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Sailing La Vagabonde New Boat

Channel Hopping: Lee Shores Lazy Jacks And Lunches Is Back And Better Than Ever

OUR NEW BOAT REVEALED (Cant believe we pulled this off)

Flying home to France after a week in London on business, I was treated to lovely views of the Solent.

Although not part of the original plan, they convinced the owner to take them out for daysail, and were immediately hooked.

They decided to find their own floating home, and in the meantime set out to gain sailing experience by crewing on a number of challenging deliveries with the B& B owner, who also happened to be a qualified yachting instructor.

Its astonishing to see the progress they have made both as sailors and content creators since they started the channel.

Their videos strike a good balance between boat fixing and adventures under sail.

Although they have yet to sail their own boat beyond Britain and Ireland, one is almost left wondering why, with such stunning cruising grounds on your doorstep, you would bother .

Their recent videos on last summers idyllic cruise to the Isles of Scilly illustrate this perfectly.

I especially appreciate their humility and candidness about their cockups and relative lack of knowledge, as it provides a learning experience and encouragement to many.

They say their mission is to show that, despite its shortcomings, social media can be an excellent teacher and force for good. I hope Sailing Cadoha succeeds.

British Rivals To Sailing La Vagabonde Introducing Sailing Cadoha

Having recently described a channel as the antithesis of Sailing La Vagabonde, it got me musing, which channel comes closest to being the British Vagabonde?

Im not just talking in terms of popularity. The UK is certainly well represented among the most popular sailing vlogs , but none of these has that magic combination of elements that makes SLV so compelling, namely: attractive and entertaining protagonists, new to sailing and learning as they travel from one stunning anchorage to the next .

I think Wildlings Sailing does a good job of this, but another, slightly less known channel worth following is Sailing Cadoha, named after the channels stars: captain Carly, deckhand Dom and Hank the majestic Hungarian Vizla.

Their boat, a 1985 Trident Warrior 38, was previously featured on the now inactive channel Sailing Creo. Cadohas YouTube story started three years ago when they spent a few days in a B& B that happened to be a Sparkman & Stephens 34 based in a Hamble marina.

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We Dont Live Our Lives Through A Lens

In the age of social media influencers, its easy to think that people like Whitelum and Carausu live their lives through a lens, but they say thats not the case.

The actual filming doesnt take up that much of our time, Whitelum says, revealing its the editing thats more time consuming. We never ever want anything to detract from being in the moment, because its just not worth it.

One of the great things is every now and again well be sitting around and Elaynas been editing and we havent done much in the last few days and we say why dont we climb that mountain and film it.

The camera motivates us, Carausu adds.

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The Cruising Freedom Author

Riley Whitelum from Kimba, South Australia.

Elayna Carausu from Perth, Western Australia.

Lenny Whitelum who is now actively talking and swimming all by himself.

Elayna gave birth to their 2nd child, Darwin, in 2021, who is now almost 1 year old and almost walking.

Riley and Elayna are NOT married, nor has Riley ever proposed to Elayna. They remain in a de facto relationship.

New Boat Now A Baby On The Way

An Interview with with Riley and Elayna of Sailing La Vagabonde

Since upgrading from a monohull to a catamaran, the couple have not only been able to travel faster, but more comfortably.

It was really hard watching Elayna down below in the heat editing on the old boat and cooking in the galley. Whitelum says. The amount of hours that she was working in an uncomfortable, salty environment, it was a bit cruel.

Whitelum first saw an Outremer catamaran when they were in Venezuala.

It was through the owner of this catamaran that they were able to get the contact details for the CEO of Outremer, I was fairly aggressive in my pursuit, Whitelum laughs, and after a few bottles of red they eventually decided to hand over!

Eventually, the pair struck a deal with Outremer and the shipyard supplied the couple with the $740,000 catamaran for a discounted price, which they are now paying off.

Outremers sales and marketing manager, Matthieu Rougevin-Baville, told CNN that the pair were the perfect ambassadors for the company.

Riley and Elayna were willing to travel around the world and live onboard, this is exactly the purpose of our owners, and they had the same philosophy we promote, he said.

We were on the same page on all the equipment and features list, so it was an easy fit, and this is why we enjoy having them as ambassadors!

Carausu, who is currently 34 weeks pregnant, says the boat made such a difference in their lives that it was one of the contributing factors in them deciding to have a baby.

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Troublemaker In The Mix

He depicts individuals being drawn to a multihull that resembles an agreeable house as the extraordinary security Catch 22. Youre drawn towards, and definitely wind up purchasing, the specific vessel that you would rather not be in when confronted with a troublesome estimate, Riley contends. He trusts that the presentation capability of multihulls is one of their greatest security factors, calling attention to that during their entry with Greta they were hopping starting with one safe piece of sea then onto the next, while encompassed by genuinely nasty conditions.

Riley records a large number of additional advantages of a quick feline, including permitting you to: pick your way across a sea stay aware of climate frameworks travel two times as far in a day keep up with a similar boat speed with a large portion of how much sail up, making your section drastically more secure.

