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Where Can I Donate My Boat

You Really Make A Difference In People’s Lives

Yacht & Boat Donations Guide (Tax Benefits, Process & Benefits)

Welcome to the nicest national 501-C-3 NON-PROFIT boatdonation center in the USA. Our charity workers are on hand sixdays a week to answer all your questions. We accept boats andyachts from all across America. We are very selective about thecauses that we serve. We also allow our donors to designateother causes and charities that benefit from their yacht, boator jet ski donation. Your boat donation enables us to producelife-changing values-based children’s books & animations as wellas uplifting media for teenagers. When you Donate a Boat, YOUREALLY MAKE a Difference in people’s lives!

Where To Get Rid Of Your Boat:

Now that you have decided to get rid of your boat, you might be wondering where you should get rid of it.

Places where boating is more common often have more options. This is commonly near oceans and towns that have high amounts of water traffic.

Florida and California are two common places where people seek to get rid of their used junk boats.

Donate A Boat Maryland Charity Donation

Thinking of donating a boat to charity? If so, you should consider a Maryland charity boat donation. MD Boat donations make a lot of sense if your boat is no longer in use. Whether you own a bass boat, houseboat, waverunner, a Boston Whaler or a Hunter sailboat, you can donate just about any kind of boat to charity. are a great way make space if you no longer need or use your boat. Furthermore, the process of donating a boat to charity is fast and easy. You don’t have to worry about transporting your old boat, but instead arrange for it to be picked up and hauled away for free.

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How To Donate A Boat Without Title

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There are several charities that accept cars, boats and other non-cash items as charitable contributions, allowing you to claim a deduction on your federal income taxes. For instance, the Arthritis Foundation, the National Kidney Foundation and the American Heart Association accept your used boat as a donation even if it does not have a title. However, there is additional paperwork associated with donating a boat with no title.

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Donate Your Boat To Goodwill

Most people know that you can donate a vehicle to Goodwill, but did you know that Goodwill also accepts boat donations? Goodwills vehicle donation program includes several types of vehicles such as cars, boats, campers, RVs motorcycles, scooters, riding mowers and even electronic wheelchairs. If you are interested in donating your boat, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Titles: The laws vary by state for which boats need titles and which dont, but when you are donating a boat it is important to make sure you have a title if your state requires that your boat have a title.
  • Trailers: Most boats, especially larger boats, will need to have a trailer before they can be donated. The reason for this is that it is very difficult for Goodwill to arrange pickups for large boats without trailers. It is also difficult Goodwill to sell boats without trailers.
  • Condition of Boat: Sometimes old boats are difficult to sell so it is important the boat be in fair to good condition in order to cover the costs associated with towing the vehicle.

Once the boat is picked up, Goodwill will have the boat inspected and may make some minor repairs and enhancements to the boat before it is sold in an auction. Once the boat is sold in the auction, Goodwill will notify you of the selling price of the boat and give you the tax documentation you will need to take a deduction for the fair market value up to $500 or the final selling price, whichever is greater.

Donate Your Boat To Michigan Radio

Welcome to the Michigan Radio Boat Donation Page. Yes, in addition to accepting Vehicle Donations we also accept boat donations.

When you donate a boat to Michigan Radio, you can actually turn it into the programs and news you rely on and love. If your boat qualifies, well make all the arrangements, from pick-up to sale. And you may qualify for a tax deduction.

Before you get started, we recommend that you read our Boat Donation FAQs. A boat donation can be more complex than a Vehicle Donation and it will be important for you to understand the details.

Once you have reviewed the FAQs, to get your donation started.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!

Note: General membership questions can be answered by Michigan Radio’s Member Services team at 866-203-1136.

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Total Medical Operations And Training

Boat Angel’s sponsorship of Mercy Ships, Compassion and World Vision has provided operations, training and needed medicine for thousands. Our participation in these worthy programs have been entirely funded through the sale of boats on our charity boat sales website. We are thankful for the opportunity to help those who have no medical care. Please consider the poor when it comes time to dispose of your used boat or jet ski.

Vehicle Donation And Non

What if I can’t find my title or registration to donate my vehicle?

On this site, you choose any one of our 450+ 501-C3 non-profit charities you want to benefit from your car donation and you receive a tax deduction for your vehicle donation. All charities are pre-qualified to ensure your donation is tax-deductible. Once you submit your auto donation, our experts work to maximize the return on your donation. Thereby providing you with the highest tax deduction allowed by law and providing the selected charities with the most funds to provide services, conduct research and outreach.

