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How To Cover Pontoon Boat Seats

How To Measure For Pontoon Seating

How to Reupholster the Seat for a Pontoon Bench

When designing your new pontoon floor plan, you need to measure the space allowed within the deck and/or rails for the new furniture. If you have bench seating in the front, then you would measure the area along the railing. If you have L shaped seating in the back, then you would measure from the center point of the L shape to the left and again from the center point to the right, to confirm the total allowance. Make sure to leave room for your gates to open properly.

This schematic may be helpful in determining the best arrangement for your desired needs:

If you already have a few pieces, whether full seats or bases only, and would prefer to continue with your existing layout, feel free to send us images and measurements so we can help you select the best options.

Spray Mold And Mildew Stain Remover

Take your mold and mildew remover spray and give a liberal spritz all over your seats. Pull back cushions where the seats might fold so you can really get into those nooks and crannies. As a general rule, youre going to want to be generous with your application to really get the stuff to work.

Once everything is nice and coated in the spray, leave it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. This should help the formula really work its magic and eat away at those stubborn stains. If your mold and mildew stains arent too old, this might be all you need to get the job done.

How Much Does It Cost To Reupholster Boat Seats

This depends on whether you want to do it yourself, pay an upholstery shop, or complete replace the seats from new.

#1: Typical costs for reupholstering yourself

I always look at DIY projects like this not just from a cost perspective of the materials, but also how much time it will take, and how well you can do the job to a high enough standard.

  • The vinyl materials can cost around $20 a yard
  • An electric staple gun can cost $30 to $50 if you can do it without sewing
  • An industrial sewing machine can cost up to $800 for a proper job
  • Foam padding costs unknown as will vary wildly

Heres what a person on Facebook said about reupholstering their pontoon boats seats themselves:

It cost us less than $300. We used some upgraded materials for the backs, a stapler, and then had some different colors and styles for the seat accents.

#2: Typical costs for paying an upholstery shop

If you dont have the skills and equipment, it will be far easier to pay an upholstery shop to reupholster your pontoon boat seats.

However, prices will vary wildly depending on where you are and how many seats and cushions you need replacing and reupholstered. It can be very expensive to use a specialist reupholster shop, it can even sometimes cost more than buying new seats altogether.

For example, a buddy recently paid $450 to get just two cushioned recovered in marine vinyl, so cant imagine what his local upholsterer would have charged to do the whole boat.

I also found someone on Facebook saying:

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How To Choose Pontoon Boat Seat Covers Wholesale

Pontoon boat seat covers at wholesale prices mostly have different types of settle or setting, like removable seat covers which can be removed easily whenever they need to be cleaned, or when you want to freshen up the design. The highest quality seat covers are durable and can freshly cleaned by scrubbing, laundering or steam-cleaning them. You may pay a little more initially, but the ease of placing the covers into the wash and hanging them to dry is better than buying completely new seats for your pontoon boat.

Choosing the best boat seat covers can be a little overwhelming but shopping at wholesale price or stores gives one many available options unlike a retail market. Some boaters also find that the covers theyve purchased dont provide a secure, tight fit. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to buy custom-made boat seat covers which can easily be accessed at a wholesale stores that will give you a choice of fabric types, colors and patterns.

One downer, most pontoon boat seats have is when cruising with boat seat covers in place, some boats find that the covers bunch up and stick to the skin on hot days making them uncomfortable but to stop this problem, one must consider removing the covers before setting off on your journey, and then replace them when you return, or order custom made boat seat covers at a wholesale store that cab specifically prevent the heat from ruining the mood or your comfort.

Protection From The Elements

Pontoon Seat Covers by Dry Dock Canvas

Your pontoon boat is, for the most part, waterproof. It is the nature of ships they will get wet. Whether its the spray of the surf or jumping out for a cannonball, splashing the boat in your adventures, boats should be able to take a certain degree of wetness inside.

But what about when you arent in your boat? The elements can batter down on a vessel with some ferocity, depending on whether you keep your pontoon boat in a marina or not. Most pontoon boat owners do not keep their ships under the roof of a marina.

Some of the most popular sizes of pontoon boats range from 19 to 24 feet in length. In this size range, most pontoon boat owners keep their boats on their property, be it on their trailer and usually in the driveway.

When were talking about protecting your boat from the elements, you might think it isnt necessary. I mean, why try to protect a ship from rain when boats are designed to get wet? Pontoon boats may have a certain level of general resistance to water, but that doesnt mean the seats wont get soaked.

Remember that your upholstery, although water resistant, is not waterproof. Heavy rain can still cause a lot of water to seep into the foam for your upholstery. And if that happens, youll need it to dry out for a day or two before you can sit on the seats without getting a soaking backside.

The last element I want to talk about here is the sun. However, it really should have its section.

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Tips For Reupholstering Your Boats Seats

#1: Color tone and shade choice

Most boat seats tend to come in lighter colors, and theres a good reason for that they arent as hot when you sit on them!