You end up with a lot better sailors because those people will learn to sail on a boat that performs. You get that feedback, it talks to you more. That said, Sailing La Vagabonde New Boat think that selling a performance machine to the less experienced sailor should come with responsibility.

What Boat Is Sailing La Vagabond

La Vagabonde is a 2007 Beneteau Cyclades 43.4 and has been our home since 2013, where weve been documenting nearly every step of the journey on Youtube. Weve sailed her through both calm and terrifying seas and never have felt anything less than safe and secure.

What boat does Rapido with sailing La Vagabonde sail on?

  • As mentioned above, Rapido with Sailing La Vagabondes decision to explore the world on a Rapido 60, the Queen of the Oceans. Elayna and Riley love the boat and also believe that its what we think you guys want to see us sailing on.


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What Boat Is Sailing La Vagabonde Getting

Rapido Trimarans is thrilled to confirm that Sailing La Vagabonde will sail the worlds oceans aboard a Rapido 60! In fact, SLVs video announcing the decision to their 1.59 million subscribers will go live live at 8.30am, Adelaide time in Australia on 8 June 2021.

How does Sailing La Vagabonde make money?

They do this via the website Patreon, a platform to support independent content producers. It is linked to Sailing La Vagabondes YouTube channel and patrons pledge a certain amount per video, in a few cases donating in excess of £200 per episode. In total, they currently earn over $9,000 US per video.

How many patrons does Sailing La Vagabonde have?

Sailing La Vagabonde: $13,694+ per video They have over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers who enjoy watching their travels around the world .

Who are sailing Doodles?

Sailing Doodles is one of those vlogs. Bobby White was a corporate jet pilot before an unexpected health condition changed his life forever. Instead of viewing his change of career as a setback, he created Sailing Doodles. Since then, hes been sailing his boat around the world and documenting his travels on YouTube.

Where are Sailing La Vagabonde from?

Were Riley and Elayna, an Australian couple documenting our journey traveling the world by sail despite no previous sailing experience. Weve been filming it all on YouTube since 2014. Weve crossed the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific, and are now raising our boy Lenny on our boat as well.

Who Owns Vagabonde Catamaran

BOAT LIFE: On the Days we Can’t Sail…

Sailing La Vagabonde is a YouTube channel run by Australian video bloggers Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu. The channel documents the couples life aboard their sailing catamaran La Vagabonde. As of 2021, the channel had over 1.5 million subscribers and is the most popular sailing YouTube channel.

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What Boat Is Sailing La Vagabonde Buying

Sailing La Vagabonde: Novices to experts Their journey began when Riley, now 33, bought a 43ft Beneteau Cyclades in 2013, financed from eight hard years spent working on oil rigs.

What trimaran is La Vagabonde getting?

Rapido Trimarans is thrilled to confirm that Sailing La Vagabonde will sail the worlds oceans aboard a Rapido 60! In fact, SLVs video announcing the decision to their 1.59 million subscribers will go live live at 8.30am, Adelaide time in Australia on 8 June 2021.

How much is the La Vagabonde catamaran worth?

Price. While were certainly open to any serious offers, the most important thing to us is knowing that shell have a good home. We believe the yacht alone is worth somewhere around $160,000 NZD $180,000 NZD and weve already received an offer near this range.

How old is Elena La Vagabonde?

Elayna, 28, joined Riley, 37, on his boat La Vagabonde and they have sailed over 41,000 nautical miles together. They film their journey for their YouTube channel and document their experiences on their blog Sailing La Vagabonde.

How did Riley and elayna meet?

Elayna: It was June of 2014. I was working for a travel company, playing music on the Greek Island of Ios. We met , got chatting, exchanged numbers and spent the next few days sailing La Vagabonde around the island.

How Does Sailing La Vagabonde Make Money

They do this via the website Patreon, a platform to support independent content producers. It is linked to Sailing La Vagabondes YouTube channel and patrons pledge a certain amount per video, in a few cases donating in excess of £200 per episode. In total, they currently earn over $9,000 US per video.

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The Reality Of Sailing From Pirates To Spinal Injuries

Despite documenting the beautiful places they visit and the lifestyle they live, the couple also uses the videos to show people what its actually like to sail around the world.

Instagram is a classic for portraying a fake life, Whitelum says. So we try and film if theres a dangerous situation or weve run aground, we try and film as much as that as we can so people know.

Theres a lot of people out there buying boats and writing us messages and we dont want to lead people into a false sense of security or have them think everythings all perfect.

That means documenting their scariest moments.

From when they thought pirates were approaching their boat near the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador and Carausu was forced to hide in a storage compartment, to when Whitelum thought hed broken his neck for the second time during their Atlantic crossing.

That was definitely the scariest moment, Carausu says.

The couple were forced to make the decision on whether to keep sailing, or to turn around with no real option of calling emergency services. Eventually, as Whitelums condition improved, they decided to continue sailing with the wind towards Antigua, where 10 days later he finally had an x-ray which revealed he had pinched a nerve which led to his left arm.

With no x-ray machine out there we couldnt be sure what was going on inside there and all we could do is trust Rileys instincts and hope for the best, the couple wrote on YouTube.

