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Must Have Pontoon Boat Accessories

Perfectly Sized Grill That Mounts To Your Pontoon Boat

Top 10 Must Have Boating Gadgets & Accessories
  • Portable gas grill with 145-square-inch grilling area and foldaway legs
  • Cooks 8 burgers, 8 steaks, 6 to 10 chicken breasts, or 4 pounds of fish
  • Powerful 5,500 BTU stainless-steel burner and even-heating porcelain-enameled grate

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No party is complete without a little grilling as munching on sandwiches on chips wont cut it for an all-day party. That is why this pontoon grill is an essential accessory. The Cuisinart CGG-180T grill can cook evenly and efficiently. It fits quite nicely on any tabletop. Not only that, but you can also modify it and hang it on the railing of your boat.

It is quite easy to take apart or put back together to get it on the water as quickly as possible, going 20 mph for adults and 15 mph for children. Its big enough for one person at a time and has 4 handles covered with nylon.

What we like:

What we dont like:

  • Cant be adapted to a hard gas line

Waterproof Bags Or Dry Bags

Theres no contest here when it comes to spending money on this pontoon boat accessory. Waterproof bags, or dry bags as they are also called, protect your personal items from becoming water-logged during your travels. Waterproof bags come in a variety of styles, from large duffel bags, to smaller dry bags. While you might shrug it off, because you already have a waterproof backpack, know that a dry bag is much better. Dry bags can be submersed in the water, and still protect your valuables, whereas a backpack might not. If you plan on carrying your phone and pocket book, then look for a dry bag that comes with additional, waterproof compartments.

Streamlight Spotlight With 120

Boating at night is quite unpredictable and its a challenge to maneuver boats without the assistance of light that’s why its always important to keep a spotlight on board that greatly delivers.

The lightweight, lithium ion rechargeable Streamlight Waypoint Spotlight produces 1,000-lumens with a farther reaching beam of 678-meter. It is also rechargeable and can be adjusted to high, medium, and low intensity modes. It is perfect for long outdoor activities since its very portable and offers longer run time. Plus, no worries if you accidentally dropped it water since it will just float there for easy retrieval.

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Cuisinart Grill Modified For Pontoon Boat

Modified specifically for pontoon boats, this Cuisinart Grill comes with with Arnall’s Grill Bracket Set that is perfect for your Pontoon railing. Its very easy to install and stow and one great thing about it is it will not scratch or mark your railing.

The Cuisinart Petit Grill weighs about 18 pounds has a grilling surface of 145 square inches is perfect for grilling burgers and sausages. Cuisinart Grill comes with a stainless steel burner, drip tray, locking lid, easy carry handle, and a larger cooking area than Coleman’s Perfect Flow portable grill.

Bring The Bar To The Water

Summer Must Have Boating Beach and Ideas

The perfect follow up to our grill is the luxury item most boat owners dream ofthe built in bar!

I mean, pontoon boats are known for versatility, but they havent forgotten their roots as the luxury craft for entertaining. And what better way to entertain friends and family onboard than by sitting around the bar?

Now it should be noted that the laws on drinking on the waters vary by province, and often restrict alcohol consumption on board.

That said, even for areas in which alcohol on board would be restricted, hanging around on the bar stools and sharing cold drinks will always create the perfect atmosphere. Not to mention, the bar provides an extra eating space for larger groups of people or for the kids.

Alternatively, if you arent in the market for a built in bar, there are many options for portable beverage holders / bars. Essentially, you have a tray which can be secured to the pontoons railings or to the table, and it is designed to safely hold glasses and bottles in place while you are on the water.

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The Must Have For Water Sport Enthusiasts

The pontoons of yesteryear caught a bad rap as being a big cruiser best suited for puttering around the lake. But, did you realize that these luxury crafts are now also being designed for water sport enthusiasts?

While modern pontoons have the power and speed needed to pull you up out of the water and around the lake, there still are limitations as a result of the pontoon boats design.

That said, we have another great accessory to fix that little problem!

The issue with wakeboarding and water skiing being a pontoon is that the low design of the pontoon boat can leave your rope dragging in the water, making it difficult to catch any serious air.

For serious skiing and wakeboarding, you can easily add a tow bar to most pontoon boat models to keep your rope from dragging. Time to catch some air!

Best Pontoon Boat Accessories

There are many different accessories you can purchase for your Pontoon Boat. Not everyone wants their boat to be the same as everyone elses. Using accessories, you can customize your boat to suit your preferences. Customizing your boat is the best way to make it yours.

In this article Ill be recommended some of the best pontoon boat accessories. Most of these accessories can be purchased from Amazon.

I had already touched on a few of these accessories in my article on the cost of a pontoon boat. However, here Ill be recommending a few more and explaining why you need them in more detail.

