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Numbers And Letters For Boats

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Perfect Vinyl Boat Registration Numbers & Letters Application

Came out great! I got the hull numbers in reflective white, which are crisp and snowy in daylight and provide extra visibility to my little skiff after dark. Uploaded a custom font for the boat name, this was the only site I saw that accommodated such. My only quibbles are that I ordered 3″ spacing on the hull number trying to end up with 2″, as the preview made it look like the selected spacing was affected by the font it fact spaced exactly 3″. I should have asked. I just cut between the sections and placed them manually. Secondly, the decal sheets are cut free with a scissors, and not some sort of cutting tool, so the edge of the sheet is of no use for placement. The application fluid, however, works great, and gives some ability to fine tune everything.

2007 Duroboat 15w from Eric M, MA

How To Apply Boat Registration Stickers Fast And Easy

In our video above, we show how to apply the single-sheet boat registration stickers to your boat in under one minute. In the video, we show how to peel the backing from the sticker, apply the sticker, buff it on and then peel the transfer paper off the top. These cut vinyl boat registration number stickers go on fast and easy with the appropriate spacing to comply with your state regulations. You can order the boat registration number decals in colors and fonts to coordinate with your hull and everything we offer is compliant with boat registration regulations.

Portugese Fishing Boat Registration Letters

AH Angra do HeroismoAL AlbufeiraAN AncoraAV AveiroBR BarreiroCM CaminhaCS CascaisE EriceiraER EriceiraES EsposendeFF Figueria da FozFR FaroFZ FuzetaL LisbonLE LeixoesLG LagosLX LisbonN NazareNZ NazareO OlhaoOL OlhaoPE PenichePM PortimaoPS Porto SantoPT DouroPV Povoa de VarzimQ QuarteiraQT QuarteiraRE ReguaRG Ribeira GrandeSA SagresSB SesimbraSE SetubalSM Sao Martinho do PortoSN SinesT TaviraTR TrafariaTV TaviraVC Vila do CondeVF Vila Franca do CampoVI Viana do CasteloVV Vila Praia da VitoriaVX Vila Franca de Xira

Rest of Europe

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Your Source For Boat Registration Stickers is your easy, online source for boat registration number and watercraft registration stickers for your boat or watercraft. They are EASY to apply, all on one sticker and are 5+ year rated marine-grade cut vinyl, and are positioned all together with the correct spacing on a piece of transfer paper that makes it easy to apply to your boat in under a minute! ONE sticker, EASY to apply.

We offer boat registration numbers for Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, California, New York, Texas, South Carolina and Florida and ANY state that requires a watercraft registration number. When you order on the order form, just indicate your full boat registration number starting with your state code and then your numbers. Its that easy!

Once youve registered your boat with your state, youll be issued your state watercraft registration number and annual decal. Use the number you receive from the state to order custom boat registration stickers from to place on your boat.

Placement Of Michigan Mc Registration Numbers

STIFFIE Whipline Silver / Black 3"  Alpha

The following information from the guide to Michigan MC number sticker placement can be found on the State of Michigan web site.

Watercraft Registration Number:

Watercraft owners must paint or permanently attach the assigned registration number on each side of the forward half of the vessel as high above the water line as possible. The number must contrast with the color of the background so it is visible and legible.

All letters and numbers must be plain block characters at least 3 inches high, reading from left to right. Place a hyphen or leave space equivalent to the width of your letter M between the letters and numbers.

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Displaying The Registration Number And Validation Decals

Correct spacing of decal and registration number decal may precede or follow the number.

The registration number and validation decals must be displayed as follows.

  • Number must be painted, applied as a decal, or otherwise affixed to both sides of the forward half of the vessel.
  • Number must read from left to right on both sides of the bow.
  • Number must be in at least three-inch-high BLOCK letters.
  • Numbers color must contrast sharply with its background.
  • Letters must be separated from the numbers by hyphens or by spaces equal to the width of the numbers or letters: PA-3717-ZW or PA 3717 ZW.
  • No other numbers may be displayed on either side of the bow.

The requirements for displaying numbers and decals are different for small vessels.

