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Center Console T Top Boat Cover

How Do You Cover A Boat At The Top

T-Top Boat Cover: Installing on a Lift

Its better to start at the front as there are usually straps intended for the bow. Then, hooking becomes easier. The top part has an opening for antennas or outriggers.

For convenience, some have zippers that run from the bottom to the top on each side. Rod holders can help you when covering the top of your boat. They also allow some air to get inside to prevent mold and mildew.

You also start from the top when you have a cover that gives full coverage. If you start at the bottom, it may take time as you need to deal with antennas or other objects at the top.

The cover needs to be aligned with the boat, so theres complete coverage. There are webbing straps too for security. Some adjustments can be done to get rid of any slack and its fine to latch the buckles below your vessel.

What To Look For When Buying A T

Unlike other boat covers, you may need to consider more things when buying T top covers. One of the most important things many boaters look for is the material of the boat cover.

There are many types of boat cover available in the market. Whether youre looking for something that can withstand brutal winter conditions, or you want something lightweight but tough, choosing the right boat cover material depends on your need, preference, and at times, budget.

Another good point to consider when buying T-top boat cover is how much coverage it provides to your boat. Some boaters prefer a simple T-top curtain cover, whereas others love a total coverage from hardtop to chine. However, choosing how much coverage you want to give your boat also depends on why and how long youre storing it.

If youre covering your boat because youre trailering it from one place to another, you may need something with straps and hooks to make sure it can withstand the wind and not come off while its en route.

On the other hand, if you want to cover your boat while youre not using it for a short time, you need something simpler but still durable in case the weather suddenly takes a turn.

Meanwhile, if youre storing your boat away for the whole winter, you will need something tougher with extra security so it can repel the snow and keep moisture out. So, its not uncommon at all for a boater to have several types of boat cover because its going to depend on what, and when he or she uses it for.

Taylor Made Products 742060b T

This boat cover is ideal for boats with a permanent T-top. Just imagine the relief that it gives me as its not simple to find at all. Its been with me for years now and it continues to serve its purpose well.

I need to completely cover my boat and the console. It cant be denied that the zipper is reliable but to ensure that it stays closed, a tie-down system is added. This feature also lessens stress on the ends of the zipper when you use it for trailering. Yes, it may look simple but it can be in trailer use.

The installation is focused on the bow and stern and it can be done by one person. Its straightforward, so you dont need to have deep thoughts on any necessary step. I handled various items but this is the easiest t-top boat cover installation that Ive encountered.

After zipping it up, the center console is protected while the console tube is secured underneath. This cover is composed of marine acrylic-coated polyester fabric. Thus, it fits to protect your boat while inactive.

Dont allow its appearance to deceive you! Though it may look like plastic, based on my experience, it endures any weather conditions. Whether it rains or shines, my boat stays as it is. It also minimizes dirt from getting into my boat.

  • Protects the boat from different weather
  • Seems made of plastic but its just the appearance

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Bay Boat Rounded Bow Center Console T

  • Good for shallow waters, but the deep hull allows this boat to glide through chopping coastal waters too
  • T-top provides easy, portable protection to protect drivers from harmful UV rays, and unwanted rain
  • Very economical due to the smaller outboard engine
  • Great for fishing or just gliding over the lake on a clear day
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    Classic Accessories Stormpro T

    Much relief was given to me by this product. I have a 23-foot 2018 Bulls Bay CC 230 and the biggest size of this cover, which is 22-foot to 24-foot long suits it well. But, that doesnt mean you cant also reap value from this cover if you have a different boat! There are three other sizes that you can choose from.

    The fittings on the side snug nicely even if theres an extra inch. You will be able to discern the front part and putting it on is super easy since it just slides. The zipper spans from the top to the bottom to close this cover over any T-top boat. I can tuck it so that no debris gets in. The fit, form, and function are incredible!

    The strap and integrated system of this boat cover attributes to its great performance. There are adjustable strap snaps that quickly release for convenience.

    It remains intact even on windy days and in all sorts of weather. Heavy-duty material is used to make this product. Thus, the producer is not scared to offer five years of limited warranty.

