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What Size Fenders For Pontoon Boat

Dock Edge + Toon Pontoon Boat Fender

Choosing Fenders for Your Boat

Dock Edge + markets its Toon Pontoon Boat Fender under the tagline complete patented pontoon boat protection system, and thats exactly what it is. As the first fender to ever be created specifically for pontoon boats, it fits like a dream. Unlike other fenders, you wont need to worry about buying any additional attachment devices or rope: everything you need is already included. Standout features include a dual hooking system for added stability and security, an adjustable attachment system, dual protection both below the waterline and above the attachment point , and a tapered design to shed water away from the boat. Overall, a great option with some unique, highly attractive features that add plenty of added value.

Who Is This For

Owning a pontoon boat is not only limited to the enjoyment and relaxation it offers but also to the responsibility of maintaining and protecting it from outside threats. One such threat is the potential danger before and during the docking process where a boat can be damaged from accidental collisions from other boats, slip, and the dock itself. In particular, strong waves can move the pontoon boat during the dock and can rub the other boats or the dock resulting in scratches and other damages.

These threats can be prevented or minimized by using a pontoon fender and bumper. In fact, these boat accessories are for boaters who want to protect their boat from these threats during the docking process. A lot of responsible boaters used high-quality fenders and boaters to take care of the boat and protect it from the threats I have mentioned before.

But what is the difference between a bumper and a fender? A lot of people has this misconception that fenders and bumpers for pontoon boat are the same. But in reality, they are not. The fact is, they share a similar purpose which is to protect the boat from scratches, dents, and other similar damage. To make it simple, the fenders are those that we put in the boat while the bumpers are the ones that we put in the docks.

All The Comforts Of Home

Boats with permanent slips often customize their space, installing dock guards, dock wheels or cushions so that the dock carries the protection, not the boat. Since these forms of padding can be placed right at the point of contact, they wont swing out of the way. Dock cushions can prevent damage when fenders are not lined up precisely. There are so many types of padding configurations that, with a little creativity, you can defend any style of boat from any kind of docking damage.

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Dock Bumpers For Pontoon Boats

And finally, what about pontoon dock bumpers?

These are not attached to your boat but are instead fixed to the actual docking area where you leave your boat. There are plenty of dock edge pontoon fenders on the market, but which are the best?

Here are my recommendations, all of which are affordable, easy to attach, and actually work.

Dock Edge Boat Saver

These pontoon dock bumpers can also be used on pilings, not just dock edges. Its basically the same as having pontoon front bumper and side pads on your boat, but instead fitted to the dock.

Made from tough vinyl PVC, with UV inhibitors and fungicides, these have an air cushion inside that lets air release slowly when pushed against. You can either set them up to be placed in a vertical or horizontal position.

Thy literally take minutes to fit and come with stainless steel fasteners which you hook on the mounting groove. Its a dead simple solution that anybody can attach and fit.

Corner Dock Wheels

If you have ever come into a dock a bit too hard and fast then corner dock wheels could be just what you are looking for.

How they work is very simple they will roll you away from the dock edge, stopping your pontoon from being damaged on the dock edges.

The best corner dock wheels I have seen in action are the . With a heavy galvanized bracket and pre-drilled holes, they take just minutes to install and will prevent your boat from suffering direct damage from an unintentional hit.

Taylor Made Pontoon Boat Fence Fender

Pontoon Fenders

This fence saver fender from Taylor Made looks like an upgraded version of their Side Fender. Same material, but a long design that goes all the way down. If you dont know, fence saver fenders are designed to protect the aluminum railing on your pontoon.

They also work as a side fender, so two benefits with one fender. Now, lets talk about design. So, its a 9 x 36 fender with multiple loops on the top, bottom, and sides. These loops are made to strap it down horizontally and vertically.

It is fairly easy to strap it, but only when outside the water. Once you are in the water, its tough to manipulate. The problem usually arrives, attaching the bottom part. The clip on the bottom is tiny, making it harder to grab on to the decks underside.

So, you need to grab and strap it yourself, which is harder in the water. Once attached, they work flawlessly, but if they got off their water position, you cant do anything, which is its biggest downside. Plus, they will sink if dropped.

Yup, let me tell you why. This fender is made from plastic material thats hollow from the inside. So, if the water gets in from the loops, it can sink from the weight. That, however, will only happen if it fell off the pontoon into the water.

So, make sure to strap is correct. Another thing that really disappointed me was how rigid they really are. I wish they a little softer like the wall fenders. I doubt how they absorb the dings being that hard, but they do the work, so no complaints here.


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Faq Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Fenders

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml What are the best boat fenders?

    The answer to this question will depend on the size of your boat, mooring conditions, and of course, your budget. Its not easy to pick one specific best boat fender and that is why weve created this extensive guide on the best boat fenders.

