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Sea Doo Pontoon Boat Price

How Fast Does Sea

2022 Boat Buyers Guide: Sea-Doo 21 Switch Cruise

Sea-Doo pontoon boats are built with performance in mind. The Switch models have a seating capacity of five or nine people and a top speed of 44 mph. They also feature a rearview mirror, a ski mode, and quick-attach tube storage. Sea-Doo pontoon boats are lightweight and weigh only two thousand and two hundred pounds without a trailer.

Unlike many pontoon boats, Sea-Doo pontoon boats are designed to perform like a high-end jet ski. This means they are extremely easy to handle and maneuver. The Switch is particularly easy to drive thanks to its innovative hull shape.

Closed Loop Cooling For The Sea

A feature found on all Sea-Doos watercraft is closed loop cooling.

Sea-Doo uses anti-freeze and a ride plate, similar to how your car cools its engine, to cool their boat engines.

This means your Sea-Doo does not take in any lake or ocean water to cool the engine. They do take in water to cool and muffle the exhaust and intercooler if you have one.

Doing it this way cuts down on corrosion and keeps the engine more predictably cooled.

Sound Dampening On The Switch Is Very Good

People like to rag on jet drive boats because theyre louder than other boats. This was true 10 years ago, but not so much these days.

Ive ridden many of Sea-Doos older Jet Boats before they stop making them in 2012, and they were quite loud. But they got it right with the Switch, and it was the first thing I noticed when I launched the boat into the water. I couldnt stop saying it in the review video, thats how impressed I was.

With the engine under you and closer to the middle of the boat, it really helps dampen the sound and give a better ride. While other pontoons have the outboard at the rear giving off heat, throwing off the weight and making all kinds of sounds, especially when shifting in and out of forward and reverse.

The Switch in comparison with the center engine, iBR system, and open space feels more premium. There is no clunking into gears, its all smooth. No hot engine getting the passengers at the rear. And no shaking of the boat when shifting either, it truly is a more enjoyable experience driving the Switch.

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Bimini Top Is Easy To Put Up And Down

A Bimini top is a must for any boat if you ask me.

The problem is that many Bimini tops suck and are a pain to put up or down.

The Sea-Doo Switch Bimini can be put up by one person, and to take it down only requires pressing two buttons on each side of the tower.

The coverage of the Bimini is good for the captain and the passengers behind him. Sea-Doo does sell a front Bimini top that gives you complete coverage as it attaches to the rear Bimini.

Im just a little over 6 foot tall and had no issues standing and moving around under the Bimini. I could see someone at least 6 foot 5 inches having no issues either, plenty of headroom.

Customizable Party Pontoon: Sea

2022 Sea

August 23, 2021 | By Sam Anderson

Sea-Doos Switch is a customizable hybrid between a jetski and a party boat.

If the Sea-Doo Switch looks like a pontoon boat, youre not looking closely enough. Yes, its got the patio seating, fence, and gates that define the lake legend.

But the Switch drops the prop and skips the troll, in favor of jet boat DNA. Sea-Doo gives it a jet motor and an intuitive braking and reverse system for agility. The brand says these features are unprecedented for a pontoon.

Add the customizable deck that lets you swap seats and components to optimize performance or pleasure, and youve got a pontoon wed like to board!

Nine models across three platforms are available to fulfill a range of lake life activities. Fill up the cooler and dont forget the SPF 15 were goin jet boatin!

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Sea Doo Switch First Look: Jet Ski/pontoon Boat Mash

At the recent 2022 Miami Boat Show, our US correspondent Elliott Maurice took the chance to tour the new Sea Doo Switch

This crossover between a pontoon boat and a jet ski has proved to be a smash hit for Sea Doo the first year-and-a-halfs production of the Sea Doo Switch sold out before it even launched.

Seeing it in the flesh at this years Miami Boat Show, it is immediately apparent why. This is a fun, simple, accessible concept that gets people afloat from as little as $17,999 including trailer.

The tri-toon hull is available in four different lengths all with the same 7ft 8in beam and all using a Rotax engine and water jet drive with power outputs from 100hp to 230hp and handlebar steering.

The central hull is larger than the two outriggers, allowing the See Doo Switch to heel slightly into turns while retaining the stability of a pontoon boat.

Thanks to closed loop cooling, a shallow draught and simple reverse and brake functions, its easy to drive and safe in shallow waters.

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Engine Is Super Easy To Get To

The engine placement and ease of access is something that the Switch has really done well, and I feel doesnt get much attention.

