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Just For Fun Boat Rentals

Mastercraft X45 Surf Boat

Just For Fun Watercraft Rental

This Mastercraft X45 has tons of room for your family and friends to enjoy every water sport you would like to do! It holds up to 18 people with a pickle fork front bow design to give lots of leg space, to its 1000lb ballast tanks for that ultimate surf wave, to its thumping stereo to enjoy while surfing, wakeboarding tubing, skiing or just chilling on the lake!

Cost: 4hrs $699.00, 8hrs $949.00 3-6 Days $799.00, 7+ days $719.00 Capacity: 18 people or 2635lbs Damage Deposit: $2000.00

Moomba Outback V Surf Boat

If you want to dial up the waves check this boat out! With seating for 12, a walk-through open bow, a fiberglass transom walk-across, a Sony Sound System, a boat cover, pull-up cleats and a trailer, the Moomba Outback V is seriously fun!

Cost: 4 Hours $649.00, 8 Hours $899 3-6 Days $749.00/day, 7 + Days $669/day Capacity: 10 Person or 1800lbs Damage Deposit: $2000.00

How Boat Rentals Work

There are hundreds of different boat brands and manufacturers, making countless different styles and sizes of pleasure boats. Which will be the right boat rental for you? That depends entirely on what activities youd like to try out. If you think water skiing looks like a blast, then ski boat rentals should top your list. But if youve always wanted to try fishing from a boat, then you probably need to ask yourself where will I find fishing boat rentals near me? Remember that some types of boats, like fish-and-ski models, are great for multiple uses. But some others, such as trawlers, are a bit more specific in what theyre used for.

One important factor you should consider prior to renting a boat is its condition and the rental companys reputation. Rental boats are known to be used hard and if you rent from an outfit that doesnt stay on top of issues like maintenance and repairs, your day on the water could be ruined by mechanical breakdowns or sub-par gear. This is often less of an issue with lake boat rentals as opposed to renting boats that live in a saltwater environment, but you should still do a bit of investigating prior to making any decisions.

Boat rental by owner, also known as peer-to-peer boat rental, is another option some people may want to consider. Again, note that you may encounter boats in varying conditions and take the time to read user reviews, which are available on the web sites of most peer-to-peer rental services.

Boat Rental Pricing

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Boat Rentals On Lake Ouachita

Aqua Fun Boat Rentals is located just west of Hot Springs Village at North Shores Resort and Marina on beautiful Lake Ouachita. We offer half-day and full-day party barge and deck boat rentals. Our boats are all late model pontoon boats and deck boats with 4 stroke engines and include bimini tops, tow bars, ladders, stereos, and all the USCG required safety equipment. Absolutely the best you will find on the lake! Check out our boat fleet and our web site and give us a call so you can reserve YOUR Aqua Fun!

How To Remember Boating Terms

Rent A Slide Boat On Keystone Lake In Oklahoma For A Summer Adventure ...

Experienced sailors are well versed in boating terminology, but for beginners, here are some helpful tricks to remember what these sailing terms mean:

  • Port: The port side is the left side of the boat and port has four letters, just like left.
  • Starboard: Has nine letters, just like the words Carrot Top, which is why it denotes the side of the ship where Carrot Top is standing.
  • Mast: Rhymes with past, and just like the past, is the part of the ship that sailors refuse to dwell on.
  • Hull: The hull is a specific dream every sailor has toward the end of their careers in which hockey great Bobby Hull tells them, Its time. Its time. Its time.

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Just For Fun Boat Rentals

Lake Travis

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Just For Fun Watercraft Rental on Lake Travis in Austin, TX, has been Central Texas best boat rentals company for over 30 years. We are Austins original boat rental at Emerald Point Marina on the best part of the lake.Spend a day on a ski boat, pontoon boat, Waverunner, or party barge. Just For Fun created the original party barge, fitting up to 50 people for the best parties on the lake.

Renting A Boat: Boat Rentals Guide

Editor’s Note: Thinking about renting a boat this summer? During the age of coronavirus, boating is one of the best forms of a safe, outdoor recreational activity you can do with close friends and family. But when renting a boat or joining a boat club, there are some new factors to keep in mind to ensure a funand safeexperience. Learn more in Boat Rentals & Boat Clubs: What to Know During COVID-19.

Maybe you havent decided what type of boat to buy despite spending hours on our Boat Finder Tool, maybe the cost of boat ownership is forcing you to wait before buying, or maybe youre just not ready to have your own boat yet and you want to rent one to get a taste of the boating lifestylewhatever the reason may be, a boat rental will allow you to get your feet wet without taking the plunge.

Fortunately, you can find a boat rental service just about anywhere you find boats. Whether youre thinking about a speed boat rental, an electric boat rental, or anything in-between, youll want to make sure you find the boat and the waterway that can offer the experience youre looking for.

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Boat Rental Tips Lake Lewisville

Renting a boat on Lake Lewisville can be fun and easy. But you are going out on a body of water that you may be unfamiliar with so it is best to take precautions before renting a boat. Here are our tips for safely renting and using a rental boat on Lake Lewisville.

1. Always use a reputable boat rental company. Most of the rental companies that are located within the marinas on Lake Lewisville are good options. Do not be afraid to ask how long they have been in business before booking a rental.

2. Make sure the proper safety equipment is on a boat. You need at a minimum a fire extinguisher, a horn, a throw-able life preserver, and a life vest for everyone on board. Ask and make sure you know where these items are located on the rental boat. It is illegal to operate a boat on Lake Lewisville without these safety items.

3. Check to see if the boat looks well maintained. If the boat is old, infrequently used, unclean, etc. these may be signs that the boat is not well maintained. You might want to avoid that boat or run into the chance of it breaking down while you are out on Lake Lewisville.

4. Make sure you have a cell phone on the boat and the phone number or numbers of the boat rental company you used. If you have problems or issues with the rental boat, you will need to contact the rental company for help.

6. Have fun and be safe. Always wear a life vest when you are in the water. Children 13 and under should have a life vest on at all times.

Best Boat Rentals In Austin To Beat The Texas Heat

Boat rentals at Lake Pleasant

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If youre not on the lake all summer in Texas, then are you really beating the Texas heat?! With gorgeous Lake Travis, Lake Austin, and Lady Bird Lake running through our city, theres more than enough opportunity to get on the water, or in the water for that fact! Check the myriad of opportunities for boat rentals in Austin with this helpful summer guide!

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Just For Fun: Pontoons & Party Barges

Located on the best part of the lake, Just For Fun Pontoons & Party Barges is one of the best boat rentals in Austin. Providing options like boat rentals, party barges with slides, and pontoons, Just For Fun is a great option for families or groups of friends for a weekend getaway. The original party barge can fit up to 50 people, so theyre perfect for celebrating!

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