that allows extra room inside the vessel for additional accessories.


  • Users end up getting delivered the wrong size
  • Difficult to install

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