  • Kayaks, sculls, and sailboards are exempt from displaying their registration number but must display the validation decals.
  • Canoes must display both the number and the decals.
  • Inflatable boats may display their number and decals on boards that are tied to each side of the boat.

PWC also are required to display the certificates number and validation decal.

Installing Your Stickers From Michigan

To ensure that your stickers will adhere properly to your boat, please follow these instructions carefully:

Check out our 3 minute video in which we install a set of Michigan MC Numbers on a Boston Whaler.

  • Clean the area of the boat hull where the numbers are to be applied. Make sure all oil, grease, wax or other surface contaminants are removed. Acetone is recommended, but glass cleaner can also be used.
  • For best results, apply where both the vinyl and hull can be above 50 degrees F. At cold temperatures, the vinyl can become brittle, and the adhesive characteristics of both the vinyl and the transfer tape also change.
  • Use a horizontal rule to mark a baseline for where you will apply the vinyl. A small tick mark at the end points and every 12 is helpful. A fine point felt tip marker or sharpie is helpful.
  • Peel back about 1/2 of the transfer tape and fold the substrate back on itself vertically.
  • Position the bottom of the letters against your baseline.
  • When you are satisfied with your positioning, press the tab of transfer tape onto the boat.
  • Slowly peel the transfer tape from substrate using a 180 degree motion. The vinyl should be picked up on the transfer tape.
  • Work your way along the graphics, slowly peeling the substrate and then lightly pressing the transfer tape/vinyl onto the hull as you expose more of substrate. Be careful not to pull to hard or the vinyl may stretch and distort.
  • Alternative installation: the Wet method:

  • Burnish with something flat/plastic
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    Polish Fishing Boat Registration Letters

    CHA ChalupyCHY ChlopyDAB DabieDAR DarlowoDBK DabkiDEB DebkiDWI DzwirzynoDZI DziwnowFRO FromborkGDA GdanskGDY GdyniaHEL HelJAN JantarJAR JaroslawiecJAS JastarniaJEL JelitkowoKAM Kamien PomorskiKAT Katy RybackieKMN Kamienica ElblaskaKOL KolobrzegKRM Krynica MorskaKRS KarsiborKUZ KuznicaLBN LubinLEB LebaMEC MechelinkiMIK MikoszewoMIW MiedzywodzieMIZ MiedzyzdrojeMRZ MrzezynoNIE NiechorzeOBL ObluzeOKS OksywieORL OrlowoPAS Nowa PaslekaPIA PiaskiPRZ PrzytorPUC PuckREW RewaROW RowyRWL RewalSOP SopotSTE StegnaSTL StolczynSTP StepnicaSUC SuchaczSWA SwarzewoSWB SwibnoSWI SwinoujscieSZN SzczecinSZT SztutowoTOL TolkmickoTRB TrzebiezUNI UniestyUSM Ustronie MorskieUST UstkaWAR Nowe WarpnoWLA WladyslowowoWOL WolinWSG Gorki WschodnieZAG Gorki Zachodnie

    Boat Registration Number Sets

    How to install boat registration numbers and names

    If you are looking for boat registration number kits you’ve come to the right place. Use our easy to use vinyl lettering designer to create you own number decals online!

    Need another color or special effects? We have great prices on upgrades! We’re glad you found our site, after you design your numbers you’ll be guided through some of our other products. Play around with our designer and create something great looking!

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    Swedish Fishing Boat Registration Letters

    AS AhusCN CimbrishamnFG FalkenbergGE GefleGG GoteborgHA HaparandaHD HalmstadHG HelsingborgHL HudiksvallHND HarnosandKA KarlskronaKD KristianstadKN KarlshamnKR KalmarLA LandskronaLA LuleaLL LysekilLNG LinkopingMD MarstrandMM MomMO MalmoNG NykopingNKG NorrkopingOK OrnskoldsvikON OskarshamnPA PiteaRY RannsbySA SkellefteaSB SoderteljeSD StromstadSE SodertetjeSG SolveborgSL SundsvallSM StockholmSN SoderhamnTG TrelleborgU UmeaUA UddevallaUM UmeaUPA UpsalaVK VostervikVS VisbyWG WarbergYD Ystad

    Boat Lettering & Number Decal Faq’s

    We hope you’ve enjoyed the information we have shared with you about vinyl boat lettering, numbers, and graphics. When you are ready to place an order for vinyl boat lettering and take advantage of our installation guarantee and our fast free shipping, please feel free to contact us by calling 800-582-6366 if you have more questions.

