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Volvo Penta 4 Cylinder Boat Engine

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Volvo Penta 4 Cylinder Engine back in boat and running.

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Penta was founded in 1907 in conjunction with the production of the first marine engine, B1. The Penta company soon became an established internal combustion engine manufacturer, which in 1927 delivered the engine for Volvos first passenger car.

Volvo acquired Penta in 1935 and Volvo Penta has been part of the Volvo Group since then. It now provides internal combustion engines and complete power systems to the boating industry, power-generating equipment, and similar industrial applications. They manufacture sterndrive and inboard drive systems such as the Volvo Penta IPS. They produce diesel and petrol engines with power outputs of between 7.5 and 1,500 kilowatts .

Volvo Penta IPS

Which Is The Best Sterndrive Motor For My Boat: Mercury Mercruiser Ilmor Or Volvo Penta

If youve been wondering which is better, Mercury Mercruiser, Ilmor or Volvo Penta, the answer depends on your unique situation. Consider the size of your boat, the number of people you haul, fuel efficiency, maintenance and parts and your boat use are all decision-making factors that should be used to make your purchasing decision.

Your boating preferences are also something you should consider when youre trying to determine which engine is the best fit for your boat. While some boaters want as much power as possible, others are content with a capable, durable engine that will simply get them to their destination safely and without a problem.

How youll use your boat in the future is something you should think about when youre choosing an engine as well. If your kids are young and they mainly enjoy splashing around in the water, you might not have a need for a more powerful engine right now. What will happen as your children grow and develop interests in different water activities like waterskiing or wakeboarding? Be sure the engine you choose will be able to deliver enough power to keep up with your childrens evolving interests as they get older.

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  • Our VolvoPenta Replacement Engines are at the lowest prices and same day shipping. Need Help? Call Toll Free: 877-388-2628 … Engine_Fuel & Props. Engine Parts Mercury Outboard Parts Mercruiser Parts Johnson Outboard Parts Evinrude Outboard Parts Yamaha Outboard Parts. Volvo Penta AQ125 AQ140 Solex Carburetor 70795 Volvo Penta power generation engines are engineered to perform reliably and have been extensively tested in genset applications in some … AQ131B, AQ131C, AQ131D > Fuel System > Carburetor: 856126 Volvo Penta Exploded view / schematic Carburetor: 856126 : 856126 Call us now for more. Home / Starter / Inboard & Sterndrive / VOLVO PENTA / AQ125 A B / 4cyl Gas. Shop By Part Type. Alternator … New HITACHI Starter for VOLVO PENTA 2002,2002T,2003 T,AQ125 A B,AQ131A B C D,AQ145A,AQ145B,AQ151A B C,AQ171A C,BB145A 1979-1994 . CA$252.44. In Stock . Add to Cart. New VALEO Starter for VOLVO PENTA 2001,2002,2002T,2003 T,2003R S S.
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Technical Specifications For D4

Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Download the brochure or contact us.

Crankshaft Power kW
EU RCD Stage II, IMO NOx Tier II, BSO II, EPA Tier 3, China II
Control System
Heat Exchanger Cooling, Keel Cooling
4 liter series

Key features and benefits for D4

High performance

Immediate response and high performance is matched by low levels of noise and vibrations, further reduced by the balance shaft and the optimized engine suspension.

Compact and robust

The engine is designed and built to be immensely strong, using cutting edge technology and material. This gives high reliability and long-term durability.

Unique marine torque

Volvo Penta engines excel with their unique marine torque. High torque at low rpm gives rapid acceleration to the plane and massive maneuvering power. Even at high load and high rpm, the torque remains strong to provide efficient cruising speed in all conditions.

Low fuel consumption

The common-rail fuel injection system helps make the engine highly fuel efficient. The control unit monitors several parameters which reduces the overall fuel consumption.

Electronic Vessel Control

Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control fully integrates the propulsion system enabling the unique set of optional features, such as Joystick Docking, and Glass Cockpit.

Long service intervals

Mercury Mercruiser Boat Motors

Volvo Penta 4 Cylinder Fresh Water Cooled Boat Engine for Sale in ...

Lets talk specifics. If youre interested in Mercruiser engines, you have five categories of sterndrives to choose from, many of them with a couple of options when it comes to horsepower. Each of them works with a specific drive system, with some offering you a choice of different drives.

