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How To Renew Boat Registration In Tennessee

With The Online Vessel Registration System You Can:

Boat Registration Renewal
  • View/Manage Your Current Vessel Registration Records and Check the Status of Pending Vessel Applications.
  • Renew Existing Registrations in Your Name Online Using a Debit / Credit Card .
  • Upload Your completed Application for Boat Certificate of Number certified by a TN County Clerk or TN boat dealer to complete your first-time registration.
  • Submit & Pay for Your Application Online .

Renewing a registration that does not involve a change of ownership

Renewals can be done online. You may also renew instantly by going to any business that sells TWRA hunting and fishing licenses or any of the TWRA Regional Offices in Jackson, Nashville, Crossville, or Morristown. You must have the boat registration TN number and the license agent will ask for your last name, date of birth, and last 4 of your SSN. You will receive a temporary registration which will allow you to operate your boat until your new decals and registration card arrive by mail, in about 2 weeks.

Auto Renew for Vessels

Will I Lose Everything If I Log Out

When you log out, your progress is recorded so that when you log in again, you can pick up where you left off. When logging back in, you will be taken to the Course Contents page where you can see the progress you have made. You can click on a link for the last page viewed to go back to that part of the course.

Boat Registration & License Fees

The fees associated with operating your boat are as follows:

  • Registration/renewal fee, which depends on the length of your boat :
  • Class I16 ft: $18.
  • Class II16 ft to 26 ft: $23.
  • Class III26 ft to 40 ft: $73.
  • Class IV40 ft and longer: $98.
  • Registration certificate replacement fee: $3.
  • Transfer fee for vessels:
  • With current AL registration: $3.
  • Without current registration: $3.
  • Class V boating license: $23.
  • Application fee: $5.
  • NOTE: There is an additional $2 issuance fee.

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    General Information About Numbers

    We’ll guide you through the process of creating Tennessee boat numbers when you click design now. Each state has specific verbiage as to their requirements. See the Tennessee specific section below. The general requirements for boat registrations numbers are as follows:

    • A minimum of 3″ letter height
    • A block style font such as
    • Generally located on the forward hull portion of the boat next to the DNR tag
    • A contrasting color to base color of your boat.
    • Letters separated by a space or a dash

    Tn Boat Registration Fees

    Tennessee boating registration fees expected to see first ...

    The costs of registering your boat with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency are as follows:

    • Original and renewal vessel registrationVaries by validity period and boat length:
    • 1 year for boats measuring:
    • 16 ft or less: $13.
    • 16 ft to 26 ft: $25.
    • 26 ft to 40 ft: $38.
    • 40 ft or more: $51.
  • 2 years for vessels measuring:
  • 16 ft or fewer: $24.
  • 16 ft to 26 ft: $48.
  • 26 ft to 40 ft: $72.
  • 40 ft or greater: $97.
  • 3 years for watercraft measuring:
  • 16 ft or under: $35.
  • 16 ft to 26 ft: $71.
  • 26 ft to 40 ft: $107.
  • 40 ft or longer: $142.
  • Duplicate registration card OR decals: $6.
  • Sales tax:
  • State: 7% of the purchase price.
  • Local: Varies by TN countycall your county clerk’s office for specifics on what you may owe.
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    Exemptions From Boat Registration And Titling In Tennessee

    Common boat registration exemptions in Tennessee include non-motored vessels or anything powered by paddles or oars. Also, the list of which boats are exempt from registration in Tennessee includes boats registered in other states that will be on TN waters for fewer than 60 days. As a matter of state policy, no boats of any type need a certificate of title in Tennessee.

    Tennessee Boat Registration Fees

    If you are wondering about registration costs, you should know that boat registration fees in Tennessee are statewide, and do not vary by county. Boat registration costs in Tennessee are as follows:

    • Vessels 16 and under: $13 $24 $35
    • Vessels 16 to less than 20: $25 $48 $71
    • Vessels 26 to less than 40: $38 $72 $107
    • Vessels 40 or longer: $51 $97 $142

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    Bill Of Sale For Boat

    A Bill of Sale for a boat must have adequate information to positively link the BOS to the boat, similar to the example WRD BOS.

    Owners of Georgia registered boats must notify the Department, in writing, of sale or transfer, theft or recovery, or destruction or abandonment of a boat within 15 days.

    The following should be on the BOS:

    • GA or Other State Registration Number
    • HIN #
    • Hull Material
    • Sellers and Buyers Signature

    It is a judgment call whether WRD believes the BOS received is adequate to link the vessel to the BOS in a reasonably sufficient manner, or whether other documents such as a transferred title, a manufacturers statement of origin, or other information supports the submitted BOS. A BOS does not have to be witnessed OR notarized, although this is acceptable.

    If it is determined that a BOS is not available at all or is not adequate, the customer should obtain an adequate BOS. If a BOS cannot be obtained, the Affidavit of Vessel Ownership process may be completed.

