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Can I Register My Boat Trailer In Maine

Q: I Haven’t Registered Or Titled My Boat Before What Should I Do

Why I Register my Trailers In Maine

A: In Massachusetts, initial registration and titling is done by filling out the department’s registration application at any of five Registration offices. The boat owner must submit proof of ownership, a bill of sale, proof of payment of Massachusetts sales tax, and the appropriate registration and/or title fees. For new boats, an original manufacturer’s statement of origin must be provided as proof of ownership. An MSO, title, or previous registration can serve as proof of ownership for used boats.

In order to complete the application, you must provide the vessel’s Hull Identification Number and the boat’s year of manufacture, make, and length. State law requires that the title application must be made and the sales tax paid within 20 days of purchasing a boat. The Division also stores information such as the engine manufacturer, serial number, and horsepower for record keeping purposes.

Camping Trailers Have Additional Taxes

Unlike boat/utility trailers or semi-trailers, camping trailers are subject to excise taxes, otherwise known as additional municipal taxes. According to Maines tax code, a camping trailer is defined as a trailer or semitrailer less than 32 feet long or a popup camper, primarily designed and constructed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational use, camping, or travel. Contact your local municipality for more information on your excise tax. Read More:Laws About Riding in Fifth Wheel Trailers

Registering A Boat In Maine

The staff in the Town Clerk’s Office can assist you with all of your boat registration needs, whether it be a new registration for a boat you have recently purchased or a renewal registration.

Boat registrations in Maine are valid from January 1st to December 31st. The fees assessed vary as they are based on the year, length, horsepower, type of boat and use of the boat being registered.

Due to changes made by the State that affect the manner in which we issue Boat Registrations and Lake and River Protection Stickers it will be important for you to consider in advance your intended use of the boat. The reason for this is that the Lake and River Protection Sticker required when using the boat in Maine Inland Waters is now attached to the official registration sticker and the control numbers of each sticker must match.

For information specific to your registration needs, please contact the Clerk’s Office @ 439-1817 or visit the State Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Website.

Maine Boating Safety Information/RequirementsThe NH Safe Boating Law ~ How Does It Affect You?

The State of New Hampshire as well as the Portsmouth Sail & Power Squadron offer the safe boating course. The NH State Certificate that one gets upon successful completion of the boating course will satisfy the laws in all States including Maine once in effect.

MOSES Renew your boat online with the Maine Online Sportsman Electronic System. Available 24/7

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Who Can Use This Service

  • Anyone renewing a Maine trailer registration.
  • Your trailer must be non-excise taxable. Examples: Utility trailers, ATV trailers, snowmobile trailers, boat trailers, semi-trailers. Camper and tent trailers are excise-taxable.
  • Your registration must be due for renewal or expired.
  • To renew an excise-taxable trailer online, use the Vehicle Registration service. Note: Your municipality must participate in the Rapid Renewal program .

Registering Motor Vehicles And Trailers

14 ft 67 Larson hand built Will not part boat from trailer ...

Residents of the Town of Westport Island may register their vehicle or trailer at the Town Office during regular business hours. For your convenience, renewals may also be done online.

New vehicle registrations or changes to current registrations, such as a change of address or name, must be conducted at the Town Office. Please allow extra time to process a new registration.

If you have never registered your vehicle on Westport Island before, you will need to register your vehicle in person at the Town Office.

All fees are payable by cash or check. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

COVID-19 Notice:

To assist us in processing re-registrations while we are working remotely, please complete & return this re-registration form with your check.

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How To Register A Trailer In Maine

Maines trailer registration process is fairly simple. However, its helpful to know a few things before you get started. To register a trailer, youll generally need to have your bill of sale, title and any taxes and fees associated with the trailer. You can register a trailer at your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch or your towns municipal offices.

Codes Enforcement Office Services

Codes Enforcement Office Online Payments* to pay a code, permit, or application fee for the Codes Enforcement Office online. To make your payment, select Codes/Permits from the “Select Payment Item” menu. In the reference number line, type the address of the property, and the type of permit you are paying for.

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Order A Plate By Two Oclock Today And Have It Tomorrow Morning

The Staab Agency processes trailer registrations and title applications for trucking, shipping, and Railroad Companies including motorized vehicles and special equipment. We have been serving companies and individuals since 1969.

Our registration service is the largest and fastest in the State of Maine. We are equipped to process all of your trailer registration and title needs from one to thousands at a time. Our over 200 thousand customers would agree that our services would be both efficient and cost-effective to your company. or today.

