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How Much Do Boat Trailer Tires Cost

Your Trailer Needs A Certain Type

How To Choose Trailer Tires – Radial or Bias

It may be tempting to put any tire that fits on your boat trailer, but there are specifications in place for trailer tires. Special Trailer tires are the only type you should use on your boat trailer unless youre willing to risk damage or potentially an accident.

ST tires have robust sidewalls to handle lots of weight, which helps avoid tipping your boat onto the road while cornering turns. Radial and bias-ply tires are both available for trailers, with radials working better for longer trips and bias-ply ideal for short trips to your local waterways.

Before you purchase a trailer , consider the costs associated with the boat plus trailer and tire costs. Before you start estimating your investment with a boat payment calculator, think about how youll transport your new toy and plan accordingly. Trailer tires are an essential component of your boating setup, and its not worth the risk to gloss over that part of the venture.

Ce Smith St205/75r X 14 Radial Trailer Tire

Best Spare Boat Trailer Tire

Key Features:

  • Sidewall construction is heavy-duty that adds extra protection to the body plies
  • Wheels are stylized and slotted that match the original Tracker wheels
  • Comes with ST tires to improve stability
  • Exceptional and strong for long hauls

This radial boat trailer tire offers superior performance and unmatched durability. Its built to withstand the toughest conditions, from heavy loads and rigorous use to extreme weather.

These radial boat tires cover long-distance hauling, especially if youre carrying heavy loads or boat trailers. Consider radial tires that will last and perform better than bias-ply tires for your heaviest loads.

New Premium Free Country Trailer Tires St 205/75r15 8pr Load Range D W/ Scuff Guard


  • Heavyweight tires

Often marine trailer tires are overlooked in terms of safety. Since for most people, the distance from towing to unloading is not that much, manufacturers feel like it is an extra investment.

The users are also comfortable with the decision. However, that should not be the case.

Hence, the Grand Ride came out with models of their own that focus on safety alongside output and durability.

Among different features, this model has a nylon cap ply. We know that tires can get heated very quickly due to friction. So, using nylon caps is a brilliant idea as this material is widely known as an excellent insulator.

This insulating capacity means that the exterior with the nylon cap will not get heated as quickly. Nylon is also synthetic. It works hand in hand with rubber to increase the durability factor of the tires.

These radial tires are eight-ply rated with a D labeled load range. So, it can bear massive weight with its 45-pound tires. The steel-belted design of the tires adds to the load while making it more stable.

And, the best part, these tires have a speed rating L, meaning you can go at a speed of 75mph without inflicting major damage to the tires.

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Best Boat Trailer Tires

A boat trailer is one of the most important parts of your boat. Without it, braking is harder when youre towing, and its more difficult to control the speed.

If youre not getting the best boat trailer tires, then youll end up spending more money at the store. At the same time, waste time dealing with dangerous driving conditions.

Need not worry because this article got you covered! All the trailer tires have several factors you should consider when choosing the best tires for boat trailers.

Not only will you get a tire thats more durable and tougher, but youll also get one thats lighter, quieter, and better-looking. Aside from being useful, trailer tires also make a great gift for boaters!

This article will walk through everything a boat trailer owner must know before buying the best boat trailer tires!

How Do You Know When Your Bearing Buddy Is Full

How much do Travel Trailer Tires Cost? Plus Examples  The ...

Bearing BuddyfilledcheckCleaning your Trailer’s Wheel Bearings

  • Loosen the wheel nuts on the required wheel.
  • Jack up the trailer so the wheel clears the ground.
  • Remove the wheel nuts and wheel.
  • Gently tap the dust cap off and remove split pin from the castle nut.
  • To reseat the bearings, tighten the castle nut until a slight binding is felt.
  • Fit new split pin and replace dust cap.
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    Oxidation Not Tread Wear

    According to rubber industry research, trailer tires need to be replaced after 35 years of use, even though they usually appear to have plenty of tread left. Unlike your cars tires, it isnt miles of driving but oxidation of the rubber that wears out the tire. Mostly, a trailer tire sits in one spot for days or weeks at a time, and may travel only 10,000 miles per year. UV radiation from sunlight and ozone from exhaust cause exterior damage to the sidewalls, and oxygen from pressurized air creates unseen damage deep inside.

    When To Buy Boat Trailer Tires

    Unless youre buying a brand new boat and trailer off the dealer lot, you are more than likely going to be in the market for some new boat trailer tires. If you dont know how old the boat trailer tires are, you can check the DOT code on the side of the tire. The last set of four numbers in the tire DOT code indicates the precise week and year of manufacture. In the example below, this tire was manufactured in the 35th week of 2007.

    Now that you have an idea of how old your boat trailer tires are, you need to evaluate the condition of the tires.

    This tire is due to be replaced because all of Lincolns head is visible.

