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Boat Rentals Lake Tahoe South

Jet Ski & Dingy Rental

Looking for an affordable boat rental in Lake Tahoe?

For your Lake Tahoe Jet Ski rental needs we offer Sea Doo GTI personal watercraft models. These are a perfect way to explore and add extra excitement while out on the lake. First tank of fuel, wet suits, & life jackets are included in the rental price.

Whether youre renting a boat or a jet ski, they must be left on the mooring when not in use and overnight. Unless you are looking forward to an ice cold swim several times a day, you will need a way to get to and from your rental boat. We offer 10 inflatable dinghies with rigid aluminum floors to ensure you and your party go safely to and from shore. Included with your dingy rental is a 50 lb thrust electric motor, a battery and charger.

Lake Tahoe Fireworks Boat Charter

Lake Tahoe Boat Rides Fireworks Boat Charters are a MUST do if you are in Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July! Imagine starring up at the starry sky, rocking with the waves while sipping champagne with your friends and family. The Patriotic music starts and the

Celebrity Golf Private Boat Or Yacht Charters The American Century Championships, better known as Tahoe Celebrity Golf, is an extremely popular event in Lake Tahoe. Every year celebrities and professional athletes arrive at Edgewood Tahoe for a week

Kayak Sup & Trampoline

Enjoy some peace and quiet touring the shorelines of Lake Tahoe on our top of the line kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Our Wilderness Tarpon 120s will make even the most novice kayakers feel like a pro with their stability and performance. Our Glide paddle boards are perfect fit for all skill levels. Not staying in a Lake Front Home? We offer inflatable paddleboards that seamlessly pack into a backpack for easy transport to any of the beautiful beaches on Lake Tahoe. We also offer floating trampolines! The perfect way to keep the kids occupied for hours of alone time.

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Enjoy The Lake Like A Local With Our Lake Tahoe Pontoon Boats

Do you want to have a blast and cool off during the heat of summer in majestic Lake Tahoe? Experience the sheer size and beauty of our backyard aboard one of our Lake Tahoe pontoon boats. Our party boats offer a one of a kind opportunity to take in views of the mountains and enjoy the great outdoors like no other. We can accommodate groups of up to 13 on a single pontoon boat, or groups of 30 or more with multiple boat rentals. All of our rentals come fully stocked with a propane grill, floaties, water play platforms, plenty of life vests and everything else you need to have great time! Just toss your well stocked cooler aboard and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience from the Captains seat.

Drop Anchor In Zephyr Cove

Lake Tahoe Boat Charters

Located on the southeast side of Lake Tahoe, Zephyr Cove is a captivating waterside community in Nevada. The coastline has stretches of gold-sand beach and pine-green trees. Drop an anchor near Zephyr Cove Park wherein you have a beach with tiki cabanas and sand volleyball courts for your friendly match! Hop on a wakeboard behind your rental boat for some on-water actionbe sure to book with a captain if youd like an expert driver.

  • Pro Tip: Zephyr Cove is known to get very crowded during the peak summer months. For a prime spot on the water, or to enjoy a smooth ride for watersports, we recommend heading out early to mid-morning.

  • Wake zone: Lake Tahoe has unique no-wake zone boating rules. The lake’s no-wake zone extends six hundred feet out from shore around the entire lake. The posted speed limit in the no-wake zone is 5 MPH. This zone is enforced by patrol boats at all times.

  • Lat/Long: 39.0004° N, 119.9526° W

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About Lake Tahoe And Boating Safety

Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous freshwater lake that straddles California and Nevada. Its a perfect lake for renting a boat and water recreation, with stunning views of forests around the lake and sandy beaches to stop off at. Its a great place to take a break from the city and relax in the sunshine during the summer months. For picking up supplies for your boat rentals like drinks and food, there are lots of stores around Lake Tahoe you can stop at, like Safeway and Raleys.