    Renewing Your Tennessee Boat Registration

    TN hunting, fishing licenses expire Sunday

    You can renew boat registration online in Tennessee and should be aware of how to renew your boat registration in Tennessee as all registrations eventually expire, and expired registrations may inhibit your ability to legally operate a boat in the state. Renewal can also be handled in person at any business where Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency hunting and fishing licenses are sold, including large mass retailers like Wal-Mart.

    The white copy of your renewal is mailed in for processing while the yellow copy serves as a temporary proof of registration. Boaters should carry the yellow temporary registration document on the vessel any time it is in operation, to prove registration status if stopped by a marine law enforcement officer. Like the car registration renewal process, this procedure is crucial to vessel owners.

    Alternatively, boat registration renewal in Tennessee can be handled by mailing the renewal notice received in the mail to the address below. The boat registration TN number will be required and its a good idea to also have the TWRA ID number at hand. Registration decals are typically received within 2 to 3 weeks.

    Boat RegistrationTennessee Wildlife Resources AgencyP.O. Box 41729Nashville, TN 37204

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    Boater Safety Courses In Tennessee

    All boaters are required to take a safety course if they plan to operate a vessel with more than 8.5 horsepower or a sailboat that has a secondary motorized method of propulsion. This Tennessee boating safety course law is only applicable to residents born after January 1, 1989. While there are many ways to take an official boater safety course in Tennessee, the most convenient option is usually an online class.

    Boating safety education is required of anyone 12 and older operating a vessel, and boaters must possess the Boating Safety Education Certificate on their person while boating. Boating safety exams will not be administered to anyone under the age of 12, nor will certification be issued. Keep in mind that it is illegal to operate a vessel powered by more than 8.5 horsepower without this certification.

    S For Getting New Boat Registration

    Vessel owners must complete a boat registration procedure in addition to obtaining a boaters license. Boat registration can either in person at the designated recreation department office in their state or online and by mail. The methods for registering a boat may vary depending on the state where you live, because each department has its own regulations and procedures. For instance, California offers boaters the option to complete a vessel registration procedure either by submitting the needed documents via mail or bringing them in person to a nearby office. Moreover, boaters are encouraged to check the list of required documents for a boat registration and title in order to avoid any inconvenience when present at the office. Therefore, contact the appropriate state department prior to registering a boat in your state in order to find out the available methods and the necessary requirements.

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    New Boating Registration Fees

    When registering boats in your state, a few procedures must be satisfied. Boat registration requirements may differ from one state to another, as well as the fees needed for registering boats and watercrafts. The cost of boat registration fees will also depend on other factors, such as the type and class of vessel you own and your state of residence. For instance, boaters who wonder how to register boats in Florida may be required to pay some or all of the following types of fees, depending on their specific situation:

    • Title fees.
    • The original title fee per lien recorded.
    • Fees for previous vessels located out of the state.
    • Original boat registration fees, which vary based on the length and class of the vessel.
    • Boat registration service fees.

    Note that these fees will also vary based on your residential state and specific situation. Therefore, boaters who want to find out specific boat registration fees are encouraged to contact their state recreational department.

    How Do I Replace My Boater Education Certificate If Ive Lost It Or It Has Been Damaged

    Boat Registration Renewal Season

    If you have already received the Boater Education Certificate after taking this online course and need a replacement certificate, you can order one at .

    If you were born after 1/1/1989 and completed the In-Person Exam to receive the TWRA-issued card, please visit for information about replacing your Boater Education Certificate.

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    Al Boat Registration Exemptions

    The Alabama Marine Patrol Division does not require boat registration for a vessel:

    • With valid temporary certificates of number.
    • Currently registered in another state, as long as the vessel won’t be in AL for more than 90 consecutive days.
    • Registered in another country, temporarily operating in Alabama.
    • Owned by a government entity .
    • That is a ship’s lifeboat.
    • Not propelled by machinery .
    • Documented as commercialwith the U.S. Coast Guard.
    • Boats documented for pleasure will need to be registered.

    Additionally, Alabama does not require you to register boat trailers.

    How To Look Up Tennessee Boat Registration Numbers

    To legally own a motor-powered boat in Tennessee, the owner must register it with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. During this process, the owner receives a registration number that proves the boat is legally treading the state’s waters. While this number is essential to boat ownership, it is also required for buying, selling and transferring titles of all motor-powered water vessels in Tennessee. For a minimum fee, those seeking boat registration numbers can gain access to an online database .

    Step 1

    Go to

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Narrow the search criteria by searching only the boats registered in Tennessee. Scroll through the yielded results until you find the registration number you are looking for.


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    Birthday Bonus For Georgia Boat Owners

    Starting July 2013, Georgia residents who have a boat registered with the state can fish on their birthday as part of their boat registration fee.

    Its a one-day bonus for the states some 300,000 resident boat owners. This offer from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources also covers use of some DNR shooting ranges, plus some other sporting privileges. To take advantage of it, boat owners just have to get outdoors.

    The birthday bonus is a one-day resident combination license that not only allows Georgians 16 and older who own a vessel and have a valid, current registration to fish , it covers many other recreational opportunities, including fishing at public fishing areas, accessing state lands where a Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass is otherwise required, hunting small game and feral hogs on private land, and using shooting ranges where a license is required.