    An easy way to check if you need new tires is by the depth of the tread. To do this, you can use the Lincoln penny trick. All you do is set the penny, with the head facing down, into one of the grooves in the tire tread. Best to pick a couple of spots on the tire. If you can see the top of Abes head with the coin in position, then its time to start looking for some new tires.

    Cracks in the sidewall of the trailer tire should be inspected by a tire expert.

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    Different Tires For Different Jobs

    Trailer tires arent like auto or light truck tires. They dont steer, transmit power from an engine to the road or swerve to avoid obstacles. Automobile tires perform all of these functions, so they need flexible sidewalls to keep their tread anchored to the pavement. Car tires are mated to sophisticated suspension, steering and braking systems free-spinning trailer tires, on the other hand, sit underneath stiff suspensions while smaller trailers dont have brakes at all. Ultimately, using automobile tires on your trailer is a safety issue, which is why the experts at the tire companies do not advise their use.

    Radial tires are available from West Marine to fit 12″ to 16″ wheels.

    Average Boat Trailer Weights Based On Size

    Trailer Tires Best Guide

    Before anything else, its worth mentioning that the weights listed below arent set in stone. Different manufacturers, models, and materials will affect the final weight of the trailer, so youre still going to have to check the manual to find out how much the entire thing weighs.

    But just to give you an idea of the weights you can expect, you can refer to this estimation chart of how much does a boat trailer weigh:

    Trailer Size

    Over 9,000 lbs

    Tandem or Triple

    Remember that these are some very rough estimates. Weights can change drastically depending on what specific trailer youre getting, and that also means that you should expect different capacities between models. Two different 22-foot trailers probably wont offer the same payload.

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    Picking The Best Boat Trailer Tire

    Boat trailer tires and car or truck tires are not the same. You need to keep different things in mind when searching for boat trailer tires. You can choose the right boat trailer tire if you know what to look for. Trailer tires will need more rigid side walls. Youll also be using them with a higher PSI than passenger car tires. And, of course, they may need to handle significant weight for extended periods. Lets take a look at some factors to consider.

    Factors To Consider When Choosing Boat Trailer Tires

    Consider these factors in your selection process of the best tires for your boat trailer.

    • Design

    Design is the primary factor to consider in choosing the right tire for your boat trailer. It will determine its durability, stability, capacity, and other features that you need in a boat trailer tire.

    You can choose a radial design for longer tread life, or a bias-ply design that fits with a more durable sidewall. When you plan for long-distance hauling, a radial design is preferable to dissipate heat, but a bias-ply design is great for shorter trips.

    • Durability

    When you choose a different kind of tire for your boat trailer, it begins with a purpose to last long. Whether you are in an extreme environment or plain towing condition, your tires rely on durability. Thus, your number one priority is to find trailer tires that can withstand varying use and remain sturdy within their lifespan.

    Check for water-resistant tires as they tend to last longer than their counterparts. Also, check the time your boat trailer tire was produced as older ones can get softened by moisture and water. A durable tire, on average, lasts more than five years.

    • Stability

    Choose a boat trailer tire that is stable when you tow a small or large weight. It will provide ease and comfort to transport your trailer. The tread design and sidewall should offer great traction even on wet surfaces and wear evenly to last long.

    • Load Capacity
    • Speed
    • Strength
    • Mobility
    • Tire Pressure
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages

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    How Do Boat Trailer Tires Work

    Trailer tires are different from car or truck tires as they are designed to be stable. Most boat trailer brands dont steer, transmit power from an engine to the road or swerve to avoid obstacles.

    These tires have strengthened sidewalls to handle the weight of a boat, especially when rounding corners. There are either bias trailer tires or radial trailer tires available.

    Trailer Tires & What To Consider

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace RV Tires?

    There are many things to consider when determining which Trailer Tire is right for your trailer. We are going to discuss the main points that need to be addressed when outfitting your trailer with new Trailer Tires. Should you use Radial or Bias-Ply? Should you use Load range C or Load Range D? Do I have to use an ST tire? These are all good questions.

    First off, we will revisit the Radial vs. Bias-Ply debate that was covered in a previous blog, only todays entry will be much briefer. Radial tires are going to be better suited for highway/high volume usage. This is because they tow better at higher speeds and last longer than a Bias. They also shed heat better, reducing the risk of blow-outs on long hauls. Bias Ply tires are cheaper alternatives that perform just fine under moderate to low use on mainly secondary roads. You can absolutely use them on the highway they just wont perform as well or last as long as a Radial.

    Finally, it is always recommended that an ST or LT tire should be used on trailers. This is a common question because many trailers are outfitted with tires that have a P on them. A P on the tire means that it is meant for use on a Passenger vehicle . P tires are round and rubber and will surely fit on a trailer, but are not recommended due to the construction of the tire. ST tires are designed to be towed and have stronger sidewalls needed for trailers.

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    Types Of Boat Trailer Tires

    There is no wrong or right option when it comes to the best type of trailer tire. It depends on your needs.

