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How To Measure Bimini Top For Boat

Subtract That Distance From How High You Want Your Bimini Top To Be And That Will Tell You What Height To Select

How to Measure Your Boat for a Bimini Top

How to measure for a bimini top. To find out the right height for your bimini top measure it straight up from the mounting top. It determines the suitable height for your frames. Deciding the lowest height possible prevents the risk of the shade being torn or lost.

How To Measure For A Standard Bimini Top Measuring Bimini Width Determine the width of the top by measuring from mounting point to mounting point where you want the bimini to attach on one side of the boat to the same location on the opposite side of the boat. Measuring your boat for a bimini top can be simple and easy. Follow these steps to determine mounting width height and length of the bimini top you need.

Step 1 – Determine the mounting point for your top. The mounting point is where you want the frame to attach on the side of the boat. The bimini top frame will mount at the same location on both sides of the boat Step 2 – Determine the height of the top by measuring from the mounting point straight up with a tape measure.

Choose either a 16 height or a 26 height bimini whichever best fits your needs. Measuring Width for 16 Tower Biminis First measure the width of your tower at the desired mounting point. The mounting point is the center of the Bimini top so the top will extend half its length in front and half its length behind the mounting point.

Top will cover 3 ft. Forward and 3 ft. Behind the mounting point.

Komo Covers Bimini Top

The Komo Covers Bimini Top only comes in the standard size of 6 feet long and 46 inches high, but it comes in different width sizes. It is available in three colors, namely, blue, grey, and red/burgundy.

Komo Covers doesnt offer longer Bimini tops, but its product attaches perfectly to most types of boats. It is convenient to install, can effectively protect you from the sun, and withstand powerful winds.

Bimini Tops Make Boating Better

A bimini top is the perfect addition to any boat whether you’re just out on the lake fishing for the afternoon or on a weekend getaway with the entire family. Any one of our fine bimini tops provides protection against harsh UV rays and unexpected rain. This great investment not only makes boating more enjoyable, but it also helps protect the interior of your boat from fading and premature wear.

Adding a new bimini top also provides a bright splash of color that can make your whole boat look like new. This beautiful addition provides protection without losing circulation or obstructing your view. What more could you ask for? Bimini tops are both effective and protective, so you can keep on boating!

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Our Bimini Top Brands

Summerset Bimini tops are made from high-quality Marinex marine grade boat fabric that is water resistant, mildew, and rot resistant. Bimini tops by Eevelle have special features that set them apart, like 1 extruded aluminum frames that outperform the standard 7/8 tubing used for most other Biminis. Summerset Biminis have a speed rated performance of up to 45 mph.

An investment in a Summerset CoolTech Bimini top featuring Aqualon Edge Fabric is an investment in the best heat and sun protection available in Bimini tops today! Aqualon Edge fabric is powered by cutting-edge Perfecta Marine® technology that keeps boaters 30% cooler than other fabrics. Aqualon Edge fabric is waterproof and UV resistant to keep you protected from the rain and sun.

The Summerset Elite series featuring genuine Sunbrella or Sunflair fabric is quite simply the best Bimini top on the market. Sleek designs, vibrant colors, and high performance fabrics make for an unbeatable combination. Summerset frames are constructed from 1aluminum extrusion and offer superior strength and durability compared to standard 7/8 frames.

For Your Bimini Top Boot Sunbrella Is A Great Choice

Boat Bimini Tops

Choose long life fabrics such as Sunbrella® or similar fabrics with a 5 year minimum warranty for your bimini boot cover. If the warranty isnt listed, Google the name of the fabric along with the fabrics warranty, and you should get the information back on how long the manufacturer warranties the fabric. Pick the fabric that lasts the longest. That way, you will get the biggest bang for the buck.

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Installing Your Bimini Top

Step 1. The Bimini Top is now ready to beinverted and positioned on the boat. Thisis easier with two or more people, one tohold the top in place, while another marksthe positions of the hinges to be attachedto the gunnel of the boat.

Step 2. Measure the marked position ofthe hinges carefully to make sure they areexactly opposite each other. If not alignedproperly, the top may become warped ordamaged and unstable while in use, orlook unbalanced.

Step 3. Use a drill with a 9/64 bit to drillthe pilot holes for the deck hinges. Ifdrilling into fiberglass hollow out the pilothole to avoid cracking fiberglass wheninstalling the screws. Secure the deckhinges with 1, no. 10 sheet metal screwsprovided.

Step 4. Place top on boat, attaching thelong bow ends to the hinges securely.Raise top to desired upright position andadjust each hold-down strap. Straps shouldbe adjusted to a length that attaches to theboat at approximately 45º to 60º angles tohold the top securely to boat.

Step 5. Mark the position of the eye strapson the gunnel of the boat, measuring tomake sure they are exactly opposite eachother on the sides of the boat. Use a drillwith a 9/64 bit to drill the pilot holes forthe eye straps. Be sure to hollow out thepilot holes with the drill bit if drilling intofiberglass. Secure the eye straps with 1,no. 10 sheet metal screws provided.

Step 6. Attach the snap hook to the eyestraps and adjust the hold down straps.

