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Freedom Boat Club Member Stories

I sincerely appreciate you guys being so diligent on the up-front assessment and training of new members. Its an attention-to-detail that you dont have to have, and that you probably dont find in other similar organizations. As a new member, I appreciate it.

– Bill

I truly appreciate your time todayit was DEFINITELY TIME WELL SPENT FOR ME!! I picked up many great tips that I know will add to my overall safety and pleasure while utilizing my membership privileges.

– Rex

Fbc Membership Payments Portal

Use this portal to change the Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account your Membership payments are debited from as well as setup methods to be used dockside for fuel and other expenses.

You will need log into the FBC Reservation App and click the Manage Payments button to access this service.

Security Notice – This system is the property of Freedom Boat Club and for use by their Customers and Employees. Use of this system constitutes your consent to monitoring. Monitoring may be conducted for the protection against improper or unauthorized use or access.

Making Boating Memories Has Never Been Easier

We Take Care of It All…Including the Boats

Weve taken care to select a variety of quality boats. And we always keep them clean and maintained. We also take care of the storage, insurance and repairs. So you can just focus on the fun!

Pay a 1x Entry Fee and Monthly Dues

Just pay a one-time entry fee and select one of our membership plans. Your local Club will have a variety of plans to match your recreational boating needs.

Get Unlimited Training from Licensed Captains

Your safety is our No. 1 concern. So we give all our members unlimited training with certified captains. And if you wish to boat in a new location, theyll show you the waterways.

Take Any Boat Out as Often as You Wish

Reserve a boat by phone or online. Then go fishing, tubing or head to a restaurant with friends. When youre done, just bring the boat back and pay for the fuel. We take care of everything else!

  • Worlds oldest and largest membership boat club with over 30 years of experience
  • Reciprocal access to 300+ Locations in the US, Canada and Europe
  • We take care of the maintenance, cleaning, repair, insurance and storage
  • Fleet includes bowriders, pontoons, offshore/inshore fishing boats , deck boats and wake boats
  • Insurance coverage of liability, hull and machinery
  • 1-on-1 training by licensed captains

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About Freedom Boat Club

Welcome to Freedom Boat Club Boating Made Simple! Established in 1989 in Sarasota, Florida, we are the largest members-only boat club in the world. Members enjoy unlimited boating within their Home Club as well as reciprocal access across hundreds of locations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. And with a diverse fleet of boats available, well have the right boat to match your desired adventure.

So, join the Club and grab your friends, your family, your fishing buddy, or your work colleagues and come explore the open waters with Freedom Boat Club!

Independently owned and operated by Freedom Boat Club of British Columbia Ltd.

We Take Care of It All…Including the Boats

Pay a 1x Entry Fee and Monthly Dues

Just pay a one-time entry fee and select one of our membership plans. Your local Club will have a variety of plans to match your recreational boating needs.

Get Unlimited Training from Licensed Captains

Your safety is our No. 1 concern. So we give all our members unlimited training with certified captains. And if you wish to boat in a new location, theyll show you the waterways.

Take Any Boat Out as Often as You Wish

Freedom Boat Club Acquires Tampa Bay Franchise Operation The Largest Territory In The Freedom Network

Freedom Boat Club Franchise Information: 2021 Cost, Fees and Facts ...

VENICE, Fla., May 10, 2022 — Freedom Boat Club, operator of the largest fleet of recreational boats in the world and part of Brunswick Corporation , announced today that it has acquired the Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay franchise operation and territory the largest territory in the Freedom network. This acquisition includes all 30 current Tampa Bay-based locations, as well as the rights to expand and build new club locations throughout the territory. Located directly north of the Companys Southwest Florida corporate territory and headquarters in Venice, Florida, this acquisition will establish two adjacent corporate-owned club territories with over 50 locations spanning from Crystal River to Marco Island, creating operational efficiencies and enhanced synergies for Freedom.

The acquisition of the Tampa Bay business and territory presents a tremendous opportunity to expand our corporate footprint and accelerate growth in one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. Our members can experience incredible boating both in the Gulf of Mexico and the many freshwater lakes in the area, said Cecil Cohn, Freedom Boat Club Networks president. The Tampa Bay franchise owner has been a longtime partner to Freedom and has done an outstanding job of scaling the business and establishing a talented team committed to remarkable member service.

