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Freedom Boat Club Lake Wylie

What New Members Say About Our Comprehensive On

Freedom Boat Club, new Wisconsin locations: Get on the water | FOX6 News Milwaukee

I sincerely appreciate you guys being so diligent on the up-front assessment and training of new members. Its an attention-to-detail that you dont have to have, and that you probably dont find in other similar organizations. As a new member, I appreciate it.


I truly appreciate your time todayit was DEFINITELY TIME WELL SPENT FOR ME!! I picked up many great tips that I know will add to my overall safety and pleasure while utilizing my membership privileges.

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The New Intelligent Way To Go Boating:

Our boat sharing club is the way of the future find out more by scheduling a tour and see first-hand what it means to boat the Carefree way! Theres no easier way to become a boater. To learn more about membership options or to become a member of our club today, call us or use the form to request more information. Its that easy!

Why Choose Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club was started in 1989 with the mission of creating a simple and easy boating experience without the usual costly and time consuming hassles that traditionally accompany boat ownership. With Freedom you can just make a reservation, hit the water and drive home knowing that every detail has been carefully managed.

Watch the video to learn more!

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Making Boating Memories Has Never Been Easier

We Take Care of It All…Including the Boats

Weve taken care to select a variety of quality boats. And we always keep them clean and maintained. We also take care of the storage, insurance and repairs. So you can just focus on the fun!

Pay a 1x Entry Fee and Monthly Dues

Just pay a one-time entry fee and select one of our membership plans. Your local Club will have a variety of plans to match your recreational boating needs.

Get Unlimited Training from Licensed Captains

Your safety is our No. 1 concern. So we give all our members unlimited training with certified captains. And if you wish to boat in a new location, theyll show you the waterways.

Take Any Boat Out as Often as You Wish

Reserve a boat by phone or online. Then go fishing, tubing or head to a restaurant with friends. When youre done, just bring the boat back and pay for the fuel. We take care of everything else!

  • Worlds oldest and largest membership boat club with over 30 years of experience
  • Reciprocal access to 300+ Locations in the US, Canada and Europe
  • We take care of the maintenance, cleaning, repair, insurance and storage
  • Fleet includes bowriders, pontoons, offshore/inshore fishing boats , deck boats and wake boats
  • Insurance coverage of liability, hull and machinery
  • 1-on-1 training by licensed captains

Plum Branch Yacht Club

CLUB SPOTLIGHT â Lake Wylie, NC: Located in the quaint village of Mt ...

Compared to some of the other clubs on this list, the Palm Branch Yacht Club may seem like a relative newcomer. It began in 1996 but has since earned a reputation as a top-notch club that knows how to treat their members, not as guests, but as family.

Plum Branch pricing information requires email sign-up and therefore is not available on this list.

Their facilities include far more than a parking lot and a boat dock. This is a resort-style club with RV camping sites and permanent summer homes. Another amenity on the resort is their restaurant called the Lakeside Grill which is a popular spot for delicious seafood.

This resort also includes fun activities for the children so that the entire family gets to enjoy their vacation-like stay at Plum Branch. In addition, Plum Branch, in collaboration with 4H and Clemson University. In this program, children experience the unique lake environment and healthy management of fish and the water that boaters love.

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What Are The Drawbacks Of A Boat Club Membership

1) Limited Selection of Boats

When we join a boat club, there is this idea that one weekend we can take out a family-sized pontoon and the next, a luxury catamaran. The problem is that most clubs really only offer a pretty narrow selection of boats. Not only that, with most people having the same free time as in being off on the weekends, holidays, and certain summer months, then you may find yourself standing empty-handed.

2) Too Much Pressure

The problem is that once you join a club, you feel pressure to get the most out of it. The average annual boat club is $275 per month. If you dont boat that often or have a hectic month, it feels like money just is thrown down the drain and just another wasted expense.

3) Limited Locations and Blackout Days for Boating

While some clubs have locations worldwide, youre still limited to whatever places theyre in. For the most part, this basically keeps you stuck around the most touristy places. And those are only the biggest clubs with typically the highest prices. Freedom Boat Club, for example, is one of the largest boat clubs in the world, but most of their locations are in the US. On the other hand, smaller, more affordable local-based boat clubs may only have one or two locations that make getting the most out of the boat club quite difficult all together.

4) The Clubs Might Be Full

5) Cost

Be sure to read about the real costs of boat ownership in Boat Ownership Costs: How Much Does it Cost to Buy & Own a Boat?

Freedom Boat Club Cost

Freedom boat club cost is among the highest in the US, but there are a few understandable reasons for that. It is the oldest club and the most widespread marine franchisor in the country. With over 2,000 boats available in the USA, Canada, and Europe, this reputable club provides the best possible service you can find in the marine industry.