How Do I Thru

If you have nylon fittings youll first need to replace them with stainless steel fittings.The next step is to thru-bolt the connection points of the bimini to the boatthe front and rear eye straps, as well as the deck hinge. In order to thru-bolt, youll need a longer bolt that travels completely through the fiberglass and reaches to the underside. For added stability and security, we recommend adding an extra washer and nut.Lastly, check the top for stability, ensuring the front of the top is angled downward. If it isnt, pull the front hold-down straps tight in order to change the angle. As always, check all straps and fittings for tightness before using your bimini top at speeds higher than 35 MPH.*Note: Thru-bolting will allow you to operate your boat at speeds of up to 45 MPH with the top still up. Keep in mind wind speeds and adjust your speed accordingly. Whenever trailering your boat, your bimini top should be laid down flat.

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Pontoon Bimini Top Replacement Canvas

Bimini Top frames almost always outlast their canvases. Many times boat owners are faced with the choice of buying a complete new top or taking the risk of buying another manufacturer’s canvas in hopes of a good fit. Not anymore! Carver Industries has developed a pattern for a replacement canvas that is guaranteed to fit any manufacturers frame, and it is made right here in the USA! Shop Bimini Replacement Canvases now!

Identify The Mounting Points

How to measure your boat for a Bimini Top

Identifying the mounting points is important as these points will serve as your Bimini tops center. To give you an idea, if the length of your Bimini top is 6 feet, then 3 feet covers the front area, and the other 3 feet covers the back area.

The Bimini tops center or the borderline where the front and back meet must be perfectly aligned with the mounting points.

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Do You Want A Storage Boot

Keep your Bimini BoaTop neatly stored when you are not on the boat. Zippered Storage Boots feature one separating plastic zipper for easy on/easy off, and are made of two choices of fabric. Traditional Marine Vinyl is waterproof and UV resistant and lasts for years. Hot Shot acrylic-coated polyester fabric makes the boot strong yet lightweight and easy to store. Our site includes all the widths from 60-66 to 97-103. Complete bimini kits include the boot, while some of the biminis require boots to be purchased separately. Check product descriptions or ask an Associate for details.

What Size Bimini Top Do I Need

Without a Bimini top, you will get hot and blinded by the sun or get drenched by the rain. The problem many boaters have is choosing the right size Bimini top for their boat. In this article, Ill describe how to determine the right size Bimini top for your boat and give tips on choosing a top.

What Bimini top do you need? For most boats, the minimum length measurement is 5 feet, while the longest is about 9 feet. The most common measurement, however, is 6 feet. To determine the exact size Bimini top you need, follow these points:

  • Determine the area of your boat to be covered.
  • Measure the length of the area to be covered.
  • Identify the mounting points.
  • Measure the width of the area to be covered.
  • Measure the height of the area to be covered.
  • Our top 7 Bimini tops that are available in various sizes and colors are as follows:

  • Naviskin Bimini Top
  • Komo Covers Bimini Top
  • When I was a beginner boater, I thought Bimini tops came in one size only. So, I went online, only to be overwhelmed by the available choices. The colors and designs were easy enough to choose from. What I wasnt prepared for was when determining what size Bimini top I needed.

    Over the years, I have tested different Bimini tops and learned how to determine the boats right size top properly. Read on to learn more about determining the right size Bimini top for your boat.

    Also, for an excellent Bimini-Tops, take a look at our top pick, the XGEAR 3-4 Bow Bimini Top:

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    Preferred Bimini Height: How Tall Do You Want The Bimini To Be

    • Is it primarily for shade while seated?
    • Do you want more headroom for walkthru windshield?
    • Do you want to have lots of clearance for standing / center console driving?
    • The bimini frames come in 3 choices of height. Bear in mind that the overall height and inside clearance of the top will be dependent on your choice of mounting point. To determine final overall bimini height, measure from your mounting point to the deck and then add the height of the frame.


    Questions To Ask Before Buying A Bimini Top

    Stainless Steel BIMINI Top

    Looking to take your boat out on the water? Enjoy, but look out for the sun. When youre on the water, youre exposed to more than UV-radiation than normal because UV rays can reflect off the water and the surface of fiberglass boats.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , if not properly protected, the suns UV rats can damage a persons skin in fifteen minutes.

    While sunscreen and protective clothing can help, getting out of the sun can help you avoid the risk of exposure.

    One great way to stay out of the sun while enjoying the water is installing a bimini top to your boat.

    What is a bimini top you ask? Youve come to the right place. Were going to answer all your questions here.

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    What Type Of Boat Do You Want To Equip

    Competition ski boat: Taylor Made Products has tops for many models of Correct Craft, MasterCraft and Malibu boats, among others. We also carry Ultima Tower Bimini Tops that mount within the confines of several widths of wakeboard towers to provide shade for the driver and spotter. These are 48″ long and about 16″ tall and are available in several different widths to fit most towers.

    Square Tube kit for pontoon boats

    Pontoon boat: Get a Square Tube Bimini Top for your pontoon boat. The square tube bimini frame is a knock-down design, but made from 1″ square aluminum tubing, to match the aluminum playpen railing used on most OEM Pontoon Boats. All tops are 8′ long and 56″ tall, and include all-metal hardware. Choose from 96″ or 103″ width.