The best time of year to visit Lake Tahoe is undoubtedly the summertime when the skies are clear and sunny and temperatures are warm. Make sure to pack a hat and sunscreen, as youre at a higher elevation, sunburn will happen much quicker, especially with the reflection off the water. The water of Lake Tahoe is cold year-round, making it refreshing for a quick dip to cool off. During the winter, with snowfall and cold temperatures, you probably wont want to go swimming. That doesnt mean you cant enjoy outdoor activities on Lake Tahoe, there are winter kayaking and canoe trips on the lake, letting you see the stunning snowcapped mountains from a new perspective. For swimmers, its recommended you ease yourself into Lake Tahoe, to avoid a cold-shock response.

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Explore Incline Village By Sand Harbor

On the north shore, within Nevadas border, is Incline Village, home to one of the countrys most stunning mountain retreats. The waters of Incline Village shores are serene and gentle and hold ancient rock formations, which are the true hallmark of this place from a boaters perspective. Come here and anchor just offshore for a lakeside beach day, or to simply float and take in the scenery. You can easily access this area by any of the two boat ramps in Sand Harbor State Park.

  • Pro Tip: Each summer, Sand Harbor hosts the annual Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, which brings cultural festivities and incredible entertainment.

  • Seasonality: The calmest month of the year at Incline Village is August, and with its clear waters, this area is great for snorkeling and scuba diving.

  • Lat/Long: 39.1985° N, 119.9323° W

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Come Enjoy Lake Tahoe From The Water

With 2 convenient locations, Tahoe Sports is the largest Lake Tahoe rental company on the South Shore. We are a family-owned, all-seasons sports provider, from ski and snowboard to powerboat and personal watercraft rentals. We rent Powerboats, Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis, Paddle Boards, Kayaks and more.

Only Offered At The Ski Run Marina In South Lake Tahoe

Staying in an AirBnB, Renting a Boat and Fishing Lake Tahoe!

Come enjoy breathtaking views while parasailing over Lake Tahoe. Its fun, safe, and addicting! We use 2 US Coast Guard Certified Vessels and we have 3 different heights which vary from 400 to 1000 above Beautiful Lake Tahoe! We have daily flights, weather permitting.

Parasailing requires groups of 2 or 3 People. Combined weights need to be between 200lbs 450lbs and Individual weights need to be between 40lbs 300lbs .

Our 2 Parasail Boats, Shark 2 & Shark 3, can accommodate up to 10 Parasailers on each trip. Each excursion is 30-60 minutes long depending on occupancy.

Please check into the Parasail Shack on the Beach at the Ski Run Marina 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Observers are booked at the time of check in and are subject to availability.

Weekend and Holidays are subject to a 10% surcharge.

Cancellation Policy: We require at least 24 Hours Notice before the scheduled reservation time for Cancellation with a Full Refund. Additionally, if we are unable to operate due to weather on the day of your scheduled reservation, you are not obligated to it and we can either reschedule or refund it depending on our availability and your schedule.

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At Boatsetter The Only Boundary We See Is The Horizon

Since our inception in 2012, weve made boating affordable and accessible for first-time boaters500,000 and counting!simply by providing an easy way to connect qualified renters, boat owners, and licensed captains.As a result, weve become the worlds leading boat rental community.With more than 50,000 boats in over 700 locations worldwide, chances are theres an available boat near you.


How Does Wakesurfing Work

Wakesurfing in Lake Tahoe is probably our favorite new way to enjoy the Lake and powersports at the same time. Book Tahoe Wakebusters today and let us show you to the waves, as fast as possible. We only offer top of the line experiences and our expert coaching and pointers will have you hanging ten faster than anyone else. A wakesurfer gets up the same way as a waterskier or wakeboarder with a rope. Start playing with your balance, adjusting your boats speed, pointing the wake in the direction you want, and eventually. you let go of the rope! Our custom Mastercraft wakesurf boat creates the perfect wake to ride with no rope needed!