Dark colors will absorb heat so stick to lighter colors as the main color shade, possibly just keeping any darks for the secondary tone in strips and panels.

#2: Grooves, raised patterns, and seams

Try to avoid deep grooves in the vinyl seats as it can tear over time. If you can, have them reinforce the seams to help with tearing.

With deeper grooves and pleats you will find it harder to keep the mold, mildew, and dirt out. It will make cleaning a lot harder .

#3: What if the wood is rotten?

Earlier I mentioned that the foam aspect of boat seat reupholstering is optional, depending on the state of the foam. In really bad cases, you might get a nasty surprise when you take the seats up and apart as the wood could have rotted through.

Ive never had to replace the wood before myself, but if it is in bad shape, dont even think about putting new foam and vinyl over it as the damp trapped inside will ruin your new project over time.

You will have to completely remove the seat and replace the wood.

#4: Will you get better results if you sew instead of staple?

Having never sewed, I cant give you my personal opinion, but I do know it will take longer. The results and seams can be replicated better, but for most pontoon owners, you might not want to go that far.

#5: UV and weather resistance

#6: Cleaning your new seats

Classic Accessories Stellex Folding Pontoon Boat Seat Cover

We are more familiar with Classic Accessories one man pontoon boats, but apparently that make one heck of a nice Stellex Folding Pontoon Boat Seat Cover as well! This one is a little different than the rest because it is made out of Stellex instead of fabric. What does that mean? Apparently Stellex is more like a vinyl product instead of a canvas or similar. This means that the product is thinner, and it is SUPER waterproof instead of kind of sort of waterproof. Some people like that because it keeps out the rain, some people dont because it may keep mildew in. Overall people who have purchased these pontoon boat seat covers are happy with the purchase. The only occassional complaint is that the elastic at the bottom is not tight enough and its integral to the cover so you actually have to open it for to tighten it. It is a Classic Accessories boat seat cover so it comes with an unheard of 4 year warranty and excellent reviews.

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Other Things To Look For

Apart from material and size to consider, you might want to also think about a few other things before you buy a pontoon seat cover. First, you might want to think about ease of use and storage. When youre not using your pontoon seat covers, where are they going to go? Can they easily be folded up and stowed away someplace on your pontoon boat?

There are also seat covers that might utilize the use of zippers or elastic. Some people prefer seat covers that will just slip over your pontoon seats. But there are others that are so fitted youd have to zip them up in place. There are seat covers that come with enclosures and others that dont. It might not matter to some people, but style and color matter to others. You might find that a lot of pontoon seat covers come in a white color, neutral, or blue color. Whites and neutral colors reflect the sunlight better than darker colors.

How To Clean Vinyl Boat Seats Of Mildew And Mold

How to Make a Pontoon Boat Cover

If youre wondering how to clean vinyl boat seats of mildew and mold to bring back that showroom shine, weve got all the info you need.

Vinyl has long been the material of choice for boat seat upholstery. Long lasting and durable, vinyl provides excellent protective performance that keeps cushions soft and comfortable for years. But for as resilient as vinyl might be, theyre not really impervious to the effects of mold and mildew.

Over time, those vinyl boat seats might start to look like a hot, discolored mess. Toss in a bunch of black mold freckles, and it might be tough to find the courage to take a seat. That’s why this guide will show you the right way to clean vinyl boat seats and what you will need to get the job done.

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Reason For Investing In Boat Seat Covers

Aside from weather wear and tear, there are many reasons why you should buy seat covers for your boat.

  • Keep your seats nice and dry so you can sit on them without getting wet.
  • They will prevent mildew and mold build-up and ugly discolorations due to the presence of moisture.
  • Eliminate birds droppings and stains that come with them.

How To Reupholster Boat Seats Video Tutorials

If you want to see some real-life examples where people are already done similar projects and documented them on YouTube, then heres a selection of some of the best.

Video 1: Reupholstering a back to back lounge seat

Video 2: How to upholster vinyl side panels

Video 3: Reupholstering pontoon boat seats and cushions

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The Best Pontoon Boat Covers

A pontoon boat is not only valuable because youve invested in it. You simply cant deny the fun times that youve shared with loved ones in this vessel. To continue creating wonderful memories, you need to take care of it. One way of doing it is by getting the best pontoon boat cover.

Day after day, your pontoon boat lives through a series of weather and temperature changes. A cover can hamper the wear and tear caused by outdoor elements that shorten the lifespan of your pontoon.

There are various pontoon models and some need a custom cover. In this aspect, you better go over the pontoon covers in this review. Evaluate their features and youll surely find the most suitable for your pontoon as theyre all excellent!

Best Pontoon Furniture Covers For 2021


Finally, youve got the pontoon you dreamed of for years. In 2021 you managed to get the perfect choice for the long-awaited family cruiser. You know that great memories will be built into your family heritage and youll have fun times with family and friends.