  • Maine offers license plates that will expire from one through 12 years.
  • You are tax exempt being an out of state customer.
  • Order your plate to expire with your lease. Example:
  • We have 24-hour fax lines for your convenience.
  • Ten telephone lines including a toll free number.
  • Same Day Service

Me Vessels Requiring Registration

Dangerous Trailers.Org Presents Maine The Largest Registration Rip Off In The Nation

The Maine IFW requires all motorized boats, including personal watercraft, used on state waters to be registered, with the following exemptions:

  • Vessels currently registered in another state OR country with a properly displayed decal, not operating on Maine waters for more than 60 consecutive days.
  • Ship lifeboats.
  • Vessels displaying a current boat number from a recognized racing association that are strictly used for racing.
  • Vessels owned by federal, state, or local governments and used only for official purposes.
  • Military or public watercraft, except recreational watercraft.

If you’re not sure if your vessel qualifies for registration, call the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife at 287-8000.

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Benefit Of Using Maine Tags On Trailer

I thought for sure this must have been discussed previously but if so I’m not using the right search terms to find it.It has come to my attention that it is fairly common for people living in other states to register their trailers in the state of Maine. The reason for this is twofold. Often the fees are less in Maine than in the home state, and Maine doesn’t require trailer inspections on non-commercial trailers with a GVWR of less than 7,001 lbs.A little research shows that I could register my trailer in Maine for $99/5 years. My PA registration is only $60/5 years so it wouldn’t be cost effective from that standpoint. But I also spend $25/year for inspection so overall I would save money. The bigger issue for me though would be not having the hassle of getting the trailer inspected every year. All they do at inspection is check the lights, tires and brakes, all things I keep an eye on myself. According to several online sites this registering in Maine is legal even though I don’t have a residence in that state, but I have to wonder if I’d get some flak from the law about not having the PA inspection if I were stopped for some reason.Anybody here done this?




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i have a 1992 GT, 4.10, 5spd.

How To Renew A Boat Or Utility Trailer Registration:

  • If your municipality does not participate in our registration program, you will need to visit a BMV branch office. Please contact your local municipal office to find out if they participate in our registration program.
  • Pay the appropriate registration fee. Multiply fee by 2 for a two year registration.
  • Vanity plates are available for boat or utility trailers for an additional annual fee of $25.00. Multiply the vanity fee by 2 for a two year registration. Vanity plates are not available for long term trailers. You may check the availability of a vanity plate online.
  • You may contact the BMV Registration Section with questions or comments at: 624-9000 ext. 52149 or by Email:

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    Registering Your Boat With The New Hampshire Dmv

    All motor-operated boats operated on public waters in New Hampshire must be registered with the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles. This includes any boat with an inboard or outboard motor, excluding sailboats under 12 feet. Boats owned by the U.S. government and those just passing through are exempt.

    You’ll want to start your registration process by filling in a DMV boat registration form, called DSMV form 157A. You’ll also need proof of ownership, like a bill of sale in your name and your picture identification.

    If your boat doesn’t have a 12-digit hull identification number, you must also obtain a DSMV form called Verification of Vessel Identification. It has to be completed and signed by a New Hampshire law enforcement officer under penalty of perjury.

    Expect to pay a registration fee. The fee depends on the length, age and type of boat. Check both RSA 270-E:5 Vessel Registration Fees, and RSA 72-A:3 Boat Fees to figure out the fee for your boat. Or, you can call the DMV and ask about boat registration fees.

    Once you collect these documents, you can register the boat in person at certain DMV offices in New Hampshire. Check the DMV website for a list of those accepting boat registration. You can also register your boat at an authorized boat agent. These are often town clerks, but see the list in the DMV website. Alternatively you can mail the documents to the Concord DMV at: NH Dept. of Safety, DMV Boat Registrations, 23 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03305.

    Q: Do I Need To Apply For A Certificate Of Title

    Fishing boat with trailer.

    A: All boats 14 feet or greater in length that are designed for use with a motor, or that use a motor at any time, must be titled. For example, sailboats 14 feet or longer with a backup motor in use, or sailboats designed for use with a backup motor, must be titled. Even canoes 14 feet or longer that use a motor of any type must be titled. Boats exempt from titling requirements include U.S. government-owned vessels federally documented vessels boats used solely for demonstration, testing, sales, or promotional purposes by a dealer or manufacturer and boats registered in another state which are not located in the Commonwealth for more than 60 consecutive day

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    Q: I Purchased My Boat From A Car Dealer

    A: Car dealers that are not registered boat dealers must first title the boat in the car dealer’s name before legally selling the boat. The car dealer must also pay a sales tax to the Department of Revenue before titling the boat. Once the car dealer has applied for and received the title from the state, the sale can be made.

