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Boat Rental North Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe Boat Rental

Looking for an affordable boat rental in Lake Tahoe?

In 2017, North Lake Tahoe Boat Rental was started with the goal to make Lake Tahoe accessible for everyone. Located in Tahoe Vista, CA, we strive to be the most friendly and easy to use boat rental company on the lake. We believe you haven’t truly experienced the beauty of Tahoe unless you’ve been out on the water.

We offer open-bow speed boats, all equipped with a Bimini sun cover, Bluetooth sound system and complimentary tube. Our renters enjoy the ease of our parking lot and private dock. Many like to add on one of our Captains so they can truly sit back and relax.

From 4 and 8 hour rentals to a 2 hour sunset cruise, we have an experience for all groups. We welcome celebrations of all kinds from Birthdays to Honeymoons or even just friends and family spending quality time together.

Our crew is a mix of captains, dockhands and booking specialists from all over the US. All of us love Lake Tahoe and we love that we get to share our passion through our work. There is truly nothing better than a good day out on the lake.

Don’t just listen to us about this experience, our hundreds of five-star Google reviews speak for themselves.

We would love you get you an experience on the lake. Call or book online today.

Hang A North For Tahoe City Boat Rentals

Among the many must-visit communities that hem the shoreline of Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City is among the most popular. Boat rentals cruise out of the Tahoe City Marina, the free guest slips, convenient downtown location, and impressive lineup of amenities just some of the reasons why this full-service marina is the go-to option for North Lake Tahoe boat rentals. Time on shore can be spent relaxing on Commons Beach or hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Tahoe Party Boat Activities

Come spend a worry free day on Lake Tahoe. With so much to see in one day, why not go out with one of our knowledgeable boat captains? Our staff are all locals who know and love Lake Tahoe. No need to worry about driving the boat, anchoring, towing your friends and family, docking, and finding your way around. That is exactly what we are here for. Below are some of the great charters and tours that we offer.

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South Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals: Where To Rent A Boat

Home to the lakes busiest marinas and beaches, South Lake Tahoe really needs no introduction. A happy knot of hotels and restaurants, bars and casinos, theres plenty of boat rentals in South Lake Tahoe and places to explore once youve set sail.

A quick Google search for South Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals will bring up a truly endless amount of options. Heres two well-loved, reliable options that even offer online booking:

Features You Cant Find Anywhere

North Lake Tahoe Boat Rental

Top of the line Bennigton Tritoon with upgrades like no others

Our Bennington Swimg backs are one of a kind. Lay down looking out off the stern while underway and with 200 horse power getting you up to 30 MPH! Simtec vinyl is the smoothest and coolest seating on a hot summer day. Gate filler cushion give you more seating and room even if you have a full house on board

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Lake Tahoe Bachelor Party

The hottest trend for bridal parties to celebrate is to have a Lake Tahoe bachelorette party.Lake Tahoe has become a huge bachelorette party destination. Spend your day hitting all the favorite lake front bars. Swim in crystal clear blue coves. Explore secret beaches. Tie up to other party boats on the lake.

And ladies for your bachelorette party, all of our captains are fun, handsome, and ready to party. Its almost like having a captain/entertainer. There are a lot of great extras we can also provide.

Check out our VIP Services for all your extra party needs.

How Long Are Boat Rentals At Lake Tahoe For

Thats largely up to you. If time is limited, a short jaunt in either the morning and afternoon can prove ideal, though if you plan to explore some of the lakes offshore delights or enjoy lunch at a waterfront restaurant, youd be better off going for a full-day rental. Then comes short specials like fireworks charters, stargazing trips, and sunset cocktail cruises. And, if youre staying in one of the Lake Tahoe vacation home rentals with a private pier or buoy, multi-day packages are also an option. Many of the local rental companies will drop you back home after your time on the cobalt blue waters of Lake Tahoe comes to an end.

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20 Open Bow Powerboat

Horsepower:Season*: $158Peak Season**: $173Description: Our 20 boat is the best option for small groups or families and is capable of pulling water-toys.

Season*: $205Peak Season**: $215Description: The 23 boat is our largest capacity boat and is best suited for groups of 9 or 10 people.

Horsepower: Windpowered Capacity: 6 Persons MaxSeason*: $105Peak Season**: $115Description: Looking for a quiet wind-powered cruise on the lake? This is the boat for you!

Season* = Season rates apply from:

  • Friday before Memorial day through the end of June.
  • Third Monday of August through second Monday of September

Peak Season** = Peak season rates apply from July 1st until the third Monday of August.

Tahoe City Marina,

formerly known as Tahoe Boat Company, is one of the oldest marinas on Lake Tahoe and was built in the 1940s by Norman Mayfield and Fred Mein. The harbor and the Tahoe City Marina Mall was the northern end of the line for Lake Tahoes railway and Transportation Company.

Summer Hours Daily

Come Enjoy Lake Tahoe From The Water

Staying in an AirBnB, Renting a Boat and Fishing Lake Tahoe!

