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Men’s Authentic Original 2 Eye Boat Shoe Sperry

Sperrys Boat Shoe Comfort

Sperry Topsider Boat Shoes Tan Authentic Original 2 Eye Review Urban Outfitters

When it comes to comfort, Sperry boat shoes are a bit of a hit or miss. Although theyre available in wide sizes, theyre notorious for running a little narrow.

While the leather construction keeps your feet cool, depending on how wide your feet are and/or how patient you are, breaking in the leather for a comfortable fit can be a bit of a chore .

Moreover, while their Ortholite® cushioning offers support, their mostly flat soles arent meant for rough terrain or lengthy hikes. If you find yourself on a rocky beach or walking on unpaved roads on your way to a nice beach, you will feel every sharp rock and every uneven spot.

That said, once the shoes are well broken in, theyre quite comfortable in casual settings, like when youre lounging in, say, your favorite coffee shop, on your yacht, or in a library.

Sperry Shoes Are Originals

The Sperry Mens Authentic Originals design, as is the case with most leather-clad, moccasin style boat shoes, is geared more towards casual summer wear than anything else.

Their hand-sewn Tru-Moc, full-leather construction makes them a more stylish alternative to canvas sneakers or your regular walking shoes. Paired with a casual button-down shirt, the right-colored pair of pants/shorts, and some nice sunglasses, youve got a nice, slightly dressed-up summer look!

Obviously, this isnt to say that the A/Os are horrible on deck. Not at all. On the contrary, theyre quite good for sailing and for days when you just want to hang out at the beach.

Theyre lightweight, flexible, and quite easy to get in and out of when youre near the water. Moreover, their non-marking rubber soles offer a respectable amount of traction on deck.

While theyve definitely changed over the years, the A/Os dont really offer much in the way of innovation. As of this writing, it appears Sperry is confident with their original boat shoe, and as such, prefers the if-it-aint-broke-dont-fix-it approach.

Where To Buy:

When it comes to seaworthy style, Sperry boat shoes are the most recognizable loafer, combining form and function. But its their comfort that is most remarkable.

With genuine leather materials hand-sewn for durability, a signature 360° lacing system with rustproof eyelets for a secure fit, and razor-cut wave-sipping soles for the ultimate wet/dry traction, the Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe from Sperry hits it out of the park in terms of construction, comfort, and style. Definitely, one of the best boat shoes you can find.

It features moccasin construction with OrthoLite insoles for enhanced shock absorption and comfort as well as a shock-absorbing EVA heel cup. There has been some discussion about a new production of Sperry boat shoes, one that relies more on automation than handwork. Weve found it hard to validate.

Either way, just remember that a Sperry shoe will often stretch a wee bit, so dont order big.

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