    Q: What If My Registration Has Expired

    A: You can renew online at, by mail or visit one of our registration offices.

    When registering in person, bring a copy of your old registration . You will be required to complete an application. Please bring with you a check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Please include on your check the applicable registration number for our reference. Your registration will be brought up to date to reflect a two year boat, snowmobile or Off-Highway Vehicle registration. OHV/Snowmobile registrations for non-residents will reflect a one year registration. Please note: If your registration has been expired for 48 months or longer, you will not be able to renew it online. Please visit one of our registration offices to process your renewal.

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    What Do I Need To Register A Motor Vehicle

  • Proof of insurance for the vehicle being registered. At the time of registration, proof of insurance must be shown as required by state law. Insurance cards may be faxed by an insurance company to the Town Office at 882-8347.
  • The current mileage of the vehicle to be registered.
  • For a new vehicle, the window sticker must be shown to determine the manufacturers suggested retail price for excise tax purposes . If the window sticker is not on the vehicle or included with the paperwork given to you by the salesperson, please check the glove compartment or under the front seat. The dealership will place the sticker in either place, as they know it is required for the first registration. After registering your vehicle, please keep the window sticker as it must remain with the vehicle.
  • For vehicles purchased from a dealership, the salesperson will provide a blue title application. The registration agent will need information from the title application in order to process your registration.
  • A bill of sale is also required for a vehicle purchased from a private party. The bill of sale should include the sale price, make, model, mileage, and VIN for the vehicle being sold as well as the name and address of the seller. The bill of sale is required so that state sales tax can be collected at the time of the registration.

    Why Register With Maine Trailer Registrations

    Cheap Trailer Registration Loophole?

    The State of Maine offers cost-effective long-term trailer registrations that are consistently priced lower than most other states, and we are able to offer them to customers across the US. For many of our customers, the tax and registration savings that Maine can offer really makes a huge difference every year.

    Maine Trailer Registrations is a licensed Registration Agent for the State of Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles. We are able to register and title trailers for in and out-of-state individuals, as well as all size businesses from Maine to California this means YOU!

    We are able register your trailers from 5-12 years, and most times for less than $20 per year. For larger fleets of trailers, we can offer volume discounts to save even more money. Just the tax savings alone can save companies tremendously. We have been in the business of saving our customers money for over 30 years, and continue to do so every day.

    Our quick and convenient online order system allows for you to re-register a previously registered or titled trailer, or a brand new purchase, depending on title needs. If your trailer meets Maine titling requirements, we can help with that too!

    *We cannot register campers *No proof of insurance required

    • Processed Within 10 Business Days
    • Rush Available
    • Processed Within 10 Business Days
    • Rush Available
    • Processed Within 10 Business Days
    • Rush Available

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    Q: What If I Am In A Boating Accident Or My Boat Is Stolen

    A: The operator of a vessel is required to submit a written report to the Massachusetts Environmental Police, Boating and Recreational Vehicle Safety Bureau whenever an accident results in: The death of a person. The disappearance of a person under circumstances which suggest any possibility of death or injury. Any injury requiring medical attention. Property damage exceeding $500.

    Accidents resulting in death or serious injury must be reported within 48 hours. Other accident reports must be submitted within five days

    If a boat is lost, stolen, abandoned, or destroyed, the owner must notify the Massachusetts Environmental Police in writing within 15 days.

    Welcome To Rapid Renewal Trailer Registration

    This online service allows you to renew your Maine registration for any non-excise-taxable trailer. You may renew each trailer for one or two years, and you may renew multiple trailers at one time.

    This service is provided by a third party working in partnership with the State of Maine. The total amount you pay includes funds to develop, maintain and enhance the State’s official web portal,, and online services like this one.

    You should receive your new registration certificate and stickers within 7 business days. If your registration will expire within 7 days, and you are planning to travel out-of-state with your vehicle, you may wish to renew your registration in person at a BMV branch or your municipal office.

    Fees :

    • Less than 2,000 Gross Vehicle Weight – $12.50 for 1 year or $24.00 for 2 years
    • More than 2,000 Gross Vehicle Weight – $22.00 for 1 year or $43.00 for 2 years
    • Fees for expired registrations vary correct fees will be calculated by the system and displayed to you before payment.

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    Do You Have To Insure Your Trailer

    You are not required by Maine state law to buy insurance coverage for trailers. That said, its not a bad idea to have some coverage. Trailer accidents do happen, and youll want to make sure youre covered just in case. Check to see if your current auto insurance policy includes trailers. If not, you can likely add additional coverage to protect yourself.

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