Every boat owner needs to check their oil, battery and other components, and making these things hard to get to seem to be a growing trend with other manufacturers. A lot of other boats you need to be upside-down to replace the battery, as Ive learned a few times.

Sea-Doo also uses their own engine and not some repurposed Chevy engine block. Yes, a lot of the boat engines on the market are just SUV engines blocks with some changes to make them marine engines.

The Rotax Sea-Doo engine is purpose built for watercraft, the dip stick and the ease of access to the oil filter gives this away. Other manufacturers will use the repurposed SUV engine which still has the oil filter on the bottom, makes sense for an SUV but not so much for a boat.

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What Makes The Sea

Several features set the Sea-Doo Pontoon apart from the pack. These features include brakes, iBR jet drive, and ski mode. The Sea-Doo iBR jet drive allows you to steer and maneuver predictably. Lightweight and features no hydraulics.

The switch model has a PWC-like handlebar system and control levers. The throttle lever is on the right handlebar, and the brake lever controls the reverse bucket. The switchs braking system slows the boat quickly when it approaches an obstacle.

Another feature is the Quick-Change Deck, which allows you to change from a fishing trip to a family picnic. The Sea-Doo iBR can also slow the boat, reverse it, and stop it completely. You can also control the speed with cruise control.

The Sea-Doo Switch offers a lot of features, including a fully configurable deck and iBR intelligent brake and reverse. It also comes with plenty of storage.

Its iBR technology is also helpful for the driver, as it provides navigation and helps to locate fishing holes. Its 7-inch touchscreen display provides navigation information and features fishing holes. It also features cruise control and a trim function, which helps you improve planning performance.

The Switch is also easy to operate. Its tri-hull design offers stability and agility. It also makes for easy docking.

How Fast Can A Sea

Sea-Doo Pontoon!? Full model walk-around, accessories & pricing SEADOO SWITCH

The top speed of Sea-Doo Switch boats is about 26-46 mph under ideal conditions. According to factory specifications, the top speed for each model is as follows:

  • Sea-Doo Switch 13 top speed: 28 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch 16 top speed: 28 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch 19 top speed: 35 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 13 top speed: 44 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 18 top speed: 46 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 21 top speed: 44 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 18 100 HP top speed: 26 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 18 170 HP top speed: 37 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 21 170 HP top speed: 34 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 21 230 HP top speed: 44 mph

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Type Of Yachts By Sea

This builder offers boat hull types including modified vee, deep vee, monohull and pontoon that are usually used for traditional, time-honored boating pursuits such as watersports, PWC, day cruising and freshwater fishing. Sea-Doo equips models listed with inboard and other drive power options, available with gas and other propulsion systems.

Famous for their Personal Watercraft, Jet, Runabout, Pontoon and other, the Sea-Doo boats listed generally have a shallow draft and narrow beam, attributes that make them popular and appropriate for watersports, PWC, day cruising and freshwater fishing.

Other Comparable Models Worth Looking Into

If speed isnt exactly your cup of tea, but you cant compromise on space, the Berkshire 20CL LE is a great choice. All configurations options are powered by 115 horsepower, and add-on packages offer plenty of goodies, including a stereo system, Bimini top and boot, and premium vinyl package.

If youre looking for glitz, glamor, and deck space, the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 20 CRS is the perfect go-to. The model features forward-facing couches and a big L-lounge with a dinette that will impress those you bring on board. If you want more speed and power, you can add a third tube to get 300 horsepower.

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How Much Does The Sea

As a rule of thumb, the dry weight of Sea-Doo Switch boats ranges from 1,738 pounds up to 2,508 pounds. To be more specific, the exact weight of each model is as follows:

  • Sea-Doo Switch 13 weight: 1,738 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch 16 weight: 2,209 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch 19 weight: 2,508 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 13 weight: 1,738 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 18 weight: 2,209 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 21 weight: 2,508 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 18 weight: 2,209 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 21 weight: 2,508 pounds

What Is The Maximum Load Capacity Of Sea

2022 Sea

The innovative tri-hull design of the Switch fleet offers a remarkable load capacity of 804 1,466 pounds. The maximum load capacities of the exact models are as follows:

  • 13-foot Sea-Doo Switch boat: 804 pounds
  • 16- and 18-foot Sea-Doo Switch boats: 1,135 pounds
  • 19- and 21-foot Sea-Doo Switch boats: 1,466 pounds

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Boating Enthusiasts Cant Stop Raving Over The 2022 Sea

When the company announced it would launch its all-new pontoon boat, many people had reservations about it. This is because the company had built a considerable reputation for being a jet ski manufacturer. However, Sea-Doo has broken even with the 2022 Sea-Doo Switch Cruise, which is a true testament to how unique and good it is at its job.

