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How Much Is Boat Insurance In Nj

New Jersey Boat Insurance Requirements

Boat Insurance in MA – What determines the cost?

Unlike car insurance, boat insurance is not a requirement in many states, including New Jersey. However, that doesn’t mean that you should go without it. Our partnership with American Modern gives you access to comprehensive coverage with increased liability and physical damage protection. It even offers the option for coverage of your personal items on board, including your fishing gear.

Boat Insurance Rate Factors

If you have no prior experience in boating, insurance companies are going to rely heavily on your automobile driving record. Insurance companies will also examine credit records to screen applicants and use credit scores to set rates. According to insurance companies research, people with credit problems are more likely to be involved in an accident.

That said, if you can shore up your DMV and credit histories before shopping for boat insurance, its probably worth the time it will take you to do so.

What Boat Insurance Covers

Policies vary between insurers but coverage typically includes:

  • Property damage coverage: also known as physical damage coverage, it insures against damages or loss of your vessel caused by collisions with other boats or objects , theft, sinking, fire, storms and other risks. The property covered may include the hull, motor, fittings, furnishings and other equipment.
  • Liability coverage: helps pay legal expenses and settlements if you’re found at fault for someones injuries during a crash, for example. It also covers damages to others property, such as a boat or dock you collide with.

Optional boat insurance coverage

Boat insurance companies may offer extra coverage options for:

  • Medical payments for injuries to you or passengers
  • Roadside assistance if the vehicle used to tow your boat breaks down
  • Wreckage removal in the event your boat sinks
  • Watersport injuries or damages from tubing wake surfing, or other similar activities
  • Fuel spill cleanups for accidents or a leaking gas tank
  • Personal property such as fishing equipment, scuba gear, clothing, smartphones and more
  • Uninsured/Underinsured boater damages your boat
  • On-water towing if your boat leaves you stranded
  • Mechanical breakdowns
  • Ice and freezing damage
  • Hurricane haul-out in case you have to move the boat to safety due to a storm
  • Extending your navigation to Alaska, Bahamas, Mexico and the Caribbean

Types of boats covered

The types of watercraft covered vary across insurance companies but may include:

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Best For Safe Boat Drivers: Progressive


Progressive offers a variety of comprehensive boat insurance policies and offers discounts for safe boat drivers.

  • Need to contact for pricing

  • New boaters may be overwhelmed with choices

  • Dont insure houseboats

Progressive Insurance is well-known throughout the United States and has an excellent reputation for providing comprehensive coverage at competitive prices. Progressive has been writing boat policies for over 35 years and now insures more than one million watercraft. You can buy a boat policy for several types of personal watercraft vessels up to 50 feet long and up to $500,000 in value.

There are several attractive discounts to reward safe boat owners, including a decreasing deductible, in which your policy deductible will decrease for each policy period you remain accident-free, and a safety course discount for anyone who completes a state-approved safety course. New policyholders will enjoy small accident forgiveness for claims of $500 or less, while customers who have insured their watercraft through Progressive for at least four years and been accident-free for the past three years are awarded large accident forgiveness that ensures no increase in rates for any accident.

Boat Insurance From Experts Boatus And Geico Have Teamed Up

NJ Personal Insurance: New Jersey Boat Insurance &  More ...

Login to My Account, the place to conduct all your BoatUS business online on one secure site, anytime, anywhere. Make a payment and manage autopay options, view your policy summary, retrieve policy documents, upload claim photos and documents, update your credit card, contact and boat information, and more!

BoatUS and GEICO have teamed up to bring boaters a great boat insurance policy at a great price. Serviced by boating experts, and backed by the nations second largest auto insurance company, our coverage options for boaters of all kinds cant be beat.

Check out our policies and add-on coverage options for a custom policy you can only find here.

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Our Top Picks For Boat Insurance

  • Wreckage removal and fuel spill cleanup included
  • Accident forgiveness and disappearing deductibles
  • Coverage limitations for expensive watercraft, and for big boats in hurricane-prone states

Not every insurer includes in its standard coverage the removal of your boat if it is wrecked and damage from fuel spills. Progressive is among those that do, but there are limitations. Wreckage removal is covered only when it is deemed to be legally necessary, and fuel spills only to the limits of your liability coverage.

Progressive boat insurance policies include accident forgiveness which keeps rates from increasing if your claims are for $500 or less. Boaters whove been Progressive customers for at least four years and remained accident-free for three are exempt from rate increase for any boat accident, regardless of the claim amount.

For an additional cost, you may include a disappearing deductibles policy that deducts 25% from your deductible amount for every claim-free period on your boat policy until it reaches zero.

But Progressive has more limitations than some insurers on the vessels they will insure, and where they will do so. Personal watercraft worth more than $27,000 are not covered. In hurricane-prone states, insurance is not available for boats over 35 feet in length or that are worth more than $175,000.

Additional coverage options:

New Jersey Boat And Personal Watercraft Insurance

Whether you’re boating, fishing, yachting, or riding a Jet Ski® on the Jersey Shore or one of New Jersey’s lakes or rivers, you’re bound for water. That’s why we’ve partnered with American Modern, a nationwide provider of specialty insurance. This coverage is specifically tailored to provide the liability and physical damage insurance you need for your watercraft.

