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Do It Yourself Boat Dock Kits

Choose A Floating Dock Kit With Confidence

CanadaDocks Do-it-Yourself Dock Kit

Now that you’re armed with some important points to consider, dare to compare Jet Dock floating dock kits with other brands. You’ll find we have the most versatile, high-quality floating dock kits for sale, along with fantastic customer service. But don’t take our word for it. Look around or reach out, and see for yourself.

Polydock Diy Dock Systems

PolyDock Products: Easy enough for the average home owner to assemble and install

PolyDock Products are the perfect dock system for the Do It Yourself waterfront property owner. A DIY dock kit should be easy enough for the average home owner to assemble and install the dock system within a day. PolyDock can be a great choice as a DIY Dock because there is virtually no assembly of the actual dock sections. PolyDock dock sections are one-piece, rotationally molded DIY docks that ship from the factory ready to install. However, some of the dock connectors, anchorage options, and accessories require assembly, but these parts are incredibly easy to manage and include easy to follow assembly instructions. As a DIY dock system for the do-it-yourselfer, PolyDock is great, because installation is quick and easy. Simply connect each dock section together as you float your dock into place and then use the appropriate anchorage options for your location, and youll be relaxing on your new PolyDock DIY floating dock system in no time. Youll be hard-pressed to find a better DIY dock system anywhere.

Dockmaster Dock Kits Are Available In 456 And 8 Widths

Frame weigh as little as 45lbs. 1-2 person install

Dockmaster Dock Kits include all hardware to attach the frames and legs. A complete bill of material for the purchase of the deck boards and screws. An illustrated, easy to follow,step by step, assembly guide for the top deck panels.

Dont want to take on the deck panel DIY project??. We can supply the deck panels completely assembled. Request pricing as a complete package, making your Dockmaster dock ready to install and level.

Once you receive your aluminum frame kit there are virtually 6 easy steps to complete your 26ft package.

Dockmaster kits are very easy to transport as they are light weight and are only 10ft long. Shipping is responsibility of purchaser, however we will supply you with a quote for shipping upon request to your area.

Example of Over Hundred feet of Dock kit in pickup truck. From Store to shore made easy.

The Dockmaster 26ft dock kits can easily be added to, for longer docks, by the purchase of additional aluminum frames. All frames are pre-drilled to accept additional lengths. Other popular T or L style dock configurations can easily be achieved as these are sectional frames. Leg lengths can be modified in both the kits or the additional frames to mirror the water depths required for your shoreline.

Frames weigh as little as 45lbs, the removable, top deck panels,built to plan,even less, so installation and removal of our docks is a relatively simple, 1 or 2 person task

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Do It Yourself And Save 40%

10 x 24 single well Floating boat dock kits ready for assembly with 10 RAMP. Double-well docks, swim docks and lots of accessories also available.


  • Encapsulated foam with 12 frame
  • Metal roof w/ 40-year warranty choice of color
  • 2 1/2 support posts
  • Post bumpers, edging, tie cleats
  • Ramp varying length, with hinge plates/pins
  • 1/2 cable to attach to shore
  • All necessary hardware
  • Pre-drilled, ready for assembly. Assembly time required 1-2 days
  • Delivery available within 48 states
  • Shipping and handling not included

Introduction: Build Your Own Floating Dock


My friend Bruce built this wood floating dock from a floating dock kit by It was easy to build and he saved a lot of money doing it himself. Now he has easier access to the water from his standing dock and can use the floating dock for swimming, launching kayaks, canoes or accessing his boat.

Tools Required: Hammer or Nail Gun, Impact Wrench or Socket Ratchet, Measuring Tape, Pencil, Square, Chop Saw or Skill Saw, Drill if needed.

