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How Much Is Boat Storage

Types Of Storage For Boats

Turn Your Jon Boat Bench Into Storage

Self storage facilities that offer boat storage typically have one or more of these options available: indoor storage, covered parking, and outdoor boat storage. Its important to understand the advantages of each type of boat storage, including level of convenience, protection from the elements, and affordability.

Put A Cover Or Slip On Your Boat

A boat cover or slip isnt as necessary for boats being stored in indoor storage however, those stored in covered parking and outdoor storage should definitely have a boat cover or slip. This will protect your vessel from any precipitation, debris, and other issues that could ruin the paint, seats, carpeting, etc.

Types Of Boat Storage

Choosing the best type of boat storage you need will depend on a variety of factors, ranging from the type of boat you own, to your local climate, to how often you want to access it. There are a variety of types of boat storage options available for all types of boat owners and their needs. Consider these types of boat storage solutions to determine the best type of boat storage for you.

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Wet slip storage

Known for its convenience, wet slip storage means storing your boat in a designated spot in the water called a marina slip. This method is typically recommended for areas that don’t experience temperatures that drop below freezing. Sometimes lift slips are available to allow you to lift the boat out of the water. Whether the boat is in the water or lifted, it’s best to purchase a fitted cover to protect your boat from the elements. This storage method makes for an easy launch, but some watercraft are not meant to be stored in the water for long periods of time. Make sure wet slip storage is recommended for your type of boat before deciding on this storage method.

Pros of wet slip boat storage:

  • Convenience
  • Damage from barnacles and algae

Lift slip storage

Pros of lift slip boat storage:

  • Convenience and easy access to the water
  • No need for a boat trailer
  • Quick water access at all times

Cons of lift slip boat storage:

Boatyard storage

Pros of boatyard storage:

Driveway or parking spaces

  • Peace of mind

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Watercraft And Boat Storage Size Guide

The size of your boat is one of the most important parts of determining the boat storage options available to you. Learning about the sizes of storage units and which watercraft will fit in each unit can help you decide which spaces will work best for your boat. From jet skis to yachts, every type of watercraft can have an ideal storage option.

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How To Winterize Your Outboard Motor


While you may get away with not storing your outboard motor, you should not leave it to the wrath of Mother Nature. A small outboard motor must be winterized, and then taken inside your storage shed or your garage. If possible, hang it above the ground.

Bear in mind that before you leave the motor there, there are a few more steps that you should follow.

  • Add fuel stabilizer. This will prevent the fuel from becoming waterlogged and it will make it much easier for you to start the engine come spring.
  • Most outboard motors feature a winterize mode. Simply go there and click on the winterize engine button.
  • Allow the engine to winterize itself. It will automatically double the oil, run for about 90 seconds, and then shut itself off.
  • Make sure that the propeller does not have any devices wrapped around it.

Its as simple as that to winterize the outboard engine of your boat. This way, even if you do not use the boat, it will be properly kept throughout winter.

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Winter Storage Rules And Dates

  • In/Out service will conclude for the season at the end of the day on Sunday, Sept.20. We will begin receiving winter storage boats and staging in/out boats for pick up. On Sept. 21st, we will staff Mon-Sat from 8-5 through Oct. 31. We will have Sunday hours 10a-5p through Oct. 4. Our gas dock will run parallel hours.
  • In/Out boats not staying for winter storage must be removed from racks by Sept. 27 or storage fees will automatically be incurred and the boat will become inaccessible as we move storage boats into the building.
  • If requesting to be staged outside before being put away in the fall or after winter storage in the spring, staging fees will be incurred.
  • In/Out service will resume Friday, May 14, 2021. All storage rack boats must be removed no later than May 12. All boats staged or stored outside, must be off the parking lot no later than May 20.

Summer storage fees will be applied after May 20.

Floor Boats Winter Storage Contract

Rack Boats Winter Storage Contract

Service Request Quote

Slip Rental Versus Mooring Fees For Your Pontoon Boat

A slip is a spot on a harbor where a boat has a doled out spot. You can leave onto a slip. A slip can likewise have accessible power.

A securing is a spot out in the water like a float or an anchor. At the point when you are secured you really want a dinghy or other sort of art to get to land. On the off chance that you choose to go with a securing, you ought to incorporate the expense of that dinghy into your spending plan.

The real expense of one or the other securing or a slip depends on the length of your pontoon. Most pontoons are around 22 feet.

In the U.S. it is more normal to lease a slip to house your boat, while securing is more famous in the Mediterranean and different regions of the planet. What you pick is reliant upon accessibility in your space and which choice you like.