About Freedom Boat Club

About Brunswick

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Know Someone Who Could Use A Little Freedom

Refer a friend and receive $200 when they join!


Your membership is the key to unlock all Freedom Boat Club locations, with access to a variety of models and a streamlined boating experience.


Book your boat with our easy to use online reservation system or call to speak to a reservations agent. You can book as far as 6 months in advance.


When you arrive at the dock your boat will be ready and waiting for you. The only thing you need to worry about is how you would like to enjoy your day.


Return the boat to the dock and give the key to the dockhands. There is no docking or slip fee, trailer to maneuver, filling station to visit or repairs to make.

Halifax Boat Loaning Club Takes The Misery Out Of Pleasure Boating


The goal of Sheila Stanleys family business is to eliminate the angst referenced in the old adage that the two happiest days of a boaters life are the day he buys a boat and the day he sells it.

Stanley and her husband and their son are getting ready to start their fifth season running a club that provides boats to its members.

My husband and I have the lead on Freedom Boat Club, and our son has a full-service boat dealership, Iron Wind Marine, said Stanley. So, the two businesses work very nicely. Our son acquires the boats and maintains them, my husband takes care of the dock operations and Im doing some selling and reservation work and some other administrative functions.

The Stanleys are the Freedom Boat Club franchise owners for the area, and have two sites, which they chose after doing a market analysis of HRM.

The variety of experiences available is what convinced Michel Lechmann to join up more than four years ago.

My expression is its putting the fun back in boating. I had a boat before, and I spent half my time maintaining it, taking care of it, fixing it, and I wasnt doing what I wanted to do, which was enjoying boating, said Lechmann, who along with his wife has the full enchilada membership.

Lechmann also appreciates having someone waiting for him when he returns a boat, so he doesnt have to dock it by himself.

The cost ranges from $4,900 to $9,900.

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How Many Times Can I Use A Boat

Your usage is unlimited.

You can make four reservations in advance using our proprietary online reservation system. Those reservations roll: as soon as you use one, you can book another.

You can also call your dock of choice at any time to check on availability. If theres a boat in the dock that has either returned for the day, or is unreserved, its yours!

Freedom Boat Club The Evolution Of Boating Growing Quickly On One

How Freedom Boat Club members get reciprocal access

Freedom Boat Club began in 1989 in Sarasota FL. After years of refining a boating experience and business model like no other, the club started to expand very quickly. In 2016, Freedom Boat Club announced its 100th dock location! Members across the network could now access boating on Lake St. Clair and connected rivers . Growing into 2022, there are now 340+ locations network wide, and 4 in Southeast Michigan on Lake St. Clair â 13 total in Michigan so far!

Southeast Michigan locations:

  • Downtown Detroit at Sindbadâs â 10 brand new boats
  • Safe Harbor Jefferson Beach Marina in St. Clair Shores â 10 brand new boats
  • Lambrecht Marina in Harrison Township â 23 brand new boats
  • Harbour Club Marina in Algonac â 6 brand new boats

New boaters, experienced boaters, traveling boaters, retired boaters, families, couples of virtually all ages, are loving the membership experience Freedom Boat Club Lake St. Clair provides. Literally, all you do is show up and go boating, everything else is taken care of for you. The coolest thing about the membership is that in Michigan, boating season is short-lived, yet there is 200+ clubs where boating season never stops. Rather than spending time and money on haul out, winterization, winter storage, and shrink wrapping, and likely boat lien payments â members can catch a flight or take a road trip south and continue boating hassle-free all winter long if they so choose!

For more information check out the website:

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What Does The One

Your local membership executive can review this in detail, but, in a nutshell, when you join Freedom Boat Club, you receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to the boats in our fleetAll members get unlimited access to the boats in their local club. Depending on the type of plan you choose, you can also access boats nationwide.
  • Free, unlimited 1:1 training, taught by U.S. Coast Guard licensed captainsFreedom Boat Club is 100 percent committed to boating safety for our members. Before you take a boat on the water, you will participate in a training session with a captain who teaches the states boating regulations and guidelines in a classroom setting, and then provides hands-on, 1:1 instruction on a boat, on the water. The on-water training covers docking maneuvers and close-quarter and open-water navigation techniques. This is not a rushed, five-minute review, but a thorough and comprehensive training session designed to ensure your safety while inspiring confidence at the helm. Training is unlimited, so you can always take a refresher session, or sign up for an advanced course as available. Our captains are also pleased to assist with local orientations.
  • Special events and social gatheringsFreedom Boat Club is a social club, and the regular FBC Socials provide a great opportunity to have fun and meet new friends who share your passion for boating! Some locations host monthly events, while others have events seasonally during their prime boating months.
  • Our Members Bill Of Rights

    We operate according to an established Members Bill of Rights, which is given to all new members, and clearly communicates what you should expect as a member of Freedom Boat Club.