Materials Required:

9 Dock Floats Polyflanged foam filled floats.

4 Inside Corners Galvanized Heavy-duty

6 Angles

110 SS 5/16 x 1 ½ lag bolt sets


2 2 x 6 x 12 Side Stringers

7 2 x 6 x 10 – for Float Supports

4 2 x 6 x 12 Cross Stringers

2 2 x 6 x 10 End Stringers

Pressure-treated Lumber For Decking

27 2 x 6 x 10 Decking Boards OR

20 2 x 8 x 10 Decking Boards

Nails 5-10 lbs #16 Penny Ring Shank Nails or your choice.

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Step : Placing Dock Floats On Frame For Wood Floating Dock

. Place support boards for floats on top of frame so that the floats will have a left edge, center and right edge support for mounting. These boards should be running perpendicular to stringers and spaced so that there is 1 board at each end of the float and 1 board in the center so flanged edge of float can be mounted.

Secure support boards with nails using hammer or nail gun. Place floats per float placement in diagram on the support boards. Using impact wrench or socket ratchet, secure each float to the support boards using 5/16 x 1 ½ lag bolt sets: .

Whether You Are Looking For A Stationary Or Floating Dock Curtis Lumber Can Help

We carry stationary, roll-in and floating dock kits, all ready to assemble. Dock Kits and Parts are in stock at the following Curtis Lumber Stores and available at all others in 7-10 days: Ballston, Schuylerville, Warrensburg, Hoosick, Queensbury, Schroon Lake, Perth, Granville, Delhi, Hamilton, Richmondville, Sidney, Ray Brook

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Do You Want To Build Your Dock Project

There is no need to worry you get to save time and money with Multinautic dock kits. Our kits include all components, from hardware to bolts, with a complete list of wood available for purchase, INCLUDING all cutting measurements!

Easy to assemble, your dock will be completed in a weekend with friends An easy step-by-step plan with a video showing you all the tips and tricks, helping you build your dream dock as would a true dock professional!

  • Available in dock on piles, semi-floating or floating
  • With low, medium or high freeboard floats
  • Wood not included
10′ x 12′

Do You Want To Build Your Floating Dock Project

Do-it-yourself Floating Dock Kit

There is no need to worry you get to save time and money with Multinautic dock kits. Our wooden floating dock kits include all components, from hardware to bolts, with a complete list of wood available for purchase, INCLUDING all cutting measurements!

Easy to assemble, your dock will be completed in a weekend with friends An easy step-by-step plan with a video showing you all the tips and tricks, helping you build your dream dock as would a true dock professional!

  • Available in dock on piles, semi-floating or floating
  • With low, medium or high freeboard floats
  • Wood not included

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Do It Yourself Dock Kit

At Richardson Docks we offer an exclusive Do it Yourself dock kit. The Kit includes the correct number of floats for the size you want to build with all the attaching nuts and bolts to complete the project. Dont forget to watch the video and read the steps required to complete your dock or raft. We can also supply all the other peripherals you may need depending on the scope of the job.

If you would like some hints and tips on how to build your Dock or Raft always feel free to call us.

The Do it Yourself Dock Kit Includes

  • Pontoon Floats (2 floats for 6ft wide, 3 floats for 8ft wide, 4 floats for 10ft wide
  • Corner Brackets & Back Plates ( four 8 x 8 x 5 x1/4 steel corner brackets and eight 5 x 5 x 1/4 back plates
  • 1/2 x 3 Galvanized Carriage Bolts, Nuts and Lock Washers
  • Anchor Chain Brackets
  • Swim Ladder
  • Solar Lights.
  • Side Bumpers
  • Corner Bumpers

Step : Cut Lumber And Build Frame For Wood Floating Dock

Assembly all necessary tools and materials required.

Using chop saw or skill saw, cut all lumber to appropriate lengths per material list for construction of a 10 x 12 floating dock.

Construct frame for floating dock using end stringers and side stringers . Cross Stringers to be placed 2 foot on center to support frame. Square frame by cross measuring. Secure framing with nails using hammer or nail gun. to assure accurate length of 12 for the frame.) Otherwise, the frame will measure 12 and 3 long, which is okayyou wont need additional floats or hardware but may need an additional deck board.) If using composite board, stringers are to be placed 18 on center.