You can then start to play with your weight balance, putting more pressure on your front or rear foot, to change the speed you are surfing at. If you have ever gone wakeboarding or waterskiing, the process of getting started wakesurfing will be a cinch. We can promise you will definitely have the absolute best chance to wakesurf properly when you rent one of our Lake Tahoe Wakesurfing boats because they create the absolute largest, most powerful waves available today. And even if you dont want to wakesurf, you will still own Lake Tahoe when you rent our Mastercraft NXT! You can wakeboard, waterski, tube, or just cruise the lake in style from spot to spot.

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Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals Watersport Rentals Parasailing & More

So, where to start? Well, a quick reminder that Tahoe doesnt just offer boat rentals. Watersports at the lake are a hometown favorite, so most places offer a variety of different on-the-water adventure options. Just about any kind of small watercraft you can think of can be rented for Lake Tahoe. And honestly, that shouldnt be too big of a surprise. Lake Tahoe attracts visitors from all over the world all season long to her mesmerizing watersfrom scuba diving to deep sea fishing and everything in between.

Some of the best Tahoe boat rentals can be found on the South Shore, and Tahoe water ski schools offer lessons for those looking to expand their watersport horizons. Check out Birkholms Water Ski School, Borges Water Ski and Wakeboard School, and Lake Tahoe Water Ski School, before hopping on your newly rented boat and exploring Big Blue shore to shore.

Lake Tahoe Seeing More Illegal Boat Rentals And Charters

Party &  Pontoon Boat Rentals on Lake Tahoe
  • Legal boating activity on Lake Tahoe. Mayke sure your time on the lake is safe, and legal. File photo by Corey Rich.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – The lure of Lake Tahoe is historic, and has brought many to its shores to live or play, jump in, or boat on for well over a century. While it may feel good when it gets hot outside, the cold water of Lake Tahoe can be dangerous and needs to be respected, and many agencies around the lake are tasked with keeping the public safe.

One increasing way they are addressing safety issues is targeting illegal boat operators who rent out their watercraft or offer charters on their boats that come with captains.

The is a surge of illegal boat operators on Lake Tahoe, luring people to enjoy the lake through third-party boat rental websites like getmyboat.com and boatsetter.com that operate much like Airbnb does with homes. Not all rentals listed on these sites are missing the appropriate permits, but it is important to check. Not all boat rental businesses conduct themselves legally or with the public’s safety in their best interest, and the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office boat patrol estimates that 100-150 illegal boat rentals can be on the lake at any given time.

To make sure one is renting a legal boat, it takes a few steps but an afternoon of enjoyment on the lake in a safe manner is worth it.

“Safety is the top issue,” the operator said. “If not following the rules, safety is not first.”

Potential fines include:

TRPA Fact Sheet

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Why Choose Tahoe Wakebusters

There are many factors that separate Tahoe WakeBusters from the rest of the boat rental companies on Lake Tahoe. First off, we offer top of the line boats consisting of Bennington pontoon boats, Cobalt powerboats, Mastercraft wakesurf boats, and custom-made double decker party boats with waterslides and full-sized propane grills. Secondly, we make sure to include everything with the boats you need to have the time of your life out on the water. While other marinas will nickel and dime you for gas and each tube, wakeboard, or waterski you want to add, we include gas and all of the toys with each of our rentals. Our wakesurf boat comes with multiple wakesurf boards, multiple wakeboards, waterskis, and towable tubes. All of our powerboats come equipped with towable tubes, wakeboards, and water skis, and all of our pontoon boats and party barges include pool style inflatables, tubes, toys, and propane grills. We also include the gas with all of our rental rates!

Tahoe Keys Boat Rentals

With 10 convenient locations,Tahoesports is the largest Lake Tahoe rental company on the South Shore. We are a family-owned, all-seasons sports provider, from ski and snowboard to power boat and personal watercraft rentals.

Take a tour of gorgeous Emerald Bay on your own personal watercraft with your closest friends and family. The process is simple, yet rewarding. Just show up at the SeaDoo Shack at Ski Run Marina, fill out your paperwork, fit a life jacket and youre off. 1 to 3-persons per machine depending on weight . You must be 18 years of age to operate one of our motorized personal watercraft.