With 2 convenient locations, Tahoe Sports is the largest Lake Tahoe rental company on the South Shore. We are a family-owned, all-seasons sports provider, from ski and snowboard to powerboat and personal watercraft rentals. We rent Powerboats, Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis, Paddle Boards, Kayaks and more.

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Corporate / Work Party

  • We have a large fleet of boats to choose from, a private beach with beach chairs, umbrellas, hot tubs, and beach play games, and we work with catering companies to provide your group with great local food and beverage for you corporate/work party. We make it easy and affordable to plan a large group event.

Where To Rent A Boat In Lake Tahoe

We only say things we mean, and we mean it when we say thisevery inch of Lake Tahoes shoreline is a pleasure to explore. Theres hidden coves with topaz pools, private pockets of beach and bustling marinas stocked with Rum Runners and burgers.

But Lake Tahoe is simply too big to discover every nook and cranny during a half or even full day excursion. We highly recommend you rent your boat on the side of the lake you want to explore. In boating terms, Lake Tahoe is less of a lake and more of a mini ocean. You just cant expect to rent a boat in South Lake Tahoe, and spend the day exploring the north shore.

Itll be a long day, a huge fuel bill, and hours spent commuting rather than chilling, swimming, enjoying. We promise youll have more fun if you rent on the south shore and stay south, or rent on the north shore and stay north.

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Are You Ready To Create Lasting Memories In Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Family Adventures is a family-owned and operated adventure company which offers a diverse rental fleet, including floating water parks, power boats, jet skis, water toys in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter.

Make your next party or family gathering the ultimate Lake Tahoe experience with Tahoe Family Adventures!

North Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals: Where To Rent A Boat

boat rental services in north lake tahoe rent a boat Boat Rental Services in North Lake Tahoe” alt=”> Boat Rental Services in North Lake Tahoe”>

We like to think of North Lake Tahoe as the chill little brother of the south shore. While theres still places to rent a boat in North Lake Tahoe and bustling dockside restaurants, a sleepier tone means your chances of finding a private cove are simply better. Were not picking favoritesbut theres some pretty radical coastline here thatd be much harder to access if your boat rental comes from the south.

Much like the south shore, theres a ton of great options for boat rentals in North Lake Tahoe. Heres a few we like, all with online booking:

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Emerald Bay State Park

Emerald Bay is a favorite spot among visitors to Lake Tahoe. You can access the park by the Rubicon Trail or other hiking trails. While exploring this stunning area, be sure to pass by Eagle Falls and the Vikingsholm mansion, two beautiful features of this state park. Rent a boat in Emerald Bay for an unforgettable tour of this stunning region of Lake Tahoe.

Y Vibes In South Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoes southern shores are somewhat livelier than the quiet and upscale north, making it the perfect base for fun group getaways. Within easy reach of the Camp Richardson, Timber Cove, and Ski Run Marinas, this boisterous resort town offers a convenient launch pad for Lake Tahoe rental boats, while also sitting tantalizing close to both the lush surroundings of the Emerald Bay State Park and the parade of flashy casinos over in Stateline.

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What To Know Before Renting A Boat On Lake Tahoe

Before you sail out onto the big blue, theres a few things to know about your Lake Tahoe boat rental.

  • Be cautious of strong winds and currents. The sheer size of Lake Tahoe makes it prone to the same conditions youd see out at sea! Keep the sometimes challenging conditions in mind as you plan out your day.
  • The water is cold. Lake Tahoes surface water temperature hovers around the mid-60s in the summer. While a glacial lake full of snowmelt might be refreshing, clear and beautifulit can also be dangerous for long swims or young kids.
  • Do your research! Some rentals charge for fuel and taxes outside of the hourly cost, others come with water toys and rentals included. While all are very, very fun, its worth researching whats included before opting for the lowest price tag.
  • Follow the rules. Boat driver under 25? Driving while over the BAC limit? Fishing without a license? With the goal of keeping everyone safe, the Coast Guard actively patrols the lake and will hand out tickets if they catch you doing something you shouldnt. Theres plenty of good, clean fun to be had, so learn the rules before you go, and follow em!

Of course, boat rentals arent the only way to get out on the lake. Theres dozens of options for sunset sails, private dinner charters and happy hour cruisesand all of them are amazing options. But being able to launch your brother-in-law off that rogue wake? Some things are just priceless.

What To Know About Renting A Boat On Lake Tahoe

Push it to the Limit Boat Rentals Lake Tahoe Demo

Lake Tahoe is the ultimate destination to rent a boat. The stunning basin of freshwater that laps the shores of Sierra Nevada has captured the hearts of millions of visitors over the years. Lake Tahoe is a magnetic force that brings people to Northern California and Nevada during the summer months to play in its water. A trip to the area is not complete without a day spent on the lake. From boating to watersports, the massive size and depth of Lake Tahoe make it the perfect place to try it all. Lake Tahoe is a favorite spot for people coming from Reno or Sacramento for a weekend getaway.