    Support poles are provided for the bow part of the canvas. These accessories will stop water or snow from accumulating. Moreover, cleaning this cover is not demanding. Water, mild soap, and a soft brush will do. You dont have to worry about this process ruining the covers water-resistant ability.

    • Includes support poles to stop water and snow accumulation
    • Not suitable to use on a trailer

    Taylor Made Products 67852ob T

    Its my favorite among Taylor Made t top boat covers due to its perfect fit on my 18-foot center console boat. The coverage is not only around the console but including the swing back cooler or bench.

    Every console has different sizes and this cover is only for those with a base perimeter of 18 feet or smaller. Nevertheless, adjustable straps are provided to make covering most of the console configurations manageable. Vessels with a smaller console will be able to cover the helm seat.

    I like the little loose fitness as its going to be a disaster when mildew forms. The setting allows air circulation on the inside. You can put this Taylor made t-top boat cover without all the straps and buckles. Its to give passage to the air while the console is protected.

    With what I did, no flopping around is experienced. Two storms came with 40 mph gusting wind and its still here. This cover holds up well despite the presence of wind, sun, and rain. It has been with my console for three summers even though I live in an area where its scorching hot. So, kudos to its durability.

    • Only suitable for a console with a base perimeter of 18 feet or smaller

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    Empirecovers 600 Boat Cover

    The EmpireCovers Triton 600 Denier is as tough as it can get. This T-top boat cover, made from 600-denier polyester, is 100% waterproof and can withstand harsh outdoor elements such as strong sunlight, heavy rain, snow, random debris, and even bird droppings.

    More than that, this boat cover comes in three sizes so you can pick the right one for your T-top boat. The smallest cover fits a T-top that measures 20 22 in length. A medium-size fits T-tops that measure 22 24 in length, and the largest size is suitable for T-top boats that are 24 26 in length.

    All sizes can fit T-tops that have a beamwidth of 106, and also those with hardtops.

    It provides maximum coverage for boats. Its built with a heavy-duty shock cord hem and elastic band around its hem so it can ensure a proper fit that will hug your boat snugly but not too tightly.

    Furthermore, to ensure the EmpireCovers Triton 600D is built to last, there are reinforced stitched seams all around its seams.

    The good news is that when you purchase this model, it also comes with adjustable tie-down straps with quick-release buckles. Not only that, but you will also receive a matching 600D polyester storage bag.

    • Can resist any kind of weather thanks to incredibly durable 600D polyester
    • Heavy-duty shock cord hem with an elastic band around the hem
    • Designed with reinforced stitched seams
    • Can provide maximum coverage from top to chine
    • Comes with UV-resistant and 100% waterproof features

    Find Similar Products By Category

    Custom T-Top Boat Covers by Laporte Products
  • Great and value for money

    Fits our boat perfectly and is waterproof. Saved about $3000 by not making a custom one. Good quality and would certainly recommend

  • Great cover

    Bought the t-top cover for a 6.4 centre cabin. Was pretty snug at first but within a week had stretched just enough to create a perfect fit. Really good quality material and very happy with the purchase. Package shipped very promptly. Great company to deal with

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    Oceansouth Center Console T

    I like how this product properly fits on my T-top boat. Its the ideal one among the center console boat covers with t top feature. The fitness on the front seat and other seats are marvelous. Two hurricanes took place and my boat remains intact without any damage. Thus, it goes far beyond how it clings on the t-top.

    This t-top boat canvas is 60-inch long, 71-inch high, and 48-inch wide. I know color doesnt affect its ability to protect a boat. But its better if it comes in other colors aside from gray.

    The material used for this cover is weatherproof, UV resistant, and breathable. These characteristics imply damage prevention. No water or liquid can get inside it. Even solids, like branches, twigs, dust, and dirt wont be able to reach the t-top.

    I applaud this cover on how it can block sunlight. Also, being breathable wont allow any development of mold and mildew. All the parts can be utilized based on their purposes without interference from the outside. Every inch of this cover is of high quality.