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How Much Should Be The Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of every boat varies depending upon the size of the boat. Before buying the boat, estimate the number of passengers you want aboard.

Whatever the space limit of the boat is, try not to exceed the limit otherwise, you have to bear the consequences. We will highly recommend you to buy a pontoon boat according to the number of people.

West Marine Three Layer Water Carpet

My boat “Must have” accessories…What are yours?!

What could be more relaxing than unrolling one of these floating foam mats, and lounging next to the boat? The Three Layer Water Carpet comes in three different sizes, the largest of which can support up to six adults and 900 pounds.

Theyre outfitted with grommets so you can tie them off next to the boat and enjoy care-free fun afloat, and webbed cinch straps makes it easy to roll them back up and stow them away at the end of the day.

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Fully Charged Marine Fire Extinguisher

If your boat has a motor, I would strongly advise you to keep a near it. Checking its gauge is crucial as you may end up bringing an empty can.

If you have a fire extinguisher already on the boat, make sure its regularly checked. Before you set sail, I would recommend you to check it for green reading . Thats because you dont want a hazardous incident that you cant control due to an expired fire extinguisher.

Do you know? These fire extinguishers are classified by letters. Each letter indicate the type of fire the extinguisher is designed to extinguish:

  • A for combustible solids, wood, paper, cloth, etc.
  • B for flammable liquids and gases
  • C for energized electrical equipment
  • D for combustible metals

Find the right one depending upon your boats construction and material.

Trailer Locks & Security

If you have your pontoon trailered up when not in use, it could be at risk of being stolen. There are plenty of solutions that you can implement to help secure your boat and trailer from theft, with my preferred trailer locks and anti-theft methods available for you to view.

Whilst you can never 100% secure your trailer from being stolen, with a mix of methods and products as outlined in my guide, you can make the thieves job that much harder, hopefully helping to protect your hard-earned investment.

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Porta Potti Portable Toilet

If you are lucky enough to have a built-in toilet in your pontoon, this isnt for you. For others: When you are out fishing on your pontoon on those long weekends, a portable toilet is a crucial pontoon fishing accessory for doing your business. Odorless and leak-proof, the Thetford Porta Potti is hands-down one of these best portable toilets out there. Sleek, minimalist, and almost homelike, this toilet has a battery-powered flush and a comfortable seat height. Incredibly easy to clean, it also comes with a sealed value to prevent any bad smells from escaping.

Choosing Your Pontoon Boat Accessories

18+ Must Have Boating Accessories

The main reason that pontoon boats are so great is because of all their extra space. This allows you to experiment with various accessories, like additional tables or a wine rack.

As you can see, there are a number of pontoon boat accessories that can help you get the most out of your pontoon. The right accessory can make your boat become the ultimate angler, sporting, or party boat. Just make sure to do your research and see if all parts are compatible with your specific pontoon boat before making any purchases

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Blue Pontoon Boat Led Light Kit

Have the coolest looking pontoon boat on the water with this illuminating light kit.

The kit offers a complete exterior lighting kit that includes a universal fit and wiring setup for any size pontoon boat.

The kit is an easy two-wire hookup with a red and black wire which uses low power consumption.

It is built with 300 LED lights that runs on 12 volts and connects to your boat battery for power.

The product ships from Ohio and the seller claims it should be to your doorstep within 1-3 business days!

Freetoo Wireless Led Fish Bite Alarm

A wireless LED fish bite alarm is another awesome pontoon fishing accessory, especially if you use multiple rods for fishing. This is a pack of 3 fish bite alarm indicators with LED lights that can be fitted to your fishing rods. You can either opt for the sound alarm system to notify you of fish bite or you can go for the LED mode for a more peaceful and quiet environment. Exquisitely designed and lightweight, these fish bite indicators are incredibly easy to install and wont damage your fishing lines either. The best thing about this is that the sound is loud enough and the light is bright enough to catch your attention even if you are lost in thoughts or concentrating elsewhere.

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Pontoon Boat Accessories: A Complete Guide

Pontoon boats are the perfect boat for enjoying time out on the water with your friends and family, but what types of accessories can help you maximize that time? We have carefully put together a list of must-have Pontoon Boat accessories. Enjoyable, exciting, and, at times, sensible, all are here.

Not ready to splash out on a pontoon boat of your own? Well, with Boatsetters revolutionary peer-to-peer service, you can sample one for yourself without all the hassle. Besides, most of our rentals come with a range of water toys and accessories. What is not to love?

Hiumi Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder

Cool Gear for Your Pontoon or Tri-Toon Boat (Are Your Favorites On the List?)

