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What Kind Of Paint For Aluminum Boat

Sea Hawk Paints Aluma Hawk

How to Paint an Aluminum Boat

Whether you are looking for a good quality boat paint for use on aluminum surfaces, pontoon boats, houseboats, or Jon boats, you can be sure that the Sea Hawk paint will be up to the task. The fact that the paint requires a one-step application process makes it suitable for such surfaces.

Adding to that, the paint is suitable for use below or above the waterline surface. Because of this, it serves as a perfect choice for a versatile aluminum boat paint.

The paint can be used as a rust-inhibiting or lift resistant primer for enamel or lacquer-based top coasts. Once you get it, you can be sure to have a boat paint that is safe to use considering that it is safe for salt and freshwater submersion.


  • Delivers amazing coverage and durability.
  • It lasts for a long.
  • Quick-drying and corrosion inhibiting characteristics.
  • Paint can be applied to aluminum without the need for a primer.
  • A unique dual-purpose phenolic resin makes the paint suitable when used as a primer directly on metal.
  • This product by SEA HAWK PAINTS delivers excellent adhesion on aluminum.


Totalboat Aluminum Boat Paint

The earthy colors offered by this paint simply lured me into buying it. Black, earth brown, army green, white, khaki, and light gray are awesome choices. Forming a camouflage finish is possible, and its something beneficial for individuals who love hunting and fishing.

The colors seem to be inclined environmentally, and this is also the concept that inspired the manufacturer in making the paints formula. It has low odor and VOC. I love how it doesnt bother me with a foul smell during application.

The low sheen finish of this marine paint for aluminum boat is incredible! The reflective attribute is not a part of its effect, so you will surely be one with nature and the surrounding. Its not only attractive, but it also has toughness and durability.

This paint does an unbelievable transformation on a Jon Boat from 1983. With its self-leveling ability and instant adhesion to aluminum, old boat restoration is accomplished. The boat doesnt only look fancy, but its also protected against corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, and UV rays.

Aluminum canoes, pontoons, dinghies, and other aluminum vessels utilized for hunting and fishing can benefit from this paint. Skipping the primer or etching is fine. You would only need to sand 12 hours before the final coating.

  • Sanding before the final coat
  • 48 hours of drying

Ge Sealants & Adhesives Ge5050 Sealant

This next option on our list is a silicon sealant for aluminum boats. It creates a seal that is durable and can stay on the boat for a long period.

This sealant proves its durability by having strong adhesion and excellent flexibility. Hence, you are assured of a long-lasting seal, which is essential for maintaining an aluminum boat in good performance. This weatherproof and waterproof seal is very useful in sailing and boating.

Ive used my aluminum boat a couple of times after I used this sealant. It can withstand water and moisture, thus remains intact. I can say it provides excellent protection. Weather and temperature cant bring it down as the result is resistant to UV degradation and freezing point.

Not to mention, this solution doesnt blemish any kind of metal, including aluminum and high-ends ones like bronze, nickel, and chrome.

The application is tack-free, and it will be ready in 30 minutes. The seal it creates would be fine when you expose it to rain as well as water after the given time. It implies that you can apply this sealer even though youre in the middle of the lake or river.

  • Doesnt blemish metal like aluminum
  • Effortless application on porous, non-porous, dry, or wet areas
  • Has a sticky texture, so wearing gloves is necessary

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Best Aluminum Boat Paint For Protection & Durability

Do you have an aluminum boat that spends part of its life in the water? If so, painting it with the best aluminum boat paint is a must since this enables it to last longer reducing the need for costly repair or replacement due to wear and tear.

Best Aluminum Boat Paint

Having in mind that not all paints are created equally, below are our best picks of aluminum boat paints that I recommend that you give a try. Have a look and use the provided buyers guide so that you can pick a product that is worth your money.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint An Aluminum Boat

Painting Aluminium Boat

Aluminum boatspaintPaintcostboat

. Hereof, how much does it cost to get a boat painted?

Topside painting: Costs for professional topside painting range from $100 to $400 or more per linear foot. The average price is usually $200 to $250 per linear foot, with lower prices for undamaged boats or lower quality paint, and higher prices for premium topside paint and heavily damaged boats.

Secondly, how do you prep an aluminum boat for paint? Scrape off all loose paint and dull any gloss area with a light sanding or power brushing. Remove all dust with a cloth dampened with paint thinner and allow to dry, you can use wax and grease remover or acetone. Sand the existing jon boat paint surface or bare aluminum with 80-100 grit sandpaper.

Similarly, can you paint an aluminum boat?

Painting an aluminum boat in five basic steps:Apply a primer coat. Pain the aluminum with at least two coats of an appropriate type of paint. After the paint has cured, apply a clear coat. Apply an aluminum-safe anti-fouling paint, if the boat will be stored in the water.

