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Does Bank Of America Do Boat Loans

What Is A Good Interest Rate On A Used Boat Loan

Financing a Boat and What Works Best

While used boat loans can occasionally have rates higher than those offered for new boats, this isnt always the case. In fact, many lenders offer the same competitive rates whether youre buying used, new, or even refinancing. Because of this, applicants can expect to find used boat loans with rates in the 4% to 5% APR range.

For instance, Bank of the West our overall top pickoffers interest rates starting at 3.59% APR for watercraft over $50,000, whether the boat is new or used.

We Make It Easy To Finance Your Camper Or Boat With No Money Down

Up to 100% financing with terms that make your monthly payment affordable.

At America’s Credit Union we know that your RV and boat are more than just toys, they’re an extension of your personality. That’s why we make it easy to finance your camper or boat with no money down and up to 100% financing with terms that make your monthly payment affordable.

If your RV, travel trailer, or boat is less than $50,000 we offer loans from 24 months to 96 months to make your payment affordable and easy to manage.

If your RV, travel trailer, or boat is more than $50,000 we offer special loan terms from 97 to 120 months for larger purchases.

If you’re in the market for a boat, ACU will finance the trailer, motor, and any dealer accessories up to 100% of the MSRP value in the same loan! That’s one easy payment for everything you need to get on the water.

If you’ve been looking for someone who understands how important quick weekend trips to the lake are with your family and why you might want to “unplug” and unwind for a few weeks or months, by land or sea. Talk to a Loan Officer about your plans with your RV or boat and we’ll work to find the right solution for you.

The Best Rv Loans Of September 2021

Check rates > >

*With auto-pay discount

Getting an RV loan is more akin to getting a home loan than an auto loan RV loans can be large loans that are harder to qualify for.

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With multiple types of RVs available, ranging from small trailers pulled behind SUVs or trucks to luxurious Class A and C motorhomes, finding a lender that fits your purchase price and will finance the type of RV youâre interested in buying can take some work.

Before you start shopping for financing, itâs important to know which type of RV youâre looking to buy. Whatever youâre looking to buy, thereâs probably a loan for it. However, there arenât nearly as many lenders offering RV loans as there are lenders offering auto loans or mortgages.

Here are Insiderâs top picks for RV financing in August 2021.

Types of RVs financed: Any RV, including motorhome and trailer-style RVs

4.29% to 11.89% APR with auto pay

Loan amounts available: $5,000 to $100,000

Watch out for: Credit requirements. LightStream only works with borrowers who have good or better credit, and that could exclude some individuals. The lender defines good credit as having several years of credit history, a variety of credit accounts open, solid repayment history without delinquencies, and stable and sufficient income to repay the loan.

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Charles Schwab And Bank Of America

U.S. Trust was acquired in May 2000 for $2.7 billion in stock, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of Charles Schwab & Co. David Pottruck, CEO of Charles Schwab at the time, pursued the acquisition to broaden the firms wealth management platform and stop client outflow to bigger wealth management firms like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Efforts to integrate the exclusive U.S. Trust into the discount-broker Schwab yielded a culture clash that ultimately undermined the merger. Schwab agreed to sell U.S. Trust to Bank of America for $3.3 billion in cash in November 2006. The acquisition of U.S. Trust was completed in 2007 and significantly strengthened Bank of Americas position in the private banking business and its ability to cater to some of the nation’s wealthiest clients. Keith Banks became president of U.S. Trust in 2008.On July 13, 2000 U.S. Trust Corporation was issued a “cease and desist” order directing U.S. Trust to strengthen money laundering policies relating to the Bank Secrecy Act. The order also included a fine of ten million dollars.

Why You Can Trust Bankrate

Boat Loans and Financing

Founded in 1976, Bankrate has a long track record of helping people make smart financial choices. Weve maintained this reputation for over four decades by demystifying the financial decision-making process and giving people confidence in which actions to take next.

Bankrate follows a strict editorial policy, so you can trust that were putting your interests first. All of our content is authored by highly qualified professionals and edited by subject matter experts, who ensure everything we publish is objective, accurate and trustworthy.

Our loans reporters and editors focus on the points consumers care about most the different types of lending options, the best rates, the best lenders, how to pay off debt and more so you can feel confident when investing your money.

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Alternative Boat Loans Methods

The best way to make sure you get financing for your boat is to get creative. You dont want to approach obtaining a boat loan the wrong way if you’re going to be successful. The more loans you apply for, the more inquiries that will be recorded on your you want to keep your loan applications to a minimum.

Unsecured Personal Loans

One of the best ways to finance a boat is to use an unsecured personal loan. This means that you obtain a loan where the financing isnt tied directly to one of your assets. The brilliant thing about unsecured personal loans is that they can be used for anything the bank doesnt need to approve your purchase. They simply provide you with the money, and you are free to spend it how you like. To purchase a boat using an unsecured loan, you apply for a personal loan and then use the capital to acquire the boat separately.