    The license is good for the primary boat owners birthday during the three years the boat registration is valid.

    Boat owners must carry a Georgia ID, such as a drivers license, and their plastic vessel registration card to show proof of a valid vessel registration. Activities like mountain trout fishing and big-game and migratory bird hunting require additional paid licenses. Saltwater fishing requires an additional free permit.

    What Does The Message Your Session Has Expired Due To Inactivity Mean

    Boat Registration – WY

    If you have not been active within the course for more than 15 minutes, you will automatically be logged out of your session. A notice stating, Your session has expired due to inactivity will appear at the top of the course. Log back in, and you can continue interacting with the course. Your progress will have been recorded, and you should be able to continue where you left off in the course.

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    Hull Number Correction Information

    The U.S. Coast Guard has mandated that all registered vessels in the State of Tennessee provide a properly formatted Hull Identification Number to TWRA.

    The Hull Identification Number is a 12 character serial number that uniquely identifies a boat and is formatted according to US Coast Guard standards. The HIN is similar to the VIN on a car. Vessels manufactured or imported before 1973 are EXEMPT because they often do not have a HIN. All boats manufactured or imported after 1972, must have a HIN, and this HIN must be identified during the boat registration process. HIN numbers are typically located:

    • On sport and fishing boats, they can be found on the back right outside corner.
    • On pontoons, they can be found on the right side of the frame above the pontoon, but below the deck.
    • On personal watercraft, they can be found under the seat as well as on the lip of the footrest.

    If you are unable to locate the HIN number in any of these locations, photos of these areas of the vessel will be required.

    Customers with an invalid HIN may renew their boats but within the next three years, our system may decline these renewals and any new owner applications in order to comply with the Agencys Coast Guard deadline.

    It is imperative to correct these numbers in the system before that deadline.

    Do I Have To Take An Online Exam

    The Certification Exam is the exam you take at the end of the online course. You must score at least 80% on the exam to pass. You have unlimited attempts to pass the exam. If you dont complete the exam in one session, dont worry. When you log in later, you will be taken to the first unanswered question of the exam.

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    Boats Bought From Dealers

    If you bought your vessel from a dealer, most of the registration process will be completed at the dealership. You will need:

    • A boat registration application, provided by the dealer.
    • The dealer will need to stamp your application as proof of sales tax paid.

    Then, you can submit the above items:

    • In person OR by mail to the address on the boat registration application.
    • Online by uploading your application to the TWRA’s registration portal.

    Selling/buying A Used Boat: What Documents Do I Give The Buyer/receive From The Seller

    Boat registration fees to see first increase in 12 years ...

    The documents that will later be used to transfer or register a boat in Georgia from a private sale may vary, depending if the boat is already registered in Georgia, if the boat has a paper title issued, if the boat has been reported sold, and if the seller is the owner of record in the Georgia registration system. There are many possible scenarios, but these below are the most common.

    A Bill of Sale for a boat must have adequate information to positively link the BOS to the boat.

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    Vehicle Title And Registration

    Applicants will need to submit the following:

    For New Vehicles:

    • Manufacturers Statement of Origin
    • Bill of Sale
    • Copy of current registration
    • *In order to transfer your current license plate, the new vehicle must be titled exactly as the previous vehicle
    • If a dealership has mailed your paperwork to the County Clerks office for processing, please have your tracking number so that we will be able to find your information.
    • For Pre-Owned Vehicles:
    • Title
    • Passed Emissions Test Certificate All vehicles up to 10,500 pounds must be tested
    • If the vehicle is purchased from an out of County dealer, the customer is required to pay the County Wheel Tax Fee
    • Copy of current registration
    • *In order to transfer your current license plate, the new vehicle must be titled exactly as the previous vehicle
    • If a dealership has mailed your paperwork to the County Clerks office for processing, please have your tracking number so that we will be able to find your information.

    Individual Purchase:

    • Passed Emissions Test Certificate All vehicles up to 10,500 pounds must be tested
    • Sales tax will be collected on purchase price of vehicle less trade-in, if any

    New Residents or Those Relocating to Williamson County:

    • Out of State Title
    • Passed Tennessee Emissions Test Certificate
    • Most current Out-of-State Registration

    Fee – $65.75 includes regular auto license plate, title, and wheel tax

    Fee – $54.75 includes regular auto license plate fee and wheel tax

    Fee – $14.50

    Payment Methods Accepted:

    Watercraft And Boat Registration

    The procedure for registering jet skis and other water craft is the same as the procedure for registering boats transferred between individuals. Dealers coordinate registration, etc. when sales of boats and other water craft are made by their business.

    A Bill of Sale for Boat is needed. An existing boat registration is helpful. State Sales Tax is 7% on the purchase price. If the price of the boat is between $1,600 and $3,200, an additional 2.75% State Sales Tax is applied, with a cap of $44.00. Local Sales Tax is 2.5%, up to $1,600 with a cap of $40.00

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