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How To Get Rid Of Old Fiberglass Boat

Where Can You Dispose A Fiberglass Boat

Getting Rid Of Old Screw Holes In Fiberglass

In states and cities where boating is common, you should be able to find a vessel turn-in program that offers to take your boat off of your hands if you find that it no longer serves its purpose.

Again, these services are pretty limited since theres no market for them in some places. But if youre in these areas, then you should be able to access the service:

What Does Boat Removal Cost

There are some companies that will remove your old boat for free. While free junk boat removal services do exist, they are often-times not a safe or environmentally friendly option. We carry liability insurance, which protects you in case of any damage to your property while removing your boat.

While some boats DO have valuable parts in them, they need to be torn apart to get those parts. The fiberglass debris that is left over needs to be disposed of properly. We have cleaned up many sites that other companies left the hulls of boats out to rot, causing environmental damage.

The average cost to dispose of a 17 boat in Northeast Pennsylvania is around $950. That includes all of the transport, dismantling, recycling, and disposal costs associated with getting rid of that old boat. It is cheaper and easier than trying to do it yourself!

A+ Enterprises not only recycles as much as possible from boats, but also ensures every boat is properly disposed of once it is time to junk it. With that said, every boat removal job is a little different. Give us a call so we can work out the best price on boat removal for you!

Going Over Your Options Where Is The Title

First things first, we need to know what your situation is. Addressing what kind of situation you are in will dictate how you get rid of your boat.

Things like, how important is it to get rid of? Where is it? Is the boat in your yard causing you frustration, or is it at a storage facility costing you money? What kind of boat is it? Fiberglass, aluminum?

All of these things are important to consider. Aluminum boats are easy to recycle, where fiberglass boats have to be sent to the dump.

What kind of shape is the boat in? Is the hull in decent shape, or does the engine run? If the hull is decent and the engine runs, you probably arent to the point of trashing the boat and taking a total loss on it.

What does the trailer look like? Will it make 10 feet and the axle fall off or is it road worthy?

Beginning with this type of assessment is going to really put your situation in perspective so you will know where to begin in order to dispose of the boat properly. Possibly even getting some cash out of it and just getting rid of it!

One other thing that you want to think about, is that infamous title! The big question, where is that title? Is the title in your name? Is it a clean title?

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Why Use Trash Can Willys For Your Boat Removal

  • Fair upfront pricing, you won’t find better
  • Proven professionals at removing and disposing of all boats under 30 feet long
  • Fast boat removal response times
  • Licensed and insured boat removal
  • Capable of removing boats without trailers
  • Salvage that works for you – if there are any items of value that go with the boat, we will discount the boat removal
  • We recycle and salvage as much as we can from the boats we dispose of to ensure as little as possible ends up in a landfill
  • We even buy good boats!

The Easiest Old Boat Removal Option

How To Get Rid Of A Boat: Disposing An Old Boat!

If you have tried these 3 options or decided they are not worth the time or risk, A+ Enterprises is here for you. We are Eastern Pennsylvanias largest and most reputable boat removal service.

Our company takes care of your boat from start to finish. Regardless of the condition of your boat or trailer, we have a solution to remove it and properly dispose of it for you.

If your boat is untowable, we have rollback rucks to haul the boat and trailer on to safely get it back to our processing facility. From there, we will remove any recyclable materials from the boat. Finally, your boat hull will be demolished and properly disposed of in a landfill.

This is much better for the environment than letting your old boat sit around leaking oil and collecting water.

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Places To Junk A Boat In California:

California has similar places to junk boats as those in Florida.

These are commonly located in coastal cities.

Some options include:

  • Plastics
  • Other loose trash

Because of these possible environmental hazards, you will not want to junk your boat in an improper way.

This is not only dangerous to the environment, but it is also illegal and you get a few thousand dollars in fines in addition to the cost of removal and demolition.

Boat Salvage Yards Near Me

One of the best ways to save money on boat repairs is to find a boat salvage yard. A boat salvage is where wrecked boats are stored and dismantled. Working parts of the are sold for use on functioning boats. I will share with you my experience about the boat salvage yards near me and tips for getting the most value out of your trip visit.

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Easy Ways To Junk A Boat

If you are planning on getting rid of your old boat, even if you think it is junk, you might have some options available that can earn you some money for getting rid of it.