There are plenty of online lenders that now provide unsecured loans, so you dont have to use a bank to obtain this sort of financing. In fact these alternative lenders can offer fast loans and if you have a decent credit score, the whole process can take a matter of minutes if you choose the right lender.

Secured Personal Loan

Also, if you use too much of your available credit, you might reduce your credit score until you can pay it off.

Message From Bank Of America Auto Loan

Purchasing a car typically means taking out a car loan. If youre in the market for a new vehicle, youve probably spent a lot of time researching car options, but do you have a good understanding of how car loans work? When you take out a car loan from a financial institution, you receive your money in a lump sum, then pay it back over time. How much you borrow, how much time you take to pay it back and your interest rate all affect the size of your monthly payment.

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How Much Can You Borrow With A Heloc

HELOCs are lines of credit that are secured by your home. Once you get approved for a certain amount, you can access your funds by check, phone, credit card, or online up to your HELOC amount.

Bank of America HELOC allows borrowers to apply for lines of credit of up to $1,000,000. Note that the maximum loan amount you can borrow will vary depending on the value of the property, how much you owe on it, and your creditworthiness.

This lender’s maximum loan to value rate is 80% for qualified borrowers. That means the total debt secured by the property cannot exceed 80% of its value. Let’s say you own a property with a current market value of $100k, but you still owe $20k on your mortgage. Your equity would be $80k. In this scenario, if you have excellent credit, you may qualify for a line of credit of up to $60k.

Bank Of America Boat Loan

Bank of America: What does “cosigning” a loan mean and what are my responsibilities?

Being one of the largest financial institutions in the country, Bank of America offers marine financing with lowest interest rates possible that meet all your individual needs. Whether it is for a new boat or a used boat, they have a variety of financing programs that include zero down payment program, no pre-payment penalty program, extended term programs and many more. It has a friendly and a helpful customer service team who happily answer all your queries on boat loans. You need to complete an online application and wait for a quote from the bank.

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Other Ways To Finance A Boat

Although many banks and credit unions may not offer loans specifically designed to finance boats, they offer personal loans or home equity loans and home equity lines of credit that can be used to finance boats. Using these types of loans may enable you to borrow to buy a boat that does not otherwise meet a lenders specification.

Personal loans, because they are unsecured, require excellent credit and are more likely to be obtained for less expensive boats. They also typically will carry a higher interest rate than a loan secured with collateral. They also will need to be repaid in a relatively short period of time.

Home equity loans and lines of credit use the equity in your home to buy the boat. Because this loan is secured with your home as collateral, the interest rate will likely be lower than many other financing options. Depending on your tax situation, you may also be able to deduct the interest you pay. If you default on the loan, however, you will likely lose your home.

What Is A Boat Loan

A boat loan is very similar to an auto loan. Most lenders will ask the borrower to fill out a loan application, which can be fairly thorough. Lenders will also likely ask for information like tax returns and proof of assets. Dont be surprised if the lender asks to see a detailed account of your personal finances they want to make sure theyre giving a loan to someone who can pay it back.

The application process is typically fast, and approval is largely based on your credit score and ability to repay. Though banks typically require 10 percent to 20 percent down for the purchase of a boat, you may be able to finance 100 percent of the cost.

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Best For Quick Funding: Lightstream


  • Minimum credit score: None, but good credit recommended
  • Loan terms : 24 to 84 months

For borrowers looking for fast funding for a boat loan, LightStream is a great option. The lender offers same-day approval and even same-day funding in some cases.

  • Funds deposited as soon as same-day

  • Rate Beat program

  • No fees or collateral required

  • Available for buying or refinancing a boat

  • Offered in all 50 states

  • Loans cap out at $100,000

  • Maximum rates can be high

As part of the Truist bank family, LightStreamalong with SunTrust and BB& Tprovides a variety of banking products and services to customers across the country. This bank operates in all 50 states, offering loans on new, used, and refinanced boats to qualified applicants ages 18 and over.

We chose LightStream as best for quick funding because this bank offers not only same-day approvals but same-day funding in many cases. You can choose your own funding date once approved for your boat loan, even if its the same day you applied.

Boat loans through LightStream are offered from $5,000 to $100,000 with repayment terms ranging from 24 to 84 months. Current interest rates range from 4.29% to 11.89% APR with a 0.50% auto-pay discount. They also offer a Rate Beat program, which promises to offer a rate thats 0.10% lower than the rate offered by a competing lender within the last business day.

Faqs About Boat Loans

Boat Loans for Bad Credit

Visit any Flagstar branch to apply.

Yes. Take advantage of Flagstar’s competitive rates and save.