Even though membership of a few thousand dollars a year sounds expensive, you should think about the advantages of this option. As a club member, you dont need to think about buying and maintaining a boat and all expenses implied when you own one. In other words, all responsibility belongs to someone else, and you can only enjoy sailing.

Freedom boat club was founded in Sarasota, Florida, in 1989, making it the oldest in the US. Nowadays, it is the largest club with fleets that include over 2,000 vessels in a length range from 16 to 24 feet , such as:

Most of these boats are not older than three years.

This large marine franchisor is active in about 200 US, Canada, and Europe locations. It is estimated that over 20,000 members enjoy the benefits that membership in this club offers.

Once you become a member, you can use any of their boats at the home port location without a limit. Plus, your membership plan includes an opportunity to sail at any of over 80 locations worldwide four times a year.

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Freedom Boat Club Cost: Membership Plans & Prices

Boating Made Simple this is the very motto of Freedom Boat Clubs. Through North America and now almost everywhere, FBC is a well-known name among boat lovers and connoisseurs. If youre someone who loves spending excursions out on the water, FBC can entertain you with all the perks in the world.

The Freedom Boat Club cost, however, is anything but cheap. The one-time entry fee itself will cost you about $5000. And if you choose to opt for membership plans instead, you can expect to spend around $300-$700 every month. The range varies depending on the region and extremities of the selected plan.

Dont get all spooked out just yet knowing about the prices right away. Compared to the amount and quality of services and facilities that they provide, the money is more than worth it.

Plus, such luxurious habits are an acquired taste, theres no doubt about that. If you know what youre doing, FBCs the best place to spend your hard-earned money. And lets face it, owning boats come with so many different maintenance, repair and storage costs. If you really think about it, renting a boat for 300 bucks a month is nothing compared to that.

Well discuss in detail why its more beneficial to rent boats from FBC if you dont own any water vehicles. In todays article, were going to double down on the general and extracurricular costs/fees of renting boats from FBC.

Page Contents

  • 10 Final Verdict
  • What Are The Extra Costs

    2021 Walk the Dock Tour of Boats at FBC Lake Conroe

    Fuel isnt included in the costs. Depending on the distance traveled and the current gas prices, most members pay $15 to $45 per outing. As a rule of thumb, most boats in the fleet will burn three to five gallons of gasoline per hour.

    A transfer fee, if you were to want to transfer to another location, can be done for about $500.

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    Freedom Boat Clubs: Limitations

    The only limitation with FBC is that you have to pay for your own fuel. FBC will not reimburse you for the amount of fuel you expend on your outings.

    But dont worry. Its not like you have to bring your own fuel from home. The employees at the marina docks will help with loading the fuel and unloading the gear upon coming back.

    As for the fuel charge itself, theres a fuel meter attached with every FBC boat. It takes into account the precise amount of expensed fuel during the outing. That means, you only have to pay for the calculated amount and not the whole tank. Even in limitations, FBC sure does know how to not create any unnecessary hassles.

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    Freedom Boat Club Accelerates Northeast Expansion Acquires Connecticut Franchise Operation And Territory

    VENICE, Fla., Oct. 18, 2021 Freedom Boat Club, a division of Brunswick Corporation , announced today that it has acquired its Freedom Boat Club of Connecticut franchise operation and territory from the current owners. The acquisition includes all current Connecticut-based locations, as well as the rights to expand and build new club locations in the territory. Currently, there are seven Freedom Boat Club locations across the Connecticut coastline from Stamford to Mystic, with plans for continued expansion ahead of the 2022 boating season.

    Freedom Boat Club entered the Connecticut market in 2016 and has been very successful in attracting new boaters to its shared-access participation model under the leadership of marine industry veterans, Richard Cromwell and Peter DeVilbiss. Membership at the Connecticut club locations has consistently grown at a double-digit percentage annual rate over the past six years, a testament to the owners and staff, all of whom are intended to be retained during the transition.

    Brunswick Corporation and Freedom Boat Club have both been fantastic partners to us over the years and were thrilled to see their continued success in the market, said Richard Cromwell. As long-time participants in the marine industry, we know our members will be in great hands under Freedoms leadership and look forward to seeing many of our members on the water during the 2022 boating season.

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    Comparing Boatsetter Vs Boat Clubs

    Instead of dealing with all this, you may start asking yourself, why would I not just rent a boat through Boatsetter instead? You have a huge range of unique boat brands and models to choose from, and you can opt to be your own captain or hire one of our professional captainslearn more about why you might want to hire a captain for your next rental.

    In the meantime, lets take a closer look at the differences between a peer-to-peer boat sharing community like Boatsetter, compared to a few popular boat clubs in the US:

    Boat Clubs On Lake Wylie Vs Daily Rentals On Lake Wylie

    Freedom Boat Club Lake Wylie : Freedom Boat Club Ventura

    People ask us all the time if they can sign up for a membership program since our boats are so new and so nice. We are only a daily rental outfit and do not offer memberships. And here is why.

