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Newport Beach Ca Boat Rentals

Where To Set Sail In Newport Beach

Electric Boat Rentals In Newport Beach

Boating in Newport Beach, California offers many opportunities. Locals from Orange County, LA and Laguna Beach, as well as international visitors have been enjoying this area for years now. So with your electric yacht charter, motorboat or sailboat- what can you see during your time on board?

– For starters, Newport Beach locals enjoy spending time sailing around the Balboa Island and Balboa peninsula. Balboa island sits in the middle of Newport Harbor, where you will find tiny cottages from the 1920s and 1930s that were symbolic summer getaways from busy Los Angeles. On the island, there is a promenade that circles the car-free island that you can stroll along. During your try, why not stop at Balboa Fun zone too, theres plenty of entertainment here for the whole family!

– We also highly recommend Crystal Cove State Park, which consists of open beaches and about 2,400 acres of undeveloped woodland. This park is also a paradise for scuba enthusiasts: discover a Navy plane crash from the 1940s as well as two historic anchors that date back from the 1800s.

– And for the more adventurous and longer Newport Beach yacht charter durations, there is also the possibility to navigate further up towards Los Angeles, and maybe even San Francisco. The Northern Californian coast is just as amazing, you have to see Big Sur! Or head down south to San Diego and the Mexican Coast, this is especially a must if you are into fishing.

Boating Events In Newport Beach

If you happen to be here in December, make sure to witness the Christmas Boat Parade where many illuminated boats navigate the harbor.

The Newport Regatta is a big sailing event that takes place in July each year. It’s a massive sailing competition that brings in sailors for days of racing. It’s a great event to see as a spectator, as beautiful sailboats fill the harbor and surrounding waters of Newport Beach.

Indulge In A Yacht Rental In Newport Beach

Yachting isnt just a sport in Newport Beach its a lifestyle! You can find many options for a yacht rental in Newport Beach and there are several private yacht clubs in Newport Beach. Members embrace boat racing and cruising, celebrating the nautical community. Many of our yacht clubs have reciprocal privileges so if youre a member at another yacht club out of town, check with your club before arriving. Newport Beach visitors can also enjoy an elegant boating experience aboard a yacht that specializes in dinner cruises, boat charters, and Newport Beach weddings.

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Rent From The Original Duffy

In 1968, Marshall Duffy Duffield placed the motor from a secondhand golf cart into the hull of a motorboat, launching the prototype for the first Duffy Electric Boat. Over 50 years later, Duffy Boats are cruising through bays and lakes worldwide with more than 4,000 individually owned Duffy Boats in the Newport Harbor alone. In addition to the Duffy Factory, Sales, and Service departments, our rental company is the only one owned by Duffy himself. Thats why you can expect our rentals to be the highest quality, most up-to-date, and most well maintained Duffys around.

Whens The Best Time To Visit Newport Beach Ca

Rent this 21ft Deluxe Avalon Pontoon in Newport Beach, California ...

The best time of year to visit Newport Beach, California is during the late spring or early autumn months. Summer is a great time to visit but this is the busiest season, so hotels and flights are more expensive. The weather is great into the autumn, so you can still enjoy the sunshine and outdoors in Newport Beach even if its not peak summer.

GetMyBoat has 100 listings for boating experiences in Newport Beach with 1,849 reviews.

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Why Rent From Pacific Electric Boat Rentals

Excellent value, with an easy online booking system that always gives you the best price per time of day and day of week. Prices as low as $98 per hour, which is as much as 25% lower than other rental companies in the area.

No added booking fees or taxes.

The best location, withfree parking directly adjacent to the marina. We provide the most convenient parking in the Harbor.

Boats that dont look like rentals. Cruise on beautiful dark blue Duffy Boats with tan colored surrey tops that look like your personal boat. No big rental signs or stickers. Eisenglass panels can be opened when you want the breeze and closed to keep your sunset cruises warm.

Outstanding customer service. The owners have a long tradition in Newport Beach of having friendly, competent service and making customers feel like family.

Our boats have the extras Glossy teak tables with cup holders that you can easily move around the salon to accommodate your group. Nautical throw pillows for that special touch. Stereos with quality speakers and Bluetooth.

We Ensure Excellent Customer Experience

Whats the use of having the best electric boats if you cant provide a dynamic customer experience to match it?

Anyone thats rented an electric boat knows that experience is just as important than the boat model or price that you pay.

