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Boat Attachment For Jet Ski

Sealver Wave Boat 525

This Boat Is Powered By Your Jet Ski

This Sealver Wave Boat is a little larger and can accommodate a total of 6 people between the boat and jet ski. The WB525 is perfect for family and/or close friends. It has 2 back sunbeds and a removable table, so you can comfortably have 4 to 6 people onboard.

Due to its Category C Certification, you can take it out on the ocean and lakes and have great fun practicing towed watersports.

How Much Is A Sealver Wave Boat

Sealver Wave Boats cost around $15,000-$40,000 depending on the model and the features. The cheapest WaveBoat is the WB444 while the most expensive Wave Boat, the WB656 can cost up to $38,000. Be aware that these prices do not include the jet ski, so you can expect to pay another $10,000-$20,000 for it!

Discover Sealver Wave Boats

How To Handle Your Jet Ski Boat Attachment

Watersport enthusiasts who have never seen a jet ski boat combo naturally have a lot of questions about these units. This section of the article will seek to provide the information you will need to better understand not only how to store, trailer and launch them, but the impact of their weight, compatibility issues, performance and versatility:

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The 3 Best Jet Ski Conversion Kits

With so many different jet ski boat attachment kits on the market, youll be forgiven for feeling bemused when it comes to choosing the right one for you.

Research is the key here, and spending plenty of time looking at all the options before jumping in will save you frustration later.

Lots of companies have some fantastic kits, and you can choose one that fits best with whatever you love to do. If fishing is your thing, then youll need to consider the storage space and rod holders you will need.

If you love watersports, then you will need one that can be used at speed to accommodate wakeboarding.

If you want something to impress family and friends, then you will need to consider a higher spec model that comes with tables and chairs. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits with your life.

In a bid to help you out, we have found the three best kits on the market and summarized them below. Take a look before you decide to purchase anything:

A Little About Our Company

Dockitjet inflatable RIB kit with bimini

360 Boat Lifts cares about every single penny of clients and knows that your watercraft are your love. Being boaters ourselves, we know what your requirements are and how we can offer you with best quality materials. In this regard, our company strives to provide a complete range of Floating boat lifts for personal boats, Jet Ski Lift and other watercraft. Keeping in mind, the need for high-quality products, our company is in the loop with Safe Haven and Tide Tamer company and offer only genuine products from these manufacturers.

We make sure that every client gets a right boat lift for their vessel and feel contented with our prosureduct thats why we first consult the consumer. Our boating experts will guide you regarding the boat dock equipment and which product is more suitable for you. Our brilliance lies in our state of the art product material and fulfilment of our promise of providing a complete guide to our customers.

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How Much Does A Wave Boat Weigh

Compare Boats


How much do jet ski boat Attachments cost?

Jet ski boat attachments cost around $3,000-$40,000 depending on the make and the model. The smaller RIB jet ski boats are usually the cheapest models, but larger fiberglass jet ski boats cost around $15,000-$40,000 depending on their size and capacity.

Where can I buy a personal watercraft boat for sale?

Boat Trader currently has 1,612 personal watercraft boats for sale, including 1,423 new vessels and 189 used boats, listed by both individuals and professional boat dealerships across the country. What are the best personal watercraft boats?

How Much Is A Jet Ski Boat

A jet ski boat price will vary on the make and model but can range anywhere from $3,000 to $40,000. The less expensive models are the smaller RIB jet ski boats. If you were to buy a fiberglass jet ski boat, you could spend between $15,000 to $40,000. Again, size and capacity play a role in how much you pay for it.

Are you interested in buying a jet ski boat for yourself?

If so, then itâs time to research the different jet ski boat manufacturers and their offerings. The five best manufacturers are Sealver, DockitJet, SeaQuester, 2 Eazy Jet Ski Boats, Shuttle Craft Jet Ski Boat Combos and Sani Jet Ski Boats. Which manufacturer should you purchase from?

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Sealver Wave Boat 656

This is considered the luxury model in the fleet of Sealver Wave Boats. The WB656 offers plenty of space with all the functionality you would expect of the best. The hull measures 6.56 meters in length with this model possessing the same qualities and features of a standard open boat, plus the performance, flexibility and maneuverability of a Wave Boat powered by a jet ski.

You have abundant space up front with a high bow, a razor-sharp wave piercing hull along with a design that comfortably accommodates seven passengers in luxury. This model works great for seas outings because you can go from wakeboarding, jet skiing, diving, cruising or simply sun tanning at anchor.

Sealver Wave Boats Can Turn Your Jet Ski Into A Boat

Wave Boat 444 – Boat propelled by a Jet Ski – Sealver

Sealver Wave Boats are becoming quite popular these days, and with good reason.

There are a number of other options on the market for converting your jet ski into a boat, however, Sealver continues to have the largest fleet with quite a few models available depending on your needs.

