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Cabo San Lucas Boat Charter

Things To Do In Los Cabos Baja Sur

Cabo San Lucas Luxury Yacht Charters | Neoprene | 108Ft Mangusta

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula offers a variety of outdoor activities, and fun things to do that will surely satisfy those looking for fun and adventure in the sun.

Choose your favorite activity or activities from many offered in the Cabo San Lucas area. Try an Eco-friendly ATV tour, explore pristine beaches or take a boat cruise for dinner, snorkeling or to enjoy the sunset. For adventurers, Los Cabos offers the most beautiful surf breaks and surfing beaches as well as rock climbing, cycling, SCUBA diving, world-class fishing, championship golf, hiking, and horseback riding.

Get behind the wheel for an off-road test drive or enjoy snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez. City tours and excursions, water sports, whale watching tours, and other fun activities can all be found here in Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Dream Explore Discover And Enjoy Cabo Fishing Charter On Boat Charter Cabo San Lucas

One of Central America’s most desirable beach resort locations in Cabo San Lucas, which is located in a breathtaking region of the world. Cabo, which is situated on the southernmost point of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, is ideal for ocean lovers. We offer private boat charter Cabo San Lucas to give you a fantastic way to explore this corner of oceanic vistas.

You might want to check out our private boat rental Cabo San Lucas if you are interested. No matter what you decide, we make sure that your stay is unforgettable in Cabo. Contact us if you have any queries related to our Cabo San Lucas boat charter.

Driving Instructions From Cabo To La Paz

Coming from anywhere along the Cabo corridor, the easiest way to Marina Palmira is to take Highway 1 to Todos Santos. Go around Todos Santos via the Bypass road and continue on to La Paz. If you are coming from Los Barriles, take the road to La Paz, it will merge into the main road coming from Cabo.

When you reach La Paz, continue on the main road. Itâs a few miles to downtown. Keep going and turn left at 5 February. Proceed straight towards the bay. At the last signal turn right. You are now on Alvaro Obregon, the road along the bay, which in about a mile will run parallel to the beach and bay. This area is known as the Malecon.

The parking is free in front of the hotel and at the south end of the marina. All the parking around the marina is safe and well protected.

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Why Dont You Refund For Seasickness

For safety and comfort, our yachts never go out in conditions that would be unsafe or too rough. Every once in a while one person aboard who is prone to motion sickness may experience it.

Our recommendation is that if you think that you may get a bit motion sick on a boat, take a Dramamine about 30 minutes before your charter and youll be set.

However, on the very rare occasion when the entirety or majority of a group reports seasickness its almost certain to be hangovers or food poisoning of some kind from a previous restaurant or buffet.

This is not to say we dont believe that the whole or majority of the group feels sick. We definitely dont think that group is being dishonest about how they feel but when you are even slightly hungover and you step aboard a boat, that feeling is magnified. If many people are sick on the same calm charter, it is highly unlikely to be straight up seasickness, especially given the conditions we are permitted to go out in.

Our recommendation is to show up well-rested and avoid those extra few cocktails the night before. You will enjoy the experience so much more.

Of course, wed never tell you not to go have a good time the night before a charter. Youre on vacation in Cabo! But when the idea to have, Just a few more! comes up the night before Press pause, well have an unlimited open bar for you the next day!

What Amenities Come With A Luxury Yacht Charter

Cabo San Lucas Sport Fishing Charter Boat Selection

While your specific features will depend on the yacht you choose and the adventure youve set sail for, you can expect a wide variety of amenities awaiting you on your Cabo Platinum yacht experience.For example, consider the 95-foot Azimut. This luxury cruiser includes a jacuzzi tub, snorkel gear, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards , open deck space, and an open bar featuring beer, rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila, red wine, white wine, water, and sodas.Just as importantly, your day trip on this yacht will come complete with a four-course meal, promising a complete luxury experience. Start off with a warm welcome and appetizers like fruit, meats, and cheese. Then, move through four courses of deliciousness, including ceviche, caprese salad, the chefs catch of the day, steak, sides, and scoops of Haagen Dazs ice cream for dessert.

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Our Boats Fleet In Cabo San Lucas Cabo Luxury Yachts

Our Cabo luxury yachts are precious to us. These Cabo yachts represent our company, even when we can’t be present. That’s why we make sure our fleet is unique, with a variety of different designs, sizes, and styles. No matter what your taste and preferences, we’ll work to match you with the perfect luxury yacht. And when you step onto your charter, all your worries and stressors will melt away, almost as fast as you can sail into the shimmering blue Cabo sea.If you have special needs or would like to customize your luxury yacht charter, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to work with you to create a memorable experience. Contact us here with any questions or special requests……. Please contact us for a full list of the Cabo San Lucas boat charters we offer…

Our Clients Are Friends We Just Havent Met Yet

Heyo! Were Mikee and Katy, two Canadian expats living in Mexico. We think chartering a luxury yacht in Cabo San Lucas should be a rewarding, memorable experience for all, not a bunch of hoops to jump through, boring forms to fill out, slow communication and hidden fees to jump through.

So, we started Seashine Adventures. Welcome aboard!

