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How To Register My Boat In Michigan

Can I Keep My Existing Boat Registration Numbers If They Expire

Do I need to register my boat? –

Once a boat registration has expired, the numbers may be reassigned. Generally if the boat registration expired within the last calendar year, it is likely that the numbers have not been reassigned. The longer a boat goes unregistered, the more likely it is that the numbers will be reassigned and no longer available for the previous customers use.

Requirements For Boater Registration In Michigan

Michigan boat registration is a vital component of owning and operating a vessel. All requirements must be followed to ensure that your registration is successfully processed, allowing you to hit the water without any worries. New boat registration can be completed if the boater presents certain documents to prove ownership of the vessel, which includes the bill of sale or certificate of title.

Additionally, certain processing fees must be paid to complete the registration process. Once your registration is processed, you will receive a sticker with your registration number on it. The Certificate of Number must always be displayed on the boat.

Why Do I Have To Pay A Transaction Fee To Register My Boat

In December 2007, DNR first entered into a contract with an outside vendor to design and manage an automated hunting and fishing license and boat registration system. The new license system was required to replace a failing automated licensing system that was not going to be licensed and available to DNR after December 2008. In short, the system was failing and had to be replaced. Absent of a significant funding source to develop and manage a new system in-house, DNR explored contractual options for obtaining a no cost to state contract like those adopted in many other states. Funding for this type of system would be recovered by the addition of a service charge paid by the buyer at the time of the purchase. The current contract includes: boat registration and renewal online, by telephone, and by mail, and requires mailing registration cards and decals to vessel owners. A Service Center operated by the vendor receives about 200,000 calls per year and registers boat, sells licenses and answers questions about boat registration and recreational hunting and fishing licenses.

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How Do I Register My Boat In Michigan

Brand new boat? Congratulations! You should have a title or bill of sale for your boat With that in hand, you will need to visit the Secretary of State office to get your initial registration. Once you have that, youll be issued a 3-year decal . THEN, youll take the MC numbers issued to you and order your custom Michigan MC Number boat registration decals right here. Pick your typeface, color and go!

All things boat related in Michigan are here.

How do you look up a boat number using the MC number? You have to do this in person.

How much is a boat title or registration? All the fees are here:,4670,7-12775432,00.html

How do you renew your boat in Michigan? The secretary of state will send you a renewal every 3 years, but if you miss it, you can renew by going right here online.

What boats need to be registered? See our FAQ page here.

How do you register an old boat that you dont have a bill of sale for?

We arent the Secretary of State! But we ARE boaters, and we have a few weve seen how things work. We also belong to a sailing club, so we know how to look up old boat numbers and get boats re-registered that have long since expired.

Information For Boat Dealers Registering Customer’s Boats

24 in the Boat Trader

Some boat dealers help customers register their boat, and some dealers may also be involved in helping the lienholder obtain security records or lienholder documents. The following information may help.

Boat Registration

If dealers are helping the customer with their boat registration, they may do so by mail application, online, or by phone.

If mail, the dealer should submit:

  • the paper registration application signed by the boat owner
  • the bill of sale from dealer to new owner,
  • the original transferred MSO from dealer to owner if a new boat,
  • the bill of sale from the previous owner of record to the dealer if a used boat,
  • check or money order to the Department of Natural Resources.
  • If online, the transaction must be done in the primary boat owners GoOutdoorsGeorgia DNR account, and the boat owner must certify that all information is correct.

  • Boat information will be completed online,
  • Payment is by credit card,
  • After payment, upload the bill of sale from dealer to new owner, the transferred MSO from dealer to owner if a new boat, and the bill of sale from the previous owner of record to the dealer if a used boat.
  • If the owner is not present to certify all information is correct, from the account, print a pre-filled registration form and have the owner sign and upload that signed form to the account.
  • Mail the original transferred MSO if a new boat to GA Dept of Natural Resources, PO Box 934943, Atlanta GA 31193-4943.
  • If by telephone:

  • Payment is by credit card,
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    Michigan Specific Registration Laws

    Please review your state specific requirements before purchasing identification decals as they do vary from state to state. Our designer is setup to comply with the general requirements above. If you require a specific requirement not in our designer, just leave a comment at checkout and we’ll adust your design . Michigan DNR provides a very concise guide to proper registration numbers, it is locatedHere.

    Where Can I Get Boat Registration Numbers In Michigan

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    Summer is officially here! If you live in Michigan most likely you or someone you know owns a watercraft. To make sure you are ready for the waves Signarama Troy can produce boat registration number decals. Follow the guidelines below from to ensure smooth sailing this season!

    All watercraft, unless exempt, must be registered with the Department of State and display a registration decal. Once a registration number has been assigned, it cannot be transferred to another watercraft. For most watercraft, the registration fee is based on length. All registrations expire on March 31 in the third year of issuance.