You no longer have to , you can easily have both in one unique unit! This is the perfect solution for many buyers who have been struggling with the question of whether to buy a jet ski vs. boat, causing untold headaches over the years.

Sealver Wave Boats look a lot like a standard boat, but rather than having an inboard or outboard engine, the jet ski powers them! If this is an option youre interested in, we invite you to keep reading.

We at JetDrift have put together a chart showing you Sealvers jet ski boat attachments, so you can easily compare each one against the other.

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Eazy Jet Ski Boat Converters

2 Eazy is another well-known jet ski boat manufacturer in Australia. Although they offer one model, its compatible with almost any jet skis with 160310 HP engines.

After youve purchased your 2 Eazy jet ski boat, the manufacturer will adjust the docking station to fit your jet ski perfectly. Speaking of dimensions, the 2 Eazy jet ski boat converters are 5.15 m long and 2.51 m wide, while weighing 450 kg. They offer a seat for 6 adults which results in 500 kg weight capacity.

Moreover, these amazing vessels arrive with the following features:

  • Large self-draining storage compartments

What Is A Jet Ski Boat Attachment

The jet ski boat attachment is a special boat that is powered with a jet ski instead of a regular inboard or outboard engine. The jet ski can be attached or detached to the boat in seconds, which makes this setup flexible. The jet ski boats are known as jet ski boat converters or jet ski boat attachments as well.

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Jet Ski Boat For Sale

Are you looking for a jet ski boat for sale? If so, then itâs time to research the different jet ski boat manufacturers and their offerings.

The five best manufacturers are Sealver, DockitJet, SeaQuester, 2 Eazy Jet Ski Boats, Shuttle Craft Jet Ski Boat Combos and Sani Jet Ski Boats.

Which manufacturer should you purchase from?

What Is A Jet Ski Boat

PWC jet ski stabilizer RIB kit and PWC jet ski boat RIB

The special jet ski boat, also called jet ski boat attachments or jet ski boat converters, receives its power from a jet ski instead of a typical outboard or inboard engine. It takes a matter of minutes to add or remove a jet ski from the boat, ensuring a flexible setup.

They are one of the most popular recreational vehicles on the market, as they are a cross between a boat and a jet ski. Rather than buying an individual boat and jet ski, which can be costly upfront, with continued maintenance and storage, a jet ski boat gives you the enjoyment of both in one. A jet ski boat is undoubtedly a water enthusiastâs dream come true. It works like a speedboat but uses the jet ski to give them their power.

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Benefits Of Ez Dock Pwc Ports

As one of the top floating dock manufacturers globally, we want to ensure PWC enthusiasts have the best PWC ports on the market. EZ Dock revolutionized docking and launching with the creation of EZ Port, the original, cutting-edge drive-on and push-off port. When you choose EZ Dock PWC floating docks, you can expect a number of distinct benefits to improve your overall experience on the water:

Discover Sealver Wave Boats

One of the most reputable jet ski to boat converter producers is Sealver, which is headquartered in France.

However, their products are also sold in Canada and in the US as well. If you do not live in any of these countries, you can find a nearby dealer using Sealvers dealer locator, since they sell their Wave Boats worldwide.

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Jet Ski Boat Attachment Faq

Take a look through our most frequently asked questions below:

What Compatibility Issues Are There with Different PWC?

Compatibility is an issue purely because of the number of different PWC on the market. You need to do your homework before committing to spending any money and make sure you ask whether they are compatible with your jet ski.

However, its also important to note that the majority of manufacturers make converter kits for you to buy to make sure that they fit whatever you decide to buy.

What Storage Can I Expect with My Jet Ski Powered Boat?

One of the biggest drawbacks to owning a jet ski is the lack of decent storage that stops you from being able to spend all day on the water with supplies. Adding a converter is a great way of adding that much-needed storage, allowing you to keep the shoreline as far away as possible.

Depending on the model you buy depends on the storage you get, but the majority of conversions offer in-seat storage as well as cooler bins and other accessories to make your day go smoother than you could imagine.

Looking for a great jet ski trailer to match your newly bought jet ski? We cover the best of them in our guide.

How Does the Additional Weight Affect Handling?

Its normal to be concerned that your attachment will slow your jet ski down because it weighs more and makes the entire vessel bigger than ever before. This is one of the biggest reasons for people choosing not to convert, as they love the way their jet ski maneuvers.

Find The Right Jet Ski Lift

100HP Mini Jet Boat First Start!

Select the size of your vessel below to see our Jet Ski Lift & boat lift options.

360 Boat Lifts provides comprehensive solutions to accomplish every dock accessory boat requirement. Our wide range of products include lifts for every type of boat, Jet Ski or personal watercraft. Whether you need a floating Jet Ski dock system or Floating boat lift, we are here to help you.