    We highly encourage you to read it for yourself. for more information.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Freedom Boat Club. We hope you found this article helpful! Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, and to treat our members in the same manner as we would want to be treated.

    Freedom Boat Club has been in business since 1989, and is the oldest and largest boat club in the world. With more than 15,000 members and a 93% annual retention rate, we strive to provide superior boating experiences for our members, helping to create memories to last a lifetime!

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    What Isnt Covered In The Monthly Membership Fee

    The answer to this question is the same for every Freedom Boat Club location: fuel.

    Many of our clubs use fuel flow meters that are initiated at check-out from the dock, and then reviewed in full upon return. In all cases, you are only charged for the fuel that you use during your outing.

    Some Freedom Boat Clubs offer optional programs that include special insurance coverage and towing provisions. Your local membership executive can provide full details.

    Finally, every Freedom Boat Club has a professional dock staff, whose total focus is to assist members with boarding, check-in, dock departure and returns. They are happy to help load and unload your gear. Many of our satisfied members choose to tip for outstanding service, and the dock staff appreciates the consideration, this is fully at the members discretion.

    Speak To A Membership Executive For Local Market Information

    Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay

    The membership executive in each local market knows all the available membership plans and associated costs, and will happily answer all your questions.

    We understand that people are often reluctant to speak with a sales professional, but Freedom Boat Clubs membership executives are here to help you decide if a boat club is right for you or not. They can guide you through all the options, and explain the costs and benefits of each.

    If the pricing or the membership plan doesnt suit your lifestyle, needs or budget, thats OK! The membership executive is just there to answer all of your questions, so you can make the best decision for you.

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    Freedom Boat Club Doubles In Size Since Brunswick Acquisition

    The Freedom Boat Club, purchased by industry leading Brunswick Corporation in 2019, announced it has doubled in size it was acquired three years ago.

    At the time of the purchase by Brunswick, the Freedom Boat Club was already recognized as the operator of the largest fleet of recreational boats in the world, with locations across the globe, including in all major boating hotbeds in North America and Europe. The company already boasted over 20,000 members, 2200 boats in its fleet, and 170 franchises across 30 U.S. states, Canada, and Europe.

    By 2020, FBC has already upped its franchise number to 250 locations and announced record growth in terms of operational revenue, fleet size, and profit. The company announced a 61% increase in membership in 2020, as well as acquisitions in Chicago, New York, and Charleston, South Carolina. They also added 23 locations in Europe that same year.

    Now after 3 years from the original purchase, FBC has officially doubled in size, marking an incredible period of growth over a relatively short span. The company released a public statement denoting the opening of their 350th location, which includes the total addition of 180 new clubs since 2019.

    Over the past 12 months, the company has also added locations in Delaware, South New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington, D.C, and Atlanta, among others.

    Watch the video below for a full breakdown:

    You can read the full press release below:

    Why Does The Cost Of The One

    The cost of the one-time membership fee is based upon local market conditions, and those can vary widely.

    Just as a 2000-square foot house in Seattle, WA or San Francisco, CA would cost significantly more than the same house in Sarasota, FL or Clemson, SC, marina costs can differ vastly from market to market.

    If an FBC franchise is operating in a popular boating destination, the marina operator can command top dollar. The franchise owner is competing for limited slip space against other entities, including boat owners or other commercial interests. The more a marina charges for slip fees, dock and office space, etc., the more costly it is for the FBC franchise owner to operate the business. This means that the one-time entry fee is generally higher in larger metropolitan markets.

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    What Does It Cost To Join

    The cost of membership is a very important consideration as you begin your research on boat clubs. Were consumers too, so we know that you want to be as thorough as possible when analyzing all the options.

    It is important to understand that boat club pricing is not a standardized one-stop shop from coast to coast. In this article, we explain why, and look at the variables involved.

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