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Best Boat Insurance Companies Of 2021

Best for Policy Discounts Best for Covering Boat Rentals

Full replacement cost, Liability, Fuel spill, Wreckage removal, Roadside assistance, Watersports coverage

Agreed Hull Value or Actual Cash Value reimbursement, Liability, Medical payments, Salvage, Wreckage removal

Physical damage, Liability, Uninsured/Underinsured boater, Medical payments, Trailer, Personal property, Towing and roadside assistance

Agreed hull value, Liability, Replacement cost, Uninsured/Underinsured boater, Medical payments, Search and rescue, Personal property, Fishing equipment, Towing, Bottom inspection, Marine environmental damage

Physical damage, Comprehensive coverage, Liability, Medical payments, Wreck removal, Emergency assistance

A.M. Best Rating

Full replacement cost, Liability, Fuel spill, Wreckage removal, Roadside assistance, Watersports coverage

Agreed Hull Value or Actual Cash Value reimbursement, Liability, Medical payments, Salvage, Wreckage removal

Physical damage, Liability, Uninsured/Underinsured boater, Medical payments, Trailer, Personal property, Towing and roadside assistance

Agreed hull value, Liability, Replacement cost, Uninsured/Underinsured boater, Medical payments, Search and rescue, Personal property, Fishing equipment, Towing, Bottom inspection, Marine environmental damage

Physical damage, Comprehensive coverage, Liability, Medical payments, Wreck removal, Emergency assistance

What Influences The Cost Of Commercial Boat Insurance

3 Boat Insurance Questions to Ask Your Agent | BoatUS

Insurance companies take many factors into consideration before determining the premium for commercial boat insurance. Here are a few things they look at when putting together insurance quotes:

  • Value of the vessel. If new, the purchase price or market value will be used for the replacement value, but if used, the underwriter will typically order a survey by an experienced survey provider for information regarding the value and overall condition of the vessel.
  • Length and age of the commercial boat
  • Type of vessel. The construction material and style of the vessel will be considered. For example, is it a V-hull, catamaran, sailing yacht, or fishing vessel?
  • Type and horsepower of engines
  • Mooring location
  • Claims history of the owner or navigator
  • Intended use
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    Best For Policy Bundling: Nationwide


    • No. of Policy Types: 4
    • Coverage Limit: Varies

    Nationwide is a well-known insurance provider that offers several packages to choose from and offers bundling discounts.

    • Multiple packages to choose from

    • Towing coverage

    • Need to enter zip code for policy details

    • Contact for pricing

    • Website could be more detailed

    If you are already a Nationwide policyholder, then you may be eligible for the multi-policy discount offered through Nationwide Insurance, which gives you a discount for combining your home, boat, vehicle or life insurance policies. A few perks of this policy include optional towing and rental reimbursement coverage, as well as roadside assistance when you insure your boat trailer.

    Several options are available for boat insurance with a variety of package options. You can get coverage for fishing equipment from $1,000 to $10,000, personal effects from $3,000 to $5,000 and towing coverage from $500 to $2,500. Other discounts include multi-boat, boater safety course, diesel fuel, paid-in-full discount, and a claims-free renewal discount that goes into effect for the policy renewal period if you have remained claims-free for the entire policy period. Nationwide also has a rewards program through a partnership with Plenti, which allows customers to earn points that can be applied as discounts at certain stores.

    How Insurance Companies Determine A Loss Settlement

    The loss settlement valuation for commercial boat insurance can be calculated based on “agreed value” or “actual cash value.”

    • Agreed value: A policy that is purchased based on agreed value shows on the declaration page the maximum total loss value that will be paid if the vessel is considered a total loss resulting from a covered peril. The agreed value amount is determined in advance between the insurer and vessel owner. However, damages that do not result in a total loss will likely be repaired on a replacement cost basis.
    • Actual cash value: A policy using actual cash value may provide less coverage than an agreed value policy, but typically has a lower premium. The actual cash value policy pays the depreciated value of the vessel at the time of the loss if considered a total loss, and the depreciated value for damaged boat repairs and damaged or lost equipment and other property not attached to the vessel.

    Save on Boat Insurance

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    You Can Buy Optional Coverage

    You can buy optional coverage for your boat to protect you from unexpected events. Coverage for emergency services if youre stranded in the water on the roadside is one of these options.

    You can also purchase coverage for wreckage removal. It pays for raising or removing a sunken vessel covered by your policy and when the law demands it. Other options include fuel spill cleanup coverage and protection if you use your boat for water sports or fishing. You can also protect personal effects, protect against damage caused by ice or freezing, and more.

    How Much Does It Cost To Own And Operate A Boat

    2007 Formula 370 Super Sport Motor Yacht for sale

    If you are new to boating. Probably one of the most asked questions in the beginning is:

    How Much Does It Cost To Own And Operate A Boat? Owning a boat will cost you in six major areas: Purchasing the boat, insuring, storing, maintaining, operating, and collecting the gear for the boat.