Years ago, when we first arrived in Cabo San Lucas, we did what any newcomer worth their salt should do. We acted like tourists.

We ate out at local restaurants, chatted with our new neighbors, and made plans to get out on the water. We went around by yacht along the whole coastline of Los Cabos, and learned a ton about gorgeous Cabo San Lucas by taking it in from the sea.

But we didnt only learn about Cabo. We also discovered exactly what makes the difference between a good yacht charter experience and a bad one.

We figured out the crucial details that separate an amazingly unforgettable day on the water, and a boating experience you wish you could forget.

Sometimes the difference is as simple as chartering a boat with a crew that speaks your language, and knows how to make you feel comfortable and catered to.

Sometimes its knowing enough to make sure youre setting out on a state of the art luxury yacht, and not a dated, mildewy mess.

The smallest details: the food, the amenities, the crewit all has to be right. And when its wrong, it can easily ruin your day. Heck, maybe even your whole vacation.

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How Do I Charter A Yacht In Cabo

We make this part simple! You tell your personal concierge what youre looking for, and they begin procuring options for you. Its that simple! Based on your budget, guest count, and availability, they will come up with a variety of tailored suggestions. Once you have selected the perfect boat for your Cabo vacation, your concierge will help you get it locked in! Once you have your reservation and are ready to go, all you need to do is show up. Fly into San Jose del Cabo International Airport or Cabo San Lucas Airport , and wait for the luxurious boat experience that will take even the most experienced travelers breath away. Your concierge will take care of all provisioning beforehand , supply you with directions to the correct dock, and meet you there to ensure all goes smoothly.Perhaps youve been dreaming of the moment when you first set foot on Los Cabos for so long that you decide you need to take your adventure a step further and rent a private jet or Cabo villa. Youre in luck! Cabo Platinum has experience in perfecting each element of an all-inclusive Cabo adventure, and were ready to put that expertise to use for you.How do we do it all? Cabo vacations are our specialty. This means one thing: if youre searching for the top boat rental Cabo San Lucas has to offer, look no further than Cabo Platinum. Were sure to have everything you need when it comes to yacht rental in Cabo San Lucas, plus plenty you didnt even realize you wanted to experience.

Cabo Luxury Private Yacht Charters

Cabo San Lucas Yacht Rentals and Luxury Boat Charters

At Luxury Yachts Cabo, we love the yacht lifestyle. And we want to share that lifestyle with you! We’ve been working in the chartering business for years and love to share our expertise with our customers. No matter what your needs, what you’ve always dreamed your yacht experience will be, we will bring it to you. If you want a small, family cruise or a large yacht party, we’ll put it all together for you. From the boat to the captain to the music and drinks, we’ll handle everything.

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Luxury Yachts In Los Cabos

Our ample experience in the luxury yachts industry and serving exclusive guests makes us the best private yacht charters in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

We are the only company in Los Cabos reviewed by Forbes, backing our fantastic services and making us a favorite between many celebrities and tycoons. Certainly, we take pride in offering top of the line guest experiences, so you only have to enjoy and relax.

We offer a complete service that includes everything that you may need during your cruising or fishing charter like a chef on board, premium open bar, experienced crew, roundtrip transportation from your hotel or villa, and water toys. Also, we may arrange personalized amenities or special services upon request.

Managing one of the largest and the most luxurious fleet in the destination be sure you will be able to find the right boat for you with our Cabo yachts rentals.

Los Cabos Luxury Yachts Charters
  • Cabo San Lucas Yachts Charters And Rentals
  • San Jose del Cabo Yachts Charters And Rentals
  • Cabo Yacht Parties, Weddings, Events, And Corporate
All Cabo Charters Include
  • Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters and Rentals
  • San Jose del Cabo Fishing Charters and Rentals
  • Sports Fishing

Why Charter A Yacht In Cabo In The First Place

Cabo Platinum is the premiere place to find the perfect Cabo yacht charter for all sorts of fun activities on the water. But why should a yacht charter be at the forefront of your luxurious vacation dreams in the first place? Even if youre taking advantage of luxury villas, youll find that a Cabo Platinum Yacht Charter can take your trip to a whole new level.First and foremost, the flexibility that comes with a yacht rental is a primary selling point. From water sports to day trips, you can snorkel amidst a coral reef, taste the salty air of early fall in Cabo San Lucas, or hold amazing parties for any number of guests onboard your luxury boat. Depending on the type of vessel youve chosen and the plans making up your itinerary, you can take in all the best parts of Cabo, while cruising in true luxury.When you set out to experience Cabo San Lucas from the vantage point of a yacht rental, your birthday party, corporate retreat, or romantic getaway will come with an instant boost of luxury that you wont find with other types of travel. Renting a yacht can be the highlight of your trip. Spending a day on the water or experiencing Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Jose del Cabo, or another gorgeous locale within Los Cabos, your ultimate Cabo vacation starts with Cabo Platinum on a lush private boat charter.

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How Many Hours Do You Guys Usually Charter For

We definitely recommend four to five hours for the optimum experience.

Some guests love to be out for the full eight hours, but that can be a bit long for some.