    Most boat memberships charge a large joining fee and then monthly dues year around. You cant sign up in May and cancel in August.

    If you are the type of person that uses a boat 3+ times week, a boat club membership might make sense over buying a boat. Or does it?

    Generally speaking, if you take care of your boat, you can sell it for not a huge loss. So, when you buy a boat, you need to consider that its cost is really the difference in what you bought it for and what you sold it for .

    Lets say you bought a $30,000 boat. You keep it for 3 years. Sell the same boat 3 years later for $20,000. The boat only costs you $10,000.

    Now, your initial joining fee for a boat club is generally ~$5,000. Then on top of that you get to pay $250-$300 a month fee . So far in year one your cost is already $8,000-$8,600. By the end of year two the damage is $11,000-$12,200. And so on and so forth.

    For perspective: I live on the lake. I can walk to my boat in less than 30 steps from my back porch. I love the water. I live for it. So does my whole family! Even with that, with all that in my favor, I dont go out on the lake once a week for a day on the water!

    So, WHY PAY FOR SOMETHING YOULL NEVER USE THAT MUCH!? Pay for what youre going to use with a daily rental.

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    Fluctuations On The Local Market

    The boat club fee also depends on fluctuations on the local market, meaning the membership is typically more expensive in metropolitan market areas. The price range is constantly between $4,000 to $5,000, with slight differences depending on this particular factor.

    The local market fluctuations affect docking and slip fees, license fees, and office space prices. Therefore, the boat membership costs are always related to these expenses. In other words, you can expect that prices will be higher when Freedom boat club needs to pay higher stationary fees.

    Unlimited : 1 Training Free Of Charge

    Freedom boat club provides free training for members. The licensed US Coast Guard captains conduct required education to ensure the boating safety of all members.

    The comprehensive one-on-one training includes:

    • Theory classes about the particular state boating regulations
    • Rules and regulations in Freedom boating club
    • Hands-on training, like navigation techniques and strategies at close-quarter and open-water
    • On-water training, including docking maneuvers

    You need only basic training before sailing, according to the club rules. However, you can ask for unlimited training and advanced boating sessions if you want to. All these services are free of charge.

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    Q: Is Getting A Membership At The Freedom Boat Clubs That Expensive

    Its definitely not as expensive as some of the other well-known clubs, thats for sure. Membership plans pay off in the long run. If youre only going away for the weekends, you can settle for the $200/month plans. Again, if you want to travel during the weekdays as well, you can get suitable plans for under 400 bucks.

    About North Myrtle Beach Local Gift Card

    Lake Life at Trilogy® Lake Norman Freedom Boat Club Video

    The North Myrtle Beach Local Gift Card is designed to promote and support local businesses in North Myrtle Beach.

    Buying a Card that can only be spent at local businesses like Freedom Boat Club locks dollars into the area and works to introduce people to businesses they might not have tried before. Its a win for consumers, small businesses, and the community!

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    The Lake Murray Boat Club Fleet Consists Of:

    Membership plans include a one-time initiation fee and monthly dues. With your membership, you will not only gain access to clean, safe, quality boats, but you will also be able to access free fishing gear, boating instruction, and full-coverage insurance. If this group sounds interesting to you, call them soon as they do have limited membership availability.

    Freedom Boat Club Overview

    The monthly fee will entitle a member to unlimited boating at their home port location and four outings a year at any of the 80+ locations throughout the world. A member may have up to four active reservations at a time and can book as far out as six months in advance.

    Freedom Boat Club boats range from 16 to 24 feet, including flats, skiffs, deck boats, pontoons, bow rides, sailboats, and kayaks, with almost all boats younger than three years old. All options will vary from location to location.

    The club will clean, maintain, store and do all of the prep work on its fleet so you dont have to.

    The membership will also include a two-hour training class to learn how to operate the various boats in the fleet.

    According to members, a two million dollar insurance policy along with a $2,500 deductible is included as well, but this may vary from location to location.

    Aside from the boats, clubs will hold a dock party at least once a month, offering a member the opportunity to meet other members of the club.

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    Boatsetter Vs Carefree Boat Club

    Like most boat clubs, Carefree Boat Club has an initial membership fee and an annual fee. These fees vary depending on the location and may even be monthly. According to, the initial membership cost ranges from $4,000 to $6,000, and a monthly cost ranging from $140 to $300.

    As you can see, the price of renting a boat can add up quickly. If you have the time to use a boat every month, you might get the full value out of Carefree Boat Club, but it wont be easy. By renting a boat with Boatsetter, you can avoid all initiation and monthly/annual fees! Just pay each time you would like to take out a boat, and you are all set for a fun day out on the water. With over 4500 active boats on our platform across the country, you can find the perfect boat for your needs.

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