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Does Boat Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage

Boat Insurance Coverage For Hurricanes And Named Storms

So You Want To Buy A Hurricane Damaged Boat….

Boat insurance can provide coverage for storm damage and limit exposure to the risks of these weather-related events.

Your policy may help pay to repair or replace your boat if its damaged during a named storm. Consult your policys terms and conditions for full details. Coverage may also extend to:

  • Lightning
  • Floods

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  • A.M. Best Rating:
  • How Many Boat Accidents Occur In Florida Mississippi And Louisiana Each Year

    According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, last, in a year in the State of Florida, there were 766 reported boat accidents that caused:

    • 67 fatalities
    • 437 injuries
    • $8,531,187 in property damage

    The property damage total does not include the costs associated with the personal injuries or wrongful death cases that were brought forth by those who were hurt or the families who lost their loved ones. If an injury occurs aboard your boat or as a result of a collision with your boat and you are sued by the passenger or another boater, the financial fallout can be life-changing.

    Insurance coverage is designed to protect you from the worst-case scenarios during boat ownership, which can include everything from losing your vessel completely during a hurricane to another boater colliding with your vessel and sinking it fully.

    Our boat insurance claims attorneys know that while these are instances you cannot control, your insurance policy is in place to protect you from the unknown. And when your insurance company fails to make good on the policy that they wrote, you do not have to accept their deflated offer. And you should not compromise your position.

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    Getting Help With Marine Insurance Claims After Hurricane Losses

    An experienced policyholder attorney can work by your side to make sure you get what you need from your marine insurance coverage after a severe weather event. For more information or for immediate help with a complicated marine claim, simply call or email our office directly. You may also want to request your free copy of our go-to book, Your Basic Guide to Marine Insurance.


    When Should I Buy Boat Insurance

    Does Boat Insurance Cover Hurricanes, Tornadoes, or Other ...

    For most boat insurance policies, to be reimbursed for damage that occurred during a hurricane, you must have purchased the policy at least 30 days prior to the storm. This is to prevent last-minute buys that occur after a storm is already on its way.

    If you think there is a sizable risk of your boat being totaled by a tropical storm, its probably worth buying comprehensive boat insurance early on. As long as the damage is caused by a hurricane, and you purchased the insurance well in advance of a storm warning being issued, the losses should be covered .

    As with most insurance policies, though, getting reimbursed can be trickier than youd hope.

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    Is My Boat Covered Under My Homeowners Policy

    It might be. Of course, a separate boat insurance policy is designed to offer higher limits and more types of coverage, but your homeowners policy might have a few things already built in.

    For physical damage: Some carriers limit the amount of coverage you can get under a homeowners policy, depending on the size or horsepower of your boat. An ERIE homeowners policy provides physical damage coverage for any watercraft up to $2,000.

    As for liability coverage: It varies by insurance carrier. Some homeowners policies dont automatically cover liability for boats at all. Other times, you can add a small amount of liability coverage if you have a smaller or low-horsepower vessel.

    An ERIE homeowners policy includes liability coverage for motored watercraft under 75 horsepower or for sailing vessels under 26 feet in length. You can also add watercraft liability coverage for up to four faster or longer vessels.

    How Does Boat Insurance Cover Damage Youre Liable For Due To A Storm

    Property damage liability coverage covers any damage you cause to someone else’s dock, boat, property or structures.


    During a windstorm, your boat crashes into the marinas dock. Liability coverage on your boat insurance policy may pay for the repairs to the dock, up to your policys limits.

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    Boat Coverage & Limits

    Boat Coverage & Limits

    Physical damage coverage provides protection if your boat collides with another vessel or submerged object, such as a log or a rock. It is included in most boat and other marine policies.

    Discuss your physical damage coverage needs with your insurance representative. Consider what it would cost to repair or replace your vessel when choosing your deductibles and policy limits. If you finance your vessel, your lender may require specific coverage options and limits, too. Remember, you will be responsible to cover your deductible, as well any related costs above this limit.

    Do I Need Personal Property Coverage for My Boat? If So, How Much?

    Personal property damage coverage provides protection for items on your boat, including clothing and other personal belongings. It is included in most boat and other marine policies.

    Discuss your personal property coverage needs with your insurance representative. Consider the items you and your guests often bring aboard your vessel and how important it is to protect them when choosing your policy deductibles and limits.

    What Is Boat Towing and Assistance Coverage, and Do I Need It? If So, How Much?

    Towing and assistance coverage generally reimburses the cost to transport your boat to a repair facility in the event it is inoperable due to a covered loss, and can also cover gas delivery and boatside assistance if you are stranded. It is included in most boat and other marine policies.

    Do I Need Liability Coverage?

    Shopping For Boat Insurance

    HURRICANE STORM Damage BOAT Purchased At Insurance Auto Auctions CHEAP! | IAAI |

    Start with a little fact-finding. Ask your boating friends which company they use and how their claims have been handled. The way an insurer has handled claims in the past is a good indicator of the quality of service you can expect in the future.