    Watercraft exempt from registration are:

    • Those 16 feet or shorter, propelled by oars or paddles, and not used for rental or commercial purposes
    • Nonmotorized canoes and kayaks not used for rental or commercial purposes, rafts, surfboards, sailboards, and swim floats, regardless of length and
    • Watercraft registered in another state and used only temporarily in Michigan.

    Boats are numbered according to state and federal regulations. These regulations help protect people from careless boat operators and improperly equipped boats. A Certificate of Number is issued to tell enforcement officers that a boat is properly registered. The numbers must be displayed properly on the boat.

    The law requires:

  • The figures are to be read from left to right.
  • Boat registration numbers must be bold, block letters of good proportion.
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    Michigan Pfd Boating Regulations

    Michigan law requires that all vessels have a US Coast Guard approved PFD on board for each person on board the craft. To meet the requirements, these PFDs must be a wearable Type I, II or III life jacket.For kayaks and canoes, however, the law states that the PFD on board can be a throwable Type IV PFD instead of a wearable one but there must be one readily available and accessible for each person on board the craft. This can also apply to small boats under 16 feet in length.For vessels longer than 16 feet, you will require a wearable PFD for each person as well as an easily accessible throwable device.

    Certificate Of Title Or Manufacturers Statement Of Origin

    The Boating Guy – Do I need to register my boat?

    Boats previously registered in Wisconsin

    Boats 16 feet in length or greater previously registered in Wisconsin are titled. The seller must provide you with the original Certificate of Title for you to transfer the boat into your name. The Certificate of Title must be signed if the Certificate of Title lists more than one owner and the names are separated by the word and, all owners listed on the title must sign. If the word or separates the names, any of the owners listed on the title may sign.

    Boats previously registered in another state

    To register and title the boat, the DNR will need the original signed Certificate of Title if the boat is coming from a state that titles boats or a registration card if the boat is coming from a state that does not title boats.

    Boats never registered before

    Applications to register new boats, or boats that have never been registered in any state, require the original Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin to be submitted in lieu of Certificate of Title.

    If this is a home-built boat, copies of the materials / supplies receipt should be submitted.

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    Mi Vessels To Title & Register

    The Michigan SOS requires registration for all vessels used on public waters. The only exemptions are:

    • Vessels 16 ft. long or less, powered by oars or paddles AND not used for commercial or rental purposes.
    • Rafts, surfboards, sailboards, and swim floats .
    • Canoes and kayaks that don’t have a motor AND aren’t used for rental or commercial purposes.
    • Watercraft currently registered in another state being used in Michigan on a temporary basis.

    Additionally, the following types of watercraft must be titled with the MI SOS:

    • Vessels measuring 20 ft. or more in length.
    • Boats with permanent motors.

    Contact the SOS if you’re unsure about whether your boat requires a title and/or registration.

    Where Does The Boat Numbers Go

    Boat numbers must be affixed on the forward portion of both the port and starboard side. Boat numbers must be affixed on the forward portion of both the port and starboard side. Also, most states require a current sticker immediately after or before the boat numbers on the port side, generally within 6 inches.

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    Complete Accurate And Signed Application And Forms

    If a boat registration is submitted online, the online process includes an electronic attestation in lieu of a signature.

    • All fields on the application and forms are required unless stated otherwise. Incomplete applications will result in processing delays. A complete list of applications and forms is provided here.
    • All primary and additional owners that are individuals must provide their name, address, date of birth and one of the following identifiers:
    • DNR Customer ID number
    • Social Security Number
    • Drivers license number
  • All primary and additional owners that are non-individuals must provide the name, address, and taxpayer ID number of the business/trust/government.
  • Application must also include the boats model name and model year of vessel.
  • How Do I Contact My Boat Manufacturer To Get A Hull Identification Number

    Boat Trailer Registration in Michigan

    A HIN is required for boats manufactured after November 1, 1972. If the HIN is unavailable and unknown, the boat owner must first contact the boat manufacturer to obtain a replacement HIN. The U.S. Coast Guard maintains a list of boat manufacturers and contact information at .

    If the manufacturer is out of business or will not assist the boat owner, a DNR HIN Inspection is necessary. DNR will assign a HIN number during the inspection process and the boat owner is responsible for permanently affixing the HIN to the boat.

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    The Vessel Must Display The Boat Number And Expiration Decal As Stated Below

    • Both port and starboard sides of the bow must display the registration number.
    • Registration number must read from left to right on both port and starboard sides of the bow.
    • Number must be in at least three inch high BLOCK letters.
    • Color of numbers must contrast sharply with the background as to be both distinctly visible and legible.
    • A space or a hyphen must separate the letters and numbers. example: MC 1123 ZW or MC-1123-ZW.
    • Both sides of the bow must not display any other numbers.
    • The boat expiration decal must be three inches following and in line with the number on both port and starboard sides of the bow.