Due to the popularity in the summer months, its advisable to book your boat rental in advance so you wont miss out once you arrive. Browse a wide selection of boats on Lake Tahoe, from ski boats for wakeboarding to , there is every type of boat rental available to visitors, no matter where on the lake youre staying. Because Lake Tahoe is so huge, it’s a good idea to book at least one full-day boat rental. Try a pontoon rental or a Chapparel motor yacht for cruising around the lake and seeing the sights, and ask the captain or owner if floating toys like lily pads or inflatable rafts are included, especially if you want to stop for a swim. Try waterskiing or wakeboarding on Lake Tahoe for a fun-filled day everyone in your group will enjoy – especially if you’re visiting with kids on a family vacation. You can also with or without a skipper for a relaxing sailing day on Lake Tahoe.

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We Are Your Summer Rentals & Activity Destination In Lake Tahoe

Experience the thrill of Parasailing over beautiful Lake Tahoe, the Jewel of the Sierra. Our Parasail boats will fly you higher than any other boat company around the lake. Take a tour of gorgeous Emerald Bay on your own personal watercraft with your closest friends and family. For a relaxing day, we also offer canoes and kayaks to peacefully paddle along the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Are Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals With Captain And Crew Available

The short answer is yes, if you want. Perhaps youre a boating newbie or you may be an old hand wanting someone else to navigate while you relax? Lake Tahoe boat rentals with a captain included are the perfect solution and a great way to make sure you dont miss the lakes best bits if its your first visit. If youd prefer to be at the helm of your Lake Tahoe adventure, a briefing on how to drive the boat will often suffice, though larger and/or faster rentals may require you to have completed the relevant boating education course.

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Enjoy The Lake Like A Local With Our Lake Tahoe Pontoon Boats

Do you want to have a blast and cool off during the heat of summer in majestic Lake Tahoe? Experience the sheer size and beauty of our backyard aboard one of our Lake Tahoe pontoon boats. Our party boats offer a one of a kind opportunity to take in views of the mountains and enjoy the great outdoors like no other. We can accommodate groups of up to 13 on a single pontoon boat, or groups of 30 or more with multiple boat rentals. All of our rentals come fully stocked with a propane grill, floaties, water play platforms, plenty of life vests and everything else you need to have great time! Just toss your well stocked cooler aboard and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience from the Captains seat.

What Are Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals Like

North Lake Tahoe Boat Rental

From budget-friendly bowriders and sleek ski boats to family-size pontoons and motor yachts with room for 20 onboard, rental boats at Lake Tahoe come in oodles of styles. Most rental companies offer a range of extras, too kayaks, hydro bikes, water skis, and tubes all adding to the fun of boat rental at Lake Tahoe. Its usually possible to score a last-minute boat rental, though it can pay to book ahead if youre visiting in busy July or August. Either way, you can often use a Lake Tahoe boat rental coupon to save a few bucks on the rental cost.

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Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals With Captain & Crew

If youre anything like us, your definition of the perfect lake day involves beer. And probably a lot of it. But hey, no shame in your drinking game when your sunny, Emerald Bay Saturday comes with a legitimate captain and crew. Just imagineno wondering what side of the channel to enter on no untangling the anchor no hiding your Truly from the sheriff .

All you have to do is remember to apply sunscreen and for gods sake, get a taxi home. Its honestly better for everyone, especially because youll get looped into protected coves and private swimming spots in a way that only a local captain could.

Luckily, our friends at Lake Tahoe Boat Rides& Boat Tahoe understand that boating and beer are like peanut butter and jelly. Boat rentals from either of them come with a licensed captain to keep you safe and show you all the best coves, beaches and hidden spots.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Tahoe Waves was an amazing combination of value, service and communication!! It was so enjoyable, we raved about it for weeks. We had an absolute blast and will definitely be using Tahoe Waves again!!!”

– Jeff M. via Yelp

“Look no further! As a local who will never afford a boat, I wanted to show my friends from out of town the best view of the lake- from a boat. We had previously booked with another agency and it fell through last minute. I called Cooper and he had a boat there in twenty minutes. The liability forms were straightforward and simple, and Greg, his employee couldn’t have been more patient and cordial. I’ll use these guys as long as I live here. Thanks again fellas!”

– Michael Murray via Trip Advisor

“They have a great team. I would definitely rent from them again. Their hospitality was unquestionable. Thank you!”

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Let The Good Times Roll With Our Tahoe Party Barge Rentals

Cruise Emerald Bay in style aboard one of our modern, clean Tahoe pontoon boats! Plenty of room for your entire crew to enjoy themselves and experience Lake Tahoe from the best possible point of view the water! We can offer half day, full day and multi day rentals to completely integrate our boat rental services into your vacation. We always launch from our Cave Rock location and can arrange pickup and delivery anywhere on the water. From there, the Lake is yours!

Our Lake Tahoe party boats are the perfect addition to your bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, family outings for some sunshine and relaxation and literally any other trip to Lake Tahoe in the summer! Come check out the Lakes incredibly clear water with visibility down to 75 feet in some locations and see why the Tahoe Wakebusters team is so passionate about Keeping Tahoe Blue! We pride ourselves in offering the most professional boat rental service at the Lake and welcoming our clients to our dock with clean, modern boats and a smile.

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