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Construct The Right Layout

You may want to offer a variety of storage units in your facility. Most renters will want an enclosed unit for RV and boat storage. Enclosed units offer more security and sun & weather protection than open storage spaces or canopy spaces.

When you offer more than one type of space, the layout of your facility should make it easy to get from one section of units to another. The units should also be built on either side of any established drives so that you maximize the use of the roadways. If you have a main office on-site, it should be clearly marked and easy to access as soon as a customer drives up to your storage lot.

Layout considerations also include the exits and entrances. You may need to work with the city to create or change the entrances to accommodate the size of the RVs and trailers. In addition, the adjacent streets must be able to handle vehicles of such size turning in and out of your parking lot. You also need to factor in fire codes when it comes to spaces between buildings, and the necessary hydrants or fire sprinkler systems in your buildings.

At Outdoor Self Storage Facility $5 To $20 Per Ft Per Month

How Much Self Storage Do You Really Need?

On average, storing a boat in an outdoor self-storage facility costs $10/ft per month. But the price can vary from as low as $5/ft per month to as high as $20/ft per month or more depending on the length of the boat, seasonality, and the location.

The outdoor self-storage facility is cheaper compared to an indoor self-storage facility. And it also gives less protection for your boat. So, if you live in an area where the weather is fairly mild throughout the year, outdoor self-storage is an affordable option.

However, if it is not located near the lake or shore, that makes it a less convenient option for boaters because they need to go near the storage first and then trailer the boat from the storage to the lake or shore, double work.

You need to store a boat on the trailer, or blocking is needed to store the boat at these outdoor self-storage facilities. There is one more category in this storage category, which is covered outdoor storage. This stays between the indoor and outdoor storage in terms of cost and protection.

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Opening A Boat And Rv Storage Business: What You Need To Know

The storage of boats and recreational vehicles can be a lucrative business. With cities nationwide passing ordinances banning RV and boat parking on residential streets and, in some areas, even a driveway. These laws make it clear that city officials want such large vehicles stored behind gates either in the backyard or a storage facility. To open a storage facility a person needs to have a plan and a list. There are various business houses which provides best tire storage services as tire manufactures required the place to store their branded tire to maintain it from outside environment.

Dry Boat Storage On Lake Burton

Dry stack storage offers the best protection for your boat. By storing your boat in our secure dry storage facility, you can be sure that your watercraft is safe. LaPrades Marina offers a Launch and Retrieval service for dry stack storage customers. Our team will bring your boat out of storage and park it in a wet slip. After you have enjoyed your time on the lake, the team will return the boat to its trailer and place it back into storage. Please note that we will need 2 hours notice for dry stack boat retrieval.

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Cons Of Storing Boat At Home

  • Storing the boat outside at home may require extra care or maintenance for the boat, such as covering the boat properly to prevent any damages from rain or snow or sunlight and theft as well.
  • If the boat is kept for a long time on a trailer without using it, the trailer needs to be appropriately maintained to prevent any problems, such as a flat tire.
  • And you need to trailer the boat to the lake or sea to use it. Whereas storing the boat at the marina or dry-stacked doesnt require trailering, they will keep it in the water if the storage is close to the waters.

Without a trailer, the boat needs to be placed on blocks , which is difficult to do than others. To know more about that, check this article on How To Store A Boat Without A Trailer?

Storage Unit Size For A Sailboat

Indoor Boat Storage

Small sailboats such as sailing dinghies, beach catamarans, daysailers, and racer-cruisers will easily fit into a 15×30 storage space. You will need a 20×40+ space to store larger racing and cruising sailboats. Sailboats can be stored indoors or outdoors as long as they are covered and blocked properly. When storing your boat for the winter, make sure to winterize the boat as recommended by the manufacturer.

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Should I Keep My Boat In The Water All Year Round

If you think you are likely to want to use your boat in the winter and can still find time to do the necessary boat maintenance work then there is no harm in keeping your boat in the water all year round.

In fact, some of the most pleasant days afloat may come on a crisp, bright winters day when you have the harbours and waterways to yourself.

A swing mooring can be a cost effective option

If the boat is unlikely to be used regularly and could end up sitting unused in the berth then its probably best to look at onshore boat storage.

Even if you decide to keep the boat in all year it will still need to be lifted to clean off any fouling, apply antifoul and service the mechanical parts.