    State insurance regulatory agencies are also a good reference and can be found online.

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    Uninsured Or Underinsured Coverage

    Uninsured coverage or Underinsured coverage pays for the damages caused to your boat by other boats that dont have any insurance. Uninsured or Underinsured coverage also pays for bodily injury damages if you or someone on your boat is injured in an accident with an uninsured or has little insurance or hit-and-run boater.

    Boating insurance is not mandatory in many states, so many will be operating their boats without insurance . If an uninsured boater hits your boat and if you have uninsured boat insurance, it will cover some of your damage expenses. So, it is good to have uninsured or underinsured coverage for your boat.

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    • Flood Coverage: This provides coverage for inland flood damage, storm surge, heavy rain, and other flood-related conditions that may arise from a Named Storm. .
    • Wind and Hail Coverage: Covers repair costs if your boats structure and personal equipment sustain damage from strong winds or hail. This may be a byproduct of a hurricane or other named storm, as well as from a tornado, or winter storm.

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    Does Boat Insurance Cover Engine Damage

    Boat insurance sometimes covers engine damage. This varies from company to company, as well as by policy. Some insurance companies have machinery damage exclusions while others do not it often depends on the age of the motor. Reimbursement may include replacement cost or be subject to depreciation.

    What Doesnt Windstorm Insurance Cover

    Best Boat Insurance Calculators

    Windstorm insurance only covers wind-related damages. Here are a few perils that windstorm insurance doesnt cover:

    • Flooding: If a hurricane causes a flood, windstorm insurance wont cover the flood damage.
    • Fire: If a wildfire ignites near your home and high winds cause it to spread to your property, the damages wont be covered by windstorm insurance.

    You can sometimes get protection from these things with over add-on coverages.

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    If My Boat Needs To Be Towed Is It Covered By My Policy

    Waterway towing is covered if your boat breaks down or suffers damage. For example, if your boat runs out of fuel or is involved in a collision, coverage will apply for towing. However, if a storm is approaching, your policy does not cover the cost of hauling the boat out of the water as a precautionary measure.

    Southport Marina Boat Owners Asked To Cover Millions In Hurricane Damage To Docks

    SOUTHPORT, N.C. – It was an unwelcome surprise to boat owners, who already suffered extensive damage to their boats when Hurricane Isaias roared ashore in Brunswick County, decimating the Southport Marina. Over the last week, 185 boat owners received packets in the mail informing them they were responsible for millions in damages to the docks as a result of that August 2020 storm. On average, each boat owner is on the hook for about $20,000, with the suggestion that they file a claim for the damages with their insurance companies.

    Under the terms of their contract with Southport Marina, boat owners are required to Make arrangements for the safe mooring or removal of the Vessel on the approach of a storm and be responsible for the costs to repair of any damage caused by the Vessel to the Marina docks, piling and/or other boats. The vast majority of boat owners left their boats at the marina as Hurricane Isaias approached, although many took time to secure their boats for the anticipated conditions.

    Well, as in prior hurricanes, we most of us, almost all of us, moored our boat to the dock, double tied it, said boat owner John Geddie of the preparations they made that have been sufficient during previous storms. Geddie noted their options to move the boat elsewhere were extremely limited. All the rest of the marinas within 100 miles that way or this way were full.

    But Geddie and other boat owners are pushing back.

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    Get The Right Boat Insurance Policy For Your Needs

    Every boat and boater are different, which can make it a little more challenging to know exactly which type of coverage is best suited for you and your vessel.

    If you own a boat and also own a vehicle or a home, you may be eligible for bundling discounts and additional discounts depending on your driving record, boating experience, and any safety courses you have taken.

    Contact GreatFlorida Insurance today to help you find the best boat insurance for your specific needs.

    Does Homeowners Liability Insurance Cover Boating Accidents

    Does your insurance cover storm damage?

    If you injure someone or damage property with your watercraft, the liability portion of your home insurance policy can help cover any associated cost. Homeowners insurance policies come with at least $100,000 in liability coverage you can use for legal expenses or restitutions you need to pay to the affected party. There are some important size and horsepower limitations when it comes to boats, however.

    Vessel/motor type
    Air boat Never

    Homeowners liability insurance doesn’t give you much leeway when it comes to your watercraft. Generally, the boat needs to be very small, and in no case will your Jet Ski be covered. To get more robust coverage for your boat or watercraft, you should take out a boat or personal watercraft insurance policy.

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    What Types Of Severe Weather Does Home Insurance Typically Not Cover

    Floods: Flood damage is not covered under standard home policies. However, specialized flood insurance can be purchased from the National Flood Insurance Program or a private flood insurance company, if available.

    Earthquakes: Home insurance won’t cover damage from earthquakes on standard policies. In certain states, some insurers offer a separate policy or endorsement for earthquake coverage. In California, you can obtain coverage from the California Earthquake Authority .