Insert inside corners in each corner of the frame centered vertically. Using impact wrench or socket ratchet, secure with 5/16 x 1 ½ lag bolt sets

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Diy Boat Shade Products

When it comes to upgrades, many boaters prefer do-it-yourself projects that allow them to save money and control the project outcome. But until recently, the only options boaters had were costly custom shade solutions or using low-quality DIY shade products that serve as a temporary, somewhat flimsy canopy while anchored or docked.

SureShade now offers DIY installation options that have set a new standard for do-it-yourself boat shade.

All of our shades can be installed as forward shades, as aft shades or both!

  • Operates with an easy pull-out and push-in mechanism
  • Anodized aluminum telescoping framework
  • Install on T-Top, hardtop, arch or tower
  • Ideal shade solution for boats under 27 feet
  • Operates with an easy pull-out and push-in mechanism
  • Stainless Steel telescoping framework
  • Install on T-Top, hardtop, arch or tower
  • Ideal shade solution for boats under 45 feet

This Is Unique Diy Kits Of Houseboats And Pontoon Boats

Wooden Boat Australia: How To Build An Aluminum Boat Dock

The great advantage of our boat kits is that you can buy all boat components from us, starting from the pure individual floats to a complete pontoon boat / houseboat if you wish. So you can buy a DIY Pontoon Kit to build a pontoon boat or houseboat and, while doing this, determine the scope of order itself. Try it out and use for compiling your pontoon boat / floating platform one of our configurators. When configuring the boat kit, you can choose between lengths of 5.50 meters and 12.30 meters. . In addition, fixed installed or removable railings plus suitable outboard engines are available. Furthermore, we can recommend you different roofings for use as sunscreen and weather protection.

If you have any questions about the various equipment details, we gladly give you advise on the phone or by e-mail.

We are happy to assist you in designing your handmade pontoon boat or handmade house boat. Our pontoon boat kits are perfectly suitable for hobby builders.

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Step : Choose Your Design And Your Preferred Style Of Decking

  • 4’x8′ or 4’x10′ premium dock sections are available in:
  • Cedar Frame with Cedar Decking Kit
  • Cedar Frame with Cedar Decking
  • Aluminum Frame with Cedar Drop-in Decking
  • Aluminum Frame with Aluminum Decking
  • Aluminum Frame with PVC Drop-in Decking
  • Aluminum Frame with Genova Decking

The Tommy Docks system is a completely modular dock system for creating a multitude of different dock layout configurations. Select your dock layout from our many standard dock configurations, from a simple straight layout to something more elaborate. The possibilities are endless!


Quality Stock Quality Dock

Our Kit Dock series is backed up by our exclusive 5 year warranty. We use the finest aluminum stock around and pour our blood sweat and tears into every single section. You can rest assured that this the best value on the market for your dollar. We never cut corners, literally and figuratively, thats why were proud of every dock that rolls out. We guaranteed it.

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Attaching Inside Dock Hardware And Decking Wood Floating Dock

Once floats are secured, you will need 2-4 strong persons to flip the floating dock over or if you have a tractor like Bruce, you may be able to flip it over by yourself.Position angles and secure with 5/16 x 1 ½ lag bolt sets using impact wrench or socket ratchet. . NOTE: Alternate positioning of angles may be appropriate for your situation. In such case, alternateplacement of angles should accommodate anticipated high stress areas. Deck boards can now be nailed to the frame at this point. . Once decking is complete, additional trimming of edges with skill or chop saw may be necessary to even edges. Once construction is complete, push floating dock into water and secure to appropriate pilings or poles using connecting hardware.If using hinge sets to adjoin floating dock sections, mark placement with a pencil prior to putting docks in the water to assure appropriate alignment of male and female connectors. Secure corresponding male and female connectors with ½ x 2 SS lag bolt sets using impact wrench or socket ratchet. Once floating docks are placed in water, align floating docks and secure hinge sets with connector pins provided.If using piling hoops or other connecting hardware,position floating dock in the water along side the appropriate piling, etc.,prior to securing hardware. Once appropriate placement of floating dock is obtained, secure piling hoops and/or connecting hardware with ½ x 2 SS lag bolt sets provided.