    To register your boat/watercraft for the state of Michigan or to read more about Michigan Boat Numbers Registration Decal Display Laws visit the watercraft page of the website.

    Information For Persons Holding A Security Interest And For Lien Holders Lenders And Others Regarding Original Titles And Original Manufacturers Statement Of Origin /uniform Commercial Code Georgia

    Georgia is a title state for vessels. Once the registration is finalized, registered vessels have a Georgia eTitle in the vessel registration system. Outboard motors over 25 hp are included on the title. There are two methods for recording a security interest or lien in a Georgia registered vessel.

  • A lender may use the Security Interest or Lien form to record a security interest in a Georgia registered vessel. The cost to record the lien is $10. The lien will be recorded on the electronic record in the Georgia vessel registration system. The lienholder will receive an Owner of Record letter to show the lien was filed on the eTitle. A paper copy of the title showing the lien may be requested by the lienholder for an additional $10. When the lien is satisfied the lienholder will send the Security Interest or Lien form to release the lien, or if a paper title was purchased the lien is released by returning the paper title. The vessel returns to an eTitle in the vessel owners name. Address and directions for releasing the lien appear on the form and on the title.
  • A lender with a security interest may record outstanding debt against a vessel and an individual by filing a Georgia UCC-1 form through the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority. Refer to the following site for information and a checklist:
  • A direct link to UCC forms is:

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    Exemptions From Registration And Titling In Michigan

    New boat registration is not required for certain vessels, including boats that have a valid out-of-state registration and are only in Michigan waters temporarily. Additionally, boat registration numbers are not required for types of vessels listed below:

    • Vessels under 16 feet that operate by oars or paddles and are not intended for commercial use.
    • Nonmotorized canoes or kayaks that are not intended for commercial use.
    • Rafts, surfboards, and floatation devices.

    What Kind Of Boat Must Be Registered

    Michigan boat registration – Huston Real Estate – #TipTuesday

    Generally, boats must be registered in their state if they have a gasoline, diesel or electric motor, including a trolling motor. Personal Watercrafts are considered motorized crafts and needs to be registered in most states. Sailboats without auxiliary power must be registered if over a certain size like eight feet, but that differs by state. The registration requirements for kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, rowboats and other human-powered craft also differ by state but most dont need to be registered.

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    Replacing Your Michigan Boat Registration

    Boat registration replacement is vital if a driver loses or damages their current registration. This is because the registration sticker the validity of a boaters registration if a boats decals are damaged. Boat owners can request a boat registration replacement online or by visiting their local Secretary of State office and providing the boat number and other personal information to process the request.

    I Am Absolutely Unable To Get Proof Of Ownership Documents To Support My Georgia Boat Registration What Are My Options

    Boat owners should use every effort to obtain the required supporting documents for boat registration to avoid costs to themselves and the state. If all options have been exhausted, an Affidavit of Vessel Ownership may be provided by the applicant. Completing the affidavit requires procedures and documents to show attempted contact with the owner of record for the vessel, and depending on the value of the vessel, may require a bond. If required, the affidavit process should be initiated immediately upon vessel registration.

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    Where Do I Register My Boat

    A good place to start is right here on Discover Boatingjust visit our Boat Registration page, which allows you to start the registration process online. In most states, you can also register a boat with the Department of Motor Vehicles. In some cases it may be with the Department of Fish and Game, the Department of Licensing, or the Department of Natural Resources . A boat can be officially registered in only one state.

    Mi Boat Registration Renewals & Replacements

    Michigan Boat Registration Numbers

    Your boat registration is valid for 3 years, and expires on March 31 of the last year. The Michigan SOS will mail you a renewal notice before your registration expires.

    To renew your registration with the MI Secretary of State, submit information about your boat ANDthe applicable renewal fees:

    Allow at least 14 business days for your new registration to arrive in the mail.

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    What Kind Of Boats Need To Be Registered

    Always check your states regulations and requirements for applications. However, in most cases, any boat that is considered a motorized vessel will need to be registered. This includes gasoline and diesel engines, as well as electric. Personal watercraft are also under this umbrella.

    You may need to register a sailboat in your state as well. Even if it does not use auxiliary power. If your sailboat is over a certain size, state regulations may require you to have it registered.

    Most states do not require you to register your boat if it is a small, personal craft. That means vessels like kayaks or canoes.

    If you have a large vessel, then this may have to be registered with the U.S. Coast Guard. If the boat weighs over 5 net tons and is owned by U.S. residents, then the Coast Guard will register it. This is for vessels that travel overseas. Most every day boaters do not need to worry about this level of documentation. Additionally, a boat will still need to be registered with the state.

    If you have a large enough vessel remember that it will also be registered based on use. A commercial vessel can be used for recreational purposes like fishing. A recreational boat cannot be used for commercial purposes, however. That can lead to fines and penalties.

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