Can I spray paint my boat?

automotive spray paintAbove and below waterline boat paints are specifically designed to withstand different elements over time. Topside paint features an oil-based formula that can be applied above the waterline on metal and wood surfaces. It also works well as fiberglass boat paint.

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Features To Consider When Buying Paint For Aluminum Boat

Some features you should check out when buying an aluminum boat paint are:

Ease of Application

If you will be painting the boat yourself, then choose one that is not tricky and complicated to use. You should be able to load it into a spray gun easily to make the finish more even. Find out if you will need to apply a base coat first, too. It is important as it will decide whether your boat will look better or worse after painting.

Drying and Curing Times

Ideally, the aluminum boat paint that you get should be dry to the touch after just an hour or two. It means you can finish painting your boat with a couple of coats in just a single afternoon.


You do not want to spend a fortune on paint and then waste hours painting your boat, and then after just a week, you will see it riddled with scratches and faded areas. A good boat paint should be able to withstand a good amount of punishment and not leave a mark.

How To Paint Aluminum

Wondering how to paint aluminum?

Maybe you have a DIY project you’re working on or some home improvement that calls for painting aluminum.

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it might seem! There are plenty of ways to paint an aluminum surface that make it easy to get a great paint job.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What you need to know about painting aluminum
  • Supplies you’ll need to paint aluminum
  • Steps required to paint aluminum
  • And much more!

So, before you dive into painting aluminum on your own, keep reading to learn how to get the best paint job out of it!

What’s In This Guide?

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Determine How Much You Want To Spend

You will be surprised how much the price on boat paint varies. Dont forget to check exactly how much paint you will need for the size of the boat that you own. This will determine to an extent, the amount of money that you will have to part with.

Bear in mind that some paints will not require the application of primer beforehand. Such cans come at a price, but they may be worth it in the long run.

Available Quantities And Colors

Painting an Aluminum Boat with spray paint & primer | Smokercraft Restoration.

Although this is not a factor designed to affect the buying decision with a high percentage, you will want to consider the colors of the paint is available as well as the quantities. After all, we all have different needs and preferences.

So, once you have gotten an idea of one or two paints that will make a great choice, consider the available colors and quantities and pick one that is designed to meet your needs.

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How Often Should A Jon Boat Be Painted

Painting a Jon boat is usually an annual or biennial task. You can take your time painting your boat during the colder winters months when you are not out on the water, or the task can be completed quicker in the drier and warmer spring/summer months.

A good coat of quality marine grade paint should last up to two years, depending on how you use your boat and how often you use it. Heavy boat use in challenging environments and challenging conditions may mean you need to repaint the boat at least once per year though.

If you have a Jon boat that is frequently left out on the water, or even regularly trailered, then take time to inspect its condition and consider painting it whenever you feel it is needed regardless of your usual maintenance schedule. A quick lick of paint on a your boat when it looks like it needs it can prevent costly repair bills later.

How Do You Paint Over Aluminum

  • The aluminum surface should be cleaned and degreased.
  • The aluminum should be treated with chemicals.
  • Dry the surface after you have rinsed it.
  • Make sure you apply self-etching primer multiple times.
  • Choose the paint application method that works best for you.
  • Allow the paint to cure for at least 24 hours before applying it.
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    What Kind Of Paint To Use On Aluminum Boat The Best Guide

    What kind of paint to use on aluminum boat is the best? When and why should you paint your boat? Or more importantly, do you know how to do it? It is important to check the painting of our boats and carry out proper maintenance from time to time.

    This prevents further damage and gives greater longevity to your boat. With the arrival of good weather, and you have a pleasure boat, it is a good time to do so and have it ready for the summer.

    Remember you should never go for long without cleaning and painting the boat, and do it with appropriate products. In this post, we are going to give you some advice on how to extend the life of your boat.

    Apply The First And Second Coat Of Topside Paint


    Once the primer has dried you can apply the first coat of topside paint.

    Use uniform brush strokes as you paint on layers 1 and 2.

    As in the case of the primer you must paint in long continuous strokes to give a nice consistent surface finish.

    Keep an eye the film thickness as excessive paint will create orange peel and paint runs.

    Allow enough time between coats as per your chosen paint specification.

    Paint datasheets will indicate a recommended DFT , this is just a measure of the paint thickness and is usually listed as a minimum value.

    The film thickness can be measured with a relatively cheap DFT meter. This tool gives you a great way to check the quality of your paint job. If it finds areas that are thinner than recommended you can add more paint to these areas.

    I own this meter shown in the picture. I justify the cost as I know its going to make sure the paint is according to specification and will last as long as possible on my own aluminum Jon boat.

