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How Do I Get Rid Of An Old Fiberglass Boat

Aging Recycling Hulls A Looming Crisis

One Way to Dispose of a Fibreglass Boat

Millions of boats built during the glory days of the 1970s and 80s are now coming to the end of their life. We cant just shove them all into landfill. So what happens with all these old hulls?

If theres one thing were good at, its building boats. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, there are more than 12 million recreational boats in the United States right now. And that figure continues to grow, with an estimated 238,000 new powerboats sold in 2015 alone.

What were not good at is figuring out what happens to all of these boats when they reach the end of their life. Its a question thats coming to the fore as millions of boats mass-produced during the boom years of the 1970s and 1980s are now reaching the end of their days. The discussion around end-of-life boats has come to prominence in the last few years, and has been the subject of multiple industry conferences and think-tanks which have sought to raise awareness of the problem within the boating industry, and come up with workable solutions.

Funding boat disposal

The question of who should pay to dispose of old boats isnt easily answered, but its a question the U.S. industry would be wise to tackle before the EPA and other regulatory agencies elect to answer it for them. In France, a new federal Eco Tax specifically created to fund the disposal of end-of-life boats comes into effect on January 1, 2018.

Boats as material banks

Where To Get Rid Of Your Boat:

Now that you have decided to get rid of your boat, you might be wondering where you should get rid of it.

Places where boating is more common often have more options. This is commonly near oceans and towns that have high amounts of water traffic.

Florida and California are two common places where people seek to get rid of their used junk boats.

How Do You Fix A Fiberglass Tank

How to Repair a Crack in Fiberglass

  • Drill a tiny hole at each end of the crack. This will stop the crack from extending any further.
  • Examine the crack.
  • Wipe the crack with a dry rag to make sure it’s clean and dry.
  • Fill the crack with a fair amount of fiberglass epoxy resin, using a plastic applicator.
  • Let the epoxy dry for a day.
  • People also ask, what do I need for fiberglass repair?

    Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • Fiberglass Chopped Strand/Random Weave Mat.
  • Fiberglass Flake.
  • Bonding Resin.
  • Resin Catalyst.
  • Magic Sculpt Polyester Puddy Resin/Hardener kit
  • Mineral Spirits for cleaning excess.
  • Subsequently, question is, can you use epoxy on fiberglass? Epoxy is a great adhesiveOne reason that an epoxy product such as WEST SYSTEM® Epoxy is so useful for fibreglass boat repairs is that it’s an incredibly effective adhesive. It creates a resilient bond to fibreglass, cured polyester laminates, wood and metals even when you only use a thin film.

    In this way, can you use Bondo on fiberglass?

    Fiberglass Bondo is waterproof, extremely strong and can be used for virtually any fiberglass panel. As an initial matter, it must be recognized that there is Bondo for metal and Bondo for fiberglass. Ensure that the Bondo for fiberglass is used.

    How much does fiberglass repair cost?

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    How Do Boat Salvage Yards Work

    Boat salvages purchase wrecked vessels that are worth less then the repair costs. They sell any remaining functional parts for use in working boats. They get their inventory from various sources including private owners, insurance companies, auctions, and the government. Some provide dismantling services and work closely with scrap yards and recyclers.

    Salvage Yards That Buy Boats And Yachts

    Fiberglass Recycling: A Second Life For Old Boats

    Getting rid of a junk boat can be a headache. Many people abandon boats, because of the sheer expense to dismantle them. There are also less laws around abandon boats as compared to abandon cars. This is where selling your boat to salvage is a good option.

    Before selling your boat or yacht to a place that buys junk boats, there are some things you need to know. First you should consider the cost of repairs. Get an estimate to see if the damage to repair it is worth paying for. It might be worth repairing and reselling independently.

    If you decide to sell it make sure you remove all your personal belongings from the cabin and any compartments, You need to cancel the insurance and the registration and you will need the title to transfer full ownership to the scrap yard. Its important to cancel the registration yourself, some boat yards will send you an administrative bill for canceling your registration on your behalf. If you dony pay the bill they will report you to a credit agency. This is what the boat junkyard near me does and they mean business.

    Before you call a boat junk yard you should know the value of your vessel even if its wrecked. You can use the Kelly Blue Book for Boats to assess it. Knowing the value will help you negotiate a reasonable price for the boat. Its imperative that you are honest in describing the vessel and what is wrong with it. You may be asked to provide pictures and proof.

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    Advantage Buying Spare Boat Parts

    The best reason to buy used parts is because you can save a lot of money if you have to make repairs. Many used parts are still in great condition since scrap yards need to operate under state government regulations. This gives you some assurance that the used parts you are purchasing are over decent quality.

    How Boat Salvage Yards Near Me Operate

    Most boat scrap yards operate on a local levelmeaning they dont have national chains. These boat junkyards buy boats from people who feel they are too damaged or in some cases they just no longer want the boat. Some boats are in fine condition while others may be beyond repair or the owner just felt the repair cost wasnt worth the money. Maybe the vessel has simply reached its end of life.

