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Best Boat Insurance The Hull Truth

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Boat Hull

The truth about Boat Sales MSRP and Boat Dealer Margins

The cost of having a diver clean the bottom of your boat varies between areas and parts of the country. Typically companies charge by the foot, however some out there do by the minute or hour.

In general, ask around your area for respectable companies and see what they are charging, ârememberâ you get what you pay for so donât jump on the cheapest game in town! There are several factors that play a role in the price of underwater hull cleaning such as:

  • length of vessel

  • condition of the coating of the running gear

What To Look For When Hiring A Diving Company To Do A Bottom Cleaning

When hiring a company to provide you with underwater hull cleaning there are a few things they must have. The first is that they are insured and allowed to work in your marina, and can always check with the Dockmaster/manager as well as other boat owners.

Most marinas also require any marine contractor to have their areas minimum insurance requirements to work there. If they carry insurance then they likely will also be legally registered as a business.

Like with any contractor you plan to have work on your vessel, make sure you do your due diligence.

It is not common for there to be a contract for service unless you agree to an annual maintenance agreement, some companies require it and some donât.

I would never pre-pay any annual agreement, if they are reputable and care about the long term relationship they wish to build with you, then paying as they are serviced each time should be fine unless they have substantial savings for paying annually. Again, be sure you check references!

Pre & Post reports should accompany any service they provide as you typically canât see the job they have done. Clear information on the job they will be performing, how it will be done, as well as presenting you with their findings upon job completion is par for the course, so ensure they provide these results with each cleaning.

Safety Tips For Boat Accessories

After going through a very long list of different boat accessories, we have to point out some tips for safety in boating. These might include:

  • Always use accessories how the manufacturer devised
  • Always have backup communication, escape route, and energy source
  • Have a safety and first-aid kit with you at all times
  • Prepare for your trip and plan to bring accessories accordingly
  • Check your boat and get boat insurance

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Windrider Uscg Boating Safety Kit

This item is on our must-have list because it serves multiple purposes. The inside is waterproof, includes a beacon that can be used at any time. Yes, a con is that the beacon doesnt come with batteries, but who would go on a boating trip without extra batteries?

Besides the beacon, the box contains a first-aid kit and multi-tool. The best part for us is the portability. All the essentials in one waterproof box! Its available for even the smallest vessels because its lightweight and uses up minimal space.Its maritime design and portability are why we put this accessory on our Top Recommendations list!

Msc Heavy Duty Canvas Boat Cover

Boat insurance on custom aka home made hull

To meet the needs of various sized vessels, MSC is offering 6 different sizes of boat cover starting from 14 to 24 feet long, and between 68 inches up to 102 inches beamwidth. However, the size specs given by the manufacturer might not be the exact match for your boat.

The boat cover is made of marine-grade 600D polyester canvas with double PU coating for higher durability. The fabric is also mildew and UV resistant that will not shrink or stretch even after continuous use.

The cover has adjustable straps and quick-release buckles so that you can fit the cover quickly and remove without much effort. Its all about time efficiency. When the cover is not in use, it can be stored easily in the storage bag that comes with it.

The entire bottom has elastic hemming so that the cover can have a tight fit which is almost like a custom fit. The boat cover is suitable for long-term storage, mooring, and traveling. It has a 2-year warranty.


  • Adjustable straps and quick release buckle
  • UV and mildew resistant fabric


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How Much Does Boat Insurance Cost

A variety of factors influence boat insurance rates that includes type, length, speed, and age of the boat, as well as your age, boating experience, and credit history. Typically, depending on whether you are considered a high-risk or low-risk boat operator, insurers offer multiple ways to lower your policy rate.

Most common discounts

Just like car insurance companies reward experienced drivers with a clean driving record, insurers are more likely to reward boat operators who take the most safety precautions with their boats. Each company offers popular discounts that can help you keep money in your wallet. Most companies apply discounts for:

What Is Carfax For Boats

The Uniform Certificate of Titles for Vessels Act is also known as CarFax .

It is a recently passed law giving buyers or sellers the right to demand access to the boats history report.

Passing the law helps curb illegal activities in the boating industry where unsuspecting buyers have found themselves purchasing boats that had criminal records or were involved in an accident and never disclosed during purchase.

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How We Chose The Best Boat Insurance

Here’s what we looked for when choosing the best boat insurance companies:

Coverage options and discounts We looked for companies that offered a comprehensive selection of insurance packages, coverage add-ons and policy discounts.

Customer satisfaction As we researched companies, we focused on those that receive mostly positive feedback on online review sites such as the Better Business Bureau and customer satisfaction studies by J.D. Power.