Not all pontoon boats were designed for anglers. If youre an avid fisherman with a boat that doesnt have a fishing rod holder, youre in luck. Hiumis fishing rod holders are sturdy and compatible with all types of boats and rods.

Unlike the cheaper, plastic snap-on style, Hiumis rod holders are created from a strong ABS polymer. Theyre able to resist damage from rust and corrosion, making them strong enough for any wear-and-tear you put on them. Since theyre easy to mount and install, youll have these on and ready to use in about 20 minutes.

Mounting some of these is a must of any serious angler.

Check out more of the best rod holders for pontoon boats.

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Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Speakers

If theres one accessory my family and I always take on our boating trips, its our AOMAIS waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It goes on camping trips, vacations, BBQs, and anywhere else we want to play our music.

Its rugged, is waterproof even when dropped in water, and can be hooked up to an iPhone or other Bluetooth device that can play music. It produces a great sound, so you can take it from deck, and then onto the beach once your anchored up.

Power Pole Blade Series

Anchor your boat in shallow water with this power pole blade series. The innovative design makes this pole able to stabilize your boat in the shallowest of waters.

comes with a powder-coated protective finish that gives it its sleek galvanized look.

Its pump is relatively silent and can be controlled using a wireless remote.

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Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak

Most of you will be familiar with the inflatable pontoon boats. But if you are looking for something more fun and affordable, how about investing in an inflatable kayak for your pontoon. This kid-friendly fishing pontoon accessory is an ideal way of having fun days out on the water. Whats more, you can explore new hard-to-reach areas for fishing. This two-person Intex Explorer kayak can be quickly inflated with the included high output air pump. Plus, it can be easily stored out of sight under your seats. Best of all, the yellow color provides improved visibility in case of emergencies.

Things To Consider Before Buying Pontoon Boat Accessories

Must have for the pontoon

Pontoon boat accessories are a must if you want to make the most out of your pontoon adventures. Be it portable grills or cup holders, you must reserve a part of your boat budget to cater to these boating essentials.

The market is brimming with stuff for your pontoon, so it is easy to go overboard.

However, you must consider all options wisely before you make your purchases. Here are a few things to consider before you choose your pontoon boat accessories-

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Eliminator Trolling Motor Nut

This trolling motor nut does just that. It significantly reduces prop noises and associated vibrations. It also features a cooling system which decreases the operating temperature of your trolling motor, thereby prolonging the battery life.

Designed to fit the majority of Motorguide trolling motors, you cant go wrong with this eliminator trolling motor nut.

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Where To Buy Boat Accessories

Your dealership is always a good place to start looking for boat accessories. They will have a smaller selection, and the prices will be slightly higher. Still, if you buy from a boat dealership, most of their products come with the manufacturer warranty, installation, and the expert knowledge of the dealers and mechanics. You can also find the most popular boat accessories online on the manufacturers website or a site like Amazon. Outdoor stores like Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas are also great places to look in person for boat accessories. Finally, your local marina will likely have some selection of the more popular and basic boat accessories as well.

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Thermopro Wireless Remote Cooking Thermometer

If you’re going to be utilizing a grill or doing any kind of cooking onboard, then the ThermoPro Wireless Remote Cooking Thermometer is a must. It’s in-expensive and can assist you by not burning or overcooking your meat.

The great thing about the ThermoPro is that it allows you to do other things like entertain your guests, or have fun, without needing to worry while the food is cooking. The set up is easy and it just beeps once it reaches the desired temperature. No constant checking required!

Best Pontoon Party Boat Accessories For 2021

Pontoon Accessories – Drink Holders, Trash Storage and More!

If youre thinking of hosting a party on your boat in 2021, there are some must-have pontoon party boat accessories to get you ready for your guests and some additional party essentials to guarantee that youll all have a great time onboard.

For more party boat ideas, check out our always-updated ultimate pontoon gift guide in addition to these other pontoon boat gift ideas. You can also create an awesome party island on one of these floating water pads.

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Pontoon Boat Seat Cover

Whether you use your pontoon boat in salty waters like open sea or ocean or inland lakes and rivers, your boat must endure the elements.

Whether you use your boat during all seasons or keep it stored for months at a time, pontoon boat seat covers are a must.

Pontoon boat seat covers protect your boat from harmful UV rays, bird droppings, spiders, color fading, and exposure to the elements, and your boat will look new for years to come.

Here are some things to look at when choosing pontoon boat seat covers

  • Water resistance
  • Color stability, no washing out or fading.
  • The recommended fabric material is polyester or vinyl.
  • Easy folding with straps and bags for onboard storage
  • Easy on/off fitting
  • Warranty

RV Cover Supply manufactures quality covers that do a great job of protecting the largest captain seats.

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