    In some cases the boat salvage yard will pick up the boat on a trailer, but owners also can drop off the boat to the scrap yard. In addition to boats some yards also will take jet skis, wave runners, sea doos and other personal watercraft vehicles. There are also salvage yards dedicated completely to Yachts, sailboats, or smaller vessels like pontoon boats.

    A boat salvage yard in some instances will purchase a boat from an insurance company. When an insurance company replaces a boat in a total loss claim or has salvage charges it is responsible for the one that no longer works or perhaps has sunk and needed to re raised. This makes for a great relationship between the insurance company and the boat scrap yard. The scrap yard gets a good price on the boat, which they can sell the the used parts off of and the insurance company recoups some of the money from the claim.

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    All Good Things Must Come To An End

    Countless boats have been abandoned across the province of Ontario in backyards, storage yards, and farm fields. If left untouched, these abandoned vessels contaminate terrestrial & marine environments , impact the aesthetics of facilities & areas where they have been abandoned, and pose a safety risk to individuals that approach the vessel.

    As a boat owner, you are responsible for the proper disposal of your vessel. Boating Ontario has compiled a list of businesses in the province that offer boat disposal services.

    Some businesses offer full-service disposal including pick up, transport, salvage & disposal, others offer partial service including one or more of the above services.

    Please contact and work directly with these organizations to make arrangements to meet your needs.

    Landfills Boat Recycling & Disposal Solutions

    If you have questions that are not addressed below, please send us an e-mail at and we’ll find the answer for you!

    Landfills In The Sunny States

    Getting Rid Of Old Screw Holes In Fiberglass

    Florida and California, two top boating states with millions of registered boats between them, have state agencies and local and regional programs designed to manage derelict vessels. Most removal projects in Florida require environmental permitting from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, depending on jurisdiction.

    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offers grants that local governments can use to get rid of derelict and abandoned vessels after the owner has been provided due process. In fiscal year 201819, Florida allocated $1,000,000 for this program. The vessels currently end up in a landfill.

    California had approximately 800,000 registered recreational boats in 2018. California State Lands Commission has an Abandoned Vessel Program, which provides the commission the authority to remove problem boats blocking or polluting waterways. California’s Division of Boating and Waterways sponsors a no-cost Vessel Turn-In Program , aimed at the boater. Although recycling and dismantling usable parts can be part of these removal and disposal programs, the fiberglass hulls still end up in a landfill.

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    Leave It On A Landfill Site

    Those who want to get rid of their old boat immediately can consider dumping the boats in a local landfill site. But, for this, release the toxic fluid from the boat first. The staff of the landfill site will deconstruct your boat finally. If you are not okay with this option, you can always go recycling your old boat.

    What Does One Do If They Have Found An Abandoned Boat

    First, determine who needs to know. This is dependent on whether the boat is causing a threat to public safety, the environment or navigation. In order to determine the correct reporting path for the abandoned boat or wreck. Follow these tips from Transport Canada.

    How does one know when their boat has reached the end of life?

    Your boat has reached its end of life when:

    • the essential repairs to keep your boat operational exceed the monetary or emotional value of the boat.
    • It is no longer seaworthy.
    • It can no longer safely be operated.

    How much does boat disposal cost?

    The cost of boat disposal can vary greatly depending on a number of factors

    • Size
    • Composition
    • Method of intake charge

    We would recommend contacting one or two local businesses that offer boat disposal services and ask for an estimate. Make sure to consider all steps in the process of disposal .

    Can all or part of my boat be recycled or sold?

    Some parts of a boat can be repurposed: engines, propane tanks, electronics, and metal hulls, etc. These would be removed as part of the disposal process and can be recycled, sold or disposed of appropriately. Wood and fiberglass hulls are not currently recyclable.

    Will someone transport my boat for me?

    Yes, we have included in our business listing boat transportation services available to move your boat to its final resting site.

    What is the most environmentally responsible way of disposing of a boat?

    Within the letter, please include:

    Please submit the letter by:

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    Interesting Relevant Stat On New Boat Sales

    If there is anything we are good at in the US, it is making boats. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, new boats reached nearly 320,000 units sold in 2020, up 13% compared to 2019 according to NMMAs December New Powerboat Registrations Report. That is a 13 year high in sales.

    Why are new boat sales relevant to a boat salvage article? With new boats going in the water that means more junk, abandon boats, and parts for us. What happens to all the old boats. There are an estimated 35-40 million boats, many form the 1970s and 1980s that are reaching their end of life. Where do they go and how can we take advantage of the parts on them?