Financial strength We considered the financial strength of each company by looking up their rating from A.M. Best, a credit rating agency that focuses on assessing the creditworthiness of insurance companies. All our picks scored between A and A++.

Complaint index We evaluated every insurers complaint trend report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners .

Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover

Do Bayliner Boats Suck? The unbiased TRUTH!

If you are looking for a boat seat cover that will not fade nor stain your boat, try the Anglink waterproof boat cover which undergoes a unique dyeing process and will not face such issues. It is made from RIPSTOP 600D Oxford marine grade polyester canvas with PU coated inner layer. It claimed to have the capacity to withstand up to 2000 Pa water pressure as compared to 700-800 Pa for its counterpart. Thus the cover can stand up to adverse weather conditions and will have a long useful life.

For conveniently securing and fitting the cover over your boat, it is equipped with 11 adjustable straps with high strength quick-release buckles. Moreover, it has elastic hemming to ensure a tight fit.

The Boat cover will also protect your boat from the damages caused by the Sun as it is UV resistant. The seams come with the waterproof strap and seeping of water will not occur.

The boat cover will fit 17-19 feet V-hull runabouts with a beam width up to 102 inches.


  • Support pole not included

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How Much Coverage Do You Need

With the exception of Arkansas, Utah, and Hawaii, where some type of liability coverage is required, boat owners dont need a minimum amount of boat insurance in most states. This means that finding the right policy for you will mainly depend on four factors: first, the type of boat you have, second, what you use it forfishing, sports, recreation with family or friends, etc., third, how protected you want your boat to be, and fourth, how much are you willing to pay.

If your intention is purchasing a well-rounded boat insurance policy, it should at least feature some type of liability coverage, collision, and medical payments. These three options will cover damages caused to property, physical damages to your boat, and medical expenses for you or passengers. Adding extra coverage to your policy such as towing and roadside assistance can also come in handy. Keep in mind that sometimes companies include services in their policies that others offer for an additional cost. In order to find the best policy and price, you should at least get three quotes from different companies and compare what coverage and services they feature in their policies.

Concept Special Risks Accelerant Insurance Company

Concept Special Risks is one of the largest yacht insurance carriers and specializes in boats that are located in areas that have named storm exposure and also boat owners who want to cruise not on the US and Bahamas, but also cruise the Caribbean and even worldwide

Concept Special Risks also has a reputation as a carrier that can insure first time boat owners or boat owners with limited boating experience. If you are a first-time boat owner or have limited experience, then be sure to make a boating resume to send to your yacht insurance broker so that she/he can get you approved. A good boating resume will help you.

This yacht insurance carrier is also one of the most flexible insurance carriers when it comes to navigational changes. This carrier can even insure boats that are in the Virgin Islands during hurricane season, so long as you have a strong hurricane plan that the insurance carrier reviews and approves.

We have heard that Concept offers a fast turnaround time. A motor boat owner told us that they needed to get their new hurricane plan approved on a Friday before a hurricane hit that Saturday and that Concept was able to approve within hours. Most companies cannot offer this quick service.

Concept Special Risks also has a reputation for being able to insure older boats and boats that are custom builds as well as boats that do not fit the traditional model of build or cruising area.

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Navis Marine Offshore Sailing Jacket Bib Pants

Last but not least, comes our utility pick between the Top Recommendations. This item isnt only there for the cold weather but will offer you protection during storms and winds you might come across on the open waters. Every experienced boater knows how hard it might be to exit the cockpit and go fight the waves and wind.

Therefore our waterproof and windproof pick, specially designed for this type of weather, should help. Make sure you have your sailing jacket and pants ready for your next adventure before setting the sails.

List Of Top Recommendations

World Cat 246 SF

After we have reviewed over a dozen items that fall in the best boat accessories category, we should move over to choosing the best ones. We believe that no boat should ever float without its accessories, as the owner should never go onboard without his or her gear and gadgets.

After a long list of accessories one might take into consideration, we have hand-picked the ones we want to point out.

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More Insight Into Our Methodology

Shopping for boat insurance is somewhat similar to getting car insurance, with one major difference: theyre not standardized. First because boat insurance is not required in all states, except for the three statesArkansas, Utah, and Hawaiiwhere boat owners are required to have some kind of liability coverage, and second because of boats themselves. While cars tend to have similar purposes and structures, and are only slightly different in size, boats have many purposes and come in significantly different sizes and styles. Additionally, boat owners face a wide range of risks in the water that car owners do not face on the road. This means that theres not a suggested minimum coverage requirement, and that companies consider different factors to determine policy costs and boat owners risks.