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    Quality Of Our Vinyl Boat Bumbers

    Because we offer so many types of boat numbers, we use various vinyl types to ensure the best product possible. After decades of experience with 10’s of thousands of boat numbers we are able to choose vinyls for each custom job that best suit the need. Some colors, like chrome and flat black, are notorious for shorter lifespans and need special care. However, gradient, carbon fiber, diamond plate and similar patterns are digitally printed and sealed on a special ‘bubble free’ vinyl with a 7 year warranty. Solid color custom boat numbers are made with standard 7 year warranty vinyl … but usually last much longer.

    Remove The Transfer Tape

    Boat Registration Numbers and Letters Decals Vinyl Names and

    After you remove the top layer of paper, your letters will appear in place. Your new lettering will serve as a way for your customers to always have visibility of your company name, logo and/or products. It’s really a great way to make a permanent mark in your community. If you have any questions about your lettering order please call our customer service tam and we will walk you through the steps.

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    ‘no Problems’ Installation Guarantee

    YES, We guarantee you will be able to install our numbers yourself in just a few minutes. We’re so sure our boat numbers are easy to install, if you mess up, we’ll reship your lettering again… FREE. For the vast majority, this extra little assurance is just the motivation they need to give this a try. Mess-ups are just that rare.

    About Our Custom Numbers

    We’ll guide you through the process of creating numbers when you click design now. Each state has specific verbiage as to their requirements. The general requirements for boat hull identification numbers are as follows:

    • A minimum of 3″ letter height
    • A block style font such as
    • Generally located on the forward hull portion of the boat next to the DNR tag
    • A contrasting color to base color of your boat.
    • Letters separated by a space or a dash

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    Spanish Fishing Boat Registration Letters

    AL AlgecirasAM AlmeriaAT AlicanteBA BarcelonaBI BilbaoCA CadizCO CorunaCP CastellonCT CartagenaFE FerrolGC Gran CanariaGI GijonHU HuelvaIB IbizaLU LugoM MelillaMA MalagaMH MenorcaPM MallorcaRE Region EcuatorialSE SevillaSS San SebastianST SantanderTA TarragonaTE TenerifeVA ValenciaVC Sahara EspanolVI VigoVILL Villagarcia

    Hull Identification And Motor Serial Numbers

    Registration Boat Numbers & Letters | 3″ Raised Stickers | Easy Peel & Stick SeaDek

    It is illegal to possess or intentionally sell, offer for sale, or purchase a vessel with a hull identification number or an outboard motor with a serial number that has been altered, defaced, mutilated, or removed. To acquire registration or title for a vessel or outboard motor with a serial number that has been altered, defaced, mutilated or removed, a sworn statement must be filed with TPWD describing the vessel or outboard motor, providing proof of legal ownership, and stating the reason for the destruction, removal, alteration or defacement of the number. This statement must be accompanied by a fee of $25.00 and an inspection certificate from a game warden stating the vessel or outboard motor has been inspected. This section does not apply to USCG Documented vessels.

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    Boat Lettering & Numbers

    Personalize your boat or PWC with boat numbers and letters. Whether youre applying your boat registration numbers or adding a personal touch, boat lettering allows you to achieve your goal of making your watercraft one-of-a-kind. Overtons offers boat lettering deals, so you never have to worry or wonder where to find the numbers and letters you need. Easy to apply. Easy to see. Easy to customize. If we could assign a letter grade to the process, it would easily be an A. Get your boat lettering and numbers from Overtons today.

    If you’re looking for more in Repair, Maintenance, and Hardware, check out our pages on Boat Cleaning Supplies, Hardware, and Ladders and Swim Platform.

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