Simply complete our Online Vehicle Donation Form or call us toll-free at 1-877-227-7487 anytime, seven days a week to start our no cost, no hassle car donation process. Phones are answered by our experienced and trained operators. You will be contacted by our towing agent who will arrange a speedy pickup. The towing agent will provide a pickup receipt and the charity you select will send you a tax deduction letter.

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Donating Boats For A Tax Deduction

The IRS generally gives a tax break for donations to charity if you itemize your deductions on your Form 1040 tax return. Special rules apply if you’re taking a deduction for a vehicle, including a car, a boat or a plane.

Generally, if the donation is worth more than $500, and the charity sells it, you can deduct the lesser of the proceeds from the sale or the fair market value on the day you donated it. If it’s worth less than $500, you can simply claim the fair market value of the boat or other vehicle on the day you donate it.

Note that if the donation is worth more than $250, you should receive a written statement acknowledging the donation, and if it’s worth more than $500, you should receive IRS Form 1098-C from the charity. That form will outline your contribution and include information about if or when it was sold and how much it was worth. You must include it when you file your taxes. If you don’t receive the form in time to file by the IRS filing deadline, you can either request an extension from the IRS or file without the form, filing an amended return with IRS Form 1040X when you get the 1098-C.

Boatangel Proudly Sponsor Soccer Camp Sunday School Outreaches

“Thank you for your recent sponsorship of our associate in Uganda andEritrea. Our outreach in the southern part of Ethiopia has much unrest. Teamsare coming to visit our eight sites. We are now able to print the SundaySchool books in Swahili, Tigrinya, French and English. We recently send ourSunday School books to the DRC.”

— Dr Hizkias Fako

“Thank you for your sponsorship of the Spanish Sunday School books, They arebeing distributed in RED zone, dumps, volcano shelters and villages in therural areas in Guatamala they are using them to teach and reinforce Spanish.”

— Charles Stock

“A soccer field was dedicated in the village area of Marangania, Mozambique.Thank you for your help in soccer supplies and Donkey Ollie. The Gospel hasmade the whole area come alive with joy and many, many conversions toChristianity. Thank you for your vision and gifts.”

— Alan Lindsey, Director of Development Iris Ministries

“Thank you for the Bulgarian and Romanian translations of Donkey OlliSunday School Books. I am enclosing photos of all the children that receivedthe books. It brought great joy.”

— Iliya and Rumi, Global Celebration

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Help A Local Child Through The Wheels For Wishes Boat Donation Program

We do more than just car donation. That old boat sitting in your yard can help make life better for a local child. You can save money on insuring a boat that hardly ever gets used and help local children’s charities at the same time. Put that boat to good use by donating it to charity!

Donate your boat to Wheels For Wishes for a hassle-free process that provides you with great benefits. Not only does our boat donation help a local child, but you will also be eligible for an itemized charitable tax deduction on your federal tax return. If you have questions, our vehicle donation FAQs can help explain the process, or call your tax advisor for more information on how to fully deduct your charitable boat donation. We make donating your boat so easy, and we’ll take care of all the work for you. Wheels For Wishes picks the boat up and handles all the details.

We make sure the funds from your boat donation go to a good cause. When you donate a boat, it’s a whole lot easier than putting an expensive ad in the paper, taking repeated phone calls, showing your boat off to multiple people, and haggling over the sales price. We pick up the boat free of charge to you and use the proceeds to benefit local children’s charities. Donate a boat today to make a difference in the life of a local child who has a critical illness or is facing long hospital stays!

What Happens To Donated Cars

How do I donate my boat? Boat Angel can answer that!

About half of our cars are sold to licensed dealers at wholesale auctions and are reused for transportation. The other half are typically transported to auto salvage yards where all reusable car parts, batteries, tires and fluids are removed. Vehicles that can be recycled are crushed, shredded and recycled into steel.

Recycling cars keeps a huge amount of steel out of landfills enough to build nearly 45,000 steel-framed homes every year. The energy saved each year is enough to power approximately 18 million homes!

Habitat receives funds for each donated vehicle, although a car sold at auction generally generates more revenue than one that is recycled. Every donation makes a difference and the families that partner with us are extremely grateful for your help.

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Heres Why We Get A Little Picky

The Yes! if your boat is seaworthy and in condition to be re-sold: We have auction houses and re-sale agents across Canada that can expose your boat to their buyer bases. For a unit thats ready to get out on the open water, bids can be a great benefit to your charity!

The Sorry, No! if its ready for recycling: the reason our agents do not support this process is due to the construction of these units. Wood and fiberglass are costly to break down and cannot be recycled on site. Moreover, the lack of saleable metal and mechanical parts means there is little of reclaimable value in them at their end-of-life.