In order to choose the best boat insurance companies we focused on the following factors:

What Is The Best Way To Clean The Hull Of Your Vessel

The best way to have your boat cleaned is by an experienced/licensed boat bottom cleaning company that offers underwater services.

Not only will a diver clean the hull but also inspect and check for delamination, blisters, zinc anode condition, clear intakes and running gear. Hull cleaning divers will use the least abrasive materials to start such as:

  • Canvas/cloth gloves

  • Light-to-heavy duty cleaning pads

  • scrapers and rotary brushes

  • pressure washers-typically ONLY for heavily fouled hardware for initial cleanings, great for thruster tunnels as well

Upon completion of the cleaning, the diver should supply you with a clear list of findings and any maintenance suggestions. Although you could perform the hull cleaning yourself, it is best to hire a professional to complete the job properly and safely.

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Yachtinsure Underwriters Clear Blue Insurance Company

Yachtinsure at one time was one of the best carriers for boaters based in the USA, as well as boat owners that cruise worldwide. This carrier offers good client service and we have heard great things about their claims department being very responsive and easy to work with.

This company is able to all types of boats that are based in Florida, Bahamas, And the Caribbean during hurricane season, as long as you are able to submit a boat hurricane plan that they feel is safe and that they approve. We have heard from cruisers that kept their boat in the US for the first year then wanted to sail to Panama and through the panama canal and Yachtinsure was able to easily adjust their policy do to this.

Update 12/2019: We heard from a SeaRay 55 boat owner that had his boat destroyed in a hurricane that this company sent an insurance adjuster and a salvage diver to find his boat. Once the boat was found underwater, the carrier verified that is was a total loss and paid him quickly for his boat. This person also said that the claims manager helped him over the weekend.

If you are working with a yacht insurance broker, then ask them if Yachtinsure might be a good fit for you and your cruising needs.

Hanham Insurance Agency Hugo Hanham Gross

Do Not Buy These 8 Boats… You’ll Regret It If You Do (Part I)

Hanham Insurance Agency is a popular, independent insurance agency based in Charleston, South Carolina. This agency specializes in US and international yacht owners and writes with the carriers listed in the below insurance review as well as others not listed. Hanham accommodates a range of boat sizes but specializes policies for in boats in the 35 90 ft range.

The owner and broker in charge, Hugo, began working for Lloyds of London, tailoring policies for superyachts, some of which were worth over $200M+. Hugo says he now prefers to work with owners of smaller yachts because he enjoys the client relationships more on smaller yachts.

From my personal observations and feedback I have heard from Hanham clients, this small sized insurance brokerage is an excellent choice for people who value professional and attentive client service as well as an insurance policy or multiple quotes that are tailored specifically for your needs.

In general, the benefit to a smaller customer-service driven agency is the attention that your policy receives. Ive learned that Hugo and his team are devoted to their clients, are always quick to respond, and are actually willing to take time to help and explain things to people.

Update 09/2019: We recently heard of an owner of a 57 motor boat who was caught in the current and hit a coral head in the Bahamas. Hanham held their hand their hand through the claims process and the owner told us that Hugo at Hanham is my broker for life

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Boat

Although some homeowners insurance policies cover boats, these typically come with several limitations. In most cases homeowners policies treat your boat like any other household possession , meaning that your policy will only cover the boat up to a certain value . Whats more, liability insurance for your boat isnt typically included under your homeowner’s insurance. This means youd be out any liability or injury costs in the event of a boating accident.

Here We Explain The Basics Of Marine Insurance And Review The Best Boat Insurance Providers

Hopefully his policy hasnt expired

Finding the best boat insurance package shouldnt be a difficult job. You need to review insurance policies from at least 3 reputable providers, then pick the most appropriate one. Give them your credit card number and youre done. Almost all boat insurance specialist agencies write with the same boat insurance carriers, so it is best to develop a relationship with a reputable broker and let them guide you through the boat insurance process.

Next thing you know, youre out on the water and you can relax.

The following review began as a shared resource for my boating friends at our local marina. We all moored on the same dock and we often found ourselves complaining about our boat insurance cost and policy details.

Full disclosure: I figured there was a need for a publicly accessible, comprehensive review of the popular powerboat and sailboat insurance providers. It is important to always read your boat insurance policy and ask your boat insurance agent any questions. This article should be viewed as a broad overview of boat insurance. Each insurance policy differs, so ALWAYS reference your insurance policy for coverage details.

After reading this article youll have a better idea which is the best insurance policy for you. You should also know how much boat insurance is going to cost you. Almost all the insurance reviews below contain links to receive a free online quote.

This review is divided into 2 parts:

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