Most people, who get rid of boats that are broken down eyesores, often think they are not worth anything and pay someone to come haul them away.

This is not your only option, and you will want to look around and see if you can get any money for your vessel before you just have it hauled away, often for a price.

You might not get a lot for your watercraft, but I think we all would agree that even a little bit of money, is better than no money!

  • Final Thoughts:
  • How We Dispose Of Boats

    One Way to Dispose of a Fibreglass Boat

    Properly disposing of a boat is important. Some people will do terrible things just to get rid of a boat such as sinking it in a lake or river, throwing it in the woods, or trying to burn it! The only proper way to dispose of a fiberglass boat is to take it to the landfill to be safely and responsibly disposed of.

    We salvage as much as we can off the boat such as the engine and trailer frame for scrap metal. This keeps as much out of the landfills as possible. These engines & trailer frames will then be reused in other boats, to keep them from getting junked as well. This is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of old boats.

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    Take It To A Landfill

    Unfortunately for most of the United States, the best and most common way of getting rid of a fiberglass boat would be to take it to a landfill. But they wont take it off of your hands just like that. Theyre interested in just the fiberglass part, so anything that isnt will have to be stripped away.

    That entails getting rid of any hazardous fluids taken out. That also means youd have to remove all of its other parts like the engine, motor, and basically anything else that isnt made of fiberglass. Unless your local landfill has the capacity to process those as well, you might have to look into finding a suitable disposal method for those extra parts.

    There are some people and organizations that will buy electronics taken from your boat at a very low cost. You can also check local boat shops that might be able to use them, since theyre almost always the only ones willing to buy these components off of boat owners hands.

    Salvage Yards That Buy Boats And Yachts

    Getting rid of a junk boat can be a headache. Many people abandon boats, because of the sheer expense to dismantle them. There are also less laws around abandon boats as compared to abandon cars. This is where selling your boat to salvage is a good option.

    Before selling your boat or yacht to a place that buys junk boats, there are some things you need to know. First you should consider the cost of repairs. Get an estimate to see if the damage to repair it is worth paying for. It might be worth repairing and reselling independently.

    If you decide to sell it make sure you remove all your personal belongings from the cabin and any compartments, You need to cancel the insurance and the registration and you will need the title to transfer full ownership to the scrap yard. Its important to cancel the registration yourself, some boat yards will send you an administrative bill for canceling your registration on your behalf. If you dony pay the bill they will report you to a credit agency. This is what the boat junkyard near me does and they mean business.

    Before you call a boat junk yard you should know the value of your vessel even if its wrecked. You can use the Kelly Blue Book for Boats to assess it. Knowing the value will help you negotiate a reasonable price for the boat. Its imperative that you are honest in describing the vessel and what is wrong with it. You may be asked to provide pictures and proof.

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    Do Scrap Yards Or Dumps Take Boats

    It is possible that your local scrap yard or dump will take the boat, but there is are a few things you should be aware of. If they can you likely have to pay a fee for disposing of it and that fee may be dependent on the size and weight of your boat. You will want to call ahead to find out if they can it. Many of these places have hazardous waste restrictions and may not be an option for you.

    Give The Boat Removal Experts A Call

    How to get Rid of a Fiberglass Boat * Recycling Junk DOs ...

    If you are located in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area and need an old boat removed from your property, feel free to give us a call! A+ Enterprises Junk Removal is the junk hauling company that can make your boat disappear.

    By simply sending us a picture and description of the boat, we can give you an upfront cost to dispose of it. From there, we can make an appointment to get rid of that old boat! Our crew of professional junk haulers know exactly how to get rid of your old boat. You can book a free estimate by submitting your information below or by calling us at 570-373-9996!

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    The Bitter End Of Boat Disposal

    Old boats are a dime a dozen in New England and every year the problem keeps compounding. After a few years off the market, a used boats value drops precipitously and eventually it always seems to find itself under a tarp in someones backyard, or laying in waste at the back of a boatyard its fiberglass hull slowly turning black and waterlogged, its lines fraying from ultraviolet radiation.

    Many of these boats will make their way to the landfill. But the path there is an expensive and time extensive process. Its estimated that it would cost $20 million to dispose of the estimated 1,500 abandoned or derelict boats in Florida alone. In Rhode Island, the smallest state with an almost-full landfill, the question of what to do with derelict fiberglass boats is a pressing concern.