Heres what you need to know:

  • 0L, Inline 4-Cylinder Engine, 135 HP This motor is a favorite for runabouts and other small boats, as its 19 feet and under in length. Its got plenty of power for small boats, plus is fuel efficient and low maintenance.
  • 3L, V-6 Engine, 180-220 HP If your boat is a little too big for the Inline 4-Cylinder Engine, this motor takes displacement up a notch. You also get to choose between Alpha or Bravo drives to match.
  • 5L, V-6 Engine, 200-250 HP Mercury markets this sterndrive as the power of a V-8 in a V-6 engine. Get a boost in performance, speed and acceleration, all while reducing sound and vibration.
  • 2L, V-8 Engine, 300-350 HP This V-8 was engineered and built for marine use. Mercury claims the torque and acceleration with this sterndrive are unparalleled. An intake resonator and aft-facing throttle body dramatically reduce noise.
  • 2L, V-8 Engine, 380-430 HP Mercurys largest sterndrive combines a big block with large displacement. The Multi-Port Fuel Injection ensures that no fuel is wasted, which maximizes performance without high fuel consumption.

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Sterndrive Boat Motors Today

One of the advantages of relying on auto engines is the auto industrys technological advances. New, lightweight high-tech engine blocks have had an impact on the auto industry, and now, sterndrives are bringing these same benefits to the boating industry. What are the benefits that come with these new and improved sterndrives? Quite a few:

Re: Need Some Info On A Volvo Penta 4 Cylinder Boat Motor

Dan, in 1989 this 4 cylinder engine would have been a Volvo Penta OHC engine. All of the OHC engines were fitted with closed cooling systems. This is why you are seeing Ethylene Glycol in the engine. The river/lake/ocean water still provides the cooling. It does this via the Heat Exchanger’s transfer of heat from the Ethylene Glycol to the rive/lake/ocean water. This is similiar to a car/truck radiator transfering it’s heat to passing air. While you attempt to re-commission, and before you attempt to run the Engine, here’s what I would do/check:Engine oil…. up to full level, no milky appearance. Water neck fitting….. don’t question it…… replace it!Seawater pump impeller….. again, don’t question it…… replace it!You will be using a garden hose attachment that will provide water to the intake area of the drive.Not all of these fit the AQ series drives correctly… use caution. Make a temporary plug for the drain hole in the lower unit. If you see any signs of the temperature climbing above normal…. Shut Down immediately. Over-heating issues are typically a result of a suction breach somewhere within the seawater path to the seawater pump. This would not exclude other areas if there is no suction breach. .

Last edited by RicardoMarine 09-23-2014 at 09:53 AM.

Rick … aka Ricardo….. AQ series Volvo Penta repairPortland, Oregon

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Need Some Info On A Volvo Penta 4 Cylinder Boat Motor

ok here its is im new to this type of motor first of all how do u winterzie it and why do i have coolant in engine in stead of fresh water to cool boat motor off the motor is in a 1989 raven open bow i have no info on this boat tried researching info cant find any info on how to with boat or engine i need some help on the motor outdrive etc remember im new to this type thank u also how do i run engine without it being in water to test it see if i got a good engine or not what are steps to do

Last edited by danberg1 09-21-2014 at 12:15 AM.Reason: more info


Volvo Pentas Marine Engines At Best Prices

1986 Bayliner 4 cylinder Boat Motor For sale Volvo Penta

For pleasure craft or commercial use, Volvo Penta inboard diesel engines are developed from the latest design in modern marine technology. We have a lot of options in Sail Drive, GearBox, Aquamatic, IPS in Volvo Penta engines for sale at the affordable price range only on our online store

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Evolution Of Sterndrives: Volvo Vs Mercruiser Vs Ilmor Boat Motors

Johnson Motor Company introduced the first sterndrive in 1930, but the initial design required most boats to be redesigned to accommodate the motor. As a result, sales suffered, and it wasnt until almost 30 years later that the modern sterndrive of today was created.

The inspiration for the modern sterndrive began in 1948 when a young man, Charlie Strang, wanted to beat the outboard speed record. At the time, he was an MIT engineering student who had a vision for a design that he thought could give him the power he needed.

It consisted of a lightweight car engine and a lower outboard unit what we know today as the modern sterndrive. To use this new design in his boat racing, he had to get the American Power Boat Association to recognize and approve it as an outboard motor. They declined the design.

Ten years later, in 1958, Strang was working for Mercury, while it was being led by its founder, Carl Kiekhaefer. Stang was an engineer at the time and worked alongside Jim Wynne. The design resurfaced, and Strang and Wynne presented the plan to Kiekhaefer, but he rejected it. Rather than abandoning the idea again, Wynne left Mercury and filed a patent for the design after a falling out with Kiekhaefer. He then sold the rights to you guessed it Volvo Penta.

An Inboard Motor Adds Something To Commercial Or Leisure Boat Travels

In addition to making automobiles, Volvo also sells inboard motors for boats and other marine vehicles. Under the brand name of Volvo Penta, the company provides new and refurbished engines. Regardless if it is for commercial or leisure use, if the boat is in the water, they want to power it.