    Radial Boat Trailer Tire

    It has central plies that run around the tire. The overlapping polyester cords are angled at 90 degrees at the center of the line. There are also steel mesh belts perpendicular to the tire to improve strength. It has a thick shoulder that protects against shock. Some of the best examples of this tire are the Freestar M-108 8-ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire and Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire.

    I recommend radial boat trailer tires when going on long trips. It provides a smoother, quieter, and more comfortable ride compared to bias ply tires, as long as you keep the load light. It tracks the towing vehicle well to prevent sways, even in curves. Compared to bias, it has a longer tread life.

    Bias Boat Trailer Tire

    A bias ply tire has a nylon belt angled at 30 to 45 degrees from the centerline. This is as against the 90-degree angle in a radial tire. Some will have a fiberglass belt to enhance strength. It offers excellent traction, especially when the trailer is on slippery surfaces.

    Compared to a radial tire, a bias trailer tire is more affordable. It also carries a heavier load without deflating. However, it is susceptible to heat and abrasion, so I do not recommend it in extremely hot places and rough roads. It wont do well on curved roads either. It is best only for short trips.

    How To Choose A Boat Trailer

    Needless to say, choosing a boat trailer requires quite a bit of due diligence. Theres a lot to consider other than the weight of the boat itself. But with the right guidance, you should be able to zero in on the right pick.

    Not quite sure what you should be looking for? Here are some of the most important considerations you should make when choosing a boat trailer:

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    About Recreational Vehicle Trailer Tires

    Trailer tires arent like auto or light truck tires. Passenger vehicle tires are made to carry passengers whereas trailer tires are built to carry heavy loads. So trailer tires are made up of heavy material sidewalls. Like auto or car tires, trailer wheels dont need to handle sharp or quick turns. Trail

    Tires-Easy Tire Buying Guide, Tire Safety, Trailer Tires

    Everyone loves spending time out on the boat at the lake. But nobody loves being stuck on the side of the road with a blown out trailer tire on the way to the lake. Just as you maintain your vehicle and boat, it is important to check and maintain your boat trailer tires.

    Wheels Express Inc 13545swb Boat Trailer Tire

    5X10 Utility Trailer Build – Part 4 of 4

    I highly recommend this tire if you are looking for value for money. It is affordable, especially because it already comes with a well-balanced rim. It is inflated and ready to install upon receipt, making the assembly straightforward even for a beginner.

    Right out of the box, the first thing that I noticed in this trailer wheel is its excellent paint job. It is thicker than what I have seen in most of its competitors. It looks like it wont chip easily, even with exposure to harsh road conditions.

    The minimal tread wear is another good reason to choose this trailer tire. With its heavy-duty construction, I am confident that the tire is not easily damaged even on rough roads. The .24-inch tread depth prevents premature wear. It is not prone to impact punctures as well.

    With a weight rating of 1,360 pounds at 50 psi, it is a load range C tire. It is best to limit its use to small boats, such as personal watercraft. For heavier loads, I recommend that you choose a bigger and thicker tire.

    • Potential sizing discrepancy
    • Prone to rust and corrosion

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    Cracks Punctures And Foreign Objects

    Cracks, punctures, and foreign objects can create spaces that allow air to escape from your tires. If you dont catch it soon enough, any of these could lead to a blowout or worse. Remove foreign objects as soon as you notice them wedged in your tire tread to prevent further damage. If you notice a crack or if your tire is punctured, it may be repairable by plugging the hole and patching the area inside the tire that surrounds the hole, depending on the location. If this doesnt resolve the issue, or if your tires sidewall has been punctured, it will need to be replaced. Remember, any attempt to repair trailer tires should be done by a tire professional.

    What Is A Radial Trailer Tire

    If you dont spend a lot of time shopping for tires, you may not be familiar with types. Maybe youve heard of radial tires before, however. But the existence of a radial boat trailer tire implies there are tires that are not radial tires. So what are they and what are the other kinds?

    In general youre going to be looking at radial trailer tires or bias trailer tires. Most tires for anything from trailers to scooters to cars can fall in these categories.

    Radial tires have been around for a very long time. Michelin put them on the market back in 1946. They basically became the standard at that time. There is a distinct difference in each kind of tire. And both have advantages. The difference comes in how the tire is made. Every tire is constructed in layers. If youve ever seriously blown a tire you can see this inside.

    The layers in a tire are called plies. Think of toilet paper to get the visual if youre not familiar. One ply toilet paper is a single layer. Two-ply is two sheets stacked. Three-ply is three together. Below the treat of your tire, layers of rubber and other materials are stacked the same.

    These advantages can make them potentially a good choice for trailers.. But at the same time, the tread is prone to deforming. That can increase slippage on the road. In turn that means your tow vehicle is exerting more effort to tow bias tires.

    Radial tires offer superior road contact as well. This is especially true when turning. Its also true under heavier loads.

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