Cons Of Storing Boat At Outdoor Self Storage Facility

  • If the boat is kept at an outdoor self-storage facility, you may need to take extra care, such as covering the boat from the rain, snow, sunlight, etc.
  • If the self-storage facilities arent located near the marina, you might need to rent or borrow a trailer to take your boat from the self-storage facility to the lake or shore.

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Pros Of Storing Boat At Indoor Self Storage Facility

  • An indoor self-storage facility will be completely closed like a warehouse, and it gives more protection for the boat from sunlight, rains, snow, etc.
  • Most of the self-storage facilities will have CCTVs to keep an eye on your boat to avoid any thefts.
  • You can find self-storage facilities anywhere because they are many self-storage facilities in the country.

Practical Boat Storage Options For The Offseason

Should You Fill Your Boat’s Fuel Tank During Storage?

There are so many different ways to store a boat that it can be hard to pick one. Find out which boat storage option is right for you and roughly how much it will cost you.

One of the more costly aspects of owning a boat is docking and storing it. Boat storage options can be as simple as pulling the trailer into your garage or as complex as needing your boat to be stored on a lift.

The storage options available to you will mostly be dependent on your budget, the climate, and the size of the boat in question. Some boats can be stored inside a regular sized storage unit for less than it would cost to keep the boat at a marina. Other larger vessels might need to be stored outside on jack stands or in the water.

Well discuss the differences between the types of boat storage units and how you can decide which option is right for you. We also have some tips that will help you save money in the process.

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Examples Of Boat Storage

It is important to note that all boat storage facilities will have their own storage options and rates to offer. Make sure that you shop around to find a boat storage solution that really caters to your budget and needs.

Take the time to learn more about the storage on offer and how much protection will be provided to your boat. You dont just want somewhere to park it. You want to leave it somewhere it will be safe and protected.

The more protection that is provided for your vessel, the higher you can expect the storage cost to be.

Sometimes the extra spend warrants the cost, especially if it will prolong the lifespan of your boat.

Winter Storage For Your Pontoon Boat

When the sailing season is finished, you need to ensure your Pontoon in Boats will be prepared and looking great for the following year. While you can do this errand yourself, getting an expert will save you some time and exertion and guarantee nothing is missed. If youre inspired by how to store your boat for the colder time of year, we have an aide here.

The thought behind winterizing your boat is to get any dampness out that could cause buildup or rust and harm your pontoon boat. While you can do this with an exhaustive purging everyday practice, you want some method for keeping your boat ensured. There are a couple of ways of doing this.

  • If you keep your boat inside, you dont need to stress over dampness. For this situation, a basic covering will do.
  • In case you are putting away your pontoon boat outside, you need to ensure it stays dry. A fitted canvas or cover can work.
  • For much more security from the components, you can decide to recoil wrap your pontoon.

Therapist wrap includes utilizing a casing to wrap plastic fold around your boat and afterward warming until it psychologists to fit snuggly. A psychologist wrapped boat can withstand cruel winters even in more northern climes.

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What To Look For In A Storage Facility

The facility and staff that you entrust your boat to is an important consideration. As such, here are a few tips on what to look for in a boat storage facility:

  • Have a critical eye when driving up to the marina or storage facility. Is the area clean and landscaped? How professional are the staff and management?
  • What are the security procedures of the facility? Is the property gated? Are security cameras present? Ask about any potential recent security issues.
  • What are the steps and procedures in the event of a serious storm or hurricane? Should the facility enter the path of a NOAA hurricane forecast, what are the procedures in place?
  • If utilizing high and dry storage, is it possible to have the boat cleaned from time to time?
  • What amenities are available for slips ?
  • Are the personnel insured and bonded?

Optional Services & Pricing

How Much Boat Storage Cost

*Must give 24 hour notice

Departure RV $35Check tire PSI to correct pressure, fill fresh water tanks, start refrigerator, clean windshield and mirrors

Departure Boat -$30Check tires, wipe down, and clean glassexterior w/duster

Test and Charge Battery $2072 hour notice

Trailer or Auto Tire Repair $70 + repair*Dismount and remount

Motor Home or Oversized Tire Repair Estimate

Battery Replacement Estimate

Electrical Site 20 Amp $25 per month

Electrical Site 30 Amp $35 per month

Electrical Site 50 Amp $45 per month

Upon Drop Off

  • Dump & back flush waste tank $35*if 24 HRS uses its own supply of chemicals
  • Exterior Wash with spot free rinse $3 per ft*RV from drip rail down / boats include trailer
  • Roof Wash $2 per ft*Alone or add it to exterior wash above
  • Housekeeping $48 per hr

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