    • Properly fits on any t top installation
    • Protects from possible damage caused by the outdoor elements
    • Weatherproof, UV resistant, and breathable
    • Every part is of high quality
    • Snug fit on the t-top
    • Only in one color

    Other Important Factors To Consider

    What is a T-top boat cover?

    A T-top boat cover is a type of cover made specifically for T-top boats. Unlike other boat covers for a Jon, or a bowrider, or a pontoon, for example, the shape and make is slightly different because these boats dont have the T-top in the middle of the vessel.

    A T-top boat cover will ensure maximum coverage from the hardtop to the chine, so every part of your vessel is protected from any weather condition and also debris, dust, or grime. Another common type of T-top boat cover is the center console cover, where it only covers the T-tops center console.

    How does it work?

    Like any other boat cover, a T-top boat cover has the same concept as having a tent for your boat. It covers and protects your boat from harsh weather and also any random debris such as dirt, dust, leaves, or even bird dropping.

    A T-top boat cover installation is often easy but requires a little more work than when youre fixing a cover on a bowrider. Most boat cover requires a boat cover support pole to make sure the cover doesnt cave in and therefore cause water to collect.

    Suppose youre using a boat cover support pole . In that case, you can place the T-top boat cover on top of the webbing strap and remove all slack by pulling it snugly, usually either by the help of shock cord in the hem or it does it for you through the elastic band thats sewn along with the helm.

    What are the different types of T-top boat covers?

    Why do you need a T-top cover?

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    About Bay Boat Rounded Bowcenter Console T

    What could possibly be better than having a Bay Boat? A Bay Boat with a T-Top of course! A Bay Boat is an excellent fishing boat with a deep hull that reaches up to 25 ft. It has a center console with a bench, and a flat deck near the front and back of the boat. All of these elements combine to provide the best fishing boat possible. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – now you can purchase one with a T-top too!

    T-Tops provide an excellent source of shade from the sun and light rain. With T-Tops you can continue your trip on the lake for as long as you want without having to cut your day short due to harsh weather conditions.

    What Is The Top


    Above, you can find product reviews on a few of the top-rated t-top boat covers. Numerous manufacturers produce fantastic t-top boat covers. Carver t-top boat cover is one of them. Sunbrella t-top boat covers are common and known by many. But, you have to dig for more information and search for the appropriate cover for your boat.

    You can rely on companies like Classic Accessories, Budge, Titan, OceanSouth, Taylor Made Products, and SavvyCraft in making effective t-top boat covers. Make sure that you get one that you can install properly on your boat.

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    Carver Hard Top And T

    Covering your boat with a Hard Top or T Top does not have to be tough! All you have to decide is whether you want a cover to go up and over the T Top or one that attaches under the T Top and begin shopping! Our covers work great for both Walk Around Cuddy’s with Hard Tops or Center Console Fishing Boats with T Tops, such as , , , , , and more.

    Carver Industries designed their cover to go over the Hard Top and even provide coverage for your transom mounted outboard motor . This cover is sure to keep any debris out on a windy day and make protection easy with one simple installation.

    Not only do our Carver covers come with all the accessories you could possibly need, but they are made to go up and over your top, covering and protecting your entire boat and all of its equipment, including the outboard motor. This cover solves the problem of covering a boat with VHF antennas and other roof mounted T Top equipment with a hook and loop slot at the rear of the T Top, which is made to allow your antennas to exit. It also includes ample room in this area to accommodate for the added height of radar domes and other items. The cover comes with 2 support poles which are topped with end caps. These are made to sit inside of your rocket launchers or rod holders, so the cover is not applying pressure directly to your equipment.

    How To Care And Maintain

    Despite the high-quality material of a boat cover, maintenance is still essential to keep the performance consistent. Negligence of taking care of your boat cover destroys the material.

    Manufacturers give instructions for the user. Some covers are fine with a mild detergent but others are only safe with water. Never use soap on sensitive material as youll end up ruining it.

    After cleaning, dry the cover first before putting it into storage. Some brands offer storage bags or duffel-like bags. You can roll then place it in the bag so dirt or animals cant get hold of it.

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