What makes this engine different?

The design of a Volvo Penta block engine used for a car and a boat isnt much different. In the end, some mechanisms are switched around in order to use it in the water. For instance, its transmission tends to transfer energy from the engine to the propellers. In another difference, the fuel exhaust is passed through the stern of the boat instead of a muffler.

What power levels does a Volvo Penta have?

They offer a number of styles. The one you choose for your boat depends on what you have. The lower-powered models start around 510 horsepower on a 7.7-liter engine. Higher-end models for larger craft can go as high as 1000 horsepower and 12.8 liters.

How do you install the engine?

Setup of this engine is different than what you may have seen in rowboats or smaller models. Normally, these have outboard engines with sterndrive controls built into the block. The inboard engine is at midship with a drive running across the crafts bottom to a propeller.

What are some advantages to this type of motor?Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Volvo Penta.

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Ilmor One Drive Sterndrive And One Touch Joystick

Ilmor unveiled the One Drive package at Miami International Boat Show in 2016. The source of Ilmors unique smooth shift experience is the One Drives electro-magnetically actuated hydraulic clutch transmission . Especially noticeable in the twin engine configuration, the hydraulic clutch system quietly engages and disengages gears at an incredible two-shifts-per-second, allowing for a very responsive and refined ride experience.

The twin propeller drive unit is built with precision forged gears and an internal drive shower for increased durability, and offers extensive active and passive corrosion protection systems. All drive systems are complete with power assisted steering and hydraulic trim. The One Drives transom also has a significantly larger exhaust output than comparable systems, minimizing backpressure for improved engine performance. Among other unique options, the Ilmor One Drive can be customized for an added aesthetic effect by the customer.

You can experience excellent acceleration with counter-rotating propellers. The adventures youll go on while operating this vessel with its superior propellers and other features are like no other.

On twin engine boats, Ilmor sterndrive motors offer the optional One Touch joystick system for easy and responsive vessel maneuverability, especially in close-quarters or while docking. The system includes Ilmors informative MERLIN engine monitoring display and is compatible with auto-pilot functions.

What Customers Are Saying:

Volvo Penta AD31D, 130 HP Turbocharged Marine Diesel Engine 4 Cylinder ...

Wonderful service, prompt, efficient, and accurate. Couldn’t have asked for more. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

Mary C.Freshfield, Liverpool, UK

This expert is wonderful. They truly know what they are talking about, and they actually care about you. They really helped put my nerves at ease. Thank you so much!!!!

AlexLos Angeles, CA

Thank you for all your help. It is nice to know that this service is here for people like myself, who need answers fast and are not sure who to consult.

GPHesperia, CA

I couldn’t be more satisfied! This is the site I will always come to when I need a second opinion.

JustinKernersville, NC

Just let me say that this encounter has been entirely professional and most helpful. I liked that I could ask additional questions and get answered in a very short turn around.

EstherWoodstock, NY

Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns. Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know.

RobinElkton, Maryland

He answered my question promptly and gave me accurate, detailed information. If all of your experts are half as good, you have a great thing going here.

DianeDallas, TX

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Volvo Penta Gas Engine Walk Around

The Volvo Penta gasoline engine line up with a review of key features and benefits.

Topics covered in this video include:

  • 4.3L V-6 GM block

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How To Choose Between A Mercruiser And Volvo

The good news is that both Mercruiser and Volvo are putting out superior sterndrive motors. Dont stress over how to choose between a Mercruiser and Volvo, because in the end, its less about the brand you select and more about getting the right engine for your boat.

When youre trying to decide which sterndrive is best for you, consider the following:

  • Size of your boat
  • Warranties

To help you make your decision, weve broken down each of these factors below, as well as included some highlights of Ilmor, Mercruiser and Volvo to help you make your decision:

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Volvo Penta Aq125 Fuel Consumption

ruger p90 drop leg holster

R.O: 841161. VOLVOPENTA. Fits VolvoPenta. P/N: BHE841161. AQ171A AQ171C. AQ151A AQ151B AQ151C. Compression is 175 on all 4 cylinders…..has new points, spark plugs, and impeller. The oil was also changed. VolvoPentaAQ125, AQ131, AQ145, AQ151 4cly SOHC gasoline engine . Weber Carburetor Conversion kit. THE DGAS SERIES WEBER CARB. Weber Carbs distributed byREDLINE. Gaskets for all Weber Carbs. … for specific fuel economy and additional performance gains. This pac is a jetting assortment for low range and high.

volvo penta aq125aq125fuelVolvo PentaVolvo PentaUsage

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