    Its not like you can recycle fiberglass like you can recycle a plastic bottle, says Evan Ridley, a Research Assistant at the Rhode Island Sea Grant. With fiberglass, youre breaking down that fiber resin matrix and then when you try to separate the resin from the fiber, youre going to lose a lot of the tensile strength that makes fiberglass a really valuable and useful material.

    But while a fiberglass boat cant be recycled in the traditional sense, its end of life, says Ridley, doesnt need to be in the landfill.

    You can make a difference. Follow these steps to create a positive future for the ocean.

    How To Get Rid Of A Fiberglass Boat

    Fiberglass lasts a long, long time. With a lifespan averaging 50 years, boats made from fiberglass will give you the highest return on investment versus any other vessel on the market. But hey, nothing lasts forever, and thats probably why youre here.

    A fiberglass boat thats reached the end of its lifespan wont just dissolve into the ground. On the contrary, these boats can stick around for centuries when improperly disposed of. So to help you do the right thing, here are some tips on how to get rid of a fiberglass boat the responsible way.

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    What Happens To Old Fiberglass Boats

    As you can see from my guide, theres no one correct answer, with multiple options. Its certainly a big problem though, as it has been estimated that around 40 million boats are coming towards the end of their lives.

    The issue is that there is no one correct procedure for disposing of them, and no one organisation has taken responsibility to come up a standard disposal or recycling program in the United States.

    Most old fiberglass boats are cut up into pieces and then placed into landfill, but this is not a sustainable strategy as you can imagine.

    There needs to be an industry-wide initiative developed for the proper disposal and recycling of old fiberglass boats, but as yet, there is nothing planned.

    How To Get Rid Of Your Boat And What To Expect

    How To Clean Your Fiberglass Boat Hull and Remove Water Stains

    First – The fastest way to start the process is to fill out the form below we typically respond within an hour or two. If you would like to call you can try 603-341-9210. This is different from our company number, it goes straight to our boat removal foreman. He isn’t easy to reach. That’s why we have the form below to get you fast service.

    Second – We ask questions! Where is the boat located? How large is the boat to be removed? Whats wrong with the boat? Can we salvage any of it? Is it on a road worthy trailer? Does the boat still have fluids in it? Please feel free to include this information in the form below.

    Third – After getting a sense for the condition of your boat and how difficult it will be to remove we will offer a “guesstimate”. Please note – until we see the boat to be removed, we are making our best educated guess so you have somewhat of an idea how much your removal will cost, but, its not exact and subject to change.

    In the past some customers have tried to … lets say “under state” the scope of their boat removal in an attempt to lock us in to removing their boat at a lower price. This will not work or happen. Just like when we do junk removals, we verify the exact pricing upfront ONLY after seeing the boat. Our prices are more than fair, and are guaranteed to be the best price you will find.

    Need to get rid of other items? Be sure to check out our and property clean out services

    The Many Services Trash Can Willys Offers

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    Disadvantages Of Buying Spare Boat Parts From The Junkyard

    Sometimes its not all glory purchasing used parts. You may find some part you purchased doesnt last or is not durable. There is a popular saying cheap is expensive. You may find that the part you purchased has 1000s of hours on it and is nearing its end of life. Unfortunately spare boat parts dont come with a warranty.

    Lastly if you are scavenging through a junk yard for boats you may spend the whole day looking and never find what you are looking for.

    They Will Cut It Up And Part Out The Engine With Its Parts

    Then take off all of the other parts that are valuable to them to sell off.

    This is something that you could do as well if you would like to. Take off all of the metal, rod holders, cleats, T-top, bow rail and everything else that is aluminum or metal and a recycling place will pay you for it.

    Then you could also try and sell these items as well. That is if you would like to take a long time to get rid of the boat. Sure, you will get more money out of it, but it will take a lot longer to get rid of.

    You will still then be left with the hull that has to make it to the dump, one way or another. You can pay someone to haul it off or you can load it up yourself and take it to the dump. That is if you have the trailer, truck and time to do all of this.

    The scrappers will take it for free usually because they get the value out of being able to part out the boat and engine. Otherwise, there is no incentive for them if you have removed all of the valuable items.

    Then you will be stuck paying them money!

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