Experts cant stop raving about the boats unique features, including the hull and top deck, the extra seating, brake and reverse systems, and switch accessories. As The Jet Drift reviews, the tri-hull ensures you remain stable even when on rough waters. It also makes it easier to operate the boat.

Whats even better about the Sea-Doo Switch Cruise is that you can rearrange the onboard layout. Yes, you read that right. The onboard design works like Lego bricks in that you can easily move the structure around as much as you want in a matter of seconds.

The accessories are also outstanding. The Sea-Doo Switch Cruise is available with a 12V outlet, Bluetooth audio systems, wind deflectors, rearview mirror, glove box with a USB port, clear view side panels, and a retractable boarding ladder, among many more valuable and useful add-ons.

The Best Boat For Beginners

The Sea-Doo Switch has to be the best boat for beginners Ive ever seen due to the handlebars, throttle controls, brakes and everything at your fingertips.

With the Sea-Doo Switch, youre moving fingers and not your whole arm and body to control it like other boats. You feel less fatigued, more in control and less stressed as everything is so predictable and easy.

Driving a boat can be very intimidating, especially for new boat owners, you need to turn the steering wheel multiple turns to get small movements and flip a throttle lever that is disconnected from the steering. While the Sea-Doo Switch has everything on the handlebars, you dont need to move the handlebars nearly as much, and with the jet drive, youre always processing water which gives you finer grain control .

The handlebars feel like a crossbreed between a steering wheel and a joystick there is a reason why joysticks are making their way to boats, as its so much easier than a steering wheel and levers.

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Move The Seating On Your Switch

The biggest selling feature of the Sea-Doo Switch has to be the ability of easily removing your seats and build a custom layout of your choosing.

Anywhere you see the circle cut-out you can place a seat, no tools required.

While picking your own layout is cool, most will pick one and stick with it.

What makes this feature shine to me is how easy it makes it to clean the boat. Just pop off the seats, set them to the side, and power wash the deck of your Switch.

The seats still offer storage under them, but being able to take them out is a huge plus. Weve all had someone spill something on the seat or something leak out when in storage of the seat, and to be able to remove the whole seat to clean it just seems like a bigger deal then custom layouts to me.

The idea that you can make the Switch into a fishing pontoon boat for the weekend and a family boat for the holidays by swapping the seats around is a huge deal!

Where To Buy:

Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon Tour UP CLOSE !! (Cruise Model)

Sea-Doo is known for their fun and innovative personal watercrafts. Their entry into the pontoon boat world is exciting. The jet-driven Sea-Doo Switch Sport is a hybrid PWC and pontoon boat, built for casual cruises and spirited water adventures.

The Switch Sport comes in three different versions: a very affordable compact version with 170 hp an 18-foot version with 230 hp and a 21-foot pontoon with 230 hp. The 21-footer will start around $35,000 including the trailer.

All three versions feature handlebar steering and come equipped with Sea-Doos iBR® System, which allows you to apply the breaks and go in reverse. The Switch comes with a 7 touchscreen GPS to help with navigation and finding the right fishing holes. Ski Mode is designed for getting the right cranking power to lift skiers and wakeboarders up.

The Switch Sport has a BRP Audio System with 4x 100-watt speakersperfect for pontoon parties!

All that said, the main highlight of this watercraft is its fully-configurable deck. Only the helm of the Switch Sport is stationary, so you can rearrange deck furniture as needed, or simply remove them if you need more space!

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Is A Sea

Yes, thats right, Sea-Doo pontoons are the best. It has brought a new perspective to pontoon boats.

If you are a boat enthusiast, you should be aware of the benefits of a boat lift. A boat lift is an excellent way to get your boat onto a trailer. These boat lifts are great for a variety of reasons, and they can make your life much easier.

Sea-Doo Switch is a versatile pontoon and is popular with boaters of all types. Its tri-hull design ensures agility and stability for passengers. The hull also features Sea-Doo iBR, which makes docking easier.

Does Sea

Sea-Doo is a leading manufacturer of personal watercraft and has a long history of providing fun on the water. With the launch of the 2022 Sea-Doo Switch pontoon boat, the company is entering a new phase in its history, combining the fun of a Sea-Doo with the versatility of a pontoon platform.

The Switch family is designed to combine the free-spirited fun of the PWC lineup with the versatility and stability of a pontoon. It features a modular-tile deck that allows owners to easily move accessories and furniture around to suit their preferences. This design is aimed at luring younger first-time pontoon buyers.

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