    Can You Get Renters Insurance Before A Hurricane

    Yes, you can get renters insurance before a hurricane, but youd better act quickly in doing so. Insurance companies reserve the right to stop writing policies in certain areas when a hurricane watch has been issued, which can be several weeks before the storm is set to make landfall.

    The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1st each year, so we recommend buying a renters insurance policy around then if you currently dont have one in place.

    The great thing with renters insurance is that it can be taken with you when you move! So if your lease ends less than a year from the purchased renters insurance, have no worries, it can move with you to the next place!

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    Find Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes In Your Area

    No specific insurance policy provides hurricane coverage, but certain hurricane damage may be covered by your homeowners or renters insurance policy, depending on where you live and your coverage. Flooding due to hurricanes is consistently excluded from home and renters insurancefor that, you should consider a flood insurance policy.

    Homeowners may also have to supplement their coverage with windstorm insurance, if they’re in hurricane-prone regions such as parts of Florida, Louisiana and Texas. In case of hurricane damage, you may need to file a claim under one or all of these policies to receive proper compensation.

    Comprehensive Coverage Protects Your Cars

    Boat insurance: What does boat insurance cover? A newbie ...

    If your vehicles are damaged by a hurricane, including from flooding or a storm surges, youre covered if you have whats known as comprehensive coverage within your auto insurance policy. Its the optional add-on that covers your car against such threats as theft, falling tree branches, and floods.

    Fortunately, about 80% of car owners carry comprehensive, according to Mark Friedlander, Director of Corporate Communications with the Insurance Information Institute. But if you happen to have dropped the coverage for cost reasons, consider adding it back. You may even be able to do so in time to be covered should Sally strike your community tomorrow or later in the week.

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    Am I Covered In The Winter

    While your boat is stored during the off season, you may wonder why you need coverage. However, a lot can happen when a boat is in storage including fire, theft or other damage and a boat policy is a smart way to protect your investment year-round.

    Ready to set sail? Find an ERIE agent in your neighborhood to get a personalized boat insurance quote.

    *Coverage is subject to policy provisions. See individual policies for specific coverage details. Certain terms and limitations may apply. ERIE’s Boat Protector Policy is not available in Kentucky. Refer to our disclaimer for additional information.

    Protect Your Yacht From Hurricane Season Damage With Insurance

    As someone living in Florida, you are well aware that this part of the country is one of the most affected by natural disasters over the course of the year. Tropical cyclones, also called hurricanes, are intense storms categorized by strong winds, torrential rains and floods.

    Hurricanes can be absolutely devastating to an area, leaving total destruction in their path. Houses, commercial buildings, natural resources and much more can be severely damaged by these dangerous storms. Unfortunately, that also means that your personal property is at risk.

    The 2018 hurricane season is expected to run through November 1, and Florida has already been hit with numerous disasters. Because these storms are so common, it is imperative that you protect your personal property in as many ways as possible.

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    Is A Boat Covered Under Homeowners Insurance

    Your homeowners policy typically includes some coverage for your watercraft, including their trailers, motors, equipment, parts and accessories. But the coverage for watercraft included on your home insurance policy isn’t meant for all types of boats. And just like a home or vehicle, boats come in all shapes and sizes with different equipment, enhancements and anything else you do to make it uniquely yours. So creating a customized boat insurance policy is key to keeping it protected from unexpected events.

    How Does Boat Insurance Cover Damage From A Storm

    5 How much did it cost? How to buy a hurricane damaged boat or catamaran.

    Boats frequently experience damage during storms, and your boat insurance policys physical damage coverages can pay for damages to your watercraft resulting from covered perils such as a windstorm or hail. If you have a liability-only boat policy, any damages to your watercraft wont be covered.

    Learn more about boat insurance coverages.


    During a thunderstorm, your boat crashes into the sea wall. Your boat insurance policy can pay to repair your watercraft, minus your deductible.

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    Hurricane And Windstorm Deductibles

    Your policy will likely have a separate, higher deductible for damage caused by windstorms or hail. Make sure to discuss the different windstorm and hurricane deductible options with your agent or insurer. Some deductibles are based on a percentage of your home’s worth, so make sure you choose the right option for your needs.

    Five Ways That Some Boat Insurance Policies Fail To Live Up To Expectations

    Insurance is one of those things you buy hoping never to use. If you do have to use it, though, you expect your boat insurance to pay “to fix the boat,” whatever that means to you. If you haven’t taken a close look at a potential policy, you could end up blindsided by clauses that exclude coverage for certain types of damage. You don’t want to wait until you make a claim to find out if you’re getting what you think you’re paying for.

    BoatUS has taken a look at the most common claims in our GEICO | BoatUS Marine Insurance program. Digging down into what lies behind that list highlights five ways that some boat insurance policies fail to live up to expectations.

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