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Dragon Boat Festival 2022 Denver

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival A Celebration Of Asian Culture Returns After 2 Year Denver Absence

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, a celebration of Asian culture, returns after 2 year Denver absence

A summer staple is officially back in Denver: Crowds raced to Sloan’s Lake Park this weekend for the 20th annual Colorado Dragon Boat Festival.

“It’s a beautiful day out, too. That’s the best part,” David Pham said exuberantly.

Pham told CBS4’s Mekialaya White that visiting the festival, which was cancelled because of the pandemic, is one of the best parts of his year. He’s been many times in the past.

“Between helping out with my church and the food vendor tents here or rowing out as part of the dragon boat community team,” he recounted previous years.

He’s a Colorado native and says the gathering is the perfect way to celebrate Asian culture.

“It’s fantastic! Just growing up here in Colorado, we have several different communities. I grew up in the Aurora area, and that was my community. It was beautiful to see a central location where we all can join together, we don’t have to drive 20, 30, 40 minutes to see each other.”

And he says the most difficult part of attending is trying to squeeze in all the activities, from the food, shopping, to, of course, watching the vibrant boats out on the water.

“It’s lively, the people and energy. If you haven’t checked it out once, do it, and in five minutes here and you’ll be back.”

Denver Dragon Boat Festival 2022

The website Cdbf.Org provides all the essential details about the festival. The venue will be Sloans Lake Park in Denver, and the theme of the festival will beThe Year of the Tiger Celebration. The ceremony for the opening and race schedule are listed on the site.

Its also known as it the Double Fifth Festival or Dumpling Festival. If you want to purchase tickets to participate in the festival, go to Cdbf. Org. In Cdbf. Org, you will find additional details as well. However, before you visit the website, we must confirm the authenticity of Cdbf. Org.

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

The 2022 Colorado Dragon Boat Festival will take place July 2324, 2022.

The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival at Sloan’s Lake Park has become a wildly popular cultural bonanza in Denver. In fact, 5280 Magazine declared it “one of Colorado’s greatest festivals.” This year’s Dragon Boat Festival promises to be the biggest and best yet, with it’s theme of Year of the Water Tiger!

But let’s back up a step first. What is a dragon boat festival, anyway? Its roots go back thousands of years in China as the Duanwu Festival, which remains a traditional holiday in mainland China and Taiwan. Today, it has spread all over the globe.

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Colorado Dragon Boat Festival Hits The Mile High City

Posted: Jul 20, 2022 / 01:15 PM MDT

Posted: Jul 20, 2022 / 01:15 PM MDT

If youre looking for something fun to do this weekend, we have just the event for you filled with culture and fun! The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival is returning for the summer of 2022, bringing a vibrant experience to all on Sloans Lake. Not only will the park be packed with Dragon Boat races, but theres plenty of great food and entertainment too. GDCs Cheryl Hwang got a chance to catch up with organizers and get an inside look ahead of all the fun this upcoming weekend!

To learn more about the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival kicking off July 23rd & 24th,

Dragon Boat Festival 2022


The festival is famous for commemorating the passing of Qu Yuan, who was a famous poet. He was famous for his patriotic sentiments and his classical poetry. The festival was originally referred to as the medical festival because it was commemorated to fight deadly insects and other diseases.

The festival of this year takes new ways of doing things in celebration of the outbreak that swept all over the world. The arrival of summer could make people sick and the celebration is meant to commemorate the good health of people.

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The Story Behind Denver’s Annual Dragon Boat Festival

Ana OrtegaJuly 18, 20225:00AM

Dragon Boat Festival, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, July 23, and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, July 24, Sloan’s Lake Park, 1700 Sheridan Boulevard. Boat race begins at 8 a.m. both days find out more here.KEEP WESTWORD FREE…Westword

Emerging Artist Showcase Highlights Work Of Cam Faculty Students And Alumni

Sunday, March 6, 2022 12:002pm MSTSie Film Center

The College of Arts & Media joins the Colorado Dragon Boat Film Festival to showcase Asian and Asian American film at Denvers Sie Center, opening March 3 and running through March 5, 2022. This is the Rocky Mountain regions only Asian and Asian American film festival. Presented in partnership with Colorado Dragon Boat and CAM, the 2022 festival will highlight the power of filmmaking within Asian communities.

CAM is proud to sponsor the Emerging Artist Showcase to celebrate short films made by emerging filmmakers from Colorado and the College of Arts & Media . The works of CAM students, alumni and faculty filmmakers, composers, musicians will be screened, followed by a q& a with the filmmakers.

This year the CDBFF theme is celebrating our resilience, which is underscored throughout the festivals film selection. Highlights from the Emerging Artist Showcase featuring the talent of CAM filmmakers, composers, and musicians include:

“All Mine” by Esmé Patterson A Music Video

Sunday, March 6, 2022 12:002pm MSTSie Film Center

CAM is proud to sponsor the Emerging Artist Showcase to celebrate short films made by emerging filmmakers from Colorado and the College of Arts & Media . The works of CAM students, alumni and faculty filmmakers, composers, musicians will be screened, followed by a q& a with the filmmakers.

“All Mine” by Esmé Patterson A Music Video

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Dragon Festival Boat 2022 Know About Lunar Month Festival

Read the entire article to learn about all the details and also the site for the Dragon Festival Boat 2022.