Why Goodwill Car Donations

Theres a multitude of good reasons for choosing to donate your boat to Goodwill Car Donations. Not only will you receive a top tax deduction when you donate to us, but youll also be enjoying perks that are sure to put a smile on your face. Here are some of them:

  • Experience a stress-free donation process.
  • Free towing whenever and wherever you prefer.
  • No more paperwork for you well take care of everything from start to finish.
  • Stop wasting your time advertising and looking for a buyer.
  • No need to spend money to make your boat appear sellable.
  • Say goodbye to costly insurance, maintenance, storage, and repairs.
  • Partner with one of the nations highly respected charitable organizations.
  • Be proud of yourself for being able to help transform lives in your community.

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Youre Local Were Local So Donate Local

Why should I care that my boat donation stays local?

Theres a lot of car donation companies out there, and you may not always know where your car donation proceeds are being spent. When you donate a car in Utah, the proceeds from your car donation help kidney patients in Utah. Its that simple.

Just how local are we? Provo. Come on by were here every Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. Wed love to see your face, shoot the breeze, and show you some of the hundreds of thank you cards we get from the Utahns you help with your car donation. People like George in Salt Lake City:

I was struggling to get to my dialysis treatments when I found the Kidney Foundation. When I lost my job, I simply couldnt afford to make ends meet after paying for the expensive treatments. The Kidney Foundation helped me with transportation from my house to the dialysis center, and provided me with tons of resources to help me get back on my feet. Thank you SO much to all those who have donated their car, truck, boat, or cash to help people like me. Sincerely, George, Salt Lake City, UT.

Feel good now? Were just getting started. Heres another note from Sally S. in Layton:

These are the people you help when you donate a boat to Kidney Kars. Donate local. Donate a boat to Kidney Kars today!

Can I Donate My Boat To Charity

If I donate my car to charity how much tax deduction can I take?

Here at Donate a Car Canada we evaluate each vehicle on its own merits. Boat donations are no different. The shortest answer we can offer:

Yes! We accept auction-ready boats through our program, however, it is likely that it will not sell well during the winter season due to a lack of buyer interest. Moreover, auction house lots are open to the elements the boat may be exposed to inclement weather while awaiting sale.

The best time to auction a boat is between May and August.

In order to avoid high processing costs and potential losses in the Spring, we ask that your boat then be dropped off with a trailer at our nearest drop off location. If a drop off is not possible, please note that most of our agents do not have the equipment necessary for towing and storing vessels.

If you are unable to drop the boat off, but you have a trailer to include in the donation, please proceed with your submission and we will explore our available options.

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How Your Boat Donation Will Help Our Veterans

When you donate a boat without a trailer, we will make sure that the funds that we will get from your donation would be used to provide benefits to our veterans. Our charity partners will use the funds to provide the following services to needy veterans:

  • Job training and mentoring programs
  • Building mortgage free, specially-adapted housing for those who were severely injured in combat
  • Mental and physical health services for the veterans and their families
  • Education scholarships and tutoring support
  • Transitioning assistance for newly discharged troops
  • Grief counseling sessions to the spouses and families of those who were killed in action

Who Is Advanced Remarketing Services Inc

Advanced Remarketing Services is our authorized agent and attorney-in-fact for the purpose of selling vehicles and transferring titles. They handle the title transfer, towing and reporting of all vehicle donations.

Vehicle donations may be made online through the donation wizard or by calling 1-877-277-4344.

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Importance Of A Recent Appraisal

An arms length appraisal of a donated boats value is very important to the donation process. Once that is completed by a third-party marine surveyor, the donor can take the appraised value as a charitable deduction in the year in which it is donated.

  • Upon donation, BIMF takes complete legal responsibility for the boat, including the processing of all documents for the donor, the IRS, accountants, and lawyers. BIMF also assumes all ongoing costs including storage, transportation, maintenance, insurance, repairs, and brokers fees.
  • An individual donor or a couple filing jointly is allowed to deduct up to 50% of their adjusted gross income as a charitable deduction on their federal tax return in the year in which the boat is donated. This would include the appraised value of a boat. If the entire appraised amount cannot be used in year one, then under IRS rules the balance can be carried forward for five years. Most states also recognize the charitable contribution of boats, but state to state rules can vary and a tax professional should be consulted with regard to an individuals specific state guidelines.
  • When a vessel is donated to a 501C3 non-profit organization such as ours, several conditions must be met in order for the donor to deduct the appraised fair market value of the vessel.

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