Imagine the horror of reserving an electric boat outing for you and your biggest clients only to have those clients have a horrible check-in experience. All because you were hoping to save a bit on price.

When it comes to renting boats, you need to focus on the return on investment that youre receiving.

From the moment you call to reserve your boat with Duffy, youll be able to tell the difference.

We aim to help all of our customers experience the Duffy lifestyle while theyre using our boats. Whether thats purchasing a boat or renting a boat, well make sure you have everything you need.

If you have any questions on how to make your outing extra special, we can make several recommendations to help you!

Check out our Photos here.

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Exploring Other California Places You Can Boating From Newport Beach

The Golden State has so many destinations that you cant miss when you travel here. So if youre just coming to Newport Beach for the weekend, you may want to either extend your trip or plan to come back for another visit. Be sure to stop by Long Beach, just a short drive away with attractions like the historic Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Other fantastic destinations in California to rent a boat include Los Angeles sailing and San Diego boatingor the northern San Francisco for some fun in the Bay Area.

Sailo offers a wide variety of yacht rentals in Newport Beach, so you cant go wrong no matter what you choose!


Joe, our favorite captain from Newport Beach, CA says:

“Newport Beach, CA is a favorite West Coast destination for the rich and famous, as well as for many surf lovers and for those of us who just love being on the water. Hop aboard one of Sailo’s boat charters in Newport Beach, CA and go for sunset cruise to admire the fantastic views of the Pacific. Complete your experience with a fresh seafood dinner served onboard, or at one of the many excellent waterfront restaurants. Many of the Newport Beach yacht rentals offered by Sailo are the perfect choice for a nautical adventure for you and your family. You will enjoy a fantastic day on the water watching whales, dolphins, sea lions and seals.

Things To Do When Sailing Newport Beach Boat Charter

Balboa Boat Rentals – Newport Beach Boat Rentals

There are plenty of things to do by boat in Newport Beach, CAthat youll keep coming back again and again after your first one-day yacht rental. You can go on an excursion to see whales, dolphins, or other wild marine life, book a sunset cruise with your special someone, or even use fishing yacht charter in Newport Beach, CA and try your hand at deep sea fishing off the southern California coast. Sailing Newport Beach by private yacht charter offers stunning views of both the shoreline and Pacific ocean, so youre sure to enjoy yourself no matter where your day-long boating adventure takes you.

While here, you have got to spend some time exploring the area by land and taking advantage of all the famous and lesser-known attractions this town has to offer. We highly recommend checking out Balboa Island if youre visiting for the weekend, whether you go for a few hours one day or you rent a beach house overlooking the water. Or go hiking at the gorgeous Crystal Cove State Park for a taste of the great outdoors California style. Theres also plenty of amazing local seafood, so everyone in your group from the adventurous foodie to the picky eater can find something to enjoy at restaurants like Bluewater Grill and Driftwood Kitchen.

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The Best Boat Rental In Newport Beach: Duffy Boats

If youre visiting the Newport Beach area any time soon and looking to rent a boat, then why go anywhere but the best?

Duffy Electric Boats offer the best rental spot in town. While we know its pretty daring to claim that ourselves, we figure, whats the point of being in business if you arent the best? After all, we own the Duffy Boat Company so we know everything there is to possibly know about our boats.

High-quality service and experience are just a few of the factors that make us better than the competition.

Be sure to keep reading to learn why the best option for boat rentals in Newport Beach has been, and always will be, Duffy Electric Boats!

Private Luxury Yacht Rentals In Southern California

Southern California is the perfect place to enjoy your vacation in our yachts. Visit Lake Tahoe, SeaWorld in San Diego, or just relax around Newport beach. We have all kinds of private luxury yacht rentals in Newport Beach, to help you have fun without the disturbance of anyone. You can book a full charter yacht for yourself and your family to chill and relax in the shining sun of Southern California.

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Exceptional Customer Service With Duffy Boats

You dont just father fifty years of experience in this industry through luck! It takes hard work and dedication to the process.

That means taking care of customers day-in and day-out. It means making sure theyre happy from the moment they arrive in the morning to take their boat on the water to long after theyve brought their rented boat back to the dock.

It also means ensuring the safety and protection of everyone we work with. In order to keep them safe and secure through the boat rental process, we aim to educate our customers on the ins and outs of each model.