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    Totalboat Aluminum Boat Leak Sealer

    The best way to seal an aluminum boat holes, leaks, and cracks are by using this two-part sealer. Nonetheless, this sealant is easy to use with no mess to create a good seal.

    Theres a standard caulk gun for the cartridge to fit in. There are two cartridges, and what is inside them? Well, they contain resin and hardener. Pop a cartridge into the gun to connect the mixing tip. Point it to a certain area and pull the handle.

    Once the gun and 25-ml cartridge are connected, you can release three or four beads. You have the right mixture and an exact ratio of 1:1 because of this process. With this design, I can smoothly apply it without any mess. Also, getting things right will give you a proper cure as well as a waterproof seal.

    The formula is sag resistant, thus ensuring no dripping on holes and seams. For maximum protection against UV rays, it is advisable to paint the cured seal.

    To ensure better penetration and sealing, you have to let the finish sit for 75 minutes at around 72 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. So you can make a seal and aluminum boat patch absorb the stress brought by shock, vibration, expansion, and contraction.

    • Needs to paint the seal for UV protection

    Aluminum Boat Paint Faqs

    We definitely havent addressed every aspect of painting your boat above, and this is why we will answer some questions here.

    What is the best paint to use on an aluminum boat?

    In terms of color, we recommend going for bright ones if you are confident that the boat is unlikely to get scratched and bumped here and there. Otherwise, go for green or grey. When it comes to the quality of the paint, just see the selected products we have reviewed above.

    What kind of paint do you use on aluminum?

    There are two main options here:

    • Latex paint
    • Acrylic paint

    As long as they are waterproof, you will be all set. Our little tip here is not to go for gloss paint. Stick to satin or matte as they will hide any blemishes that the body of the boat may have. As far as a particular brand goes, make sure to see what our experts have picked in the top list above.

    How do I paint my aluminum boat myself?

    We firmly believe you do not need a pro to paint your boat. Our tips include sanding the boat first, cleaning it, taping the areas you dont want to be painted, and then priming the surface before applying the paint. Just see the section of our article that describes all these steps above.

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    Hunters Specialties Liquid Paint

    If you need to buy reliable and premium quality paint in painting aluminum boat hull, this product is worth a try. As for ease and convenience of use, fast-drying ability and permanent camouflage paint color, this is the best bang for the money.

    This aluminum boat paint does a good job of flowing well from a spray gun and it is reliable in terms of covering properly. Truth is, this paint product coats well over primer. Hence, if you prefer to provide your boat or vehicle a permanent camouflage paint look, then this is the one! This can help restore your old vehicle or boat and make it look like an expensive and brand new one.

    It is not time-consuming to use and apply and it can dry fast as well. You can always expect a good finish without any hideous lumps to take care of. Its quart can size is already adequate enough to cover a large area.

    • Tends to become hard easily
    • A bit high price tag

    What To Look For When Buying Paint For Boat Trailer

    How to Paint an Aluminum Boat – Short Video

    Some of the buying considerations that you need to bear in mind when getting the right paint for your boat trailer include the following:

  • Price tag. Is the selling cost suitable to your budget? Is the price tag reasonable and practical enough for the features it contains?
  • Is it designed for freshwater or saltwater applications? Or can it be safely used for both applications?
  • How about its launch time, curing time and drying time? Does it necessitate longer time to dry?
  • Is it easy and convenient to apply even for beginners? The paint should be a piece of cake to use and apply for both novices and professionals.
  • Does it call for several coatings? If yes, then it means you would need to buy extra if the current size cannot cover all the area that must be painted.
  • Is it designed to be user-friendly and eco-friendly at the same time?
  • Does it produce very strong fumes that could be potentially hazardous to oneâs health?
  • Is it manufactured with incredible durability? Does it adhere quite well to aluminum?
  • Can it last for a longer period of time?
  • Is it available in different sizes, and colors? And, most importantly, is it backed up by a warranty?
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    Totalboat Wet Edge Marine Topside Paint For Boats

    This is an awesome paint as Ive used it on repairs and restoration done on aluminum boats. The coating is preferably above the water as its indicated as a topside paint. I can tell based on its effect that it has a heavy-duty formulation made for commercial use.

    Its not only effective on aluminum and metals but fiberglass and wood too. The finish from this paint retains gloss and maximum color. Im sure youll find something that you like from the 21 available shades.

    The coating will stay for a long time as it can resist harsh UV rays, scratches, and chemicals. However, contact with water should be limited. Its not good for the paint to stay in the water for more than 72 hours. Dont forget that it is ideal for above-water coating.

    Aside from the aluminum boat hull, you can cover RV exteriors, doors, and campers with this product. Sizes are in gallons, quarts, and pints, so you can get the one thats enough for your project.

    • The finish shouldnt stay in the water for more than 72 hours

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