    How To Get Rid Of Your Boat And What To Expect

    How to Paint a Fiberglass Boat Hull

    First – The fastest way to start the process is to fill out the form below we typically respond within an hour or two. If you would like to call you can try 603-341-9210. This is different from our company number, it goes straight to our boat removal foreman. He isn’t easy to reach. That’s why we have the form below to get you fast service.

    Second – We ask questions! Where is the boat located? How large is the boat to be removed? Whats wrong with the boat? Can we salvage any of it? Is it on a road worthy trailer? Does the boat still have fluids in it? Please feel free to include this information in the form below.

    Third – After getting a sense for the condition of your boat and how difficult it will be to remove we will offer a “guesstimate”. Please note – until we see the boat to be removed, we are making our best educated guess so you have somewhat of an idea how much your removal will cost, but, its not exact and subject to change.

    In the past some customers have tried to … lets say “under state” the scope of their boat removal in an attempt to lock us in to removing their boat at a lower price. This will not work or happen. Just like when we do junk removals, we verify the exact pricing upfront ONLY after seeing the boat. Our prices are more than fair, and are guaranteed to be the best price you will find.

    Need to get rid of other items? Be sure to check out our and property clean out services

    The Many Services Trash Can Willys Offers

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    What Can You Do With An Old Boat

    What to do with an old boat

  • Nautical Boat Wall Planters.
  • Turned an old fiberglass sailing boat into a huge sandbox for the kiddos. –
  • Halloween is such a fun Holiday.
  • You don’t need to live by the beach to take pleasure from a nautical home.
  • The Canoe Pond.
  • Also asked, how do I get rid of an old boat?

    8 Ways To Get Rid of That Old Boat

  • Try contacting your local vocational school and see if they are open to a donation for restorationyou can still get a tax break.
  • Additionally, where can I dispose of old fiberglass boats? They will then dispose of your boat properly. While these programs are costly, they can reduce the number of abandoned boats in marinas. Unfortunately, for most boat owners in the U.S., landfills and salvage yards are the only real options for disposing of their old vessel.

    Just so, what can I do with an old canoe?

    You can take an old canoe, put it out in the yard or garden, fill it with ice and use it as a cooler for summer parties. Here’s another very simple and ingenious idea: if you turn the canoe upside down you can use it as a table. Enjoy it on your lakefront property while admiring the surrounding nature.

    How do I get rid of junk on my boat?

    How to Get Rid of Your Boat:

  • Recycle/Dismantle: If you are looking to get some extra money from your junked boat, you can look into nearby boat part dealers or even salvagers.
  • Scrap Boats: It is also possible to scrap your boat.
  • Sell It:
  • What Does Boat Removal Cost

    There are some companies that will remove your old boat for free. While free junk boat removal services do exist, they are often-times not a safe or environmentally friendly option. We carry liability insurance, which protects you in case of any damage to your property while removing your boat.

    While some boats DO have valuable parts in them, they need to be torn apart to get those parts. The fiberglass debris that is left over needs to be disposed of properly. We have cleaned up many sites that other companies left the hulls of boats out to rot, causing environmental damage.

    The average cost to dispose of a 17 boat in Northeast Pennsylvania is around $950. That includes all of the transport, dismantling, recycling, and disposal costs associated with getting rid of that old boat. It is cheaper and easier than trying to do it yourself!

    A+ Enterprises not only recycles as much as possible from boats, but also ensures every boat is properly disposed of once it is time to junk it. With that said, every boat removal job is a little different. Give us a call so we can work out the best price on boat removal for you!

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    About The Abandoned Boats Program

    The Abandoned Boats Program provides grant and contribution funding to assist in the removal of abandoned and/or wrecked small boats posing a hazard in Canadian waters. The program also helps to:

    • educate small boat owners about how to responsibly manage their boats
    • support research on boat recycling and environmentally responsible boat design

    New Rhode Island Pilot Program Recycles Unwanted Old Fiberglass Boats Into Concrete

    How To Clean Your Fiberglass Boat Hull and Remove Water Stains

    Where do old boats go to die? Getting rid of old, unwanted boats has been a problem ever since fiberglass replaced wood in production boat building half a century ago. Old boats are a blight at the edges of many boat yards and marinas some are simply abandoned at waters edge, turning into eyesores and environmental problems. Now, in a new Rhode Island pilot program, theyre dismantled and recycled into cement.

    The program, called the Rhode Island Fiberglass Vessel Recycling Pilot Project , was started last year. The state has limited landfill area, where people often discard boats at the end of their life cycle. Even then, fiberglass degrades slowly. Recycling seemed like an attractive answer.

    The Pilot Project, sponsored by the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association, is using fiberglass recycling methods recently pioneered in Germany to show how fiberglass waste can be used as a component of industrial cement production. Working with local boatyards, the project has collected 30 tons of recycled material and is preparing to use it in concrete plants, where it can serve as an additional energy source and as a filler for concrete products. The recovered fiberglass materials will be processed in a specialized cement kiln.

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