    However, at this very moment, these are our own favorites:

  • image/svg+xml
  • Buying Guide For Best Boat Fenders

    Fenders are your boats bodyguards. They take the heat by being knocked around at the dock, squashed during raft-ups, and left behind when they loosen from cleats and float away. Theyre the unsung heroes that protect your vessels gelcoat from bumps and bruises. Though its tempting to carry a variety of fenders, onboard storage space can be limited, so its best to fine-tune your selection.

    Its important to know a fenders quality, shape, and what size you need for your specific boat. Cylindrical, round, and flat fenders each have different functions. Specialized fenders protect areas of your transom, such as on the back of a swim step. Though fenders and bumpers are often used interchangeably, theyre different products a bumper permanently mounts to your dock.

    In addition to carrying fenders onboard, you may need to install them on parts of your permanent slip or floating dock to avoid docking damage. Our shopping guide helps you navigate the type and function of fenders youll need for your boat and dock.

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    Factors To Consider When Buying A Pontoon Bumper And Fender

    In the earlier part of the review, we have been discussing the importance of acquiring the right bumpers and fenders of the pontoon boat. This can only be achieved if the boater knows the different factors to consider in buying not only the best but the right fit for the pontoon boat. For the benefit of the readers, here are the different features to check before buying a particular fender or bumper of your choice.

    The Right Size

    For me, this is the most important factor to consider before buying a fender or a bumper for your boat. If you made a mistake in buying the right fit, there is a possibility that you will just be wasting your time and resources because the fender or the bumper will not be effective as expected.

    The simple rule is to determine how long your boat is to determine the number of fenders you need. To determine the size, always remember that for every 5 feet of boat length measurement, it is equivalent to an inch in diameter of your boat fender requirements. Its up to you to do the math for your boat. As for the quantity, the rule is to buy at least 3 fenders, and thats the minimum. If you will install lesser than that, it will not be effective as it can be.

    Durability and Longevity

    Ease of Installation and Usage

    The Style

    Resistance to Water, UV Rays, and Corrosion

    Ease of Storage

    How Do You Hang Your Fenders

    Choosing the Perfect Boat Fenders

    Hanging your fenders at the correct height and with the proper suspension is just as vital as size and number.

    In tying to floating docks, most boaters set fenders just above the waterline. In using a fender to raft together with another boat, its best to set the fenders wherever the beam is widest at the point of contact.

    Pilings at your dock present a special challenge for fenders because they tend to push them aside, which then enables contact with your boat. Most boaters use a fender board that spans the distance between pilings to avoid this issue. The vessel can then ride against the wharf relatively secure against damage.

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    Vingli Ribbed Boat Fender

    The mark of a good purchase is if it makes you want to buy it again in the future. This is something that the VINGLI Ribbed Boat Fender is likely to make you feel. Its a reliable product thats made well, designed well, and sure to last for a long time.

    This fender actually comes in a pack of four as well. The pack comes with four pieces of rope, four inflating needles, and one pump. With a pack like this, youll be able to inflate, set up, and install your fenders without having to rely on other tools or equipment.

    Each fender is made of high-quality PVC thats corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant, and formulated to be resilient and flexible. This material will be able to absorb shock and can bounce right back if it bumps into hard surfaces, such as docks and other boats. Thus, it can effectively protect your boat against direct impact and damage.

    The fenders also sport full-length ribs, and each one is made of a single piece of PVC. There are no seams, so there are far fewer chances that the fenders will spring a leak and deflate. They come deflated, but theyre easy to inflate and are guaranteed to hold their air.

    Additionally, each fender comes in a size that will work extremely well for boats that are between 20 to 30 feet long. With this, you wont have to worry that the fenders youre buying are too large or too small for your boat.

    • Flimsy pump pin that needs to be used carefully

    Pontoon Fender Size Matters

    Choosing the wrong size fender can break or break your pontoon boat. There is a good chance that picking the wrong size and shape will end up with the damage to your pontoon boat.

    The good thing is that it is not very hard to figure out what you need. In short, For every five feet of the length of your pontoon boat, you need about an inch of fender diameter.

    Size Matters: 5 feet of length per 1 inch in diameter

    In other words, a 25-foot-long boat should have at least 5-inch fenders. You could go a little thicker, but there is no need to go overboard on that.

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    Securing The Fenders Using Clips And Cleats:

    As most of the pontoons come with their built-in clips, cleats to attach bumper and fenders on your boat, securing boat bumpers and fenders with the cleats and clip, bolts should not be an issue. But if it does not match with the specification of your newly bought pontoon fenders or your older tools and accessories get lost, you can always buy them separately from the market.

    You can easily attach the pontoon fenders with cleats. You dont have to drill them it wont damage any part of your boat, as well. These rubber reinforcement tools and accessories support the boat entirely from any uncertain damage.