    Boat ownership costs can seem endless. Here are the biggest expenses and how you can calculate what it will cost you to own a boat.

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    What Boat Insurance Will Pay For

    You can typically buy liability insurance which pays for damage your boat does to others in amounts from $15,000 to $300,000, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Heres what else you can expect from a policy:

    What boat insurance typically covers What it doesnt cover
  • Damage or destruction from a collision, fire, lightning, theft and vandalism.
  • Damage to a boat and permanently attached equipment, such as anchors.
  • Bodily injury liability, which pays expenses when someone is injured on your boat.
  • Property damage liability, which pays for damage your boat causes to someone elses property.
  • Guest passenger liability, which pays for legal expenses of someone driving your boat with permission.
  • Medical payments, which pay expenses for you and your passengers.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Defective machinery or machinery damage.
  • Damage from sharks and other creatures.
  • Damage from mold, insects and zebra mussels.
  • Check, too, about additional coverage for trailers and accessories, for towing and for damage caused by an uninsured boater.

    You can buy two types of damage coverage for a boat:

    • Actual cash value. This pays the value of your boat at the time of the damage. If your boat is destroyed, your insurance company determines its market value.

    Some important things to know about boating and your policy:

    Do You Need Boat Insurance In New Jersey

    Categories: Legal Topics.

    Summer is here, and that means New Jersey residents who own a boat will be flocking to lakes, bays, and the Atlantic Ocean to take their marine vessel out for a spin. But you may be wondering if you are required to insure your boat? The answer to that is a little complicated.

    In New Jersey, you must register your boat before you even consider insuring it. If you operate a boat for 180 days or more, it needs to be registered. You must also register your boat if you rent, lease, or maintain the property for storage of the boat. To use New Jersey waterways, all boats longer than 12 feet in length must be titled at a Motor Vehicle Commission Agency. Aside from those strict stipulations, boat insurance is not a requirement in the Garden State. But, you still may purchase it. You might wonder why boat insurance would be a good idea?

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    Boat Insurance: An In

    Your prized boat probably didnt come cheap. Whether you own a bass fishing boat or a yacht, its important to find the right boat insurance that will come to the rescue if you have damage or theft. Heres how to understand boat insurance policies.

    In this article

    Customize Your Boat Insurance Coverage

    #22t How Much will Boat Insurance Cost | Sailing Sisu in Cape Town South Africa

    All boats aren’t the same. You need to customize your boat insurance to meet your needs and provide your watercraft with the proper coverage. Here is a list of the most common types of watercrafts.

    • Pontoon boats are one of the most popular inland water boats. They are a flattish boat that relies on floats to remain buoyant. Their wide and spacious area is great for many passengers to enjoy the ride.
    • Personal watercraft are powered by a water jet pump and the rider generally sits, stands, or kneels on it. There are many types of PWCs which include WaveRunners, Sea-Doos and more.
    • Fishing and bass boats are designed and equipped for fishing. Most are powered by an outboard motor and are equipped with power poles, trolling motors, etc.
    • Powerboats are the most popular type of boat used for cruising, watersports, and so much more.
    • Sailboats are propelled partly or entirely by sails.

    If you don’t see your watercraft listed and looking for more information on different types of boats here?

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    Where Is The Boat Going To Be Stored

    After buying a boat, we should have already given some thought about where we are going to store it. The boat has to live somewhere, and not all of us own a house on the water, a big yard, or a huge barn to store the boat in!

    Boat storage prices are going up, and it can get pretty expensive depending on where you live. It is going to cost a lot more to store a boat on a dry rack in Key West than it is to park it on a trailer in the middle of Idaho.

    You might have some added costs if you are going to leave the boat in the water. If you do have the dock space and dont have a lift you are going to want to paint the bottom of the boat with bottom paint.

    This can range from $1000-$2000 depending on how big of a boat you have.

    You might also want to think about the Difference Between Freshwater and Saltwater!

    Generally, most storage facilities will charge anywhere from $10-15 per foot, per month.

    Depending on the length of the boat. Rates in the Florida Keys are going up and down, here the base is around $12 per foot, then goes up to about $17-18 per foot.

    Its important to note that we are also talking about boats that are up to 42 long and have 20 towers on them!

    If we go back to our story, lets say we bought a 23 and we are going to pay the average of $12 per foot. At $276 per month, this brings our total cost of owning a boat to $18,537.

    Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Your Boat

    Maybe, if its just parked out in your driveway.

    The fact is, homeowners policies usually place numerous restrictions on boat owners depending on the size, horsepower, and damage coverage you expect.

    In other words, if you don’t carry a specific boat insurance policy, you are probably underinsured, which can make for troubled waters if you lose control of your craft, sustain damage or sink, or a guest causes an accident.

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    How Much Insurance For Boat Nj Should I Get

    The amount of vessel insurances you get depends on several factors, including the vessels value, motor size, age, and how often you use it. For instance, if you have purchased a new luxury speed boat, you will need to get more coverage like bodily injury and property damage. These vessels are more prone to accidents than a standard pleasure cruiser.

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