Others may want a shorter trip, and to keep the budget a bit lower they opt for three hours, which is our minimum but also a wonderful experience.

On yachts larger than 40 there is no snorkelling with the three-hour charters as its too far to the snorkelling bays to make it without feeling like were rushing you in and out of the water.

If you can make it fit your budget, aim for four to five hours, but no matter what youll have an amazing experience.

Where Does The Tour Take Us

Cabo San Lucas Sport Fishing Charter Boat Selection

Three Hours After being greeted with welcome cocktails and a fruit platter, we head out along the bay wall to Lands End, along the way seeing Pelicans Rock, Lovers Beach, El Arco and all the other infamous rock formations. After checking out El Arco, well cruise along the Pacific mountainside of Pedregal. Then we can take a nice big loop out and back into the main Cabo Bay, anchor somewhere along the shore and jump in for a swim!

Food and drinks will be served throughout.

Four Hours After being greeted with welcome cocktails and a fruit platter, we head out along the bay wall to Lands End, along the way seeing Pelicans Rock, Lovers Beach, El Arco and all the other infamous rock formations. After checking out El Arco, well cruise along the Pacific mountainside of Pedregal.

Then we head east, past the main Cabo Bay, along the shoreline to either Santa Maria or Chileno Bay. This takes about 30-40 minutes. The choice of the bay is yours, but the crew usually knows the best one that day depending on conditions.

Once at either of those bays we can swim, snorkel, relax and lay out. The drinks will be flowing and food will be served throughout.

After were done anchoring at one of the bays, well head back west and cruise the coastline as we head back to the main bay and do one final loop through there on our way into the marina.

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Welcome To Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters Llc

Here at Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters we are viewed as the Top Cabo Fishing Charter Company 10 years in a row, with more than 15 long periods of a flawless reputation of accomplishment, and thousands of happy fishermen . Fishing in Cabo is known world wide as the Marlin capital of the world. We can guide you if its your first time attempting your luck at getting a Marlin or your fantasy to get giant blue Marlin we can make your dream come true. Our countless reviews rate us the Top fishing charter company in Cabo San Lucas . Cabo San Lucas Fishing,

We offer the most elite fishing crews and safety oriented vessel all with in the safety and experience to make your fishing trip an event of a lifetime.

Regardless of whether youve never fished or simply, looking to charter a top crew for the multiple fishing Tournaments Cabo San Lucas fishing charters is the one for you. From Ocean grills on-deck to company parties, weddings or bachelor partirse we have a boat for you. Cabo San Lucas fishing charters have a boat for every event on the water. Rest assured you will be happy on one of our boats every time.

Why Choose Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters for Your Cabo Fishing Trip?

  • Lowest Rates on Cabo San Lucas Fishing Trips
  • Professional Staff, NO Hidden Fees
  • The Best Boats and charters in Cabo San Lucas Sport Fishing.
  • We have more than 15 years

Top Experienced Local Fishing Crews, and English speaking personnel.

7 days a week 5:00AM 10:00PM 619-251-2910

Where To Sail In Your Cabo San Lucas Boat Rental

Cabo San Lucas has some of the most beautiful ocean destinations on the globe. Youll find no shortage of nautical recreation with destinations like:

  • El Arco, a world-famous rock formation found in the waters of Cabo San Lucas.
  • Go snorkeling in Playa Chileno and experience tons of marine life.
  • Experience the famous whale watching tours in Playa Solmar.
  • Stay at the beautiful beach resort Montage Los Cabos in Playa Santa Maria.
  • Enjoy a day of swimming at Playa Medano, a beautiful ocean-front resort.
  • Have fun cliff diving near the Arch of Cabo.
  • Enjoy artistic stands and colorful markets in San Jose Del Cabo.
  • Experience the world-famous marlin fishing tournaments during the month of October.

Sights to See and Experience in Cabo San Lucas

There are multiple unique tourist destinations to enjoy your time out of the water in Cabo San Lucas

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Private Yacht In Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is known for its beautiful coastline and amazing views, so why not enjoy it all aboard a private yacht? Book Now Adventure offers a luxury private yacht experience in Cabo San Lucas, allowing you to experience sunshine and clear waters in your own unique way.

Our private yacht experience is one of the most popular options for those wanting to explore the bay and create a truly memorable experience while having tons of fun!

Charter a private yacht in Cabo San Lucas and set sail, enjoying the beauty and wonder of Cabo with a full-service boat captain and steward. Our luxury yachts come with all the amenities you need to ensure that your private yacht experience is smooth sailing all the way through.

Cruise around on our luxury yacht for a day, or take a sunset cruise for a romantic and special experience on the water. We also offer longer getaways if youd like to see more of Cabos beauty and explore at your own pace. Our private yacht experiences in Cabo are designed with your comfort in mind, and were happy to customize the experience as needed.

Luxury private yacht experience in Cabo San Lucas

Come explore Cabo San Lucas in decadence and style with Book Now Adventures. Our private Cabo yacht rental service is the perfect way to explore the stunning seascapes around Mexicos Baja California Peninsula.

Private Yacht in Cabo San Lucas

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