Sailing La Vagabonde Boat

lunch with la vagabonde announced in brisbane for sunday 17th december

Throughout the last seven years Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu have progressed from amateur mariners to logging more sea miles than the vast majority of us will cruise in a lifetime. Whats more theyve figured out how to translate their excursion in the most captivating manner, contacting a greater number of individuals than some other mariners on the planet by means of their YouTube channel, Sailing La Vagabonde New Boat.

This Australian couple are effectively impacting a new age of bluewater cruisers. A great many watchers watch their week after week episodes of the Sailing La Vagabonde channel, which brings multihull cruising into your lounge room.


The present most well known mariners share little practically speaking with a peaceful man like Eric Tabarly or a scholarly essayist like Joshua Slocum. Riley Whitelum, Elayna Carausu and their child Lenny sail, and they look great: they have an incredible 1.59 million endorsers of their YouTube channel Sailing La Vagabonde New Boat and have become genuine geniuses at video and web-based media interchanges.

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What Kind Of Boat Sailing La Vagabonde

The series began aboard their Beneteau Cyclades sailboat. Following the success of their channel, they negotiated a discounted price with the company Outremer for the catamaran that they have sailed since 2017.

Is sailing La Vagabonde emissions free?

  • Super exciting news! Oceanvolt will be supplying Sailing La Vagabonde the electric propulsion for their emissions free boat project! We are so proud to be a part of this project with little Lenny, Elayna Riley! Check out the video below to learn more:


Who Bought La Vagabonde

YouTube sensation Riley and Elayna of Sailing La Vagabonde have just landed a wonderful deal with legendary French catamaran manufacturer, Outremer Yachting, to extend their cruising adventures onboard a new Outremer 45 involving a historic sponsorship deal confirming the power of social media.

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How Much Do Sailing La Vagabonde Earn

Sailing La Vagabonde is another now famous vlog channel. Riley Whitelums and Elayna Carausus travel and lifestyle videos have a huge following and, with 1,800 paying patrons, they earn just shy of $10,000 per episode. They recently got a new yacht by leasing a new Outremer catamaran this is a serious business.

Sailing La Vagabonde: Novices To Experts

1 Hour of Raw Beautiful BOAT LIFE (Sensory Sailing)

For those new to Sailing La Vagabonde, the channel has accumulated over 1.5m supporters on account of the new, humble, and in fact kind with the-eye idea of its tanned heroes. Riley and Elayna are upheld by the crowdfunding model Patreon, through which they have gathered more than 3,600 paying individuals, and make a solid return from YouTube income.

Their excursion started when Riley, presently 33, purchased a 43ft Beneteau Cyclades in 2013, financed from eight hard years spent chipping away at oil rigs. He met Elayna in the Greek islands, where she was filling in as a performer for a movement organization. Tempted by his characterful mustache and the allure of life above water, the 21-year-old from Geraldton before long consented to join Riley on board.

She started archiving their spending plan cruising undertakings for loved ones, including the heap preliminaries, difficulties and plain frightening snapshots of liveaboard sailing, prior to sharing the recordings openly.

Following three years, including crossing the Atlantic and Pacific, they hit an arrangement with Outremer for a new 48ft sailboat on a recruit buy understanding. This gave a more agreeable base to shooting and altering video, which has changed into smooth TV-quality creation for their Sailing La Vagabonde New Boat episodes.

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Packing Up Our Boat Forever

Moving out of home continues and just to throw a spanner in the works, Riley suspects he could have covid-19. After making the decision to have our baby in Australia, being infected with covid could ruin all our well thought through plans. The long process of cleaning and packing kept us busy. Every item we packed away brought back a story or a feeling. Theres no better time to reflect on the years gone by, the goals achieved and prepare for the exciting times ahead.

Weve been going on a LIVE stream frenzy with all this time at home with baby Darwin if youd like to join us for a chat. Last week we discussed everything baby related and the recording is still available to view. This week were discussing everything boat related selling our current boat, building our new boat and any other popular boat topics youve got for us so if that sparks your interest, be sure to join our Patreon before Thursday. Look forward to chatting with you then!

Sailings Most Popular Vloggers

Each week, the couple uploads an episode, as well as a standalone video such as how-to series and general life updates to their YouTube account which has over 480,000 subscribers and a total of 80 million views.

It was something that happened organically, says Carausu. Even before she met Whitelum she would edit together footage of her travels to show friends and family back home.

I really want to look back at all these videos when Im 60. I want to show my grandkids and I just wanted those memories that videos can bring, so when I want a video from the past that Ive made it also brings up so many other memories that were going on, she says.

When I hopped onboard with Riley, he had a camera that he hadnt used so I just thought it was the perfect opportunity to film this crazy adventure wed just embarked on.

It was mainly for friends and family because my mum seems to think, or she did, that the ocean is this perfect storm type scenario, where theres tidal waves and she used to stress about me a lot. So these videos are a great way for her to see what it was really like out there.

So what was a hobbie, became Carausus job. So much so that viewers can pay the couple between $3 and $200 per video episode via Patreon a membership platform for creators to monetize the work they do.

Were not making any money anywhere else, Whitelum says, thats the only way we can keep doing it.

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