Diy Boat Docks: What You Need To Know

Do-it-yourself Dock Kit Assembly
  • Lake beds and depth â The configuration of the lakeâs bottom combined with the shore layout will determine if you really need a professionalâs help to design and install your dock.â¢
  • Basic dock types â Do you need a floating dock, a post dock, or a crib dock? Make sure you know the type of dock best suited to your location before you start building.

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Installing A Floating Dock

One of the best things about floating boat docks is that they are built on top of a buoyant material. This material is either molded plastic or rigid board insulation, which keeps the dock above water. One side of the dock is attached to a ramp that leads to the shore. The other end is attached to anchor weights that provide stability.

As you can imagine, building and installing this dock is not that difficult. You can easily get a DIY kit online which has all the necessary parts and instructions to put together the dock.

The installing does not end here. To know more about how to build a standard dock, check out Part 2 of this blog.

Mtf Manual Hand Lever Shade

  • Operates with a simple hand lever
  • Anodized aluminum telescoping framework
  • Install on T-Top, hardtop, arch or tower
  • Ideal shade solution for boats under 35 feet
  • Install on T-Top or Hardtop
  • Ideal for boats under 26 feet
  • Install directly on frame of pontoon or deck boat
  • Heavy duty steel framework
  • Extends bimini with 10 feet of coverage
  • Ideal for pontoon & deck boats

Our automated telescoping shade systems SureShade ATF Automated Boat Shade and SureShade M3 Automated Mega Boat Shade are dealer or factory installed products due to the complexity of the shade installation.

When you purchase a SureShade retractable shade system you will need to provide the following:

  • Measurements for your boat tops width
  • Measurements for your desired shade length
  • Choice of Sunbrella Marine Canvas color

Our DIY install instructions will guide you through each step of the shade installation from measuring for precise placement to ensuring mounting clamps are positioned in the right place for optimal performance. We provide all necessary mounting components and full installation instructions with detailed illustrations for assembly and installation.

Of course, if you prefer more assistance with installing SureShade, we are happy to coordinate installation with your local boat dealers service department.

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How To Compare And Choose Floating Dock Kits

So you’ve done your research, and you’ve decided that a floating dock kit is right for you. Great choice! Now you just need to decide which floating dock kit to buy.

Let’s be honest since we manufacture floating dock kits, you won’t be surprised to learn that we believe Jet Dock kits are the best.

But we don’t want you to just trust us blindly. We want you to be informed so you can confidently choose the docking solution that’s truly best for you. This article is meant to help you compare apples to apples and decide for yourself.

Our Dockmaster Do It Yourself Kit Is Designed For The Budget Minded And Handyman Type Of Person Who Has Some Basic Construction Knowledge Tools And Ability If You Can Build The Deck Panels Yourselfyoull Save Money

4 ft. x 8 ft. Aluminum Dock Kit
If you prefer, completely decked, water ready dock packages are available !!
All Dockmaster dock frames are completely welded. No frame assembly is required. This makes for a more structurally rigid frame. They are NOT loose, lengths of aluminum, supplied in a cardboard box with a bag of hardware, that takes you hours to assemble.Bolt together docks are not as strong or stable as our welded frames.
Our finished KR 26 or KR 30 ft kit is comprised of:
  • 1- 10ft long 4 leg adjuster aluminum frame.
  • 1 10ft long 2 leg adjuster aluminum frame.
  • 1 6ft. long aluminum ramp frame
  • 1- pair of aluminum 3ft legs,
  • 1- pair of aluminum 4ft legs,
  • 1- pair of aluminum 6ft legs,
  • Approx 150lbs,bundled, shipping weight

DOCKMASTER Dock frames and leg pads are completely welded and assembled. No frame or leg assembly required

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