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Other Safety Equipment Lights

On a PWC, you must:

  • carry a waterproof, buoyant torch at all times to signal the shore or other vessels if you encounter difficulties
  • show the same navigation lights for a powerboat when operating at night. Note that a mast may be required for an all-round white light to ensure the occupant does not obscure the beam.

A registered EPIRB is required on all vessels, including PWCs, if operating more than 2nm from the coast. All operators are advised to carry a means of raising the alarm. A personal locator beacon should also be considered for those not heading as far out.

Keeping a PWC in good working order is not only common sense it is a legal requirement. Look after your PWC so it looks after you maintain it after each trip and have it regularly serviced.

The trip preparation section of this website includes a full list of the safety equipment for personal watercraft.

Dockitjet Jet Ski Powered Boats

For increasing PWC stability and capacity, DockitJet offers quite different solutions, with one being an inflatable boat hull that is propelled by the jet ski:

They also have another interesting solution, which they call the DockitJet RIB Kit Inflatable Collars.

These inflatable parts can be added to the hull of your jet ski quite easily. This increases the stability and safety of the PWC to better assist in sea rescue operations and in fueling on the open waters.

To increase the jet skis deck space by about 33% you can use the RIB Kit Inflatable Sponsons. This can either be used as workspace or for jet ski fishing.

When the RIB Kit is locked onto the jet ski, it cannot be turned over while in the water. Whats more, the jet ski cannot sink either!

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Irregular Riding Prohibited In Port Phillip 5

When operating a personal watercraft in a 5-knot zone you must:

  • navigate the PWC in the safest, most direct course from the shore heading seaward, or from the sea towards the shore.

The shore can include the beach, boat ramp or berthing facility including a jetty, pier or mooring.

You must avoid any irregular riding of the PWC in a 5-knot zone, including:

  • weaving or diverting course in a way another person would not be able to predict
  • surfing down or jumping over or across any waves, wake or wash
  • freestyling, which includes sharp turns, donuts, or any circular manoeuvres.

Changes of direction to avoid other waterway users are permitted.

PWC operators found in breach of this rule may receive an infringement notice.

Sealver: Turn Your Jet Ski Into A Boat

Sealver Jet Ski Wave Boat

Aquatic Aviation is selling a new product called the Sealver Wave Boat. It is an attachment for a jet ski, that turns your personal watercraft into a boat. The Wave Boat uses the PWCs engine and steering and just locks into a boat frame, providing more space for others to join you on your adventures. We are excited to be working with SEALVER® because the Wave Boat is an awesome addition to a Flyboard Experience! Now more people can watch and enjoy Flyboarding close up.

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For Personal Boat Owners

The hauling systems for personal watercraft include floating boat lifts, electric boat lifts and static boat lifts. Top companies of US manufacture all these systems, and we deliver them with years extended warranty. We have divided our product range into two major categories which include boat lifts and accessories for 10 to 27 boats and 27 to 50+ boats.

We strive to save your vessels from blistering, corrosion and algae attacks so you can enjoy sailing in your boat years after years. Floating boat lifts and static lifting systems are specially created to protect watercraft at maximum level and to ease up the process of getting in and out from the water. With very little maintenance you can keep your boat lifts like new ones for more than 25 years. We have adopted a superlative approach to satisfy customers for which we provide complete guidance related to boat lifts and vessel hauling process. As per customer`s specifications, we offer them products and also help them to install boat lifts at the dock.

As a cost-effective solution, we also offer used floating docks to boat owners. All the docks are clean and in excellent condition with no cracks or blisters.

Why Safe Haven® Boat Lifts

Quick Links

Find A Local Ez Dock Distributor For Jet Ski Docking Systems

If you want to spend more time on the water and less time worrying about launching or landing, a floating personal watercraft dock from EZ Dock is the answer. The modular ports of our floating jet ski platform docks are engineered to be linked easily with our innovative coupler system. Whether you need to store multiple PWCs or add to your existing dock, our ports can make it happen. You can even reconfigure them as your needs change.

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The Sealver Wave Boat Is Now Available In Canada

Discover the Sealver boats, available for the first time in Canada. We offer the range of Sealver Wave Boat, boats and rigid inflatable boats powered by a watercraft. Perfect for combining boating and watersports, Sealver boats adapt to the three major brands of watercrafts: Yamaha, Sea-Doo et Kawasaki. Enjoy this new way of sailing for all your nautical activities!

Our team of experts is at your service to give you advice and information about the different models of the Sealver brand. Contact Sealver Canada right now to know more about Wave Boats.

The data displayed above is to be considered for informational purposes only and are not to be considered as contractual information. Watercraft not included. Taxes and transport not included. Sealver Canada reserves the right to modify and/or delete without notice the characteristics and prices of its models. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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