In fact, our website offers care and maintenance tips via a packet specific to each boat-related need you may have. Tips include maintenance in saltwater, propeller installation, battery tips, and general safety guidelines as well.

Before each customer takes a boat out, we make sure to educate them on how to drive a Duffy boat safely. Although we do everything we can to prevent it, if something goes wrong, we are only a call away from offering over the phone or in-person troubleshooting tips.

We take tremendous pride in pleasing our customer base. So whether youre renting a boat, or ultimately choosing to purchase a boat from us, youre going to have the best buyers experience possible!

When Is The Best Time To Rent A Boat In Newport Beach

Boat Rental, Duffy Electric Boats

Southern California remains warm and sunny nearly all year, meaning you can head out on the water at any time. However, Newport Beach yacht charters are the most popular during the summer months, starting in mid May to early October. It is the perfect time to cool off in the Pacific Ocean! If you plan to book during the low season, remember to take a jacket as the winds might be a bit stronger- but nonetheless, your experience will be great!

Boat rentals in this area are quite popular, especially in the summer! So be sure to book in advance to make sure you can reserve your dream boat.

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How To Find A Yacht Charter In Newport Beach

Of course, once you decide to take a trip to Southern California and you want to find the perfect boat charter in Newport Beach for you where do you start? What Newport Harbor boat rentals are more suitable for you? Luckily, our team of experts at Sailo can help.

When it comes to a yacht rental in Newport Beach, we truly have everything you would ever want all accessible at your fingertips. You can try a Newport Beach sailboat rental or party boat rental in Newport Beach, CA, depending on your personal interests, the size of your party, your travel plans, and the type of boating experience youre looking for. Its important to remember that most of our Newport Beach boat rentals are available only for daily trips. This means you can charter a sailboat, motor yacht, or party boat for anywhere between two and eight hours per day. Also you can choose a fishing boat charters in Newport Beach with the same conditions.

Sailos convenient search filters make finding a boat easier than ever. Search by boat type, price, travel dates, party size, and other helpful filters in order to narrow down your results to find the yacht that will work best for you. If you are an experienced sailor, you can rent a boat without a captain , but if you arent, you have a lot of options to rent a captained charter.

For even more information in finding your perfect boat on Sailo, visit our FAQ page here.

Boat Rental Experience In Newport Beach

Duffy built the first electric boat back in 1970 and since then has been the pioneer for all other electric boat brands you see today. Weve seen people rent our boats for every reason under the sun and are proud to cater to a wide variety of client needs.

Whether youre looking to propose on an electric boat, to take an electric boat out for a day of watersport, or just looking to cruise around on the water, weve got what you need.

Our experience in the industry has helped us create an amazing fleet that currently features five different models. The 16 Back Bay, 18 Snug Harbor, 22 Bay Island, 22 Sun Cruiser, and 22 Cuddy Cabin are all made with the finest quality and materials.

We take tremendous pride in our legacy and it shows in our work and service. You can reserve a Duffy boat up to six months prior to the date you hope to rent it.

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Newport Beach Ocean Yacht Charters

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A Variety Of Options For The Ideal Experience

Renting a Duffy Boat | Cruising Newport Beach California

Different people have different needs regarding their electric boat rentals. Some want to rent one to take the family out while others want to live the Duffy lifestyle for just a day.

After decades of renting out our Duffy Electric Boats, with the unique ability to modify the boat to make the perfect rental boat, weve ended up with 2 different models: the 21 Old Bay Rental & the 21 Sun Cruiser Rental. Our experience in the industry has helped us create an amazing fleet that currently features everything you need to have a great time on a nice, clean, reliable Duffy Boat.

Our 2 rental models are exactly the same length and beam , with the main difference being the 21 Old Bay Rental is fully enclosed with windows all around the boat while the 21 Sun Cruiser Rental has a little area in the back to step outside during your cruise and catch some fresh air.

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Newport Beach Boat Rentals

Located in the heart of the historic Balboa Fun Zone waterfront, Newport Beach Boat Rentals is home to Newport Harbors largest and most diversified rental fleet. Experience a relaxing self-guided tour of beautiful homes and gorgeous yachts in your choice of high quality electric or power boats, hi-tech stand up paddleboards, and brand new kayaks. Ocean rentals for fishing & whale watching are also available for more experienced skippers. Free ice & refreshments included for groups of 7 plus.

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