    Other boats: Choose the dimensions of a top for your boat, decide on a fabric type and fabric color and determine if the top you choose includes a storage boot, and if not, if you want to order one separately.

    What Is A Bimini Boot And How Is It Used For Storage

    Add a proper bimini boot cover to your list of very important accessories. Their purpose is to protect the bimini when it is not being used and to extend its life.

    It wise to store the bimini top when you are not using it. Your fabric takes a severe beating from the sun, wind, and rain when left out and exposed to the elements day after day. To date, there are no lifetime fabrics on the market, and many shops use thread that will eventually have to be replaced. With this in mind, We suggest you store it covered bimini top boot cover if at all possible.

    You should never tow your boat with the top up, it’s likely to get torn and possibly damage your boat or cars behind you. It is 100 % necessary to store your bimini while towing.

    If you’re Bimini didn’t come with a storage cover, then you will most likely be looking for a boot on the web.

    There are a couple of things to keep in mind when shopping:

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    Tower Mounting Bimini Tops

    The Tower Mounting Bimini Top is designed to eliminate the need to drill into your tower. Universal tower clamps that accommodate a wide range of tower tube diameters from 1-7/8″ up to 2-3/8″ makes installation a breeze. Each tower Bimini comes standard with one set of tower clamps, high-grade black nylon fittings, and front and rear hold down straps. Hold down straps may be replaced with optional braces.

    Bimini Tops: How To Measure And Mount

    Bimini Tops: How to Measure Your Boat

    Bimini tops are essential for protection against harmful sunexposure and summer storms. They are a great investment and most come with awarranty. There is also a wide range of colors and style options to choose from, so you can find the best one for your boat. Selecting the right Bimini may seem difficult but the resources at SavvyBoater make it easy.

    NOTE: Before selecting a Bimini Top, figure out where youwant to mount it FIRST! Then, take measurements and decide which Bimini Topwill work best for you.

    What does2, 3, and 4 bow mean?

    The bows of the Bimini top are the parts of the frame thatconnect from side to side over the width of the boat. Bimini tops are equippedwith either 2, 3, or 4 main bows.

    The smallest style offeredmostly used for shorter Jon stylefishing boats, V-hull fishing boats, and inflatablesis the 2 bow Bimini top.

    The most commonly used Bimini top is the 3 bow. This Biminitop style is recommended for V-hull runabouts, ski boats, performance boats,and most center consoles.

    The largest Bimini top carried by SavvyBoater is the 4 bow,which is reserved for larger boats, such as pontoons or deck boats.

    Measuringfor the Best Fit

    FIRST choose where you want to mount the Bimini Top.

    Width:The distance between the left and right mountingpoints. Measure straight across avoid measuring up and over, or around,obstacles.

    Reminder: Checkto see if your new Bimini might conflict with existing antennas or ski pylons.

    MountingYour Bimini Top

    Mounting Your Bimini Top

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    Boat Cover Measurements Instructions

    If you want to learn how to measure for marine canvas or marine furniture the right way, our website is the place to start.

    Measuring for the right size ANP bimini top or pontoon upholstery for your boat is so easy.

    ANP makes every part of purchasing marine canvas and marine furniture for your boat as simple as possible, from helping you select the right product for your boat to giving you easy-to-follow measurement and installation instructions.

    We want to make sure that all of our customers have the best experience possible when buying and installing their marine canvas or marine furniture.

    Simply follow the instructions below and in just a few moments you will have determined the measurements you need to design and order your very own custom-fit bimini top or luxurious pontoon furniture to fit your boat exactly how you envisioned it.

    How To Determine Your Height & Width:

    • Step 1 Determine the mounting point for your bimini top. The mounting point is where you want the bimini top to attach on the side of the boat.
    • Step 2 Determine the height of the bimini top by measuring from the mounting point straight up with a tape measure.
    • Step 3 Determine the width of the bimini top by measuring from mounting point to mounting point. Select the width that closest matches the width between your mounting points.
    • Pontoon boats are usually either 96 wide or 102 wide. Select the bimini top width accordingly.Note: Bimini frames can flex out or in.

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    Measuring For A Bimini Top


    To determine the size of your new Bimini top, you firstshould consider what portion of the boat you would like to cover. You shouldtake your measurements from your main mounting point, which will be the centerof the Bimini top. This means if you choose a 6 long top, you will have 3 ofcoverage in front of and behind that mounting point. This is the point whichyou will use going forward to measure your width and height from.

    Mounting Width

    To obtain your width, just measure across your boat from side to side at the points where you wish to mount the top to your boat, which will be the center point of your Bimini top, or your main mounting point. Our tops can be mounted to virtually any surface including the windshield, railing, top of gunnel, or the outside or inside of the boat.


    Measure straight up from your mounting point to determine the heightyou would like your frame to be. Keep in mind that staying with the lowestheight possible will ensure you do not lose shade. Once you have the length,width and height, you are now ready to select your new top by dimensions!

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