    In earlier, the main drawback of attaching through the clips and cleats was partial drilling requirements.

    But now, you can easily attach the fenders, ensuring stable protection to your pontoons without any drilling or using screws to attach the fenders.

    This process allows you to place your fenders on the square rails fitting tightly to your pontoons rail for better placing and stable convenience.

    Taylor Made Pontoon Fender

    Shoreline Dock Cleats Marine Adjustable Pontoon Fender (2 ...
  • Size: 9″ W x 16″ L, Boat Size: Up to 65 feet
  • Specifically Designed to Fit Snugly between Pontoon and Deck
  • Taylor Made’s Pontoon Fender offers a level of protection to areas on the Pontoon boat other fenders can’t provide.


    • Specifically designed to fit snugly between the pontoon and the deck of the boat, protecting both from rafting boats, docks, or other objects
    • Constructed out of marine-grade, U.V. resistant vinyl
    • Integrated rubber football style valve for easy inflation
    • Molded in ridge hooks underneath pontoon deck to help secure fender in place
    • Optional securing points to accommodate most styles of pontoon boats
    • Contoured shape helps to hug the rounded shape of the pontoons
    • Made in the USA
    • Size: 9″ W x 16″ L
    • Boat size: Up to 65 feet

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    Polyform 5117533 G Series Boat Fenders

    I never thought that these boat fenders for pontoons would be the permanent source of protection on the dock edges. At first, I bought a pair as the color selection and various sizes are indulging. Seeing the wonderful effects, I bought more and the oldest ones have been serving me for four years.

    They have received a lot of beating and are always exposed to the harsh conditions of the choppy river near my house. Summer comes and they cant avoid the sunlight. But still, their colors havent faded. I sometimes use them in a saltwater environment and they dont budge either. Theyre not made of hard vinyl that can mar the gel coating of your boat.

    These colorful bumpers are originally made for recreational trailered boats. As they have endured the tests of outdoor elements, I can say that theyre durable. They come pre-inflated and with the flat head screw seal so you wont have to worry about leakage. Theres also a valve for you to inflate and deflate them. Favorably, I can apply the pressure that I prefer. Its so easy to revive their firmness!

    • A permanent source of protection when docking
    • Stay tough despite a lot of beating
    • The color doesnt fade despite long exposure to sunlight
    • Dont budge in a saltwater environment
    • Cant mare gel coating
    • Pre-inflated and doesnt leak
    • Could have been convenient if it comes with an inflator

    Do You Want To Hang Them Horizontally Or Vertically

    Center rope tube fenders allow you to hang the fender either horizontally or vertically using one line running through the centerline. A figure eight knot in the end of the line, or two figure eights at both ends of the fender are used to keep the fender from sliding.

    Flat fenders are either modular or articulating and vinyl-covered. String together the modular style to create a custom-fitted system. Hinged vinyl-covered flat fenders wrap vertically around small boat gunwales, and are great for boats with tumblehome .

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    Taylor Made Products Pontoon Boat Fenders

    This Taylor made pontoon fenders takes pride in its quality. With this product made in the United States of America, expect this pontoon boat bumpers and fenders to keep your boat safe from docking or even accidental collisions. This boat fender makes the pontoon boat safe with its highest level of protection.

    Upon inspecting this product, you will immediately notice a well-built design. This boat fender comes with a contoured shape which provides a great fit to the usual rounded shape of all pontoon boats. This is indeed a dock edge pontoon fender the provides a perfect hug to the deck of the boat. This will protect the boat surface from any damage or scratches during an unintentional collision.

    I was also impressed by the materials its made which is a marine grade and U.V. resistant marine vinyl. This type of material is known for its durability and sturdiness which also increase the longevity of the product. Meanwhile, a valve designed like the one found on rubber football makes this fender easy to inflate.

    In terms of fitting, I was impressed by the way this product was molded in ridge hooks found below the pontoon deck. This design will help the fender secure in his position on the deck. Meanwhile, the securing points found in the design were built to fit most of the different types of pontoon boats.

    • Promotes easy pontoon fender storage
    • Does not come with a rope that tangles
    • Does not stay in place

    Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Pontoon Fenders And Bumpers

    11) How to Use Fenders to Protect the Rub Rail While Docking | 2017 Avalon Luxury Pontoons

    The best pontoon fenders and bumpers effectively protect pontoons and other types of boats against the damage that can be caused by collisions. They are typically easy to mount, very low-maintenance, and long-lasting.

    Because these fenders and bumpers prevent damage, they help you save money in repairs. While scratches and scuff marks on the hull of a boat are easy and cheap to buff out or paint over, the damage can also be worse.

    When you choose the wrong bumpers or fenders for your dock or boat, however, it can also be a problem. If the bumper or fender doesnt fit well and isnt suitable for your needs at all, its unlikely to be 100% effective against damage.

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