Dogs are allowed on the boats as long as you clean up any accidents your pup may do on the boat. There is a $25 clean-up fee for small dogs and a $50 fee for large dogs. Please call ahead for more details.

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What To Know Before Renting A Boat On Lake Tahoe

Before you sail out onto the big blue, theres a few things to know about your Lake Tahoe boat rental.

  • Be cautious of strong winds and currents. The sheer size of Lake Tahoe makes it prone to the same conditions youd see out at sea! Keep the sometimes challenging conditions in mind as you plan out your day.
  • The water is cold. Lake Tahoes surface water temperature hovers around the mid-60s in the summer. While a glacial lake full of snowmelt might be refreshing, clear and beautifulit can also be dangerous for long swims or young kids.
  • Do your research! Some rentals charge for fuel and taxes outside of the hourly cost, others come with water toys and rentals included. While all are very, very fun, its worth researching whats included before opting for the lowest price tag.
  • Follow the rules. Boat driver under 25? Driving while over the BAC limit? Fishing without a license? With the goal of keeping everyone safe, the Coast Guard actively patrols the lake and will hand out tickets if they catch you doing something you shouldnt. Theres plenty of good, clean fun to be had, so learn the rules before you go, and follow em!

Of course, boat rentals arent the only way to get out on the lake. Theres dozens of options for sunset sails, private dinner charters and happy hour cruisesand all of them are amazing options. But being able to launch your brother-in-law off that rogue wake? Some things are just priceless.

Come Take A Boat Ride On Tahoe

Battle Over Short-Term Rentals In South Lake Tahoe

Sightseeing, Watersports, Fishing and More!

All Boats Come With A Captain

Take a tour of Lake Tahoe, see the sights, or just have fun with friends with a captained charter. Fun things like pier hoping, photo sessions, and fishing are a breeze with a captain.

Multiple Day Rentals

Take the boat in your own hands with a bareboat rental! Privacy and freedom on Lake Tahoe come with the bareboat rental. Requires a private dock for drop off.

Both options are available at 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour slots everyday of the week May 1st thru Oct 31st.

Early Fishing Trips

We offer rentals for custom durations starting as early as 4 a.m. Reel in monster Rainbow, Brown, Mackinaw Trout, Kokanee Salmon, or bass!

Sunset Cruises

Sunset Cruises are a great way to enjoy the best scenery of the sun setting over the mountains. This service comes with a captain and is completely customizable.

Stargazing and Firework Shows

Stargazing tour available every night. Firework shows tours are available July 4th and Labor day starting at 8pm and run until midnight.

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Make The Most Of Your Lake Tahoe Boat Rental

There are many spots around Lake Tahoe where you can access the water with your boat rental. Some of the main cities on Lake Tahoe are , Tahoe City, Stateline, and Incline Village. These are the primary destinations for booking accommodation if youre planning a multi-day stay on Lake Tahoe. Choose from chain hotels, lake resorts, and vacation rental homes. If you want to really connect with nature during your stay on Lake Tahoe, there are lots of campgrounds to choose from all around the lake. Do not forget your camera the crystal clear, turquoise waters of Lake Tahoe surrounded by the gorgeous, snow-capped mountains makes it a place you have to get the perfect shot for Instagram. A boat is the best way to get some amazing photos out on Lake Tahoe.

While exploring Lake Tahoe on your boat rental, there are dozens of spots scattered around the lake worthy of a visit. Stop at Kings Beach on the north side of Lake Tahoe or El Dorado Beach and Pope Beach on the south end. There are resorts and restaurants along the coastline of the lake, perfect for stopping at for a meal or to enjoy the nightlife of Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe boat and yacht life bring lots of visitors to its shores every summer, youre guaranteed to have a good time if you book a boat rental for at least a weekend on the lake.

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