Your main concern now is to prolong the life of this pontoon to keep memories rolling. You want to keep it safe from time and weather elements.

How can you achieve this? Read on to know more about proper pontoon furniture covers you should use to maintain your pontoon.

Before we begin, you may also be interested in featured posts about measuring and replacing pontoon seats, purchasing pontoon replacement seats, finding the best pontoon enclosures and bimini tops, mooring your pontoon with a good cover, and flooring replacement options.

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Motoos Heavy Duty Boat Cover

You can protect your boat by using this affordable cover for outdoor storage. 6ooD Oxford fabric with PVC coating establishes sun protection and waterproof surface. Thus, my pontoon boat remains undamaged under summer heat or heavy rain.

This cover is trustworthy in being protective as it doesnt give way to scratches and dust. Although it has faced various kinds of weather, it still looks nice. I must say that its at a competitive price for its excellent quality.

The recommended use of this product is for vessels with a length of 21 to 24 feet and beam up to 102 inches wide. A tight fit was achieved for my 24-foot pontoon because of the elastic hem sewed around the double-stitched seams.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • The pinholes on the underside

Womaco Pontoon Boat Seat Covers

The thing that impresses us most about the Womaco Pontoon Boat Seat Covers is the great value that you get for the price. These boat covers are sold for nearly half the cost of all of the other comparable boat covers. If you are looking for something quick and easy to cover a captains chair then this is the boat cover for you. Some people who have purchased these seat covers say that they are a little thinner than other products, but that they are in fact waterproof and if you can figure out a way to keep the drawstring tight at the bottom then the Womaco Pontoon Boat Seat cover will serve well to protect your seats from the sun and the rain.

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North East Harbor Waterproof Pontoon Cover

This product is one of the best buys that I made among other covers. I got a waterproof pontoon boat cover with decent quality at a low price. Its just my luck when I picked it from the list of pontoon tarps. Nonetheless, it gives me relief as it keeps my pontoon boat safe. I thought at first that its a Yescom cover, but this one is much better.

I dont have to spend a lot on shrink-wrapping in winter because this is one of the efficient snap-on pontoon boat covers. I saved some bucks since this 600D polyester cover is simply awesome in protecting against the snow. In addition, its water-resistant and breathable. Still, its best to add a pole system under it to prevent water pooling and possible cuts on the cover.

It can also counter heavy rain and direct sunlight. Thats why my wife and I put it together on our 21-foot pontoon. Still, you should better not do it on a windy day as it may fumble. The stitches are well-made and the straps for this cover, in my case, have to go through under the trailer. So it sometimes depends on the boats design.

  • It may not be enough for pontoons that are 23 to 24 feet long

Specifically Designed To Protect A Boat Captains Chair From Harmful Uv Damage Dirt And Environmental Hazards

Individual Seat Covers vs Mooring Covers – What Should You Use for Your Pontoon Boat?
  • 7oz. Marine Grade Polyester that Offers Superior Resistance to Harmful UV Rays.
  • Extremely Breathable and Protects Against Fading, Mildew, Tearing and Overall Wear-and-Tear.
  • Provides Exceptional Water Repellency While Maintaining Breathability for the Health of the Boat Seat.
  • Made in USA – Fits Up to 32H x 26W x 25D

Specifically designed to protect a Captains Chair. FITS SIZES Up to 32H x 26W x 25D. Protects from harmful UV damage, dirt and environmental hazards. Enjoy a clean seat each time the boat is used with this convenient accessory. Each cover has a durable 1/8 braided rope in the hem with cord lock for a secure fit. Our Premium Material 100% Solution Dyed Polyester means colors are part of the polyester fiber itself, rather than the dye adhering only to the surface of the fibers.

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Reasons To Buy Pontoon Furniture Covers

You might be using your pontoon in salty waters like open sea and ocean, or in freshwaters like inland lakes and rivers. You might go out for a cruise in any of the four seasons or maybe youll keep your pontoon stored for months at a time.

In any of these cases, your pontoon has to endure both the climate elements and the test of time. You have to use pontoon furniture covers to battle these factors.

In essence, you need a cover thatll keep your furniture:

  • Cool

Were an Amazon affiliate and we hope you love the products we recommend! We may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. These images are provided by the Amazon Product Advertising API.

The Taylor Made Vinyl Swingback Chair Cover is a flexible and soft white vinyl blend cover that protects your seat from cracking and fading. Very easy to use, just unfold and swipe it over the seat. Its foldable and easy to store with minimum space. Plus, its budget-friendly.


13.5 Height x 10 Width x 2.8 Depth

What We Like:

Were an Amazon affiliate and we hope you love the products we recommend! We may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. These images are provided by the Amazon Product Advertising API.


21 Height x 25 Width x 18 Depth

What We Like:

Were an Amazon affiliate and we hope you love the products we recommend! We may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. These images are provided by the Amazon Product Advertising API.

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