Are you aware of the fact that it is the time that Dragon Festival is celebrated? It is among the most well-known festivals in the Chinese customs. It is a popular festival in China. Dragon festival is observed on the 5th day of the Lunar month, and also on five days of this lunar month which falls in Mays final day as per the Gregorian calendar.

It is held across Asian countries. The festival is under discussions across the US states in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom,and Malaysia. This article is about Dragon Festival Boat 2022. Be sure to go through the article to find out the essential information.

A Few Things To Remember

2022 Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival – Saturday June 25 Livestream


All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. Applicants will be notified of acceptance via email. Performers will have seven days from the date of the notification to confirm or decline their participation in this year’s festival.


All accepted performers will be required to attend a PERFORMER TRAINING MEETING going over safety, on-site logistics, and festival rules.


All performers are representing the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival brand and are asked to interact with all persons associated with the festival in a respectful manner at all times. Performers shall not use alcohol or other controlled substances while participating in any capacity with the festival, and remain free from the influence of such substances while participating in any capacity with the festival. Performers must be appropriately dressed at all times and not engage in any behavior that is deemed a threat to the safety of anyone participating in the festival. THE COLORADO DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL WILL NOT TOLERATE PERFORMANCES THAT INCLUDE ANY VIOLENT OR DISCRIMINATORY TONES, INCLUDING HARMFUL/OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE OR USE OF PROFANITY IN MUSIC LYRICS. Please help us continue to be the top family-friendly festival in Colorado!




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Colorado Dragon Boat Festival Returns To Denver After Two

DENVER, Colo. — After a two-year hiatus, the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival returns to Denver this weekend, July 23 and 24.

More than 40 teams will be racing this weekend in the annual event that was started in 2001 by the nonprofit, Colorado Dragon Boat.

According to our news partners in Denver, the event was canceled in 2020 due to COVID. It was canceled again in 2021 due to COVID concerns and the presence of blue-green algae in Sloan’s Lake.

Three weeks before this year’s festival, a lightning strike damaged one of the boats and threatened this year’s festival as well. Teams scrambled and were able to find two new boats in time for the festival.

The festival will be held at Sloan’s Lake Park in Denver from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. The race start time is 8 a.m.

You can find more information about the event here: Colorado Dragon Boat.

Cdbf Org Legitimacy Points

  • Events Time:We get to see that Denver Dragon Boat Festival 2022 will begin on the 23rd July, and will run through the 24th of July.
  • Festival Time:Both on 23rd and 24th July, the boats begin racing at 8 AM. On the 23rd of July the time for the festival is from 10 AM until 7 PM and on the 24th the time of the event is from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Trust Index: The authenticity of the website Cdbf.org is estimated to be 88%..
  • Https Detection Https has also been identified
  • Website Ranking: The algorithm used by the Scams Detective provides the rank of a business as 100/100.

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Colorado Dragon Boat Festival: Connecting The Community Through Culture And Competition

Did you know there are more than 30 Asian ethnicities in the Denver area? There are not just Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and Indians here. There are many other identities that fall under the Asian American Pacific Islander label: Cambodians, Lao people, Mongolians, native Hawaiian, Burmese, Pakistani, Filipino and more.

And the easiest way to celebrate the many flavors of Asian in the state is to attend the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival.

The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival has been bringing the diverse Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander communities together to celebrate their culture in dragon boat races, displays, demonstrations, performances and of course, food.

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is going to be at the festival, so come and look for our booth!

Dragon boat racing didnt start out as a competitive sport.

Over 2,000 ago, Qu Yuan, a court poet and adviser was banished by his king who was falsely told the poet was giving bad advice. Qu Yuan wandered the countryside writing patriotic poems that would become classics, then drowned himself in the Mi Lo River. His fans raced out in boats to try and save him, then beat drums to keep the fish from eating his body and threw rice to feed his soul. The act of racing to search for his body in boats gradually became the cultural tradition of dragon boat racing, held on the anniversary of his death every year.


Dragon Festival Boat 202: Trending Facts


The festival is taking an innovative approach, since its held to commemorate and fight disease and suffering. Because the world has been afflicted by the pandemic, this is an indication to fight it. The official website identifies the date of the celebration as July 23rd and 24thof July, 2022.

Therefore, the festival is worldwide celebrated by a variety of nations. Many people around the world have purchased raffle tickets on the site. This year , no shuttles are being offered.

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What To Expect

This two-day festival centers around the dragon boat competition, with more than 50 teams of boaters clambering aboard intricate and colorful dragon boats and racing their way across Sloan Lake. Races start at 8 a.m. and end at dusk for a full day of competition. But there’s a lot more than just the races. Check out these fun features:

Three performing arts stages with more than 60 performances

An Asian Marketplace featuring gifts, artwork, crafts and novelties from Asia and the Pacific

Two Taste of Asia Food Courts showcasing some of the areas best Asian restaurants and chefs preparing a weekends worth of dishes from a variety of Asian cuisines, as well as a beer garden

Live art demos and interactive art pieces by local artists located at each stage area! These include making your own Manga, helping create a Giant Tiger Chinese Scroll Painting using the art form of Exquisite Corpse, and helping ensure sustainability by recycling your used Coca Cola and MolsonCoors cans by creating a Dragon Statue!

Dragonland, where kiddos and adults can take part in hands-on learning projects, from kite making to tea education and cooking demos, as well as a bungee trampoline

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