Loans are available for boat models that are 5 years old or newer. We do not finance:

  • Boats built and used exclusively for racing
  • Non-production boats
  • Damaged boats or boats purchased for reconstruction
  • ID Verification
  • Signed purchase agreement
  • Copy of title
  • Proof of insurance

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Try Peer To Peer Lending

Borrowers who are looking to quickly buy their next boat may find that boat financing approvals may take aggravatingly long. As discussed earlier, there is a better boat financing option for them, from peer to peer lending sites. Boat owners all over the country have enjoyed the benefits of social lending, especially because of the lack of restrictions on use, as well as the attractively low interest rates. Using these unsecured personal loans when buying a boat can help borrowers achieve the life they want right away.

As with any major purchase, borrowers are of course encouraged to first review their financial situation before applying for boat loans .

Boat Loans: Options Interest Rates And Lenders

If it sounds simple, well, thats because it is. Most new boats are purchased with a loan, so well-established procedures are in place. As for who to take out the loan from, youll have three basic options to choose from:

  • Arranging financing through your boat dealer This is usually the best bet. Boat dealers set up boat loans every day, so youll be working with someone who knows the ropes, has established relationships with lenders, and also wants to make the entire transaction happen as quickly and seamlessly as possible. They can usually help with some recommendations for setting up insurance, too.
  • Get a loan from your bank Some buyers who have a lot of equity in their home find it advantageous to take out a home equity loan or a second mortgage, either because they may get a lower interest rate or for tax purposes. Remember, however, that this will add some time and complexity to the transaction.
  • Take out a loan with a lender specializing in marine financing Since financing a boat is a bit different than financing other things, there are some lenders who specialize in it. In fact, theres even an organization, the National Marine Lenders Association, made up of lenders who are familiar with all the ins and outs of making boat loans.
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    About Dealer Financial Services

    Through its Dealer Financial Services unit, Bank of America provides retail loan financing and the full range of commercial banking services to dealers in the automobile, recreational vehicle, and marine industries across the United States. These services include comprehensive inventory financing, commercial loans, depository services, and merchant and treasury management services. Bank of America has relationships with thousands of dealer clients and manages over $50 billion in consumer and commercial loans through Dealer Financial Services.

    Services include:

    • Merchant and treasury management services

    Quick facts:

    • Provides consumers with purchasing power by offering indirect consumer loans through dealerships, captive finance arrangements, and intermediaries
    • Acts as a source of funding for other lenders in the marine and RV industries by purchasing loans through bulk portfolio acquisitions and loan flow relationships

    Best Overall: Bank Of The West

    SBA loans for small businesses

    Bank of the West

    Bank of the West is our top overall pick for a boat loan. The lender features low rates, flexible loan amounts, and widespread availability, making it a great choice for borrowers with good credit looking to purchase a boat.

    • Loans up to $5 million

    • Repayment terms between four and 20 years

    • Available in all 50 states

    • Full-time and liveaboard accepted

    • Fees can be rolled into loan

    • Rates as low as 3.59% APR

    • No cosigners allowed

    Bank of the West is arguably one of the most popular watercraft lenders around. Founded in 1874, Bank of the West, also known as Essex Credit, operates and provides loans to creditworthy borrowers in all 50 states. Boat loans through Bank of the West can range from $10,000 all the way up to $5 million, with repayment terms from four to 20 years depending on the loan amount.

    While the wide range of loan amounts and repayment terms is great, this lender wins our best overall spot because of the types of boats it accepts. Bank of the West offers to finance for boat model year 2001 or newer. Allowed boats include standard and custom power, sailboats, multi-hull boats, pontoon boats, electrical boats, high-performance boats, houseboats, and wood hull boats. One of Essexs few exceptions is boats that are capable of speeds of 99 mph or higher.

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    Boat Loans Only Available In Select States

    Whether you have plans to purchase a new or used boat or you want to refinance the loan on a boat you currently own, keep in mind that Bank of America does not offer boat loans nationwide. While it is a national financial institution that offers a full range of products to meet varied needs for personal and business use alike, boat loans are a unique product. Before you proceed with a loan application, ensure that Bank of America offers boat financing in your area.

    Alternatives To Taking A Boat Loan

    If you cant afford to buy a boat today, or youre not quite ready to make the commitment, here are some alternatives.

    Save up for the purchase. Consider holding off and starting a savings plan toward buying a boat. You may be able to negotiate a cheaper price by paying with cash, and youll avoid paying interest on a loan.

    Join a boat club. For a one-time fee and ongoing monthly or annual dues, boat clubs provide access to a fleet of boats for their members and guests.

    Consider peer-to-peer rentals. Similar to renting a house on Airbnb, you can temporarily rent a boat through a peer-to-peer rental marketplace, such as Boatsetter or GetMyBoat.

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